Potterne Field, nr. Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 28th May.

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This cc is actually very organized- reminds me of an old rotary telephone- organized by '12'.

Cathy Weaver Taylor

These are my diagrams for the formation of May 28th 2020 at Wiltshire, England. The first Diagram is as of the figure itself in 2D plane. It represent a Virus cell and the development of a Vaccine. The Diagram was made following the layers of the crop at the base of the formation. But as usual in a true formation, there is a 3D design too of the Virus Cell and Vaccine I have uploaded all the information about these two Diagrams in my YouTube site Crop Circle May 28th 2020 - The Vaccine

 Pablo Olivares

The duplication of the virus

Many of us clearly perceive the analogy of this new crop circle with a duplicate germ, bacterium or virus. And as we are under a pandemic, certainly the older brothers would not fail to send messages about the current virus that is spreading rapidly in the world, the coronavirus or Covid-19.

Inside the mother germ there are 8 circles, and these 8 circles are transferred to the unfolded germ, also with 8 internal circles, and this is how the viruses duplicate themselves, transmitting the same genetic code to the new matrices. In fact, the number 8, graphically speaking, represents the shape of the DNA (helical), and this is another reference for the model presenting, which suggests that the pandemic is far from over, because, in addition to duplicating itself, the virus is taking over mutations, and this also appears in the crop circle image. Not only a duplication, but also a process of mutation.

And to confirm, the sum of the crop circle date produces: 2 + 8 + 5 + 2 + 2 = 19, that is, Covid-19

PS: there seems to be a ninth circle inside the bigger picture, but it is not very well formed, we need better images here. This ninth circle of the matrix can become part of other interpretations, as suggested by number 9 in relation to generation, birth.
It may be that the transition between the number 8 (DNA) and 9 (generation) represents exactly that double message, that is, something that is being generated (9) or modified from DNA (8) in the case of the Virus.

The Cosmic Turtle

Certainly, we have a biological creature represented in this new and unusual crop circle. And the numbers that I found, three times the number eight in each part of the object, took me to the code of the Universe that is 888, or infinite triplicity, that religions represented in the three faces of God, and even science identifies in the primary forces , in atomic models, etc.

And the author wanted to give us a beautiful message about the cosmic Turtle, or the Turtle of the world, who would be the primordial creature to hold the world and the entire universe, according to the common myths of India, China, and the peoples of America pre Colombian, parallel to the myths of the original snake.

The number 888 in the structure of this crop circle creature and its stylized appearance led me to that first conclusion. And if the foundations of the world are being displayed, it means that those same foundations are undergoing profound transformations.

PS: there seems to be a ninth circle inside the bigger picture, but it is not very well formed, we need better images here. This ninth circle of the matrix can become part of other interpretations, as suggested by number 9 in relation to generation, birth. 

Two systems in shock

Abstracting a little, and as we are also living the times when the solar system and our planet are undergoing profound transformations because of the new star that arrives (P 7X, until the present moment, according to studies and observations of astronomers), including here the concept of the cosmic turtle or world turtle (which represents the cosmic systems in their original formations), well, we can be faced with an abstract representation of two systems in shock or approximation, the smallest and the largest.

The plastic, liquid and dissolved form of the crop circle (like drops) seems to suggest this dilution of rigid forms, this mutual interference between the systems that approach, namely, Sun and Nemesis.

The 888 numbering code (8 major circles, 8 minor circles and 8 tentacles) speaks of cosmic forces at play (the divine trinity).

And since the two systems have 8 internal circles equally, this represents a resonance of equivalence between them: and if, in the biological aspect, the number 8 alludes to the DNA transferred to the new duplicated viruses, in the cosmic aspect, the number 8 represents forces universal at stake, aiming at all forms of movement and transformation.

