Preston Candover, Nr Basingstoke, Hampshire. Reported 11th August.

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Mike Stewart

Sun concealment in crop circle patterns

We are all aware that the Sun was mysteriously concealed by some extraterrestrial object on the morning of 08.08.2019, 4 days after Clear Wood's crop circle graphically demonstrated it, which appeared on a Sunday that I also predicted.

And seven days later, on this new Sunday of August 11, 2019, another crop circle appears, with a complex geometry that also alludes to this mystery, starting with the fact that the toothed outer ring was repeated in both models with the difference is that this second crop circle lacks part of the same ring that appeared whole in the first crop circle.

A countdown? A count of days for any announced events?

UFO Geometry

At the heart of this new crop circle is a simple geometric problem, an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circle.

Thus, the area of the equilateral triangle inscribed in a circumference, as a function of radius r, will be:

A = 1.299038106 r ^ 2
If the area of the circle is 3.1415 (pi) .r ^ 2, then
the area of the entered triangle will be smaller in the fraction (1.299038106 / 3.1415927) = 0.413496665 ...

However, the geometry of the prisms and tetrahedra has been inserted here. Notice inside the triangle, there are three small prisms drawn, which are the projection of moving tetrahedra, as I estimated in previous crop circles, and which represent the geometry of moving UFOs in hyperspace, a movement not governed by the geometry of the cubic system. (3D) and yes, by the geometry of the tetrahedral system (4D), as we have seen other times.

Another symbol of Hyperspace is in the diamond or diamond pattern, which appears at the corners of the triangle inserted in front of a larger, clear circle, which can easily represent our Sun in its inner portal openings, the famous stargates. We may be seeing in a beautiful geometric representation a triangular UFO penetrating a solar Stargate through the secrets of tetrahedron-related hyperspace geometry which, incidentally, is the symbol that depicts the ancient Merkabah or car of the gods with the same geometry, precisely for that reason.

So subtly, this beautiful crop circle and its highly geometric message may be informing us again about triangular UFOs (the fish-shaped UFOs, according to the Dogons and the prophet Parravicini) in hyperspace motion.

The 90 ° cut Ring at the top seems to refer to a countdown, to a kind of PORTAL that has begun to open.

Or maybe the countdown to some signal in the sun, such as what happened on August 8th, recorded by Helioviewer.

I remember last year, September 6, several observatories on Earth were temporarily shut down because of something captured in the sky or the sun.

It seems to me that this is about to repeat itself, perhaps in the same September this year.

Crops circles 2019 tetrahedron, merkabah and triangular UFO models in motion in the sky and sun

I put together the 2019 crop circle models with this argument, including China's mysterious ice circle, which designed part of a modern car brand logo. And it really looks like part of a car, with a wheel.

All of these models make reference to the geometry of tetrahedron in the mystery of Hyperspace (4D) motion differing from the cubic (3D) geometry typical of UFOs that can cross the spacetime barrier over long interstellar journeys, even penetrating the body. Plasma of the Sun and diving there at one end of a wormhole connected to the other end at the other target star.

Sirius, for example, since fish-like triangular UFOs have been associated with Sirians, both by the Dogons of Africa and by the prophet Parravicini, which I hold in high regard and prophetic value, since almost everything he announced has happened.

And he said these Sirius fish UFOs would be ready for a new Exodus at any moment. And this moment, before the critical planet, seems to be approaching, not before some signs in the sky and the Sun that shake the materialism and the disbelief of this humanity numbed by technology of futile and useless distractions in the face of the gravity of the moment.

Who come the mighty signs of the Divines in their shining Merkabah in the crown of the Sun!

Revelation 12

Jonas Passos (12.08.2019)


The Harvest of Saturn

Within ancient Kabbalistic magic, and namely, many crop circles have symbols and signs drawn directly from ancient Kabbalistic magic, for example in the Metatron Cube and the geometric representation of Merkabah (two crossed tetrahedra), among others, we know that many Saturn pantacles have triangles within circles on their models, much like the recent crop circle model of August 11th.

Saturn, in Kabbalah, belongs to the third order within the Sephrotic Tree, is called Binah, Intelligence, while the Sun, in the same arrangement, relates to order six, called Tiphereth, and therefore Hexagrams can be associated with the Sun in crops. circles, just as this triangle can be associated with Saturn in that system of worlds of ancient Kabbalistic cosmology.

