Ammersee (South End), West of Munich, Bavaria. Germany. Reported 26th July

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Updated Wednesday 19th  August 2020


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The crop artists are showing us here a geocentric orbital diagram for planet Mercury: how many more epicycles (or retrograde periods) of Mercury until they arrive?  

Each complete 360o epicycle of Mercury (drawn in red) lasts for 116 days, with an apparent “backwards” or “retrograde” period of 22 to 24 days (drawn in blue), included near the end of each cycle. 

Mercury was in retrograde from June 18 to July 12, 2020. Then it reached its greatest elongation from the Sun (greatest height in Earth’s morning sky) on July 22, just four days before this amazing crop picture appeared:


Eight (8) full epicycles were drawn in the entire crop picture, spanning 8 x 116 days = 2.5 years. Yet it was placed next to a row of four (4) large trees on the left, perhaps to suggest that only 4 x 116 days = 1.3 years or less remain? 

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Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Sirius' response on the 26th of July announced DNA Venus and Terra inherited from Sirus!

First, I was saying that on the 25th to the 26th of July, crop circles related to Sirius would appear because of his heliacal birth at this time of the year in the middle latitudes, close to the Equator. And two models actually appeared on the same day, one in England (a sun with nine rays in vortex) and another, in Germany, an eight-pointed star diagram (Sirius, star in Sumerian, Akkadian symbology etc.) and combined with a solar system three levels (Sun and around, three orbits, Mercury, Venus and Earth). The Sumerian symbols for the star had eight rays or points, hence the graphic relationship with the asterisk symbol, derived from the term ASTER, Astro, and even older, Ishtar-Venus of those cultures, and also, the symbol of the distant stars of the eighth sky (the 888 sign of the stars).

Interestingly, both crops circles on July 26 showed vortices.

The English crop circle, an anti-clockwise solar vortex of nine arms, and the German crop circle vortex, containing eight loop-shaped arms connecting the orbits of Venus and Earth, which is very significant in all these studies done here about the VENUSIAN authorship of the crop circles, also related to the Sirians.

Adding 8 + 9 = 17, the arcane of STAR in Taro! And two dates 26: 26-26-17 = 8-8-8 (sum of digits.

The Sun with three orbits (3 - 888) appears on a 26th day (8) and with eight points (8) and with eight outer circles (8). The signal response of the triple star 888, because Sirius is a three star system! The bond between Earth, Venus and the powerful and wise Sirians is declared here!

The link between the two orbits, Venus and Earth, and their golden ratio of periods 365/225 days) = 1.62, is what the pentagram conceives in the alignment cycles between the two stars, every 8 Earth years (and 13 years) Venusians).

In addition, the loop can be visualized as a letter V, for Venus, or for Valiant Thor. There are many demonstrations of open contact via crops circles that we have demonstrated in advance here. And perhaps the most important reference of this bond involving Venus and Earth in EIGHT code of geometry: the DNA shared between our race and the Venusian race! After all, isn't DNA a helical strand in the shape of eight?  And don't we see this ribbon, this loop, connecting the two orbits, Venus and Earth, second and third of the Sun?  A great revelation on Sirius' day, from which both Venusians and Earthmen descend! Contact!

Sirius Day crop circle Triad, 07.27.2020


Three times 26, 26-26-26, 888 stellar code mentioned here in previous posts. Geometry numbers of the three crop circles gathered, 8-9-6  And the numbers 8-9-6 of their combined geometric structures. That adds up to 23. But we can extract numerical combinations by varying the position of these three numbers:

869 - I highlight this combination

Total sum 5106 (sum of 12, present in this crop circle, twelve semi-circles)

The 869 combination is the closest to the Sun-Sirius distance in light years (8.6 + - 0.04 light years)

A simple model that may be depicting the Sun-Sirius connection (Sirius would be the outer ring, the distant orbit that is related through the vortexes, portals and stargates of the previous combined crop circles).

Conclusion:- I have no doubt about the Venus-Sirius answer given today, July 26, in three crop circles.
I ordered one, three came. Because three confirms: CONTACT-CONTACT-CONTACT!

Jonas Passos (26.07.2020)

The code 888


First, a crop circle appears in Poland, with the perfect three-wave vortex, each with eight circles in progression in size, symmetry and code that we know (888) to have a direct relationship with the stars, especially the Sirius System, which is a three-star system, so 8-8-8 (***).

And shortly before, a crop circle with a double ring appeared in England on July 10. He brought an eight point outer ring. As there is no atom with this configuration, be it four particles in the nucleus and eight electrons in the first layer, or four electrons in the first, and eight in the second, we think it is a combination of atomic elements. Because the first layer stabilizes with two electrons, and the second, with eight.

Then came a second crop circle with an eight (octagonal) pattern, and in Germany, the mysterious land of Bavaria ... a model of the internal solar system, Sun and three orbits, and a ribbon connecting the two and three orbits (Venus and Earth) in such a way that one of the interpretations I made at the time was that (the ribbon being the symbol of DNA ) that Venusians and terrestrials share a common DNA from the Sirius 888 system.

