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Paul Jacobs and the Core Group Initiative 

My interest in crop circles has been progressive since 1998 but I only started actually visiting and spending time in them 6 years ago an activity which I found to be quite ‘therapeutic’….hence further visits.

As well as regarding myself as a very practical and ‘hands on’ sort of person due to my life experience, I also regard myself as an ‘observer’ which embraces not only the crop circles themselves but also the socio/political, individual and group psychological aspect played out in this unique arena…in other words, how we cope with this unprecedented situation. I also wrote the only book I know of crop circle poetry entitled ‘The Little Book of Crop circle Rhyme’… CC observations in poetic form.

More recently, I have been involved on a voluntary basis with the running and management of the WCCSG ( Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group) and CAER ( Centre for the Advancement of Environmental Research). This has now given way to CGI (The Core Group Initiative) an idea I started 3 years ago. The basis is to provide a package to farmers to help defuse an increasing tension between themselves and CC visitors to their land. A purely voluntary activity, an increasing number of trusted members attempt to help, in a coordinated way, to people, land and traffic manage areas around crop circle events as well as offering to collect money ‘at the gate’ for the farmer concerned. It is suggested to the farmer that a portion of this money goes to a local good cause or charity thereby improving the reputation of crop circles in the community hitherto regarded in public perception as being somewhat of a nuisance. Unless these good relations are fostered it is hard to imagine a harmonious outcome in the long term.

This Initiative has been a huge success this 2013 season and hopes for further steps forward I feel are quite realistic as increasing numbers of farmers are responding favourably.

Paul Jacobs CGI


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CROP CIRCLES 2020 - Umberto Molinaro

Crop Circle Reporter will use video to bring  the immediacy and astonishment of the crop circle phenomenon to the viewer. We will regularly film formations both from the air and the ground and there will be video reports on events from long-time researchers Michael Glickman and Gary King who have between them an aggregate of 35 year’s research into the phenomenon.

The site is committed to the positive. We will share our sense that we are privileged here to be in the presence of the miraculous; we will  examine it with the respect it deserves.

Michael Glickman

Colin Andrews

  Welcome to the new website: Crop Circles and More (CCaM) – a quantum leap forward in Crop Circle research.
CCaM adds new dimensions to the mysterious crop circle phenomenon. It opens the doorway to the “bigger picture” of crop circles by displaying the interconnectiveness of space (location, shape, geometry) and time (years and dates) of crop circles and much, much more. This web site will in the end bring us much closer to, or possibly give us, the final answer to the crop circle mystery. Every one of you is needed to find this answer.
Welcome to CCaM.
Dive with us into the new dimensions of crop circle research.
  Enter the portal to Crop Circles and More - CCaM

This is the brand new crop circle website of Dutch researcher Janet Ossebaard; a colourful and very informative site about the formations, the balls of light, the biophysical anomalies, and much more. It contains many hundreds of beautiful colour photos, it gives answers to the most burning questions, and it contains a shop. Also, Janet presents herself and her work in relation with the crop circles. A new, warm and sparkling website, both in English and in Dutch!



Swirled News is THE new web site to access for informed up-to-date news and reviews
on the latest happenings and discoveries in the world of crop circles, supported by
incisive and frank commentary, analysis, opinion and humour.

 The most recent cerealogical discoveries, pronouncements, media stories, intrigues­ and
enlightenments& all are reported here, as Swirled News provides a vital information service, fighting
sceptic propaganda with reason and passion.

 ... so log on now!

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