the planet, and the more folks who are aware of and interested in them (especially scientists who have the potential to influence larger numbers of people to become involved), the faster our mutual efforts might come to fruition. The Birling Gap Tear seems to have been transmitted for the specific purpose of giving us technical information we'd "requested". To my knowledge, no Circles research group has ever received a report of a "suspended lay" like that, before or since, from any continent.

A Promise for Our Future

They arrive in their glory, garbed in green and gold splendour. Many who have been drawn to the CropCircles use words such as "wondrous" and "awesome" to describe them. The secret as to why we resonate so beautifully with them is that we, too, are created of the same Energies - and the Circles are helping us to remember. As they reawaken us to our own magnificent multi- and transdimensional selves, we are bathed in delight and Joy, and nourished at our innermost levels of Being.

That which we refer to as a "CropCircle" is but a visible, two-dimensional slice of a huge electromagnetic transmission - much as a Computerised Axial Tomography (CAT) scan is a cross-section, a two-dimensional picture of a slice through a body's organs. When a CAT scan film is illuminated on a light box, the structures, their relationships, and any physical anomalies may be analysed according to protocols. Just so, I've learned that when we observe a Formation in a field, what we're seeing is a "scan" of an incredibly complex, transdimensional, mostly unmanifest CropCircle entity of which the visible Formation is but a thin, cross-section slice. With the assistance of "illumination", all who explore the CropCircle Phenomenon are drawn to analyse those vibrations within the Formations which are harmonics of their own personal vibratory frequencies. The Circles are not only teaching us about our Greater Reality; they offer us clues as to who we are.

Myriad Answers, Myriad Realities

There are as many answers to the question, "What do the CropCircles mean?" as there are consciousnesses exploring them - and those consciousnesses are not only human! Our animals and crops - indeed, Gaia herself - are being bathed in and massaged by these novel organisations of Greater Reality Energies, too; and each of their paradigm's boundaries have been augmented, as well as our own. Some of the curious drawn to the Circles have suggested that the CircleMakers are "trying" to communicate with us; some are annoyed with them because "if they're smart enough to 'get here', they should be smart enough to use our alphabet". I respectfully suggest that the CircleMakers are communicating with us, and on a Grand Scale, at that! If they "came down" to our level by using our alphabet, we would not have to stretch. I submit that our Helpers are not interested in "communicating", in our terms - I've a feeling that they know more about us - and our planet - than we do, and that there's not much information we might offer that would be of interest to them. Their reason for Gifting us with the Circles is not, I daresay, to enable us to enjoy unique summer vacations in the crop fields of England. Rather, the CircleMakers are aware of the severity of the problems our species has drawn to itself, and are urgently offering us opportunities by which we might raise our frequencies.

Indeed, the education we've been receiving is incredible! The You-are-not-alone message is the most obvious one many of us sense. But if we're not alone, then we must be a part of something inconceivably vast - there's no middle ground. Are we as a [continued]

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