The planetary turtle, on which our world rested, stable, is being shaken! PS: there seems to be a ninth circle inside the bigger picture, but it is not very well formed, we need better images here

It may be that the variation between the number 8 (cosmos) and 9 (generation) represents exactly that double message, that is, something that is being generated (9) or modified from the invader element (8) in the case of Nemesis. Interesting to note that 8 + 9 = 17, and in Taro, 17 is the Star card, or the Star sign in the sky ... 

Jonas Passos (28.05.2020)

A purposeful misalignment

An apparent numerical breakdown in the harmony of the shapes of this new and enigmatic crop circle has emerged. The body of the "creature" has 8 legs, and projects a "satellite" or new duplicated shape, with 8 inner circles in order. The image of the cosmos springing out of chaos (because the inner circles of the larger creature are misaligned, unlike the circles of the smaller creature, aligned).

The desired numerical symmetry (cosmic) would then be 888. But, inside the larger body, we have a ninth, malformed circle, emerging. In the language of numbers, this misalignment becomes punctual.

Because eight represents a totality in balance: DNA, for example, a strand in a helical model (remembers 8). Or the universe of cosmic forces in balance in the bond that unites everything.

While nine suggests something that is being born, developing from eight, something new. In the case of the virus, which transfers its genetic material to the new matrix, this represents its duplication or mutation. However, what was chaotic and crude becomes harmonious and orderly. All chaos becomes the matrix of a new cosmos.

In biological relationships, it can represent either the cure of the disease or the immunity factor being acquired after contamination.
In cosmic relations, it can represent the birth of a new order of worlds after a process of transformation (from chaos to the cosmos).

One sentence seems to illustrate all this well: "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger" (Nietzche)

Or is:
"After the storm, the calm comes" 

Stellar communication?

The nine stars of Matariki

Also known as Pleiades ... this is because, within the larger figure, we have 9 circles arranged in an arrangement that closely resembles a constellation ... the Pleiades.And while the Western world traditionally represents it with seven stars, in the Maori language, Matariki is the name of the Pleiades star cluster and also the season of its first increase in late May or early June. This is a marker of the beginning of the new year. Different people celebrate Matariki at different times; some when Matariki is born in late May or early June, while others observe it on the first full moon or the first new moon after the appearance of Matariki.

Matariki is an abbreviated version of Nga kills te ariki or Tawhirimatea, or 'the eyes of the god Tawhirimatea', but is sometimes incorrectly translated as 'little eye'. Similar words occur in most Polynesian languages, derived from the proto-Polynesian * mataliki, which means 'tiny, small'; the use of the term for the Pleiades cluster is also ancient and has been rebuilt in eastern Oceania.

We are at the end of May, a time when Matariki, or Pleiades, is celebrated for the peoples of Polynesia, south latitudes, when the festivities begin. And because, for them, Matariki has 9 stars, it corresponds exactly to the image of the crop circle. And in that stellar context, what would that satellite or projection leaving the Pleiades mean, with 8 ordered circles? What message does it convey to the world? Pleiades energy coming in? Communications from advanced beings appearing? Ps: many crop circles have already configured the Pleiades constellation (Matariki) in the past. This would not be the first time.

The great magic of crop circles is the versatility of symbols that can contain many interpretations of parallel messages in a single model. So ... what's coming from the Pleiades this year to the world? 

Jonas Passos (29.05.2020)

Musical cell frequencies

Much is said about the 528 Hz frequency recently discovered in the DNA replication process.

This crop circle, in addition to the coronavirus theory, resembles a cellular organism (looks like a neuron) that unfolds into 12 new matrices. One to twelve is your proportion. Because we see a ready-made matrix, like a satellite (with 8 internal circles in harmonic arrangement) and eleven other matrices about to unfold from the original cell.

According to professionals in the field, the 528Hz frequency is known as the 'love frequency', and it was widely used by the ancients. It is used to restore internal balance, increase awareness and stimulate transformation. Another clue that shows the relationship between this crop circle and frequencies is Nikolas Tesla's code 3.6.9.