Because that’s what code 888 suggests. And the detail: this crop circle from Germany appeared on the predicted day of Sirius' heliacal birth, July 26, alongside two other English crop circles, composing another 888 triad, because three times the 26th creates 26-26-26 = 888.

Finally, the third crop circle with 8 elements appeared, composing 888 in the group of these three, and satisfying the signal from Poland back there.

An eight-petal flower, which actually exists, the Cosmos Flower, which in the East is called the flower of happiness. And the name Cosmos for the flower is a way of linking the idea of life with its stellar, cosmic origins.

The most interesting thing about the geometry of this crop circle is that the petals were drawn with circles that encompass two small circles on the edge, in a perfect tangent: eight total circles on the edge, and two circles covered in each tangent curve of the design, this is a direct relationship with the internal structure of the atom, two stability electrons in the first layer, and eight stability electrons in the second layer.

Therefore, atomic, molecular and cellular codes being associated in this triad of crop circles 8, or 888. However, they are trying to tell us about an atom, substance or biochemical link missing from the atomic chain in our DNA, loop or ribbon of stellar ancestry. What element would that be? Chilbolton already talked about him in 2001 ...

See more:- o-codigo-do-dna-perdido-e-revelado-nos-crops-circles-o-humano-cristal

Jonas Passos (11.08.2020)



The centre of the circle describes an impact area with two rings of damage/destruction. The ring outside the centre represents the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. The figures crossing  this ring seem to be hiding something pertaining to all eight comets (the small circles). This is likely the exact date of the eight comet strikes and perhaps the exact locations.  Currently, we only know approximate years and locations. T1144 on page 147 of my free ebook suggests the same thing. 

Kenneth Heck

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Red Serpent – the energy of the Life Force

Crop circle at Ammersee, Germany, reported on 24 July 2020

Stephan Petrowitsch has published a video about this formation:

In the text below the video Stephan Petrowitsch writes: The crop circle was spotted by a balloon pilot on 24th July.

Stephan Petrowitsch advertises then his documentary “The wonder of the Life Force”.  It is my belief that the formation is really dedicated to the Life Force. The crop circle has been made during the Red Serpent wavespell (12-24 July 2020). Red Serpent is the energy of the Life Force. In my estimation the formation has been made for 23 July 2020. According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, this was a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Warrior with Tone 12, in the Red Serpent wavespell, in the Blue Castle with major energy Yellow Star, in the White Magnetic Wizard Year.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Warrior – Quest, Intelligence, Fearlessness
Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation
Red Serpent – Life Force, Instinct, Sexuality
Yellow Star – Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony
White Worldbridger -  Equalize, Death, Opportunity

The big outer circle represents the Earth, the small bright circle in the center represents the Source. Round the Source we see 4 rings – they symbolize the 4 kind of energies, radiated by the Source. These energies have following meanings:

Red energy – feminine, element Earth, direction East, Beginning, Physical body

White energy – masculine, element Air, direction North, Refining, Spirit

Blue energy – feminine, element Water, direction West, Transformation, Soul

Yellow energy – masculine, element Fire, direction South, Ripening, Awareness

Round the most outer ring is
entwined a ribbon, which depicts a snake and symbolizes the energy RED SERPENT – the energy of the Life Force.

The Red Serpent integrates the 4 kind of energies.
In order to achieve Life Force, we have to learn to integrate the 4 kind of energies and to keep them in balance.

The entwined ribbon forms 8 bridges and in this way depicts also the energy White Worldbridger.

Each bridge consists of 2 stripes, or the 8 bridges have 16 stripes in total.

The number 16 symbolizes the energy YELLOW WARRIOR – Solar Seal No. 16.

The Yellow Warrior and the White Worldbridger teach us to build connections and bridges to each other and to live in Unity.

We build these connections and bridges through words, attention, care, empathy, mutual help etc.

We should also build and maintain connections to the spiritual world – with the Source, with our Spiritual Guides, with our Higher Self etc.

Building these connections and bridges, we create an energy net, through which the Life Energy from the Source can flow.

When we are connected and united, the Life energy flows free between all people and so it becomes multiplied.

This connecting and uniting symbolizes also Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation.

The Red Serpent is the Supporting energy of the White Wizard in the whole new 13-year cycle of the White Wizard.

The White Worldbridger is the Spiritual target for the humanity in this new 13-year cycle.

The 8 bridges and the 8 small circles between them resemble the depiction on the glyph (sign) of the Yellow Star. There the star is 4-pointed. On the crop circle the star is 8-pointed. Here the number 8 additionally symbolizes the energy YELLOW STAR – Solar Seal No. 8.

The Yellow Star is the major energy in the current Blue Castle of Burning.

The Red Serpent wavespell is the first wavespell in the Blue Castle. The building of connections and bridges was the main task for the humanity in the previous White Castle with major energy Yellow Warrior.

Now in the Blue Castle through these connections and bridges flows the fiery energy of the Yellow Star – the energy of Creativity, Art, Beauty and Harmony.  Cordial thanks to the authors of this fascinating formation and to the photographer
Philip Hebeisen!

Maya Todorova








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