species evolved enough to accept the responsibilities attendant upon interacting with intelligent life from another system? Truth be told, we do not even tolerate differences among ourselves! Are we sufficiently evolved to exchange greetings with non-Terrans, or would we succumb to our Fear at the critical moment? How can we, as a civilisation, prepare ourselves to reach out to other Star Beings? We needn't reach far: Their calling cards decorate our grain fields ....

We receive myriad pulses of information from each Circle, most at subconscious or subtle-energy levels. The CropCircle Phenomenon is an exquisitely subjective one. There is no "bottom line" at which to "arrive" in our research efforts, no single answer which will serve as our final "Eureka!". Whatever pieces of the Enigma science ultimately deciphers, they will still be merely pieces. Those scientists who open themselves to the nonpareil magic that floods our fields each summer are being gently guided to ride these Energies, these heralds of a new and truly Universal Science. No matter how much research time we collectively dedicate to the study of our beautiful Circles, no one individual will ever grok all aspects of the larger picture. The CircleEnergies are huge - and to me, what's even more mind-boggling is that the CircleMakers conceived of and are manifesting them - for our species' collective spiritual awakening!

The unique frequency at which each of us resonates at a specific moment in "time" is a cumulative one comprised of all our past experiences. No two consciousnesses have identical experiences, therefore no two of us resonate at exactly the same frequency. Because of our uniquenesses, we each experience a singular harmonic relationship with the CircleEnergies. We extract that personally significant information from them which will assist us with our own highly individualised spiritual lessons. All who are hungry receive exactly those pieces of the CropCircle pie which their frequency draws to them. Others are not necessarily privy to our personal truths; in these terms, there are no "right"/"wrong" responses to the Circles. We each receive appropriate Gifts.

There are Greater Reality Truths, and there are the personal truths which mark our spiritual progress as we "work our way up to" the Universal Truths. A delightful 4-year-old shared both kinds with me one afternoon while we waited in line for a ferry. As she merged herself with the Energies of a photo I showed her of the MonkeyTail CropCircle, I asked her what she thought it might "mean". She studied the picture in silence for a long while; then, with the untainted wisdom of youth, delightfully informed me, "It's beautiful! Actually, you know, they can mean whatever you want them to mean!"

Humanity is being Gifted with the opportunity of taking an incredible Journey. For this Journey, the CircleMakers have prepared interdimensional vehicles for us; the vehicles are called CropCircles. One of the Gifts we're being offered is the knowledge/reminder that it is through our intent that we create our reality. What we focus on, we manifest. If we choose to accept this Gift of Understanding, we will be taught - indeed, encouraged! - to consciously (literally) manifest for ourselves exactly what we intend. Our entire three-dimensional reality has been irrevocably altered by the advent of The Circles and the "new" energies with which we find ourselves interacting. Many of us, including our scientists, are being guided to re-examine our root assumptions about our reality. Interestingly, we're finding that many of them no longer stand up to the scrutiny.

"Once awareness is free [of the consensus reality],
intent will redirect it onto a new evolutionary path ..."

- Don Juan to his apprentice, Carlos Castenada

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