Imagine the original cell inside the yellow circle in the first figure. It has an inner triangle of larger circles. On a second level, a second triangle of medium circles appears. And finally, a third triangle of small circles on the outside, completing sequence 3.6.9, and from this sequence, the matrices begin to duplicate on the periphery of the cell. It is as if the expansion of the cell followed the order 3.6.9 announced by Nikolas Tesla. The nine inner circles of the larger image are organized symmetrically in a sequence 3.6.9.

And that 1:12 ratio, which illustrates the total process, also has a musical relationship with the chromatic scale of the twelve tones. And the fact that the new cell has a harmonious circle of 8 internal points, this also seems to illustrate a harmonic generation within the living cell from musical frequencies, because 8 is the number of the musical octave, in addition to representing a harmonic basis (of 2 ^ n) related to scales.

The training numbers Considering 8 circles of the daughter cell, 6 larger inner circles in the mother cell and 4 tentacles on each side of the same mother cell, we can compose the number 864, which is double the number of 432, that is, the natural tuning of the music capable to interact miraculously with all forms of life: 432 HZ!

Widely used in modern music therapy. Ah, if you take the crop circle date, 28.05, you can change the numbers in 528, the exact value in Hz of the frequency of DNA replication. Cell duplication, following the mathematical series of 2 ^ n (mitosis) is equally musical when recreating in 1, 2, 4, 8 16, 32, 64 and so on: this is the series of musical octaves.

Ps: on the slide, you can see the vibratory difference of the water submitted to 440 Hz of the official song and to 432 hz of the corrected music. The image on the left, composing a much more symmetrical and perfect geometry, comes from 432 hz vibration. I believe that this crop circle may be suggesting a cure not only for the coronavirus, but for any disease, physical and psychic, by the power of the right resonances under musical frequencies.

And that is an unquestionable truth. 

Jonas Passos (29.05.2020)

The Frequency Key

It is always important to make an association between crops circles in series (in one season) to try to reach the central message of that year (each year, the crop circles develop a central message, directed at each object that, together with the other, show the trend of that year ).

And looking at the two initial crop circles, we see direct connections to the energy of sound, music and frequencies. See the crop circle Angel, from May 25th (or earlier). He has a body defined by a triangle, a large heart on his chest and a head connected to his heart by lightning.

This body of the Angel can form the letter A (from Anael, Angel of Love) whose name is worth 99 in Kabbalah (9-9 feathers on each side of the wings). This body can form a lock (centered on the heart) and an oscillating pendulum (in the amplitudes marked by the wing feathers) and even a metronome, which is also an oscillating instrument, marking music times.
Ah yes, one of the arts governed by the Angel of Love, Anael, is precisely music, which becomes the charming arrow that makes hearts passionate.

And we can also easily find the word OM in the body of this Angel, because OM is the seed of cosmic sound, the seed mantra that puts us in direct connection and in tune with the vibration of the Universe.

The other crop circle, which at first glance relates to the virus of the current pandemic but, at second glance, shows a relationship between musical frequencies and cell duplication, also presents this code of life: because it is written that the Word was at the beginning and created all things, because the Word was God. We saw the numbers 432 Hz, 369 (Tesla) and 528 listed in the second crop circle.

But observe a pattern. In the crop circle of Anjo, we have 9-9 (99) feathers on the wings. In the crop circle of the cell, we have 8 new matrices and a complete daughter cell with 8 internal circles (88) The common denominator between 88 and 99 is 11.

This number is surprising, and has been used in the form 11-11 since the 1990 pictograms, and its reading in the science of Sound is: the Power of resonance.

Doesn't the saying say: soft water on hard stone, it beats until it punctures? This can be applied in sound science as follows: continuous vibration on the matter until it is modified. Arcano 11 of Taro speaks of this power, of this force, called The Persuasion. If you apply a harmonic vibration to any material body within a certain time, you can modify that matter. If you exercise the powers of harmonic frequencies over your body over time, you can heal and energize your body and mind.

