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Updated Wednesday 16th June 1999

Welcome to the Monograph

* How are the Formations manifested? * Who are the CircleMakers? * Why are the Circles arriving now? * What might the Circles 'mean'? ** ilyes offers her hypothesis, and supports her presentation with beautiful photographs and graphics.

new.gif (1068 bytes)More on Those Magical Balls of Light:
Eyewitness In Holland Watches Circles Manifest

Article, Aerial photos, and Links to ground shots of the
BeltaneWheel, first major Formation of 1998.

A 'magically-curved' oilseed rape stalk gracefully arcing thru 90,
smack *in the center* of a wheat Circle, '97 Bratton, Wiltshire.

The computer-generated graphic of the Julia Set that was
Transmitted to the Stonehenge in 1996, and the Formation. Some folks,
including mathematicians and physicists, told me this CropCircle was NOT
a fractal. Now, judge for yourself.

A long article with many graphics on the Language of Light and an
interpretation of the very special '95 Etchilhampton Glyph
Formation -- I use Stan Tenen's graphics to illustrate the basics.

West Stowell, Adna I, and Adna II all presented a similar Pattern ...
and all contained the same 'glitch' ... how come?

Some mind-boggling similarities between a most-special-to-me Formation
and Spiral Galaxy M51 -- The MonkeyTail is the first Formation I ever
saw from the air in 1992, and I'll never forget its impact.

  The 1998 Eltopia, Washington State Formation which I visited just before
leaving for UK.

  The UofVirginia property, 1998 -- I really like this Pattern ...

The 1998 Whidbey, Washington State -- Two massively lodged fields that
generated much excitement up on Whidbey Island. Though I was guided to
the wrong field (the two lodged ones), there turned out to be a genuine
Formation in the vicinity after all!

Do you hear what I hear?

The Clarion Call of Trumpets: Is Gabriel Blowin' His Horn?
An interpretation of the Rockley Down Formation by ilyes

Update to ilyes's previous article, including Photographs and additional text at bottom of the page.

Eridani-Sol Habitable Zones & Brockwood Park '95 Formation

Eridani's discoveries with the Habitable Zones around the sun, are according to ilyes connected to the formation at Brockwood formation in 1995. The additional features that appeared on different nights, show the arrangement of the Zones, and the connection with the Earth. The significance of these designs could be seen in a different light, as ilyes shows us an astronomical angle.

Following on from  ilyes's discovery, we now have three additional images of the Brockwood Park formation, showing each stage of its evolution over different nights, taking us step by step through each stage.

two views of The Torus: Primordial Energy of the Universe

The Balls of Light that were captured on the controversial video go through further analysis, as ilyes discusses the two enhanced video captures, with surprising results. After nearly two years, the ongoing research into what was and still is the most controversial and thought provoking video to hit the Crop Circle Community. Ilyes relentless research carries on, with this fascinating insight into the enhancements.

The Hugpoint Sandrings

The Moscow Snowrings.

Oregon`s sri yantra. A gift of the Circlemakers

Updated with this new photo

Czech Witnesses' Field Experience Supports BoL-generation of Formations

Description of the New Event Corroborates John Wheyleigh's OCVid Evidence.

Dr Gerald Hawkins' Elusive Fifth Theorem!


The OCVid: Microlite Mike Saw the *Original* Footage
Through John Wheyleigh's Own Viewfinder

The Oliver's Castle Video: First Impressions - by Paul Nahay

The Collector's Edition 1996 Crop Circle Calendar

The OCVid: A Special Effects Professional's Opinion

Is the Answer Really "Blowin' in The Wind"?

William Bryant`s "Speed of bols" analysis

by Dan Drasin

India: Star Tetrahedron Mandala!

Oliver`s Castle Video - Professional Analyses Summary

The Oliver's Castle Video: Confirmation x3

The Oliver's Castle Videotape by ilyes.

FAQ #1 - The Crop Circles

Dr Levengood's Scientific Introductory Package Now Available




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