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Self-Mastery Psychic Readings 

 A website devoted exclusively to psychic readings
and articles that help individuals to achieve self-mastery.




Dutch Medium Robbert v/d Broeke's New Website




A Page For Articles About The Crop Circle Phenomenon And UFOs

Bringing crop circles down to earth. Reports, images
and much more on this amazing phenomena.

Gentle Touch Healing


Just a little message to tell you   that we created a newsgroup on Usenet called


So please subscribe to the group to follow the discussions, arguments, 
reports, the latest research on crop circle phenomenon.

Crop Circle Services

Jupiter Powerwear

Simply the best selection of T-Shirts with crop circle designs
-- full stop. I wear them all the time!


Universal Formation Energy Enhancer Jewellery
Minnesota MUFON Crop Circle Web Page
German Crops Circle Association FGK CPR-CANADA NOW ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!
The Independent Centre for Unexplained Phenomena. ENIGMA Journal of I.R.C.U.P.
The Barge Inn Mixing In The Right Circles.


Other Web Sites On Crop Circles



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Astral Tours
Magical Mini-Bus Tours of England

Crop Circle Central
Carloyn North's book "Hoax & Happening?"
Global Circles
Russian crop circle web site. Crop Circle Cards and England Heartlink '98 Tour
MUFON Field of Schemes Crop Circles CROP CIRCLES
An NHNE Special Report
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz


on the Aether, Magnetism, Standing Waves, Cymatic
frequencies & Interference Patterns

Trevor J Ward

CCC UFO Web pages

Dreamland Interactive Entertainment

The Truth Seekers

A E-Zine on the paranormal, UFO, Crop Circles and Conspires.

Future Positive
For all your UFO and X Files related merchandise
plus articles on the cutting edge of Ufology


UFO Online

for Body, Mind and Spirit