Stanton St Bernard, Nr Alton Barnes. Wiltshire. Reported 7th July

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The source of this image is known in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean. There are 12 pyramids throughout the planet. I recommend reading the entire Emerald Tablets found in 1939 by Doreal. This is an amazing multi dimensional circle, which can shift our time dimensions and awareness to higher realms.

Thoth the keeper of time is most likely the creator of this circle. 

 Sir Joseph Voros

The Geometry of Space-Time - dimensional transposition models in the new crop circle


Images with 3D cubic style have appeared several times, and even better than this, like the unforgettable image of
2010, with a Rubik-style 3D cube, magic cube, and the impressive texture of their faces.

We know, in the studies of advanced geometry, that all these crop circles formations, as well as the others, come out of a geometric matrix well known to the ancient kabbalists and scholars of the universe-form: THE METATRON CUBE

And he appeared surprisingly in a 2016 English crop circle.

From the studies of advanced geometry, fundamental to the architecture of the ancients, the Temples, the pyramids and all the buildings that sought the intrinsic relationship between matter and the power of form, we know that the Metatron Cube is a development of the hexagon, which therefore it represents the secret and sacred number of Creation:
Because the first geometric figure to be obtained from the circle, center and radius drawn by the compass and square is the Hexagram. And his development is the Metatron Cube. And his development is all geometric shapes, and the five perfect solids.

The five perfect solids become six, if we add the sphere, and align with the symbolism of the Six days of Genesis Creation by the Word of God (Elohim).

Crops circles are pure expression of sacred geometry, one of the universal languages spoken among all conscious and advanced beings. Therefore, they are alien messages used as communication between other worlds as well. After all, where did all human knowledge in its oldest roots come from? Of the stars, of the greatest brothers of mankind that we no longer remember.

A very important development of the Metatron Cube is the geometric representation of the Merkabah, or Sacred Car of the gods. Who also appeared in a crop circle (among others) in 2017.

UFOS, UFO technology, dimensional models and the very geometry of Creation, all represented by shapes coming out of the same mother symbol, the Hexagram.

Dimensional transposition models

These models of dimensional transposition from cubic or hexahedral compositions (the cube has six square faces, is one of the perfect solids called Hexahedron) represent mechanisms of travel through space- time transforming the cubic nature of matter in the Ships. This is the great key of UFO technology to break astronomical distances and, for example, go from here to Sirius through Stargates or even SUN Gates (portals on the Sun).

Many ships are seen all the time near the sun, some coming and going. And several UFO CUBES have already been captured by NASA satellites and programs.

In short, the Hexagram represents the three dimensions of SPACE intertwined with the three dimensions of TIME, that is,
Height, width and length, Past present Future

And in the same way that matter is as illusory as time in the sense of distortable, modifiable, well, the Merkabas UFO technology knows the keys for modifying the dimensional coordinates, from the three-dimensional plane to the four-dimensional plane or four-dimensional Hyperspace.

And making this transposition, they, the ships, dematerialize but without fragmenting. Teleportation is not an effect of defragmenting matter, but of changing spatial coordinates, jumping from X-Y-Z 3D to X-Y-Z-T 4D!

Do you understand the reason why this crop circle appears on the day of the Sun-Sirius alignment on 07.07.2020?
Why the Sirius-Sun (and Earth) route has been known for thousands of years, Egyptians, Dogons, Aborigines, Indians, Mayans, Israel (Bitlechem Star) rare the people who did not celebrate their "gods" from the great blue star and most brilliant of all, the star of Isis and Toth, light and source of knowledge.
The Mother Star.

Let's go back to yesterday's cube:

You see three cubes in 3D perspective within the "energy" field that you are rotating with your arms. There are six boomerang-shaped arms, rotating and performing the cubic transposition of matter, from the 3D plane to the 4D plane or Hyperspace, where jumps in Stargates, Sungates and Wormholes (Wormholes) become possible.

And the trip to Sirius, a literal "little jump", even though it is light years away from us.

The three cubes in perspective were drawn using diamonds changing the colors (light and dark) Twelve total lozenges, 4 dark and 8 light. And at the edges, 6 boomerang-shaped arches. Count the numbers: 4-6-8, and that adds up to 18, which is 9-9 of the previous crop circle patterns.

This crop circle may even be portraying the model of a UFO carrying out such energy operations and changing the dimensional coordinates of matter, which enters the field of the teleportation phenomenon.

Remember, the true science of teleportation does not have to destroy matter here and reconstruct it there. This concept is wrong. It only needs to change the dimensional coordinates of matter X-Y-Z by adding T and transforming the basic vibration of the body, UFO or object into vibrations that are no longer cubic. And yes, tetrahedral.

Because this is the perfect solid that governs the dimensional laws of Hyperspace. And did you know that inside the Cube there are two equal and opposite tetrahedrons, intertwined?

This is the BEGINNING to learn all these secrets. Just the beginning ...