The pendulum oscillates, the metronome oscillates, and its balance axis is the heart, where OM pulses, the particle of the Infinite resonating within us. If the heart is the door of God within us, and that heart has a lock, Love is the key. Also, certain musical frequencies work as keys to open that door and refer us to the connection with the High Spheres where God exercises His Creation through Sound, Word and Musical Harmony.

The message, therefore, of these two crop circles, announces the power of music and frequencies as an exercise in healing and spiritualization. It may be the final key that the older Brothers are giving to a world steeped in chaos, in the noise of emotions of fear and lack of love. It can be the final key to a contact established between them and human beings who can understand this divine music and make it sound inside the heart. Wherever they are, they will hear this song. And they will come to us.

Jonas Passos (30.05.2020)

The life tree

Another interesting and less obvious analogy, but equally true, between the crop circle of May 28 and the Tree of Life, presents itself in the question of the frequencies of the Universe.

The Tree of Life was a way for the ancient peoples to represent the Cosmos, with the Earth at the base of the Tree, where it fixes its roots, and the highest branches touching the skies, in planetary layers (and each one had a song, a frequency key, hence the title Music of the Spheres given by Pythagoras to this gear of the worlds).

Well, the first analogy appears: there are nine circles within the "canopy" of the crop circle, the same number of sefirotes, eons, layers or planetary dimensions of the Tree of Life, and the diagram of the Kabbalists is the most accurate of all . Notice how the nine Eons of the Tree of Life are organized in three triangles, from the bottom up, just as the "fruits" of the crop circle were arranged in three triangles, connecting the same size fruits: 3,6,9 and supreme key of the Universe, according to Nikolas Tesla, appears in the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah model.

All the ancient peoples spoke of this Tree as a bridge between the Earth and the sky, fulfilling the same role as the Pyramid, the Tower, the Staircase or the Rainbow Bridge and its seven tones of the chromatic natural scale. The key to the analogy appears: the stairs to ascend to the heavens or higher dimensions are frequencies.

Another fundamental detail: the root of the Tree has (in the crop circle) a perfect circle of eight points. Eight is a number that needs no comment regarding its power and prosperity. It was not for nothing called the Infinite Number (the bond that unites everything): music, sound and vibrations are this bond that unites everything in the Universe. And we are joined to the Cosmos because of resonant frequencies in link chains.

Eight is the basis of DNA: why do the molecules take the form of Eight (8) on helical chains? Eight is present in atoms, and according to the Octet Rule, the atomic valence shell needs eight electrons to stabilize. Eight is two to the third power (the binary number base).
Eight is the number that, in ancient Eastern Taoist cosmology, defines the map of the Universe, the eight elements in the great wheel of the I Ching, composed of 64 hexagrams in different combinations between the eight elements. A full natural scale has seven tones plus the octave of the initial tone. Eighths govern the change in scale of the frequencies of music ... and the entire Universe.

According to Pythagoras (and this idea was explored by astronomer Kepler), each planetary orbit had its music, its fundamental vibration, and when the planets marched in their orbits, they interacted their notes with each other, thus creating the Music of the Spheres in that movement, and that Music always varied according to the position of the stars.

Do you understand why the root of the Tree of Life has eight circles in complete harmony? 8 being the key to music, and 3 being the key to creation, the secret key to this combination is 888. The frequency of the stars. Let each one explore the Secret of the Universe well. And make the Tree of Life vibrate in itself. And it will rise on its branches until it reaches the fruits of the Tree of Life, which, according to Revelation 22, give eternal life. And its leaves heal the nations ...

Everything is number, said Pythagoras. And when the number vibrates, he sings. And it becomes Music.
The Music of Life. 