One of these pantacles (1) shows, within an equilateral triangle, the flame of Life, the spirit fire of the Angels of the sky of Saturn, called Aralim, flames, and which relate to the image of the creative fire at the core of the systems. .

This pantacle mainly serves to perform all experiments and routine operations, destruction and death.

The Hebrew words around the sides of the triangle are from Deuteronomy, VI, 4: 

“Listen, oh Israel, IHVH ALHINV is IHVH ACHD.” - 
(Listen, oh Israel; the Lord our God is the only Lord)

The surrounding verse is the 18th from Psalm 109: 

“Induit maledictionem sicut vestimentum, et intravit sicut aqua in interiora eius, et sicut oleum in ossibus eius”:

“As he has put on a curse as a garment, so let it enter into his bowels like water, and into his bones like oil.”

The sense of karma, action and reaction, or harvest in the sense that every evil that has been planted will be the evil to be reaped - this is a function especially related to Saturn within the Kabbalistic Magic, law of action and reaction.

In the centre of the pantacle is the mystical letter YOD, in the form of the sacred flame.

The second pantacle (2) was used to cause tremors (earthquakes), seeing that the power of the angels invoked here is sufficient to shake the whole universe.

Inside the pantacle are the names of the nine angel choirs, where six of them are in ordinary Hebrew characters, and the rest in letters known as "The River Pass."
These nine choirs are:

1. HAIOTH HA-QADOSH (Holy Living Creatures);
2. AUPHANIM (Wheels);
3. ARALIM (Thrones) - this category is from Saturn
4. CHASCHMALIM (the Brilliant);
5. SERAPHIM (Fiery);
6. MELAKIM (Kings);
7. ELOHIM (Gods);
8. BENI ELOHIM (Sons of Elohim);
9. KERUBIM (Cherubs).

The verse is the 7th from Psalm 18:

“Commota est, et contremuit terra: et fundamenta montium conturbata sunt, et commota sunt, quoniam iratus est eis.”:

"Then the earth shook and trembled, and the foundations of the mountains also moved and were shaken, because he was wroth."

Is it an indirect indication of strong earthquakes to follow because of likely solar flares following other earlier interpretations, as the sun has been shaken and unstable lately, as we have found?

At the center of the first pantacle is the flame of divine energy, the Spirit, which, in cosmological reading, can mean the nucleus of the sun and earth in increasing energetic activity, shaken from its roots by mysterious alignments (remembering that the possible Sun's companion star, called P 7X by Arab astronomers, is currently in orbit of Saturn, descending into orbit of Jupiter, which may be another veiled indication in the Saturnian reference of this new crop circle).

Anyway, the harvest of Saturn always happens at the end of the cycles, and it unfortunately involves death, because without the winter and the death of the old plants, there would be no spring and new seed plants twinning in the heat of the new season. .

I believe that the harvest of Saturn is approaching on a large scale. These kabbalistic signs combined with the crop circle, with references to the sun, seem to mean that new processes will fall upon the earth, related to possible solar flares and increasing solar activity (the ring around the crop circle with its teeth can also mean the sun's energy radiating into the open space).

This year 2019 has already witnessed various climatic, seismic and volcanic impacts on the planet, and only global warming is spoken of, but this simplistic answer is far from revealing the "cosmological" truth of all factors involved in the equation of the great planetary transformation.

I will always remember the ant's crop circle message of June 21, 1919 that retreats to the refuge when the Great Winter of Saturn arrives… while the cicadas keep singing and pretending that nothing is happening outside…


The UFO Ride in the Sun

A few weeks ago, many crop circles made reference to the Sun, and indeed, after them, the Sun has been behaving strangely, with sudden sunspots, changes in the speed of the solar winds and other disturbances.

Even a mysterious concealment of the Sun occurred in the same period, on 08.08.2019, recorded by NASA's Helioviewer program probe, without further official explanation: because it is not the Moon, nor the Earth or any other "known" object left in front of the camera, causing that weird effect.

This concealment seemed to me anticipated in the Clear Wood crop circle on August 4, where we clearly see an object approaching the Sun and hiding it, as in an eclipse.