The code 9-9 appears subtly in the cubic model of dimensional travel - contact


Anyone who has been accompanying me here for some time will remember perfectly that I mentioned the identification of a repetition pattern in the 2020 crop circles, and that they started in the 2019 Alien crop circle, and that pattern was numeric, 9-9.

Well, in a subtle way, this pattern was repeated here, in the Cube crop circle inside vortex-6.

And to decipher it properly, we have to use the arguments of Kabbalah, in particular, the so-called Tree of Life, or Sephardic Tree, which was the way of the ancients to define the structure of the Universe, in its three fundamental sectors:

1. The top nine floors, or nine skies, related to the planetary orbits defined by the planets around the Earth (geocentric system, as Astrology uses): the branches of the cosmic Tree.

2. Earth, physical plane, third dimension, intermediate level: where the cosmic Tree touches the ground.

3. The lower nine floors, or nine Dantesque circles, the dense and inferior counterpart of the nine heavens: the roots of the cosmic Tree.

This was the structure of the Universe, according to ancient cosmology, that is, 9-9. And the Earth and our existence in the middle of these two planes, upper and lower, with all the energies from above being connected with the energies from below, and all of them cross the entire Tree, like a circulating sap of vibration that spreads from top to bottom, and from system to system, from macro to microcosm and vice versa.

Where do we see the 9-9 pattern in this new crop circle? First, we have to realize that this design of three cubes admits two different basic perspectives (I put red and blue on the slide). Each person sees one perspective first, before seeing the other, in the first vision.

Either see the three cubes by the blue outline, or see them in the red outline. This already creates a pattern 3-3 (cubes), or 33, a highly significant number in Kabbalah and Numerology of archetypes.
But if we count the total of diamonds in each group of three circles, there are 9 diamonds. Nine for blue, and nine for red, which also seems to create a double movement in the perspective, up and down the image. Or, as the external vortex suggests, clockwise and counterclockwise movement.

And this is where the connection to the Tree of Life and yesterday's post comes in:

The Geometry of Space-Time - dimensional transposition models in the new crop circle!

Because yesterday, 7-7, it was Sun-Sirius alignment, as I already mentioned, the day before. And the 7-7 makes a symbolic mirror compared to 9-9 (numeral symmetry). What's more, the date 7.7.2020 added up to 18 = 9 + 9. They think of all the details.

I spoke yesterday about trips to Sirius through Sun Stargates or Wormholes that UFOs create or even access at the entrance and exit of the stars, connected in the Universe and compressing astronomical distances via Hyperspace.

The six-arm vortex (they look like boomerangs) is the entrance to these portals. Every portal has a characteristic vortex and they are formed by the energy differential between the two parallel dimensions that touch each other: the portal and the vortex are the contact point of two parallel dimensions. A similar vortex-6 model appeared in 2016, as shown in Slide.

Just like hurricanes and cyclones (air vortexes) form in temperature differentials.

And to close this topic, why SIX arms? Because, in the same Tree of Life, Sefirótica, SIX is the position number of the SUN, through which UFOs enter and leave towards Sirius and other stars of the infinite in their technologies enabled to the hyperdynamic movement in the fourth dimension. Teleportation phenomena also access the same laws of hyperdynamic motion and change in the vibration of matter in its dimensional coordinates.

See more (about 9-9 contact):- contato-tentando-estabelecer-um-contato-real-via-crops-circles

Jonas Passos (08.07.2020)

Hypersphere roads in the new crop circle

The friend Lucas Berri, in this new work, brought an interesting suggestion: the combination of the most recent crop circle, the cubes within vortex 6, with the hypersphere, or the geometry of a common 3D sphere applied to the concepts of Hyperspace, where time and space are distorted creating doors to parallel realities.

Theoretically, the center of the Hypersphere, in the geometry of space-time relativity of distortion, marks the presence of a black hole, capable of creating a dimensional rupture. Theoretically, we also know that each star and even planet holds in its massive nuclei a black hole in balance, which becomes a gateway to other distant worlds and star systems, in the face of advanced UFO-nautic technology!

As we studied in the previous models and slides, the crop circle shows the transposition of 3D matter (represented by internal cubes in perspective) through a portal vortex, which theoretically speaks of points of contact between parallel dimensions, thus generating these energy fields of transposition, where the matter that passes is not destroyed and reconstructed in teleportation, as many imagine, but only reconfigured in its dimensional coordinates by means of vibrating modification matrices.

Well, we say that, on the 7-7, a new crop circle would appear, because usually at this time of year, when Sun and Sirius line up in conjunction with the sky, crop circle models appear to celebrate the event.
Sirians saying hello to us?

The other question: if Star Sirius and its inhabited planets are 8.611 light years away from Earth (an unimaginable distance), contact with Earth could only happen through high technology capable of conquering hyperspace, and the famous wormholes, or wormholes, shortcuts in 3D space.

Something that this crop circle illustrated, as many have done in the past. And they still do it. Why a vortex 6? Because the Sun, in the Kabbalah Tree, is numbered with the order six (6) and more, it bears the central position of the entire Tree, therefore called Tipheret, the Cosmic Beauty or Harmony, centralizing and balancing everything.