The Secret of the Birth of the Children of God Codes of Life

Many researchers do not know how to interpret the crop circles together, and for this reason, they lose their main and most profound and precious messages.

For example, the first two crop circles of the 2020 season repeated a notable pattern: 9-9 The Angel has 9 feathers on each wing, and the cell has 9 inner circles, and 9 satellites formed inside. The unfolding cell passes an idea of vital energy, in the same way as the big heart in the Angel's chest, and this vital energy was represented in the same way in both crop circles by the password 9-9.
I have already made many comments and previous notes, but I would like to finish the analysis on these two crop circles combined at this point. In the crop circle of the cell unfolding (virus or not virus), in addition to the number 9-9, we see the pattern 144 in the distribution of the cell's tentacles: 4 on the right, 4 on the left and 1 projected in front.

In total, there are twelve cells coming out of the matrix, but fully formed, like projected satellites, there are nine cells. And in one, the one that was highlighted, a perfect circle with 8 points. Why eight? Yang-Yin, Sun and Moon, life is the result of the body-soul binary, matter and energy, etc. Much could be said about this concept.

But, with the Kabbalah tool, we unveil new codes of life in these crop circles.

In Hebrew, LIFE is written ChI, reading Hai. And this word, Chai or Hai, is exactly 18 (9+9)!

And it is written with the eighth letter, Ch (Chet) which means "lasso". Life is the final result of the bond between all things created by God.

Consider those nine daughter cells protruding from the matrix cell. If one of them has this internal code eight (Life), the others will also have it. If all nine cells have eight vital points inside, then: 9x8 = 72. A family number in Kabbalah. Number of the Pentagram, of Light, of the order of the 72 geniuses of the nine celestial layers. Children of God. After all, how are the children of God born? Said John, in chapter 1 of his magnificent gospel: "They were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God" (implying here, God, in the creative form of his Word or Verb - the Sound) And we return to the point of vibrations, frequencies, a conscious word that creates.

Sex is a mere biological vehicle, what is behind it is the creative word that animates the cells, all of them, to unite, to unfold in numerical series (2 ^ n). Bringing together the two images, the Angel (Son of God) and the living cell unfolding, we have a unique concept: "The Secret of the Birth of the Children of God". And that secret is contained in the creative Word driven by special, musical vibrations.

Recalling what I said in other comments about the fundamental note D, related to the planet Mercury, present in the numerical series, in Hertz: 9, 18, 36, 72, 144 ... (9.2 ^ n), with numbers that appear in these crops circles (9, 18, 72, 144). In fact, standardized numbers in many crop circles. Mercury is the ray of mental Alchemy, and is deeply involved in the hermetic processes that deal with energies of the body and the mind capable of directing us to second birth.

The Yang Yin is the oriental symbol that is equivalent to the secret of the caduceus of Mercury in ancient western culture. In addition to that hidden frequency that springs at the door of the soul, which is not in the heart, but in the head, surrounded by an organic body called Epiphysis, or pineal gland.

But the elementary code is at number 9:  He tells us about the times of gestation and birth. He tells us about the moon, the lunar flows influencing all planetary biology. He tells us about the second birth. In Taro, he is called The Hermit, the Initiate. Nine lunars resonating in the cells inside the mother's womb, assuming the power of duplication. Nine lunar resonating in each cell of our formed physical body, maintaining the life that was conceived and generated in the mother's womb. Scientists cut, drilled and punctured, dissected every cell, body and life and still do not know how to say where the life that impels cells in the mathematics of their reproduction comes from. Life comes from the Sound of the Spirit.

A cellular curiosity associated with nine:

Microtubules are cellular structures formed by a protein called tubulin. They are hollow, cylindrical, long and thin (firm). These form the centrioles, composed of 27 microtubules, which are distributed in nine rows, with three microtubules each, called cracks. They are responsible for several important functions within cells ... that is, 3x9 = 27 microtubules, fundamental to the cell ... who said that we do not find regular mathematics in life?

