Ammersee (South End), West of Munich, Bavaria. Germany. Reported 26th July

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Updated Friday 31st   July 2020


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A spectacular new crop picture, found near Ammersee in Bavaria on July 26, 2020, shows “8 retrograde loops” for the orbit of planet Mercury as it moves through Earth’s night sky.

This crop picture seems intended to date an important event in Earth’s future, perhaps even open landing of the E.T. crop artists themselves!  

This new crop picture, which appeared slightly west of Vorderfischen in Bavaria, clearly shows an astronomical depiction of 8 retrograde loops for the orbit of planet Mercury, while using an Earth-centred Ptolemaic solar system: 


Its three inner, concentric rings represent “Earth” (at the very centre), then “Moon” (the second circle out) and finally “Mercury” (the third circle out). The very-outer border of this crop circle would match the expected orbit of “Venus” (not shown). Within its outer parts we can see 8 “epicyclic loops”, which are traced out by planet Mercury once every few months, as it moves around the Sun in a fast orbit of 88 days, with a synodic period of 116 days.   

To help the reader get a better understanding of what is being shown to us here, I have added a small movie below. It shows how all of the 6 bright planets and our Sun move through Earth’s sky in any solar year. “Mercury” is the fast-moving astrological symbol labelled in yellow:  

If we watch this movie carefully, we can see that Mercury completes 3 full retrograde loops in any solar year, consistent with its synodic period of 116 days, which gives (3 x 116) = 348 days close to 365.  

Venus (labelled in blue) shows only one brief “stationary retrograde” period, once every two years, just before and after its inferior conjunction with our Sun. Mars (labelled in red) likewise shows only one big retrograde loop, once every two years, when it lines up with Earth and Sun at opposition.  

The other two planets, Jupiter and Saturn (labelled in pink or green), move far too slowly to account for what was just drawn in crops in Bavaria. It has to be “planet Mercury”, which makes a tight retrograde loop around our Sun (labelled in orange) about 3 times in any solar year.  

Now Mercury may appear brightly in Earth’s sky either in the morning at dawn, or else in the evening at dusk, as it orbits rapidly around our Sun, once every 116 days as seen from Earth. There was a bright appearance of Mercury in our morning sky on July 22, 2020, just when this new crop picture was made. Its next three morning apparitions will take place on November 10, 2020, March 6, 2021 and July 4, 2021.  

Perhaps those four, current or near-future dates are what the crop artists were trying to tell us, by drawing their new “Mercury” crop picture next to a line of 4 large trees, labelled in the slide below as “1, 2, 3, 4”

We can see there the figurative image of a “landscape serpent,” who is looking down on the new crop picture, and seeing how its “8 retrograde loops” for Mercury line up with four large trees. 

But how can we get the number “eight (8)” as drawn in crops, if there are only “four (4)” large trees nearby? Well, that is easy! Mercury will also be seen brightly in Earth’s evening sky at dusk on upcoming dates of October 1, 2020, January 24, 2021, May 17, 2021 and September 14, 2021.  

In other words, we will see Mercury shine brightly 4 times in the morning sky, and 4 times in the evening sky, between now and September 14, 2021, to give a total of (4 + 4) = 8. The crop artists seem to be telling us about only 4 of those apparitions, which have (or will) take place in Earth’s morning sky, like on July 22, 2020 when the crop picture was made.  

When we look at even-larger landscape features, close to this new crop picture, we can see a series of 4 large “loops of trees” (which resemble “epicycles”) both on the left and the right:  

In summary, this new crop picture seems to be telling us about some important, near-future event which will take place soon on Earth, by using the epicyclic orbit of planet Mercury as an “astronomical dating scheme”. They seem to be advising us that such an important event will take place after four (4) morning appearances of Mercury, while they drew eight (8) retrograde loops in crops. 

I have interpreted this to mean 4 “morning” and 4 “evening” apparitions, thereby giving a total of eight (8). Yet it might mean conceivably twice the time period suggested here, where each of four (4) retrograde loops would include both a morning and also an evening sighting of Mercury. In the former case, we would be talking about July 4, 2021, while in the latter case, we would be talking about September 14, 2021. 

A crop picture at Mixon in England on July 26, 2020 showed a “fast-rotating gear”, close to where “planetary gears” were drawn in crops in 2018.

An undisclosed crop picture (of uncertain origin) in Hampshire on July 25, 2020 seemed to show the sky-motion of Venus as seen from Earth: beginning with its inferior conjunction on June 3, 2020, continuing through a “stationary retrograde” period in late June, then to superior conjunction on March 28, 2021, through another “stationary retrograde” in December of 2021, and finishing with another inferior conjunction on January 8, 2022. 

The E.T. crop artists can certainly be cryptic in their predictions, somewhat like the Oracle at Delphi! Yet a lot of important messages are now being given. Personally I think they are going to land. Watch the fields, watch the skies, and keep your cameras ready!  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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