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Updated  Monday 30th November 2000


Some of you are already aware of, or have heard the rumours about, the future of SC. This is a formal statement to clarify the situation for friends, colleagues, contacts and contributors to the journal.

From early next year, SC will cease to exist as a printed journal. This means that issue 94 of SC, due out in January-February 2001, will be the final issue, ending appropriately on its ninth birthday.

This has not been an easy decision! However, there is a time and a place for everything, and now is the time to close the book on SC but not crop circles, nor on our reporting and commentary services. In its place, a new web site, with a new name, will be set up in an attempt to widen our reach - and restore some time and sanity to my life without the pressures of production schedules! All the most important aspects of SC will be transferred to the new web site, where what we do best can flourish in a new environment, one which enable us to have a greater influence on events as they happen.

The forthcoming issue 92 of SC outlines in detail the full reasoning behind this decision. Enclosed with it is a letter explaining what will happen regarding subscription money, etc.

This move does NOT affect the continuing work of Southern Circular Research, nor our regular monthly meetings, which will carry on unabated.

The team which produces SC will be the same team behind the new web site, which will be up and running by the final issue. Details about the new site and its very specific intentions will be announced soon.

We are very happy and confident in the decision to end SC on a high after nine successful years, and this in no way represents a negative 'folding' or closure. On the contrary, we are keenly enthusiastic about the future, which will see us reaching a new and much wider audience, as people increasingly look to the Internet for their crop circle information. We regret that we will inevitably be leaving some of our Internet-less readers behind. However, a new horizon beckons which we intend to exploit to the full.

We would like to thank you all for your support, contributions or attention (friendly or unfriendly!) over the years and look forward to you visiting our new site when we go online early in 2001. You will all be kept informed.


Andy Thomas
Editor, SC

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  Andy Thomas

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