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Updated  Monday 15th January 2001

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Since 1992, SC has built up a global reputation as the fastest and most reliable source of information on the beautiful crop circle mystery, tirelessly crusading against sceptical misinformation.

SC is a bimonthly journal produced by the Southern Circular Research (SCR) crop circle investigation team, formed in 1991, and edited by Andy Thomas, author of Fields of Mystery, Quest For Contact and Vital Signs. SC has a large world-wide subscription base and is renowned for its outspoken and honest approach to the subject, which has led it to be very influential in both the research community and in spreading the word of this amazing phenomenon into wider awareness. Without frills or fancy gloss, it has built a reputation as a publication written by people at the forefront of crop circle research with their finger on the pulse of what’s really going on. Many find it an invaluable source of information on the crop circles, people and events surrounding them.

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