Potterne Field, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 4th August

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Updated Thursday 26th November 2020


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Are the E.T. crop artists coming soon to bring us a “Tree of Life”? 

Four more Earth “seasons” until they arrive? Watch the skies!  

They may have waited until the 4th day of August to draw this crop picture, in order to suggest “4 days” as a unit of time, or likewise “4 seasons”. Other “Tree of Life” metaphors were drawn in crops, using green landscape trees, at Wootten Wawen on August 7, 2017 (see monarch articles), or near Houghton on June 29, 2020 (see  bury comments). 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



The Tree of Life symbolized in this unprecedented crop circle!


The predicted crop circle appears today, August 4 (I assumed they would appear between yesterday and today, August 3 or 4). And he brought something new: it was composed by inserting a tree from the landscape right in the central part of the mandala.

And one more contact is made, and this time, with an unprecedented crop circle formation! The message of the Tree of Life at the center of the four forces or angles of the Earth, like the four Angels before the Throne of the Lord of Creation!

The tree is still small, I don't know what tree it can be, but the message is in line with the crop circle of the 29th of July, when the solar symbol appeared in front of a small vegetable garden or planting the farm, where there was a dead tree extended and , next to it, a tree seedling still small, growing. Powerful message of the end of the old cycle and the beginning of another new cycle.

Next to the hill of Bury Hill, a solar symbol appears next to a dead tree, and next to it, in a square enclosure, on the right, a small tree growing. However, this was not the only time that this crop circle symbology involved surrounding trees. In Monarch's way 7.8.2017, UK, a crop circle appeared directing a line of dots towards a large tree, I believe, an oak tree, which was in the landscape, and it was exactly next to a dead tree!

The crop circle reproduced similarity to the face of the 2009 crop circle Indian, and his "headdress", and projected 13 points towards the "living" tree in the landscape. Anyway, a solar expression in this crop circle, the number of 13 points is directly associated with the arcane 13 of Taro, death and resurrection. They are cosmogonies of the ancient world that have always contemplated in the Sun the giver of life and death, so that through the Sun all renewal may happen. And in effect, the Mayan calendar accounted for the end of previous races in "suns" with its own characteristics.

A kind of flame emerges from the image of the solar disk, and from it the trail of 13 points protrudes, as if indicating the path of the Tree of Life through death: the law of arcane 13, the death of the defects of human nature is what reopens the path to the Tree of Life and its fruits of immortality. This is the law of the cross and the mystery of Christification, which pre-Columbian peoples knew in their mystique. 

Symbolisms of the ancient world
The Tree at the centre of Creation
The cosmic axis


The Tree of Life, the Sefirotic Tree, was the model of the Universe of the ancient Hebrews and Kabbalists. But it is a vast symbol present in all cultures, playing the same role as the sacred mountain, the role of bridge between Earth and heaven. It has nine levels or heavens, whose base is planted on Earth, or material dimension.

The oldest models of Tree of Life come from Sumeria, legacy of the Anunnaki in contact with those post-Flood peoples ...

Some expansions of the Tree of Life structure include not nine or ten, but thirteen sefirot. Sefirot, in Hebrew, is the plural of Sefer, a word that means number, book, level, or more modernly, dimension, EON. The 13 dimensions of the Universe.  The law of arcane 13 is life, death and rebirth, closing the Cycle.

And making the sum 1 + 3 = 4, we find another symbolism equivalent to the crop circle: The Four Lords of Creation! And Lord T-Venus is one of the four Lords of Creation. According to the Maya, they were the planetary angels of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn!

This is a Mayan representation of the Tree of Life, surrounded by two pyramids, ascending and descending, reinforcing the context of the tree's bridge or cosmic axis. We see the four colours of the four lords of the directions, called Brothers, Bacabs or Pahuas, supporting the sky, according to Mayan myths. Bacabs are four spirits that the Hunab Khu deity placed in the four angles of the sky to support him. And the colours are white, yellow, red and black, the colours of the four elements and the four rhythms of Creation. Four directions, four winds. It is a universal symbolism in ancient cultures.