Now, on August 11th, appears this enigmatic crop circle by Preston Candover, showing an equilateral triangle within squares and circles, and on a white background disk, which may represent new UFOs and manifestations around the Sun. And this is not even Another novelty, given the huge amount of strange objects and things that Internet users capture in these programs, open to the public.

But I am talking now of a larger, majestic sign that really cannot be explained with any articulated scientific argument or as a mere defect of the apparatus. I speak of a spectacular sign of the Merkabah, Mother Ship, car of the gods, or simply UFOs, in front of the Sun, or wherever they please, that really haunts humanity.

Fitting the last two crop circles, we have that the outer rings were drawn in the same pattern, and the fusion of images was perfect, seeming to demonstrate even the extraterrestrial nature of the object involved in the Helioviewer episode on August 8th.

This ring was cut 1/4 the size of the second crop circle, and seems to suggest either an opening (of Portal) or a time being counted.

Time for any new signals?

If the first crop circle appeared on August 4, and the second crop on August 11, 7 days apart, the account is easy:
If 7 days equals 1/4 of the ring (of the running time), then 3/4 will be 21 days.

And if I add 21 days from the date of the second crop circle, then, August 11th, that reaches September (01.09.2019), which reminds me that last year, September 6th, 2018, several Earth observatories and orbiting telescopes were deactivated at the same time, under stupid allegations, trying to deceive the people.

Probably because they caught something up there that the "system" wanted to cover up at the time.
A year has passed, and we return to September.
Do our Big Brothers want a new show in heaven?
In the form of a sign that many people can see and no scientific agency or institution can "try to explain" with theoretical or justifying patches that end up becoming more suspicious than if they were simply silent.

Humanity really needs a lot of shocks to wake up from its consumerist nightmare and wake up to the reality of the planet and the governments that are working for the rising New World Order.

I hope she can deserve these signs.

Jonas Passos (13.08.2019)

The Portal Geometry

In this beautiful geometric construction, reminiscent of ancient Saturn pantacles and the generic symbols of the trilogy of forces, whether in mystical or scientific aspect (such as electron, proton and neutron, the bricks of atoms), we have to consider the message of openness. of a Portal, suggested by additions to the model, as well as the suggestion of a triangular spacecraft entering the hyperspace of the Sun through that upper opening - the portal.

The triangle also represents the mysterious magnetic force, the secret of the opposing poles gathered at the opening of the portals, something reminiscent of the secrets of the Mercury Caduceus and the Yang-Yin (Continuous Motor) applied in the UFO domain of High Tech.

This triangle also represents the face of the tetrahedra, which holds that geometric system that transcends the 3D cubic space (square, the face of the cubes) that supports the laws of 4D Hyperspace, as we have analyzed.

The smaller and larger circles represent, in the same analogy, the leap from a lower dimension to a higher dimension, performed by the triangle, whether it is a UFO or an energy field capable of making such a jump, ie teleportation via Stargate.

The equilateral triangle is the initial geometric cell of this construction. It is inscribed in a circle whose radius is the bisector of this triangle, and which is intercepted at its centre. Next, a square surrounds this smaller circle, and at the same time is surrounded by a larger circle. The radius of the major and minor circles are in the square root ratio of 2 (1.414213562 ...)

The diagonal of the square and the irrational square root factor of 2 represent, in the arcana of sacred geometry, a dimensional transposition, as if the square were broken in half (the diagonal whose value is square root of 2), and this represents the rupture 3D dimension for the 4D hyper dimensional jump.

All of these analyzes fall into a harmonic group which, illustrating the abundant examples of Sun-recorded UFOs entering and leaving the Sun, speak of the technological mechanisms employed by the same UFOs to create portals, as well as the models of a new geometry we do not know, geometry. hyperspace, governed not by the cubic system but by the tetrahedral system.

If we know the mechanisms of this geometry and reproduce them through basic transposition frequencies, we can create portals anywhere in the universe.

Jonas Passos (14.08.2019)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

Why is it that a triangle – or the trinity (three) in Christianity, is connected to divinity?  the answer is in Hebrew and decimal geometry, way back before Christ.

If you imagine the square in this CC with sides 100 long, or 100 diameter circle, you’ll find that the length of each side of the enclosed triangle is 86. In gimatria 86 = Elohim = The nature.