And it is interesting to know that, if the cellular crop circle appeared on May 28, the lunar eclipse of June 5 will happen on the ninth (9th) day after the date of the crop circle. Everything seems to be chained together in a large map of complex information.
And everything is pointing to the birth of the Children of God. Because we never started a season with the noble image of an Angel.
And what is an Angel, but a human being reborn, by the power of the Word transformed into the Son of God?

Ps: I am attentive to the next crop circles marking this same pattern verified.

Jonas Passos 30.05.2020

Covid 19 at crop circle ... is that it? And the rest?

Some crop circle scholars took this image from the May 28 crop circle in England and said that it wants to talk only about the coronavirus. We knew, as soon as we saw it, that the crop circle design resembled a cellular, viral form or something like that.

But is that just the interpretation? And everything else? First, we have several of these symbolic images of Covid-19 (icons) in the media, and all of them with differences between them, and none identical, just similar to the crop circle. Second, what about the numbers involved in the training? And the satellite with 8 perfect circular points inside it? And the tentacles in number 9, equal to the inner circles of the cell?

And the 9 inner circles of the cell, in a 3-6-9 harmonic triangular arrangement, according to Nikola Tesla's notes on these numbers and the key to the Universe and its frequencies and matrices? What about these precise numbers, and their shape, their tentacles, the individual and unique set of the image that does not appear in any media symbol for Covid-19? What is the meaning, besides the fact that these same numbers appear in the crop circle of Angel, days before him?


Thus, it is easy to interpret crops circles, on the surface of their content. And I don't take aliens with an intelligence that is so superficial and simplistic. But these "experts" explain only the visible tip of the iceberg and take obvious paths, but the rest uninterrupted, all the rest, which is the majority, just pretend they haven't seen ... 

Jonas Passos (31.05.2020)

Coronavirus mutation alert

The alert of this crop circle speaks not only of the current pandemic, but of a possible mutation of the virus and a new pandemic on an even more deadly scale, which agrees with the astrological predictions of that prodigious boy from India for December this year 2020 and also with the fear from several experts in the field. Nature is collapsing, not only its geology, climate, volcanoes or tectonic plates, but its biology as well. And this coronavirus is a demonstration of that.

See more: o-virus-do-apocalipse-no-alerta-do-crop-circle 

Jonas Passos (16.06.2020)

The Coronavirus Mutation- The Apocalypse Virus

Another  forecast of the crop circles studies is now confirmed. When I saw this crop circle, Witlshire, May 28, 2020, I saw not only the resemblance to icons of the new virus, but also, I saw a double warning message: the ability to duplicate the virus and the ability to mutate.

These two elements are what make the disease so deadly, spreading very fast across the entire planet, and worse, taking on new epidemiological waves because of its mutability. That longest tentacle of the virus in the crop circle, I understood as one or more mutations of the form original appearing. Nine tentacles in all may suggest even more than one mutation, several mutations depending on the time passes and the virus installs and adapts to the various regions of the planet, changing according to each new environment in that settles down.

This has been demonstrated by recent research.

Mutation made coronavirus more infectious, says study

Florida researchers believe that a change in spike protein facilitates infection of human cells If the results of the Florida researchers are confirmed, it will be the first time anyone has succeeded demonstrate that the changes observed in the virus have indeed impacted the pandemic. This is the D614G mutation, which was described by a group of researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, linked to the University of California, USA, in April, as “an urgent concern” because it has become the most common strain in Europe and USA.

This is definitely the Apocalypse Virus.

Jonas Passos (16.06.2020)

Coronavirus, the Lerna Hydra that resurfaces

The Lerna Hydra, in Greek mythology, was a monster, son of Typhon and Echidna, who inhabited a swamp by the lake of Lerna, in Argolis, today what would be equivalent to the east coast of the Peloponnese region. The Hydra had a dragon body and several serpent heads (the versions always repeat the number of nine heads). According to legend, the heads of the Hydra could regenerate; some versions say that when a head was cut, two grew in its place.

