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The Clarion Call of Trumpets: Is Gabriel Blowin' His Horn?

I'm finally making some progress with obtaining answers to my question regarding That Shape that's been haunting me ...

It's a Shape that is appearing in many, many Formations, and it finally dawned on me that it wasn't just an incidental shape left standing after the 'real' Pattern was laid - the CircleMakers don't seem to waste a photon of Energy. They teach us to look for what's not obvious as patiently as they wait for us to discover what is (literally!) right under our noses ...

I do not have a full list of all the Formations this Shape has appeared in, and would like to add to those I've included so far. If you recognise this SoundTrumpet Pattern (below) in other CropCircles, I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me an e, and maybe the URL or a reference, along with the year and location of its Arrival. I'd like to take another look at all of them in Light of what I'm learning. If you're able to help augment the list, I'd be most appreciative. I've little doubt that there's more to this Shape than I've come up with so far...

The basic Shape looks similar to a wedge, a pie-shaped pattern, which consists of an arc (the 'crust' edge on the pie), occasionally on the perimeter of the Formation else concentric within it, and two concave and (more or less) curved sides each depending from an end of the arc. These curved sides sometimes join at a point beneath the arc, and sometimes they approach each other closely but do not connect. To give you an idea of what I'm referring to, here are four examples. There are many more:

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* the '94 Froxfield Flower of Life (we're working on obtaining an aerial, but you can just make out the very large standing wedges here)

* the Chehalis '96 'Thought Bubble'-type (note the brown outermost standing wedges)

* the 1996 6-petal Flower across from Silbury Hill (the green outermost wedges)

* this year's Littlebury Green 'Aries' symbol which is splayed across the large Ring defines this Shape within it. Note its position to the power tower, and note also the position of the small Ring beneath its 'turnaround point' in the center. Russell's comments to me indicated that the Aries-type symbol itself was laid from the centre, outward along both arms. (A story told to me by this Littlebury Green Formation will be related in a separate article.) See the Wedge of Aries here:

The Sound of Dawn

During my last CropCircle Presentation in Portland a couple of weeks ago, as I put the Barton le Clay slide up I commented to the audience about the three strange laid shapes in the central section of the Formation.

I mentioned that similar shapes have been showing up repeatedly in various Circles, but that I had no idea what they represented. I asked if anyone had any ideas ...

A young man directly in front of me responded matter-of-factly., "They're called Sound Trumpets." My breath caught as I stared blankly at him, for I could not believe my ears - It sounded to me as though he'd said "Sound Trumpets" ...

"They're called what?", I asked him, holding my breath as I strained my ears to make sure I heard him correctly. He repeated what he'd said. "They're Sound Trumpets ... They're used in speakers." "Are you serious?" I prodded, thinking that he was humouring or teasing me because of my Sound hypothesis which I'd just finished sharing with them. "They're really called that?" At which point another young man in the room also with a knowledge of electronics confirmed, "Yeah, they really are called Sound Trumpets ..."

If you've read my monograph, "An Hypothesis: The Transmission of a CropCircle",

you know that I believe the prime Energy used in the Transmissions of the Formations is Sound ... I also believe that when Jacob 'fit' the battle of Jericho, it was Sound that brought the walls tumbling down - a destruction caused through the setting up of a standing wall of Sound generated by the trumpets they blew as they marched around the enclosure 'seven' times ... Gabriel, along with many other Angels, are often shown blowing horns - horns that look very much like these SoundTrumpets in the Formations ... Further, I'm sure that the stones for the Stonehenge and the pyramids - including the Giza Pyramid - were shaped and levitated into place with Sound; and that the crystal skulls were shaped with Sound, too ...

I believe that our species has forgotten much that's been Gifted, and that much knowledge has quite deliberately been secreted from us over the millennia ...

What Do You Think?

The graphics below all contain this Shape that we've received in so many Formations. There's no doubt in my mind that it's an important symbol. Earlier this month, we received a lovely little CropCircle with what I believe is the same SoundTrumpet shape:

1) This is the very first b&w that I've ever done on computer. It's of the '97 Rockley Down / Marlborough Formation.