Elohim is the first name of the creator God in the old testament.

Since Hebrew is based on the decimal system it speaks in decimal geometry.

If you take the same square and connect the middle point of one side with the opposite corner, the length of the diagonal 111 = Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew Alpha Bet. The language of Elohim (86)... but Aleph is tilted in 26 Deg. in gimatria 26 = the holy name Yehova…

In simple words - the names of God in Hebrew point to Math Geometry and natural Science – rather than… blah blah blah …  here’s another logic example

If the square is enclosed within 1000 diameter circle, each side will be 707 = The Shabbat (Saturday – the Hebrew sacred day…) and you shall keep “The Shabbat” 707 since it is holy to YOU (written in the old testament)

for more about Kabalistic Geometry please see my videos on you tube. Hebrew is a numerical language therefore it speaks in dimensions and can be recognized in decimal geometry – here are few more examples from a Nonagon within a 100 diameter circle

1.       1. The radius of the pink circle = 26 = Yehova, the divine name of God,

2.       2. The circumference is 314 = Shadai = Metatron, the divine name of God

3.       3. The diameter 65 = Adonai = (my lord) another divine name of God,

All the names of God in Hebrew are present in decimal Geometry.   

BUT, the fact that The Shabbat square in this CC is hung on only 2 threads, evokes a question regarding good and bad, since Bad in Hebrew (RA) = 270, and Saint or righteous (tsaddik) = 90, … both make 360 deg. This fact is emphasized in this CC as well.

If I may Now try, my question for the crop circle makers is, please elaborate on the vesica piscis symbol found in a nonagon within 86 diameter circle (Elohim = 86) which reads "that is (30) good (17)"


and Elohim saw that it is good - as written in GENESIS chapter 1.


Varda Sarnat

Comment about the crop circle reported at Preston Candover, near Basingstoke, Hampshire, 11th August, 2019 :

The crop circle reported to Preston Candover near Basingstoke in Hampshire on August 11, 2019 is a perfect example of the manipulation of humanity by extraterrestrials. I have known these ETs for a long time and I immediately understood that it is the dangerous, Gray-headed apocalyptic alliance that is the author of this new influential message four days before the Feast of the Assumption. The equilateral triangle in the centre is the most important symbolic element. It relates to the Trinity Father-Son-Holy Spirit. Located not far from a road, it also refers to some UFOs frequently observed by contacted or witnesses. I notice that Preston Candover can be compared with the "dove can (fly) presto". Unfortunately the white pigeons were chosen as the symbol of the Holy Spirit. I repeat here that in my opinion the Divine Source Mother of the Universe is not the God of the Christians. This last is a false God and this religion serves the ET invader led by a Gray who has the same soul as the prophet Jesus. These ET seek to involve humans in their final plan. Please note the Grays at the beginning of The Hampshire flyer's video : WATCH

At the end of the video, notice the animated geometric elements. Preston Candover's crop circle alludes to these elements! At the end, the bright words "Thanks for watching" appear from the centre. The aliens have compared this in their crop circle with the light of the Holy Spirit! Their sense of humour should not make us forget why they are there and what their crimes are! This dangerous interplanetary alliance abducts people, puts implants on them, psychologically harasses people, kills animals and possibly some people, disconnects nuclear warheads, and so on.

Here no portrait of the author neither identity card to show the English police or army ... These intruders are like that : very little polite and very hungry for power!

I will send a copy of this comment to the new Prime minister Boris Johnson by E-mail to help your country one more time. More information on the blog OLCPIE and Aliens crop circles crushing channel. Strong encouragements for the victims of the ET !

Post Scriptum, 19th September, 2019 :

I have discovered the following message with the letters of PRESTON CANDOVER : ET DVN NOOR R SPACE = Extra-Terrestrial divine noor air (and) space (plane) Noor is an Arabic name that means light, shine. It is also a Persian word that means light.

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki, Lille, France, 13th August, 2019.


Let's try to interpret the message of this crop circle, reported in PRESTON CANDOVER, by using the esoteric Language of the Birds. This interpretation system can be used with any language, but I find Hebrew, English, and French extremely powerful when associated together.

