Norton Plantation, Nr Heytesbury, Wiltshire. Reported 7th August.

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Updated Monday 10th  August 2020


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A new crop picture which appeared at Norton Plantation in Wiltshire on August 7, 2020 resembles both in style and content, another crop picture which appeared near Ammersee, Bavaria on July 26, 2020

Eight orbital cycles of Mercury are being used by the E.T. crop artists, to date or “time” certain near-future events: 

As of August 2020, seemingly only four (4) of the original eight (8) cycles of Mercury from August 2019 remain: 

There have been many related crop pictures, which suggest the possibility of open contact with the E.T. crop artists soon 

This particular “timing cycle” began on August 24, 2019 at Stanton Saint Bernard, where they drew an image of a “3-month lunar clock”. Each cycle would last for 88 days, which is the same as for one orbit of Mercury around our Sun. By drawing that crop picture on August 24 or “8-24”, their implication was that there might be 8 orbits of Mercury, or 24 lunar months, until the E.T. crop artists would arrive at Earth (see stanton articles).  

Two other crop pictures, drawn just before then in August 2019, showed a “UFO triangle” turning as if to land (see Preston articles), and a “UFO triangle” surrounded by “tears”, apparently because they will be “crying” for us when they arrive (see uffington 2019). The Covid-19 pandemic has taken place since then. On May 28, 2020, they drew in crops an image of the “coronavirus” with a similarly-shaped “tear” just below (see 29052020 comments).

A similar “timing cycle” has continued throughout the summer of 2020. First they drew an “8-4” crop picture at Stanton Saint Bernard on July 7, suggesting that only four (4) of the original eight (8) cycles of Mercury from August 2019 still reman (see stanton comments or stanton articles). Then at Easton Clump on July 10, they drew the same “8-4” symbolism once again (see easto nclump articlesl).  

Near Stonehenge on July 16, they drew “4 seasons of 3 months each” until they might land (see luxenborough comments or luxenborough articlesl). Then in Bavaria on July 26, they drew “8 cycles of Mercury” with “4 remaining”, as suggested by a nearby line of 4 trees (see Ammersee articlesl).  

This was followed by “4 Earth seasons” until they bring us a “Tree of Life”, drawn near Potterne, Wiltshire on August 4 (see Potterne comments). In summary, these and other crop-drawn messages from 2019 or 2020 have seemed mostly clear and self-consistent in their meanings.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



The flower of happiness appears in the new crop circle


The well-known flower of happiness in Tibet, also called "Gesang Meiduo" in Chinese, is considered the incarnation of Kelsang Rin-po-che and can bring good luck and hope to people who see it. The Chinese word "Gesang Meiduo" was translated from the Tibetan language "skal-bzang me-tog", where "Gesang" means happiness and "Meiduo" means flower. The "Gesang Meiduo" is a common type of flower that grows in mountainous areas with altitudes of around 5000 m. It is the symbol of love and happiness and an eternal search for all Tibetan people. And so, it is believed that he who finds a happy flower with eight petals finds the happiness of his life.

**************************************************** *********

This magical and delicate eight-petal flower is very common in the high altitudes of Tibet, and it usually blooms in colorful flocks under the sun and the cold of the mountains in its season. The number 8 is traditionally associated with fortune and luck in the East, and this interpretation has extended to numerological studies in general.

This crop circle in the shape of an eight-petal flower, in addition to so many other relationships with the number Eight and Star, this beautiful crop circle is related to the month of August itself, and perhaps it is a preparation for very happy events within it, such as long-awaited meetings. Other floral crop circles appeared before this one. And he may also be indicating the two days ahead, 8 and 9 August (because he has eight outer circles, and the central circle, totaling nine circles). This was the case of the beautiful English crop circle of Scrubbs Lane, on July 22, in a format that was identical to the well-known Star of Egypt flower.

Octagonal connections in the ancient and modern world


Various emblems Sumerian and other used the octagon as the basis for the representation of the stars and the Anunnaki, those who descended from the stars. They are very common geometries in rosettes and panels of Gothic cathedrals, meaning the same thing.  Too many correlations are involved. So, with all certainty, we can interpret in this crop circle a nod from the beings of the stars, and very probably, a very positive oracle of happiness ahead, as suggested by the happy flower of Tibet, flower of love, who knows, on a day close to August, like these days we have in mind, August 8 and 9.

See more:a-flor-da-felicidade-aparece-no-novo-crop-circle 

Jonas Passos (07.08.2020)

Dharmacakra wheel of Buddhist law The noble eightfold path


"Now, bhikkhus, this is the noble truth of the path that leads to the cessation of suffering: it is this Noble Eightfold Path: right understanding, right thinking, right language, right action, right way of life, right effort, right mindfulness, concentration correct. "

The Wheel of Karma is the same wheel of time, which is usually represented with eight axes, so much so that the eighth sky, of the fixed stars, from the point of view of the old cosmogony, was precisely the sky that invented time, because Sun, Moon and all the stars were mapped from the eighth sky, inventing time, called wheels  in Kabbalah, ruled by the Cherubim or Spirits of the wheels, called OPHANIM (in the plural of the Hebrew term).

If time is the factor of karma, then liberation from time also comes with the eightfold key. This is what the fundamental Buddhism of the East teaches, the eightfold Path.

The crop circle of yesterday, August 7, as an octagonal flower, houses in its geometry eight lateral circles (composition of the petals, in yellow) and three orbital circles (in blue). We should note that many Tibetan mandalas with these themes are drawn in octagons.

It is also a key to stellar connection via liberation of the soul, the path of the eight virtues. All within the excellence of the number 8, called Infinito for that (the bond that links everything to everything). 

Jonas Passos (09.08.2020)

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This crop circle seems to be depicting a flower, perhaps the flowers of new plant species arriving in the next age. As a comet with a coma, the eight outside fragments aren't found with any of the eight comets. The centre circle must represent the Earth - otherwise as a generalized  impact area for the Earth, there are one too many outside circles.   The eight outside circles must be the eight comets, one which impacts the Sun, and the other seven the Earth over a 300-year span beginning very soon. The partial curved lines seem to depict the petals of the flower. This formation is man-made for the following reasons:

1.The nine circles are crudely created compared with authentic formations, suggesting a typical human effort.

2.The petals never overlap each other in this way in prior formations, as shown in Section 13 - Food Crop Changes, page 158 of my e-book.

3.The inner ring does not exist for the Earth - the petals should be constructed so as to continue on to the central circle for credibility.

4.The outer ring adds nothing to the meaning of crop circle, but true circles frequently leave helpful details missing, since they have

already been introduced in prior circles.

Kenneth Heck 








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