It is not to scale, but I based it upon Peter's fax. I didn't use Peter's because he set his version at an angle, and then called it a "Lopsided 'Triangle' ". Well, it may not look like an equilateral triangle, but I've discovered that many of these Formations actually disclose features in perspective - one part of a sphere being occluded by a larger one 'in front of' it, for example. I haven't worked any geometry on this one yet., although the four Circles can clearly be seen to mark the apices of a tetrahedron.

There always seems to be a Circle at the small, or bell, end of the SoundTrumpet, which can either be large, or very small. But so far, I've noticed that there always is one present whenever the wedge shape is ... Sometimes the Trumpet stands while the Circle is laid, sometimes both are laid. I look forward to seeing how the SoundTrumpets are defined this Season.

2) One of the clearest examples of these 'SoundTrumpets' appeared in the Barton le Clay Formation last year.

Three Trumpets arrived - again underscoring (sorry Mark!) The CircleMakers' penchant for threes. (I've written a separate article on the 'threes' facet of the Phenomenon as highlighted in selected 1995 Formations, which I hope to shortly upload.) The SoundTrumpets in Barton le Clay connected the semiRings-surrounding-Circles, which were on opposite ends of the long Pattern. (The semiRings-around-the-Circles reminded me of the Grasdorf Formation in Germany under which the gold, silver, and bronze plates were found - I would have liked very much to have metal-detected those areas in Barton le Clay!)

The photo at the URL above was shot by Russell Stannard. Russell made an interesting observation about this Shape in his report, noting:

"The 'fans' coming out of the centre three circles are very similar to the petals in the Saffron Walden (Audley End) formation."

The 1996 Saffron Walden CropCircle may more commonly be known as the "Littlebury Crescents", or the "Littlebury Blossom". The 'tetraspheres' are the horn-ends of the SoundTrumpets.

Note in this photo the position of the power tower to the Formation. It seems to me as though the juxtaposition of certain of our CropCircles with these towers is another clue, an indication that perhaps these Formations are keys to, or perhaps components of, an Energy generator, or a power source ... (See also the graphic on page 29 of my monograph of the 'turtle' or Vesica Pisces shape which Arrived directly underneath and about 60' from another power pole. )

Still another Formation that was Transmitted through powerlines is the Birling Gap Formation in Sussex Country, England. I share some of that information, which Barry Reynolds and Andy Thomas painstakingly amassed for their comprehensive report, on page 27 of the monograph. (Change the '8' to a '7' in the URL directly above to read the Birling Gap story.)

3) Here is an horizontal isolation of the 3 'Trumpets' as they were laid in the Barton le Clay Formation. This is still Russell's photo, but I rotated it 90 degrees.

4) an enlargement of a single SoundTrumpet from the graphic above. It feels to me as though the 'sphere' beneath the bell is spinning counterclockwise. I'm not sure what the horn-segment above it is doing ... Sometimes it suggests to me a clockwise rotation around its narrow (bell) end ...

5) The little poster below shows the '97 Rockley / Marlborough Downs CropCircle with the Shape isolated and enlarged beneath it; next to it is the Barton le Clay SoundTrumpet for comparison. The sides appear straighter in the Rockley Trumpet as Peter's drawn it, though in most Formations they usually curve inward at least a bit.

The placement of the 4 small Circles suggestive of a tetrahedral Pattern is extraordinarily similar to that in another Formation we received in 1993 in the Punchbowl - a huge, sprawling four-scoop 'ice-cream cone'. Upon seeing Peter's b&w of the new Pattern at Rockley, I immediately recalled the one at the Punchbowl. Not only is the placement of the four Circles almost duplicated in both Formations: both highlight the extremely unusual (for the CropCircles) conical shape.

I was not able to locate any photos of the Punchbowl '93 Pattern up on The CropCircle Connector, and unfortunately none of the ones I have are really good (they're out-of-focus) - but I'll try to get one or two of them scanned so you can compare the tetrahedral configurations within them to this new Rockley Formation.