The centre was represented by the colour green, the vital element or fifth element, on which the Cross of Life and the creative Word operates. If the four colours and angles represented the four states of matter in cyclic transformation (death), the central green colour was the colour of immortality and material stability, the green sap of the Tree of Life!

The four Mayan bacabs, word meaning (bacab) "brother"

The Denderah Zodiac in Egypt, one of the oldest in the world, also represented with four prominent deities supporting the sky, as in Mayan mythology. Cultures so distant in time and space and so similar ... the only explanation for this is the existence of a common source of all ancient knowledge ...

The four matches

The Four Lords of Creation!

In Mayan cosmology, there were four planetary spirits defined by God as Lords of Creation. And Lord T-Venus is one of the four Lords of Creation. According to the Maya, they were the planetary angels of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn!

The yellow colour corresponds to the seed, a colour linked to Venus, the root of life, while the black colour represents death, associated with Saturn. Mars is in the red blood, the vital force, and Jupiter, in the white, priestly colour, the Father. And many of the Mayan trees are represented by a letter T or even a Christian cross, from which flows the green sap of the Tree of Life, the solar blood of sacrifice that guarantees immortality (the resurrection of the Tree that was killed by humanity!) 

The Tree and the Cross

In the Mayan sites, especially in Palenque, there are many representations of the Tree of Life in the shape of a cross, which associates life with death, or rather, the divine sacrifice, from the myths of the Bull of Mitra to the symbolism of the Cross of Christ. Unfortunately, in the age of decadence, fanaticism took over the Mayan priests, who took the mystery of divine solar sacrifice literally...

Remembering that Èden is mentioned in Genesis 2 as if watered by four rivers, and the flow of these rivers is what nourished the tree of life in the center of the Garden. And that, in Revelation 22 (sum 4), the tree of life is seen again, watered by the water of life, from the river of life that leaves the throne of God. Throne that is also attended by four sacred creatures, the Kadosh, holy beings, representing the four elements in a pure state, four co-creators before the Omnipotent Word. 

A pure, simple, direct symbology of a model that is the most widespread in all antiquity, the cross of centralized powers that accounts for the generation of Life, on whose central axis stands a cosmic tree or a cross of divine sacrifice, or solar transmutation of the star's own energy transferring its life to the world ... this is the whole concept of this magnificent crop circle, as unique as it is beautiful ... the four states of matter at the service of the Word that created everything that exists!

And if the four lords of the four winds, elements and directions appeared, it is because the Lord of the centre also comes with them ... and Christ said that he would send his Angels to the four directions of the Earth, to gather them in one place after the rapture ... where the Tree of Life still grows ... 

And I take the opportunity to launch new estimates.
The crop circle has four outer circles and a central circle.
Doing 4/8 + 4 days = 8 August.
Doing 4/8 + 5 days = 9 August.
These two days are special. August 8, the 8-8 which usually has important signs, while August 9 is the day that that astronomical pattern of planetary arrangement will form in the skies ... In the shape of the letter T!

An appointment on the scheduled date, and the image even resembles a sun clock, the tree is the marker of running time.
And detail: in English, Tree word, starts with T and has four letters, like today, August 4th, and the 4 circles around the Tree!
And the Name of the Lord God has four letters: YHWH, ADNI.
God, Dios, Deum, Deva, Toth, Goth, Alla, Amon, Amen, LORD ...

Another crop circle planned in advance giving us an answer.


See more:- a-arvore-da-vida-simbolizada-neste-inedito-crop-circle 

Jonas Passos (04.08.2020)

The Great Reunion


Before, on August 1, I talked about the possibility of crop circles appearing between August 3 and 4.

However, August 4th was really the most significant for me, with a sense of GREAT MEETING, implicit on that date in my personal experiences, in which I remembered 1989 and a great event that, this year, turns 31 years old. (adds 4) and it never left my mind and heart, so important at the time.