The Hydra was so poisonous that it killed men with just its breath and ate them; if someone came near her while she was sleeping, just by sniffing her trail the person would die in terrible torment.

The Hydra was defeated by Hercules in his second job. Initially Hercules tried to smash the heads, but for each one he cut two appeared in place. He then decided to change his tactics and, so that the heads would not regenerate, he asked his nephew Iolau to burn them with a fire shortly after the cut, thus healing the wound. Then only the middle head was left, considered immortal. Hercules cut and buried the last head with a huge stone. Thus, the monster was killed.

They could put any number of tentacles in the crop circle virus of May 28, 2020, but did they put exactly nine, to make a reference to the mythological monster, the most poisonous of all, the Lerna Hydra?
And this virus, covid-19, doesn't look like it?

Within the body of the virus in the crop circle, we also have nine circles, two references to nine, that is, the Lerna Hydra.

When you think you controlled it here, it is reborn there, with a power of propagation (and worse, mutation) beyond the control of health agencies all over the world, proving this with new waves appearing in various parts, after the apparent extinction of epidemics locations?

The only way to kill the Lerna Hydra was to prevent the doubling of their heads when cut, which was done with fire, burning the cut of the heads after they were cut off. The last head, being immortal, can only be destroyed by burying it with a large stone.

Every virus is immortal. AIDS, flu, so many viral diseases that never left the human scene, because they are immortal. The mutating power of the virus makes it indestructible. Any vaccine is created for any flu, and tomorrow a new flu will appear. So it will be, and it already is, with the coronavirus.

Anyone who thinks that soon everything will be back to normal is wrong. This virus is here to stay. And it is extremely poisonous, like Hydra. Like the flu, an ancient disease that has not been eliminated from the world with all current technology. And as the whole planet is unstable and destabilized, it seems to me that humanity's violent psyche has served as an ideal cradle for the proliferation of all the plagues that plague it, demonstrating once and for all that we ourselves are the creators of Hell in which we live. 

Jonas Passos (18.06.2020)

Codes crop circle

A pattern identified in several crop circles, since the last formation in 2019, and in four formations of this year 2020, allow us to elucidate two codes sent by the aliens in the messages. Things that humans would never do ... because they don't have the knowledge for it. Knowing what these codes mean ...

See more (link): o-codigo-da-vida-e-do-contato-estabelecido-na-temporada-crop-circle-2020? 

Jonas Passos (27.06.2020)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

This is a very creative crop circle. We see a microscopic organism, whether virus, bacteria, or single cell isn't clear. The crop circle indicates that illnesses and deaths due to bugs of this type will be greater than normal during the Cometary Era over the next 250+ years. .This may actually be one illness caused by one organism (Covid-19 most likely).or a number of illnesses. The black death, for example, first observed in the mid-1300's, had numerous recurrences even up to the nineteenth century. It is quite unlikely that the comets themselves will contain living organisms since prior circles haven't shown this, and the circle makers are very sensitive to the comet's affect on all forms of life on the planet.

The crop circle is read beginning with the long extension containing the eight tufts of grain representing the eight comets destined to affect Earth in the future. All eight travel long distances before arriving at their destinations within the inner solar system and are then depicted by the eight large circles surrounding the center. The six figures in the center represent the six comets which will strike the Earth. The Sun Comet will pass Earth's orbit and strike the Sun, causing a solar mass ejection resembling the Carrington Event of 1859, but probably much more destructive. The Warning Comet will scrape through the atmosphere, leaving behind one major fragment but not impact the planet. The three protuberances just outside the center represent at least one major fragment from the comets, large or small, hitting the Sun, the Earth, or the Moon.

Kenneth Heck

Tixeire Luc




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