The Key of Sound

I believe that the CircleMakers have given us many clues to stimulate us to realise that Sound is indeed being used to generate these beautiful Patterns. In my monograph I recap many historical and legendary instances of Sound teachings through our Ages (on page 5). The CircleMakers have Transmitted the Sri Yantra (US 1990) and Om (1995 UK) Formations, both of which are representations of the Sound Which Generates. And since my Portland Presentation, I am thoroughly delighted to have learned that there really are such things as SoundTrumpets in our reality, that our CircleMakers are aware that we have them, and that they've been integrating them into their CropCircles for us to discover.

The Spinning Trumpet

Here's one final Sound / SoundTrumpet anecdote - it's one I included in a footnote in my monograph. I believe that the experience these boys related strongly supports my hypothesis that Sound is used to generate the Formations; further, that SoundTrumpets are an important lesson to be integrated. The story was included in a report by British Circle Researcher Roy Dutton in The Circular journal, Spring '96:

Roy wrote that two young boys in Japan witnessed the creation of a pair of Rings in daylight. As they watched, "a pillar of 'transparent white steam or smoke' [was] generated downwards from beneath the hovering [glowing orange object]. The pillar revolved and grew wider toward the base, 'giving the impression of a trumpet.' When the base came into contact with the grass, a flattened ring was produced, about 30cm (12") wide ... Immediately after the [grass was flattened], the 'trumpet' was retracted and the object shot back into the sky ..." These witnesses also reported hearing a low, pulsing Sound simultaneous with the generation of the Rings. It is not a big jump to correlate the similarities between these SoundTrumpets we've been examining and this reported 'transparent steam trumpet' descending from a ball of Light to release very specifically focused Energy, before being recalled into its source ...

Just as (if you're creative) there is more than one way to feed two birds with one cookie, I believe the CircleMakers (who are nothing if not Creative) Transmit different Circles somewhat differently. This is a second way in which a Pattern has been described as materialising - the one most of us are by now familiar with is the way one manifests on the Oliver's Castle Video footage. Although on the video there appears to be no connection between the BoLs and the emergence of the Formation, I believe that if one were observing with the 'proper equipment' one might be privy to libraries full of additional information which would unquestionably depict a more intimate relationship between the BoLs and the crop. One such piece of equipment which I'd dearly like to get my fingers 'round is an infrared videocam. I believe it would show a lot more than 'nothing' going on between the Lights and the crop below ...

... for without doubt, those Lights were sending Heat (I believe MASER energy) into the area which was laid. JohnW had earlier witnessed the Transmission of the SoundBarrier by another pair of BoLs, but was not able to begin recording quickly enough. It was the Sound these BoLs emitted which, in fact, initially awakened him at 5am that unforgettable morning ...

owl93.jpg (18340 bytes)

The photo above is of the '93 Punchbowl Formation.
Note that the 4 Circles are in almost identical positions
as the ones (below) in the '97 Rockley 'SoundTrumpet' Formation.
(NB: aerial shots are from different altitudes and different angles.)

eyposter.jpg (15485 bytes)

These are the only two CropCircles of which I'm aware
that have both the conical shape
and 4 Circles placed in a tetrahedral configuration.

Crop formations in 1686 from A Natural History of Staffordshire.

Please visit Mark Haywood's  page for the details.

An interesting piece of text taken from Plot's, A Natural History of Staffordshire of a possible set of crop circle encounters within this county in 1686. These Fairy Rings as they were interpreted to be, appeared in Pury-Hall and the grounds of Handfworth Church. Mark Haywood's discovery of these old texts are another part of the jigsaw to promote the concept that the phenomenon has been around longer than we possibly imagined.

Who's Studying What?

What other hits are you receiving from this year's CropCircles so far? I'd be very interested to learn what other information we're gathering, if you're up to sending me an e-note.

So, what do you think of the SoundTrumpets? :-)

- ilyes

National Coordinator

CCCS / US Network

Jun 18 '97

Thank you all for your great feedback,

your support, and your assistance!

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