In addition to the arrangement of numbers on yesterday's date, number 484, square of 22, and 22 in the Hebrew alphabet is TAU, cross, sign of those chosen on the forehead, symbolism of the crop circle speaks volumes for itself. Because the four outer circles speak of the four directions, while the larger central circle reveals connections with the Tree of Life, when the 12 tribes and their 144,000 children elected on Earth and marked by the TAU of Christ will be reunited again at the feet of the Tree of Life. Life, deserving to eat its fruits again and live forever.

And where is it written?

Revelation 22.

All things reveal your connections when you have the knowledge and skill to unite the loose ends of all information flowing from moment to moment in front of our five senses. This is the value of the phenomenon called Synchronicity, because all the events of our life are loaded with information, but when these events intersect with repeated patterns, it means that a bell at some point in the universe is ringing, to call your attention on the capture that information that, for some personal reason, becomes more important for those who experience it.

Synchronous messages are being sent to many people in the four corners of the Earth, announcing the day of the Great Reunion approaching, in the shadow of the Tree of Life, which symbolizes the future race by God elected and Christ redeemed.

Crops circles are part of the synchronicities in operation now. The Year 2020 is also reduced to 22. The TAU, the sign of the Cross on the forehead of anyone who is called or prepared for this event. And now you can locate 11-11 in all of this, because the first crop circle started with an 11-11, 30 years ago, Saturn cycle, the star that means THE HARVEST OF TIME ...

The great Meeting of the Children of God is totally justified in a world where the trend of events we have already seen ... they speak a lot about the month of October, there is the asteroid of September, there are the prophecies about the evolution of the Coronavirus, besides wars and everything else ... I just know that the current world is becoming a more and more difficult place to live ... whoever stays here will have to keep thinking not only about living, but mainly, how to survive ...

The Angel with the Seal of the Living God


And after these things I saw four angels who were on the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth, so that no wind would blow over the earth, nor over the sea, nor against any trees. And I saw another angel come up from the side of the rising sun, and it had the seal of the living God; and cried with a loud voice to the four angels, who had been given the power to damage the land and the sea, Saying, Do not damage the land, nor the sea, nor the TREES, until we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. And I heard the number of the sealed, and there were one hundred and forty-four thousand sealed, of all the tribes of the children of Israel.
Revelation 7: 1-4

In this last crop circle, the four angles were marked, the direction of the four Angels, called Four winds (because in the past spirit was synonymous with conscious breath). Well, a fifth Angel rises on the scene (the central tree) and declares that there are no plagues until the 144,000 children of God are marked by the seal of the living God, which he carried in his Hand.

This seal is, appropriately, a hexagram, the relationship with sacred geometry, but it is also the cross, the seal of the cross of Christ, from which flowed, like sap from the tree of life, a new redemption to the world.

Note that the crosses had appeared before, the first in England, on June 17, and then, on July 5, in France, in the same style as the Templar Cross, later transformed into a Maltese cross. And adding the dates, 5 + 17 = 22, the Tau, the Cross, the seal of the living God on the forehead of the 144,000.

These two crosses have the same meaning as the crop circle on August 4th, a meeting of the four directions, a symbol of recognition, the Crossed Cross of Parravicini (for those who remember this important post made in July).


And the crop circle season started with a magnificent Angel, in the month of May. The Angel of the Sun, bearing the seal of the living God to mark his chosen ones. He is the Angel of the Great Reunion.


And there are still those who say that UFOLOGY has nothing to do with the Spiritual and the Apocalypse. Being that it has total relationship, and the Apocalypse is the guide of many crop circles and Aliens involved in the project called THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

Those "Ufologists" who think this way do not represent me. Crop circles, these represent me!

The Tree of Life (2)

(This was one of my parallel interpretations of the coronavirus crop circle, made on May 30th.

