Preston Candover, Nr Basingstoke, Hampshire. Reported 11th August.

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Updated Tuesday 13th  August 2019


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A new and highly-elaborate crop picture which appeared near Preston Candover on August 11, 2019 shows the “attitude indicator” of some aircraft (or spacecraft) in flight, and seems to suggest that the pilot will be executing a 45o bank turn soon, in preparation for landing on Earth 

This new crop picture near Preston Candover seems highly-elaborate in term of the complexity of its fallen lay. It could not possibly (0.00% chance) have been made by unseen men with “rope and boards”, as some superficially-thinking people continue to believe. It shows approximately 120 finely-laid, zig-zag weaves of fallen wheat in its outermost laid ring. That number would reach 160, if its outermost laid ring were not only 3/4 complete. 

Closer to the centre, we can see at least another 50 woven features of some kind. Thus when considered as a whole, this new crop picture shows more than twice as many woven features of a similar kind as for another crop picture near Cley Hill on July 28, 2019, which was generally regarded as “spectacular” (see clear wood 2019   or clear wood articlesl  ).  

The inner three inner geometric symbols of this new crop picture as “triangle inside of a circle, then circle inside of a square” could be mean practically anything. One possible resemblance would be to a “triangular UFO” crop picture that appeared near West Kennett Long Barrow on August 13, 2013, which likewise showed a “spacecraft coming in to land” (see crop-circles-in-west-kennet-longbarrow).  

In summary, the new crop picture on August 11, 2019 near Preston Candover appears quite real, and we should take its clever message very seriously:  

“Get ready, cause here I come!” (see

When we study the field location where this crop picture was drawn, at latitude 51.161o N, longitude 1.144o W using Google Earth (just 1 km northeast of Chilton Candover), and turn the compass direction “northeast up”, we can see the schematic image of a “man” who is “piloting” some kind of aircraft, similar in style to La Venta Stela 19 (see La_Venta_Stele_19_(Delange).jpg). This new “attitude indicator” was drawn in crops where the pilot’s “inner ear” would be located, or where a small ear-organ called the “macula” gives us a sense of up-or-down, left-or-right balance.  

Not far below in the same landscape at latitude 51.1586o N, longitude 1.1439o W, we can see a narrow protruding feature with two large trees (visible in the 5th and 10th slides down on Preston 2019al  ). This protruding landscape feature likewise resembles the “macula” of our inner ear, which provides us with a sense of balance (see macula).  

That small, protruding landscape feature also defines “vertical up” for the new crop picture, along with three vertically-oriented crop tramlines which pass through it (which may be seen on the upper right-hand side of the slide above). We will add another slide, to show and further explain such interesting and relevant landscape features, if time permits.  

My best estimate (guess) for seeing some large UFO (mothership) in Earth’s skies, convincing to everyone, remains the late-spring or early-summer of 2021. On that day “the blind will see”, namely millions of people from all 192 nations on Earth. Many symbols for Braille “1-9-2” were drawn in crops in California during the same year of 2013, when a large “triangular UFO” was drawn in crops near West Kennett Long Barrow, as if it were “coming in to land”.  

That large “triangular UFO” from 2013 resembles in turn a two-part “nested triangle” at the centre of this new “attitude indicator” crop picture in 2019. Is the E.T. crop artist trying to tell us something? What do you think?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Many thanks to Nick Bull and The Hampshire Flyer for excellent aerial-drone photography

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