Preston derives from Preost Tun (PRIEST TOWN) in Old English.
Preston also sounds like "Presse ton" in French, meaning "PRESS YOUR"
Candover derives from the word "caniodubri" meaning "CLEAR WATERS", referring to the stream running along the valley floor.
Therefore, we can have an idea of the message behind the name of the location of the crop circle. It makes me think of "POUR DIVINE WATER" and to a connection with the coming AGE OF AQUARIUS.

Many religions and cultures wait for new era, and for the coming of a spiritual figure similar to the astrological WATER BEARER. For Babylonians he was the god Ea, the Great One. Kabbalah also teaches us that the Torah, the divine teaching, is compared to water, and Jews are also waiting for a new era: the DAYS OF MESSIAH and the WORLD TO COME.

Is that a message that a "Water Bearer" will soon pour Divine Water ? Is this crop circle telling us that our world is entering an ERA OF NEW CONSCIOUSNESS?

Samuel, Zion Kabbalah

This crop circle is in reverse from the usual protocol, indicating a strike at night. Only two comets strike at night - A and B. 

In the precise centre is a small circle denoting the intended impact point of the comet. The three bars immediately surrounding this circle indicate the three aspects needed to guide a comet to precise impact - control of velocity, direction and rotation. These three are handled by the various triangular space vehicles assigned to the comet.This impact has been approved by the higher authorities, as shown by the triangle, but since the vertices of the triangle aren't connected, full approval hasn't yet been realized. The ring surrounding the triangle indicates the primary extent of the damage of the impact. Next, the square in crop circles indicates protection. Its vertices are also not connected, indicating it also isn't fully realized. When the comet is on course heading for impact, no extraneous factors will be allowed to interfere with the precise target. This would include bad weather, orbiting satellites, planes in the air, etc. All these will be excluded from the primary impact area by space vehicles creating the protective square. 

Next is the larger ring that proscribes the extent of the square (the square isn't really a square in actual operation).  After this we have two partial rings. These are indicative of the furthermost effects of the comet strike. The final ring is the earth, or a circular portion of the earth.

This crop circle is saying that there are still some details to be wrapped up before everything is ready for the strike. The intricate crop lay of 50 some units on the inside may refer to 50 some days to resolve the issues with the triangle and square.

Likewise, the 120 crop lay units on the outside suggests it will take at least 120 days to resolve the issues with the two partial rings. At the earliest, a strike could therefore occur no earlier than the second half of December of this year.

Kenneth Heck

Only together, united and with the help of the Spiritual world can we cope with the big problems of our civilization!

Crop circle from
11 August 2019 at Preston Candover, near Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar, 11 August 2019 is
a day with the Solar Seal White Dog with Tone 4,
in the Blue Hand wavespell,
in the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed,
in the White Magnetic Wizard Year with Tone 1 (26 July 2019 – 24 July 2020).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Blue Hand – Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
White Dog – Love, Heart, Loyalty
Tone 4 – the Tone of Form
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization

The big outer circle represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.

In the center of the formation we see a bright triangle and in its interior there is a bright circle with an eye in the very center of this circle. This circle represents the Source – the “All seeing Eye”.

The triangle round the Source depicts the typical conic hat of the Wizard and symbolizes the energy WHITE WIZARD.

In the three corners of the triangle we see three rhombs, each of them with 4 sides. Each rhomb resembles a seed and symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED – Solar Seal No. 4. The Yellow Seed is the Challenging energy of the White Wizard.

On the triangle are depicted also 3 trapezia „Н”.
Each trapezium has 4 sides, and the three trapezia have 12 sides in total.
The number 3 symbolizes the energy BLUE NIGHT – Solar Seal No. 3.
The number 12 symbolizes the energy YELLOW HUMAN – Solar Seal No. 12.
The three figures
„Н” symbolize the humanity.
Each figure
„Н” resembles a bridge and symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger.

Round the triangle is described a circle, divided in 3 segments
D with very elaborate weave design.

The whole composition with the triangle and the circle can be explained as follows:

We, the people on Earth, receive constantly energies from the Source and from the Earth, and we constantly radiate energies to the Earth and to the Source.
We are the living connection between Heaven and Earth.

Each human is like an energy bridge which connects Heaven and Earth.

The energy of the White Wizard makes us even more receptive to the cosmic energies. It helps us more easily to understand the information, which they bring to us.  We process this information, enrich it with our experience and constantly radiate thoughts in the space.