And now, the tree of life returns. An interesting parallel between life, death and rebirth, because the Coronavirus is the current scourge of humanity, claiming thousands of lives. And another message that says that from the dust of death is that the stars are reborn ... from the dry branches of the old tree that is modern civilization are already bursting the first buds of a new life and consciousness, which first will have to be replanted in another until the Earth is ready to receive the small seedlings).

Follows the post of May 30, 2020, and I can consider this new crop circle as a response to this previous interpretation (see my interpretation in the comments of the coronavirus crop circle, May 28, 2020) 

The language of the standards


A crop circle of July 19, 2000 clearly shows that crop circles follow patterns, which are lost in time but not in the didactics of accumulated messages.

He appeared in Everleigh Ashes, Wiltshire, England, and took advantage of the existence of a "green islet" in the middle of the wheat field to make the same cross composition that the current crop circle of Potterne Fields, on August 4th, did around of a small tree in the middle of the plantation.

And note that each white circle around the green islet has a cross outlined against the background of declining wheat stalks. And that shine in the sunlight. One of the most important parts of the revealed and interpreted crop circle language is the recurrence of these patterns, because the meaning of both the current crop circle and the old one, 20 years ago, is the same.

And the usual patterns identified, like the Cross, always pointing in the same direction. The direction of Revelation 22 and the end of the cosmic opera, after the last act of the old civilization ... 

Jonas Passos (05.08.2020)

Crops circles 2020 and the December cosmic event Rereading of images and messages

A new sprout from the Tree of Life

The last crop circle 2020 of the series that I am analyzing for the second time to confront the great cosmic scenario of December 2020, that rare and no more repeated meeting of four events in the universe, namely:

Total solar eclipse on December 14, 2020 (on the region side of the Via-Lactea Nucleus) The P 7X object the very rare Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, in the star of Bethlehem style of the new times (4 days before Christmas) The galactic center itself, central Sun, inserted in this region, in a sum of great energy with impacts to the Earth.

This memorable crop circle took advantage of a small isolated tree in the open countryside of England, and surrounded it with four satellites, which represent these four events in the same region of our universe, and in the current timeline.

The message is clear: from the meeting of these four events in the sky, a new wave of life and awareness of the symbolic Tree of Life will emerge, and the Tree of Life is nothing more than the structural solar and planetary Universe, as precisely defined by the Sefirotic Tree or Kabbalah Tree, with its planes of consciousness, or dimensional Eons, whose energy moves in the flow of the planets underway in the sky, and this mobile energy of the system is like the vital energy of a growing and changing tree, losing branches old ones, sprouting new branches.

The month of December, and the beautiful and prophetic conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn closing the group, will extend from this year that ends to the whole year that begins. On that very 21st of December, the Sun will cross the line of the centre of the Galaxy while Jupiter and Saturn merge practically in a single white light. This is another face of the rarity of the December 2020 events.

All energy is a neutral entity, neither good nor bad. The quality of this energy will be determined by the level of consciousness that absorbs it, and on a collective level, by the level of humanity, world, system or colony that receives it. The value of energy is the power of transformation. And every transformation is aimed at renewal. Which can be positive for some and negative for others.

If the energy falls into a violent human mass, with a very low psychic vibration, it will not produce a smooth transition from light to a state of awakening, but a violent transition in the same way, hard and heavy as a blow that someone suffers in a fall. Therefore, it is worth preparing very well for this new cosmic painting forming in the arcs of Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. If that energy comes over your mind, your home and your life in a dormant way on your part, and worse, if you are the type of person who still shares the dark values of this disoriented humanity, it will have very unpleasant, sudden, vibrating impacts on the same low note as its internal values not worked.

Imagine a big wave arriving at the beach. Imagine some people who already have their boards (like surfers) prepared for the wave.
They will flow over the wave. All others will be swallowed up under the wave. This is similar to the selection of chaff and wheat. These fronts of energy wave of the Universe, since mid-1999/2000 and, later, 2012, come as distillers of impurities, come as catalysts of a process of transformation in ever more accelerated march, in the sight of all.

