I don't think the Formation was sliced apart by the powerlines. Rather, I think the Tear and Slice were transmitted as two separate pieces. According to the report, both parallel edges of the Tear/Slice on either side of the powerlines were noticeably straight. I suggest that that implies that the SoundBarrier had to have completely surrounded each segment. If there had been no SoundBarrier at those edges, that which happened in the rest of the field, as the rampant Energies twirled everything in their path, would have begun at the "severed" edges of that Formation and "bled" into the field. Those edges would have been ragged, not straight - and the Heat and Wind packets would have "escaped" or "leaked" into the field from the two "torn" areas. Instead, I believe that a complete and intact SoundBarrier was transmitted with The Egg and each segment of the Tear/Slice, restricting the Energies of both sections; then, once the Formations were on the ground, an additional burst of the same Energy was deliberately directed to hit the powerlines and allowed to take off, to "teach us about the Energies involved".

A similar Event occurred at least once before, in 1991. Although it retained its integrity, the Hungerford "Turtle"* [See photo] was also transmitted (I believe deliberately) through powerlines. The power pole the Energies descended was perhaps sixty feet from the Formation. An additional burst of the Heat and Wind Energies was permitted to take off along the powerlines, and almost immediately went to ground. The encoded information obviously was "scrambled" by the metal pole, but just as obviously it appears that it was the "Turtle" pattern the Energies

Hungerford "Turtle"
David Parker/Science Photo Library

had been programmed to replicate. [This shows poorly in the black-n-white.] In the almost identical position within the Formation at which the pole stands in the garbled pattern, a Circle is swirled into the grain. It appears as though the CircleMakers had indicated to us that they knew exactly where and how the additional Energy burst would interact.

I believe that these Energies - considering how powerful they are - are very, very carefully husbanded. In the eighteen or so years that the Circles have been arriving, I know of only these two incidents in which the Energies have travelled powerlines. (I would appreciate learning of any others.) There is little room for error, as the unfortunate affairs involving the Canadian porcupines** made clear. I do not think the "escapes" of the Energies are "accidents"; rather, I believe they are critically controlled teaching situations, perhaps to draw into the Circle Web those scientists whose curiosity might be piqued by such Events. The Circles are arriving for each of us on

* An enlarged colour photo of this Formation is contained in the 1993 CropCircle calendar. Actually, I see this "turtle" Pattern as one of the CircleMakers' "practice forms". We had not seen the Vesica Pisces (eye) shape in the fields before. The CircleMakers already knew how to design Circles and Paths [of which the "turtle's feet" suggest the beginnings], for they'd transmitted many in the past; but the Vesica was new in '91. Over the years there have been several examples of what appear to be their "practice" Formations, precursors to the major Transmissions in which a novel or complex shape or lay is involved. This Vesica Pisces form did, in fact, arrive twice more that same year, on the Avebury Avenue and at Firs Farm. In both, the "Turtle's feet" had mutated into Rings. Another example: the previously referred to Overton Oval at West Overton [England '93] appears to have been preceded by a "practice Oval".

** See Appendix 4 for the story of the porcupines.

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