The Big Bang theory of the origin of our Universe is (finally!) being modified to model a fractal Universe. We're learning that ancient civilisations appear to be even more ancient than we've thought. Quantum theorists come ever closer to bridging the "space" between matter and consciousness. The Circles might, certainly at least in part, be the impetus behind this comprehensive re-examination which all facets of our current paradigm are now undergoing. I personally believe that had the CircleMakers not Gifted us and our severely stressed planet with these life-enhancing infusions of higher-dimensional Energies, our species would not remain viable for much longer. Between the severe environmental degradation for which we are responsible and our Fear of almost every thing, even with the Circles we're told that it's still touch-and-go as to whether we're going to make it. Because of the density which we as a species have incorporated into our lives, we have forgotten how to dream, how to intend, and how to manifest. If we are to survive, we must quickly relearn why we're here.

In the past I had reason to ask clients, "If you could be anything you wanted to be, what would you choose?" From their answers it was clear that most folks had never seriously considered expressing their infinitely creative selves through that which brought them their greatest joy. They didn't know what brought them joy, nor did they expect that joy could be an integral part of their daily lives. Most of us today don't believe that we really can "be anything" we want to be, because we don't know who we are.

Our species has forgotten that we are half-physical and half-spiritual beings. We have become strangers to ourselves. Most of us do not even consider our spiritual aspects as we go about our daily "business" of "living", yet it is our spiritual half through which the Greater Reality Energies nourish our physical bodies, indeed, which enables us to continue in the physical. In our forgetting process, we have dis-eased our wholeness, and we have as well destroyed our planet's life support systems. As we allow the depth of our folly to register fully within us, we realise that we are terribly afraid. We're afraid of "strangers", we're afraid of our children, and perhaps most of all, we're afraid of ourselves.

The purpose of Consciousness is to create, to recombine the Universal Energies in ways that haven't been previously explored. When we accept restrictions on our means of self-expression, the thwarting of our creative urges unbalances us at the deepest levels of our Being and leads to spiritual, mental, emotional, and ultimately to physical dis-ease. In 1996, few of us are encouraging and nourishing our creative selves; most of our energy goes into what we hope is the best way to meet our own and our family's barest survival needs. Our creativity, for the most part, is not welcomed at our places of employment; and when we return home, most of us are too drained to consider dealing creatively with anything. Instead, we pick up the remote control and zone out for a few hours before sleeping and beginning the cycle over again. The density in which we exist becomes ever more dense; still we continue the downward spiral into the fear-based quagmires of distrust, hatred, aggression, helplessness, and apathy.

*According to the Laws of the Greater Reality, if we*
do not create, there is no reason for our existence.

We cannot be nourished by the Energies if we do not open ourselves to nourishment. Our Helpers will not force-feed us. Other less congenial and beneficent entities, however, are standing ready to avail themselves of our weaknesses. Truly, we are not alone ...

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