Sleeping in a splendid cradle while the Universe pours this rain of stellar rarity on the head of unworthy humanity is the most regrettable thing of all. Prepare a lot. The Earth Ship will enter a new time station. For materialists, the falling mountains will taste like an Armageddon. But to the children of awakening, they will look like the eggshell breaking ... And that, only they will understand what it means. 


Jonas Passos (25.11.2020)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

The crop circle reported at Potterne, near Devizes, Wiltshire, UK, 4th August, 2020, suggests the Earth (the tree) and the Moon. This suggests also a vinyl disc. Is it an answer my recent video in English and in French published 25th July, 2020 ? Please see the vinyl discs on my black shelf behind me ! 

Crop circle Hackpen Hill July 2020 and Pentagon, Washington, USA, NO ALIEN WAR ON EARTH / PAS DE GUERRE E.T. SUR TERRE :- www.youtube.com  Thank you very much for all people who resist and speak about the victims of the ET intruders ! 

Jean-Charles Bourquin, whistleblower in France 5th August, 2020

I think the aliens who made this crop circle have read this comment. They didn't like my video posted on Youtube 25th July, 2020 entitled: 

Crop circle Hackpen Hill July 2020 and Pentagon, NO ALIEN WAR ON EARTH / PAS DE GUERRE E.T. SUR TERRE

I don't want an alien war on Earth and I want all the aliens to go. Everyone has seen that they want to come to an agreement with the Pentagon. The Pentagon has very bad weapons. He's doing horrible experiments on animals. He uses innocent sea animals to lay mines or maybe attack! It expands space warfare with other MODs. If we let all of this happen, it is the end of true happiness for life on Earth and perhaps other worlds in the Universe as well. I think the aliens who made the crop circle reported at Uffington castle, Oxfordshire, 9th August, 2020 cowardly laughed at me. Rays from this very sharp sun look a lot like triangles visible on the shelf that appears behind me in the video. These aliens and the others (the Grays of the Apocalypse) have been holding farmers hostage for decades. They mistreat their cereals with aggressive technologies to make their crop circles, and here, they make fun of our Mother sun while the heatwave is caused by human pollution which does not respect Mother Earth enough! They are all mad, their propaganda is very bad for the life and conscience of humanity! If the leader of the interplanetary alliance author of the crop circle at Uffington castle had had a little bit of courage and honesty, he would have depicted my portrait in a crop circle so that everyone would recognize me and he would have clearly written his thoughts for let everyone know her.

Let us resist peacefully but firmly against the aliens and the accomplice states which do not come to the aid of the victims of ET who are more and more numerous in the world!

Jean-Charles Bourquin, whistleblower France, 14th August, 2020.

Four circles arranged symmetrically around the center is a quite common motif, especially in the last century.  The tree in the center of the formation represents the new life and new species arising out of the central comet's suggested impact. Here the central circle with a small coma is surrounded by four fragments, each with its own coma. The problem is identifying the outer two rings. They are not part of the central comet’s coma, being too far away according to numerous prior depictions. Representing the Earth or another planet, the rings would not encompass the fragments as shown. Planets are always depicted as true circles or rings. To be credible, the comas of the fragments must be complete, not missing two small arcs. This crop circle is definitely man-made and not credible as a comet or asteroid event.

Kenneth Heck


Very interesting 'Coincidence'?

It has been brought to my attention following the Light Circle which mysteriously focused upon a tree in my back yard on the 18th July, that back in England a crop circle also focused upon a tree on 4th August. I happened to be the person who coined that term 'Crop Circle' and undertook the early days of research into the subject.  I would like to make confidential contact with anyone directly associated with claims of its manufacture (Messenger).

Images Tree Crop Circle - Copyright Stonehenge Drone Photography 2020

Image Light Circle - Copyright Colin Andrews 2020

Colin Andrews



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