Look better at the Tree. The upper part (9) and the lower part (9), or 9-9 intercepted dimensions, from macro to microcosm and vice versa. Can you see the exact representation of a Wormhole with its two sectors, connecting extreme points in the Universe?
Can you understand that ancient wisdom, using its own symbols, already spoke of advanced physics that explains not only the existence of other worlds, Aliens and technologies of the gods, but mainly, the existence of parallel dimensions, worlds and beings totally unknown and incomprehensible for us? Living and moving in those many abodes of the Father?

Thanks to Lucas Berri for the great insight!

Jonas Passos (09.07.2020)


Magical formation at Stanton St Bernard in Wiltshire, UK, Reported on 7 July 2020

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 7 July 2020 was a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Sun with Tone 9,
in the Yellow Human wavespell, in the White Castle with major energy Yellow Warrior, in the White Magnetic Wizard year with Tone 1 (until 24 July 2020).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Red Moon – Universal water, Flow, Purify
Yellow Star – Creativity, Elegance, Art

The whole formation is a magical artwork in the style of the White Wizard: when we watch it at different angles, we see different images.

On figure A, in the center of the crop circle we see a hexagon, divided in 12 rhombs. 6 rhombs build three bridges, which symbolize the energy White Worldbridger. At the same time, on this hexagon is depicted the face of the White Wizard. The rhombs 1 and 2 build the first bridge, the rhombs 3 and 4 build the second bridge. These two bridges are the “eyebrows” of the Wizard. The two bright rhombs below the two bridges are the “eyes” of the Wizard.

The rhombs 5 and 6 build the third bridge, which is also the “nose” of the Wizard. The bright rhomb below of the “nose” is the “mouth”.

In this way very impactful is shown our task in the new 13-year cycle with major energy White Wizard: everybody, who wants to become a true White Wizard, should become also a master of the energy White Worldbridger.

The energy of the White Worldbridger is the Spiritual target for the humanity in the new 13-year cycle.

Round the face of the Wizard we see 6 boomerangs. Each of them has 2 “arms”, or the six boomerangs have 12 “arms” in total.

Here the number 6 symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger (Solar Seal No. 6), which is the main White energy in the current White Castle.

The number 12 symbolizes the energy Yellow Human (Solar Seal No. 12) – the major energy of the current Yellow Human wavespell. The White Worldbridger teaches us, that we should build bridges to each other and live in Unity. The 6 boomerangs are close to each other. The “arms” of the boomerangs resemble Bridges. In this way is infused the idea that the people on the Earth don’t throw boomerangs to each other, i.e. they don’t fight with each other, they live in peace and in unity. We can say, that the six boomerangs symbolize the united humanity.

On figure B we see another picture. The rhombs 1, 2 and 3 resemble waterfalls, flowing water. In this way is depicted the energy Red Moon – the energy of the Universal water, Flow and Purification. The Red Moon is the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Human. This energy helps us for Cleansing of blocks – on personal and on social level.

On figure C we see that 6 rhombs in the center of the formation form a star. The periphery of the star is a polygonal line with 12 sides. The star symbolizes the energy Yellow Star – the major energy of the next Blue Castle. The number 6 symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger – Solar Seal No. 6. The number 12 symbolizes the energy Yellow Human – Solar Seal No. 12. We can say that the number 12 symbolizes the humanity. The two numbers 6 and 12 symbolize the united humanity. In this way is conveyed the idea, that at the end of the White castle the processes of Cleansing and Uniting are finished and the humanity is prepared for the transformations in the next Blue castle with major energy Yellow Star.

The crop circle is located near the Milk Hill with the famous depiction of a White horse. The location is obviously chosen intentionally. “White horse” corresponds very good with White Wizard, White Worldbridger and White Castle.

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this magical formation, to the photographer Nick Bull and to the whole team of the Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova

The centre of the circle contains four cubes, half of the original large cube containing eight smaller cubes. The implication is that something has struck the large cube so that four of the smaller cubes are missing. The large cube represents our current level of understanding the universe (coming from the saying: "think outside of the box"). The six comets represented outside the centre constitute the cause of the missing cubes. These cubes have been contradicted by the events transpiring during the Cometary Era. See pages 156-7 of my free ebook for a discussion of the about 20 cube crop circles. Ultimately, the new cube of human understanding will be much larger and much more accurate than at present.

Surrounding the centre are six bent rectangles (a new feature in crop circles) forming a hexagon. From prior circles the hexagon represents the entire Cometary Era of six comet strikes on the Earth. The Warning Comet isn't included since it doesn't strike the Earth. These bent rectangles represent the rays of force used to deflect each comet from its original orbit into a trajectory colliding with Earth. They are bent to suggest that the objective is to change the comets' normal course rather than to keep them in their customary orbit. These rays, called 'gravity rays' are shown here on a conglomerate basis, one for each comet, but in reality, the gravity ray is used several times for each comet before final impact.

Kenneth Heck

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