We receive information also through our Intuition. We decode this information, enrich it with our imaginations and so emerge our Dreams for a better future.

Each human Influences the energy field of the Universe through his thoughts, dreams, words etc.

Radiating our Thoughts and Dreams, we plant them like Seeds in the energy field of the Earth, of the Universe.
Our Seeds are energy patterns, from which our new reality develops.

In this way, through our Thoughts and Dreams we “weave” our reality.

On the crop circle this Creative work of the humans is depicted through the weave design in the three segments D.

The energy Blue Night is on position 10 (Tone 10) in the White Wizard wavespell. Tone 10 is the Planetary Tone of Manifestation. Thus Blue Night is the Planetary target for the humanity in the new 13-year cycle of the White Wizard. This means that one of our main tasks shall be to learn to Create the desired new reality through our Dreams.

11 August 2019 is a day with Tone 4 – the Selfexisting Tone of Form. On the crop circle Tone 4 is depicted through the big square – a figure with 4 sides.

On the 4th day of the wavespell we can begin to create Thought-forms, which shall be materialized. Our intention brings harmony and order in the elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire), which were dissociated until now, and associate them in forms.

Our task with Tone 4 is to create more detailed thought-forms for situations, events, phenomena, which we want to be manifested in our reality.

So with the help of Tone 4 we also “weave” our reality.

On the formation this Creative work with Tone 4 is depicted on the four segments
F between the square and the circle described round it. These segments also show a wonderful weave design.

The triangle in the center has 3 inner and 3 outer sides, or these are 6 sides in total.
The big square has 4 sides.
The sum of all sides of the triangle and of the square is 10.
The number 10 symbolizes the energy WHITE DOG – Solar Seal No. 10, the energy of Love.
The energy of the White Dog helps us to fill with Love the thought-forms, which we create.

There are 3 segments
D and 4 segments F”.
The number of all segments is 7.
The number 7 symbolizes the energy BLUE HAND – Solar Seal No. 7, the major energy of the actual wavespell.
The Blue Hand helps us to realize our Dreams with real activities.

The Blue Hand is the Occult Teacher of the White Wizard and it will play an important role in the new 13-year cycle. It will help us easier to derive Knowledge from the cosmic energies and more actively to Heal the damages which we have done to the Nature and to the Earth.

On the periphery of the crop circle we see an incredibly elaborated ring “B”. We have seen a similar ring on the crop circle from 28 July 2019 at Clear Wood.

This time one quarter of the ring seems to be left unfinished.
This part “W” depicts a big Bridge and symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger.

The apex of the triangle points to this big Bridge as an arrow, which points to a Main Target. And, indeed, the energy White Worldbridger is the Spiritual target for the humanity in the new 13-year cycle. The Spiritual target is defined through the energy which takes the last position 13 (Tone 13) in the White Wizard wavespell, and this is the White Cosmic Worldbridger.

The main tasks, which have to accomplish in order to achieve this Spiritual target, are:

Cleansing/Releasing of all that is negative, outdated, obsolete, which hinders our spiritual development – in physical and in spiritual aspect, on personal and on social plane.

Connecting and Uniting of the people, and maintaining of connections with the Spiritual world – with the Source, with our Higher Self, with our Spiritual guides. The help from the Spiritual world is of main importance for us!

These processes of Cleansing and Connecting are depicted on the weave section “B” of the ring.

On the one hand, it resembles a labyrinth.
We have to go through the labyrinth of our soul and to cleanse fears, negative thoughts, attitudes etc.
We have to cleanse also the labyrinth of problems in our society – negative beliefs, practices etc.

On the other hand, on the ring is depicted the process of Connecting of the people – we see an image which resembles the catching of toothed wheels.
In this way is depicted the idea that the people should lend a helping hand to each other, to build bridges to each other, to create strong connections, to unite themselves.

Only together, united and with the help of the Spiritual world we can cope with the big problems of our societies, of our civilization!

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this magnificent formation, to the photographer “The Hampshire Flyer” and to the whole team of the Crop Circle Connector

Maya Todorova

sqauring circle august 14 cc.png

sqauring of the circle cc august 14.png


Squaring of the circle... inner alignments of triangle..

Cathy Taylor



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike