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Updated  Wednesday 3rd May 2000

Every issue of SC from the very beginning is still available on request, and the following list describes each one, picking out the highlights from each month’s features. From our major revamp at the beginning of 1995, each issue of SC covers in detail all the latest crop formations throughout England in the summer months with extensive photographs and reports and these items are highlighted as ‘formation roundups’. Most issues of SC were usually 12 or 16 pages - issues with extra pages are denoted - until we went bimonthly from issue 80, where 20 pages became the norm.

All back issues cost 1.50 each (UK), 2.00 (Europe), 2.50 (Overseas) & $4.00 (US - minimum order 5 copies), which includes packing and postage, and are available as black and white photocopies only unless any original stock has been left over. Cheques payable to ‘SCR’ please. US cheques can be made out in dollars. Print out the order form at the foot of the list and send to the editorial address please, not the subscription mailers. So... delve into our huge back catalogue and treat yourself to many hours of fascinating and enjoyable reading!



Two-page introductory issue - Report on first Centre for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS), Sussex branch meeting - The aims of CCCS Sussex


Balancing the polarisation between science and metaphysics - CCCS workshop at Petersfield - Crop circle satire in the media - Kensington CCCS winter lectures - Kindred Spirit, Flying Saucer Review, The Cerealogist’s Dowsing the Crop Circles & Gateway’s Harbingers of World Change books reviewed


Are ETs and UFOs responsible for crop circles? - Crop circles in Viz comic - In defence of a mechanistic view - Leonie Starr & Richard Andrews – CCCS’s Crop Circle Classification book & The Cerealogist No.5 reviewed


The CCCS AGM ‘92 - The complete guide to Sussex crop formations - Circles in the USA - The upsurge of Fortean topics in the media - The Philadelphia Experiment – CCCS’s 1991: Scientific Evidence for the Crop Circle Phenomenon book reviewed

ISSUE 5: MAY 1992

Rupert Sheldrake lecture - Radioactive anomalies in the 1991 formations - Simple dowsing experiments - Who’s who at CCCS Sussex

ISSUE 6: JUNE 1992

Reg Presley interviewed - First national 1992 formations - Circles and the economic recession - Reactivating sacred sites - How to report a formation – Pat Delgado’s Conclusive Evidence?, Terence Meaden’s The Stonehenge Solution books & The Cerealogist No.6 reviewed

ISSUE 7: JULY 1992

Scientific anomalies in the 1992 formations - 2001: A Space Odyssey; a parallel for the crop circles? - Sussex crop formations at Patcham, Devils Dyke & Sompting - Dowsing the Sompting ‘92 pictogram - A week in the life of a cerealogist

ISSUE 8: AUGUST 1992 (16 pages)

The hoaxing competition - UFOs at Alton Barnes - Michael Green lecture - Sussex crop formations at Rye, Gatwick & Warnham - CCCS Sussex on the radio - Why is Britain the centre of the crop circle phenomenon? - Wiltshire report 1992


John Macnish turns debunker - CCCS Winchester Conference - Psychic channelling; a shift in the Earth’s axis..? - Time distortions in crop formations - Napoleon’s ball of light - Photos of 1992 Sussex formations


Atlantis and the crop circles - Does hoaxing transmit dangerous messages? - No circles in California - Prophecies of doom - Channellings from ‘Joeb’ – Andrew Collins’s The Circlemakers, Beth Davis’s Ciphers in the Crops, Busty Taylor’s Crop Circles of 1991 books & The Cerealogist No.7 reviewed


Colin Andrews on the Alton Barnes UFOs - The complete guide to crop circle publications - Decoding the Sompting pictogram - Crop circles and earth energy disturbances - The Dharmic Wheel/Charm Bracelet decoded - Earth changes and positive thought - Ball lightning


The Jim Schnabel/Armen Victorian telephone tapes - Apparitions of the Virgin Mary - The work of Fountain International - CCCS Sussex one year on - CPR Newsletter No.2 reviewed


More on the Schnabel tapes - Satirical review of 1992 - UFOs over Sussex - Alternative views on the Apparitions - The crop circle learning curve - Our skeletons and the circle ‘trilling’ noise


Andrew Collins’ orgone theory critically examined - More channellings from Joeb - Circle facts to counter sceptics - The inflationary Universe theory - The Great Pyramid decoded

ISSUE 15: MARCH 1993

No NASA backing for Colin Andrews - The Apparitions controversy continues - Preparing for the summer circle season - More on axis tilts - Mankind and cosmic intelligence

ISSUE 16: APRIL 1993

World’s largest crop circle found in Spain? - The Wembley Global Deception conference - UFOs over Ireland - More facts to counter sceptics - the real significance of ‘666’ - The Ballad of Henry & Schnabull

ISSUE 17: MAY 1993

CCCS AGM ‘93 - The horse slashing phenomenon - The Waco siege - CCCS Sussex meditational experiment - Is the ozone hole/CFCs crisis a deception? - The increase in background radiation - Messengers of Destiny (Mexico UFO sightings video) reviewed

ISSUE 18: JUNE 1993

Huge sriyantra discovered etched into the Oregon desert - New Sussex crop formation at Sompting - Pat Delgado on the search for truth - Spirits, Nymphs and Devas - Facing up to global deception - Evidence discovered for an ozone deception? - Aboriginal wisdom

ISSUE 19: JULY 1993

More new Sussex formations at Sompting and Shoreham; Celtic cross, kebab & circular cross - Sussex balls of light - The Sompting ‘spacemen’ - Pat Delgado on monopole magnets - Headaches in crop circles: an explanation? - Fire in the Sky (abduction movie) reviewed


Three nights of strange sightings in Wiltshire - More new Sompting formations; celtic cross #2, ‘sperm’ & additions to first celtic cross - Anomalous discoveries in Sussex formations - Collette Dowell & Chad Deetken lecture - Cropassic Park: a guide to cerealogical dinosaurs


The Bythorn mandala - New Sussex formation at Shoreham (the snail) - The mysterious farmer and soldier at Sompting - CCCS Bath conference - Wiltshire report 1993 - Electrostatic anomalies - Celestial experiences in the celtic cross - More on the Oregon sriyantra - Schnabel’s true nature revealed?


The Martian monuments and the disappearance of the Mars Observer probe - Crop circles and new road development - New Sussex formation at Felbridge - Photos of 1993 formations - Tornadoes in Sussex - The Alien Acknowledgement Campaign - A brief guide to Opus Dei


The 1993 ‘Cornference’ - Circle geometry and diatonic ratios - David Icke lecture - Cosmic circle coincidences - Is there a need to ‘prove’ the phenomenon? - Schnarbie Doll & other Christmas novelties

ISSUE 24: DECEMBER 1993 (16 pages)

Controversy over Colin Andrews’ NYC presentation - The CCCS Sussex communication experiment at Devil’s Dyke - New technology: Richard McKie’s clean energy device - Are circles appearing to awaken ‘The Seeds’ in our spirits?


Andrews in NYC: more controversy - 25 issues of SC: a retrospective - The East Midlands CCCS Derby Forum - Life on Earth: the Mars connection - Earthquake detection and hoaxing - CCCS Extraordinary General Meeting - How to square the circle - SC launches its reader’s survey - New A27 road threatens Sussex circle sites - John Macnish’s Revelations debunking video reviewed


The Bythorn mandala ‘on trial’: CCCS in turmoil - Dowsing the mandala - Richard McKie on his new energy device - Last word on the Andrews NYC lecture - Alien abductions and Earth changes

ISSUE 27: MARCH 1994

The Bythorn controversy rages: George Wingfield & Montague Keen respond - The CCCS anti-hoax meeting - Results of the CCCS Sussex dowsing experiment - BBC 2’s The Great Pyramid: Gateway to the Stars & Moolenburgh’s Meetings With Angels book reviewed

ISSUE 28: APRIL 1994

John Macnish’s Cropcircle Apocalypse book reviewed - Colin Andrews responds to Macnish’s Apocalypse - Strobes and balls of light in Wiltshire - The Project Sky mass meditation - The sequence and evolution of circle designs according to Wolfgang Schindler

ISSUE 29: MAY 1994

CCCS AGM 1994 - Geoff Freed lecture - First national formations of 1994 - Jayne Macnish responds to Apocalypse review - A basic guide to dowsing - Should the mystery of the crop circles remain? - Claim your own hoax form - Maurice Cotterell’s Astrogenetics: The New Theory book reviewed

ISSUE 30: JUNE 1994

Global Deception: Bill Cooper debunked - New Sussex formations at Sompting - The Jupiter comet collision anticipated - Stretching belief-systems - Project Sky - The Festival of Mind, Body & Spirit reviewed

ISSUE 31: JULY 1994 (16 pages)

Falmer and the Birling Gap bent & woven formations in Sussex - Project Sky: full report - Photos of 1994 national formations - Concerns about giving John Macnish credence - Crop circles on ITN News - The return of ‘King Arthur’ - Does space bend when crop is laid down? - Strange lights over Burgess Hill - Celtic cross in Oregon


Report from the Wessex Triangle; the year reviewed - Sussex formations at East Dean, South Harting & Ditchling - Aftermath of the Jupiter collision - More photographs - The ‘hoaxers conference’ - The Cerealogist also collides with Jupiter...


Marcus Allen on the truth behind the hoaxing scam; CSICOP revealed - The Glastonbury Symposium 1994 - More Sussex formations at Sompting - Rupert Sheldrake under scrutiny; BBC 2’s Heretic series reviewed


The CCCS Clapham Conference - More strange lights in Wiltshire - Photos of Sussex formations - Channelling at Cissbury Ring: the CCCS Sussex communication experiment continues - Geometries at Sompting

ISSUE 35: NOVEMBER 1994 (20 pages)

Special issue! - The results of the SC reader’s survey: the first ever thorough examination of what croppies really think about crop circles and the research surrounding them. Indispensable reading


The new-look SC - Rupert Sheldrake further discussed by Stanley Messenger - Uri Geller,David Percy & Michael Glickman lectures - Update on Richard McKie’s clean energy device - Crop circles on TV: The Magic & Mystery Show and Schofield’s Quest reviewed


Zecharia Sitchin’s discoveries - The CCCS 1995 Calendar reviewed - Astrograms a reality? - Stanley Messenger - Alien abductions, the sphinx and the face on Mars... BBC 2’s Horizon and Timewatch reviewed


Overseas crop formations: USA, Africa & Australia - Michael Green lecture - John Searl’s antigravity discs - Paganism lives! - Insurance companies’ proof of Earth changes – Stargate movie and The X Files series reviewed

ISSUE 39: MARCH 1995

Dr Levengood: Results on crop samples from the BLT labs unveiled - Circle debunking: Wingfield strikes again - Marcus Allen lecture - Natural Corn Killers poster

ISSUE 40: APRIL 1995

Circles in Romania - The CCCS AGM 1995 - Dragon energies awaken - How to be a medium - Michael Green upsets the Dean of Salisbury - Richard Hoagland’s mission to the Moon?

ISSUE 41: MAY 1995

First 1995 formations roundup - The Sussex Cerealogical Bonanza weekend: full report - The new Roswell evidence of alien bodies - John Martineau - Michael Glickman joins the SC team with his new column Cornography

ISSUE 42: JUNE 1995 (16 pages)

1995 formations roundup #2 - Is dowsing a reliable litmus test? - Sussex formation at Southease - Implications of the Oklahoma bomb - The scorpion formations and pesticides - The Two-Thirds Weight-Lifting Kit - The SCB Dowsing competition

ISSUE 43: JULY 1995 (16 pages)

1995 formations roundup #3 (inc. ‘asteroids’ & ‘Earth is missing’ patterns) - Sacred circle sites threatened with extinction - Alien communication experiments - Ed Sherwood lecture - Sussex formation at Alfriston - Cornography

ISSUE 44: AUGUST 1995 (16 pages)

1995 formations roundup #4 (inc. East Meon & many Sussex formations) - Sussex communication experiment at Wolstonbury: success, as a formation appears! - The CCCS Andover conference - The Glastonbury Symposium 1995 - Sussex formations at Felbridge and Alfriston (#2)


Spielberg’s Close Encounters 18 years on - John Martineau’s A Book of Coincidence reviewed - Sussex formations at Kingley Vale and Binsted - ADAS soil tests in question - Cornography


More on the alien autopsy film - Stop watch experiments in crop circles - Trouble brews within CCCS - Sussex formations at Saltdean and Denton - Horse ripping: the circle connection


The ADAS soil sample controversy - The CCCS 1996 calendar reviewed - Taylor, Presley & Andrews video reviewed - ABC TV’s 20/20 report reviewed: a put up job? - Earth energy lines - Sussex formation at Shoreham - Cornography


Carl Sagan debunks crop circles - Michael Hesemann’s The Cosmic Connection book reviewed - Uncanny circle alignments with the Sussex landscape - Sussex formation at Cissbury Ring


Lucy Pringle’s experiences in the 1995 formations - Strange and unusual formations of 1995 - The truth behind the CCCS calendar! - Doug Ruby’s The Gift book reviewed - More Sussex formations at Cissbury Ring - Cornography

ISSUE 50: MARCH 1996 (20 pages)

Fiftieth issue anniversary special: A celebration of the crop circle phenomenon with contributions from David Icke, Michael Green, Nancy Talbott, Colin Andrews, Lucy Pringle, ilyes, Roland Pargeter, Leonie Starr, Wolfgang Schindler, Stanley Messenger, Chad Deetken, Mary Bennett, Doug Rogers & Jim Lyons - Plus, those cryptic margin messages explained at last! - A must for anyone even remotely interested in crop circles.

ISSUE 51: APRIL 1996

The Stratford ‘eye’ formation: hoax or synchronicity? - The new hoax strategy: miracle-workers instead of pranksters..? - Ufologist Jacques Vallee comes out of retirement - More Lucy Pringle experiences - Sussex formation at Cocking - Cornography

ISSUE 52: MAY 1996

Scandinavian crop formations - CCCS AGM: the organisation saves itself in the nick of time - ‘Project Maxim’: experiments with a man-made formation - The significance of SC 50 - The CCCS winter lectures triumph - ‘Astronumerology’

ISSUE 53: JUNE 1996

First 1996 formations roundup - US crop formations in 1995... and at Laguna, California, 1996! - The X Files’ hidden agenda against interest in the paranormal... - Sussex formation at Upper Beeding - Cornography

ISSUE 54: JULY 1996

1996 formations roundup #2 (inc. Alton Barnes DNA pattern) - How not to name a crop formation – Andy Thomas’s Fields Of Mystery: The Crop Circle Phenomenon In Sussex book reviewed - The lost work of Charles Brooker on the Earth’s natural energy fields - The Avebury stones get vandalised - Sussex formations at Compton and Wilmington


1996 formations roundup #3 (inc. Stonehenge ‘Julia Set’) - Jim Lyons discovers the laws of physics embodied in Sussex formations - Cornography


1996 formations roundup # 4 (inc. Windmill Hill triple ‘Julia Set’ & first report on the Oliver’s Castle ‘snowflake’ being videoed forming) - Report on the Glastonbury Symposium 1996


Final 1996 formations roundup - Michael Glickman reports on the Oliver’s Castle video and the events surrounding it – Lucy Pringle’s Paranormal Pranks cartoon book reviewed - Cornography


The myth of mass-hoaxing - More on the 1995 Stratford ‘eye’ formation - Lucy Pringle’s ‘human effect’ report on anomalous physical experiences in crop formations - The 1997 Crop Circle calendar reviewed


Special investigative issue: The full story behind the video of the Oliver’s Castle formation appearing, the facts, the intrigues, the people, the video itself, the implications whether hoax or genuine... Everything you could ever want to know about this important milestone event!


The most ridiculous hoaxing myths of 1996 on trial - Bombs fall on Alton Barnes - The 1996 East Midlands formations - The Oliver’s Castle video in the context of other balls of light videos - Michael Glickman’s Corn Circles book reviewed - The first Finland UFO conference - Cornography


Scientific analysis results on the Oliver’s Castle video - Pole shot gallery of 1996 formations - Getting to the truth of ‘Ascension’ - Report on a psychic communication experiment - The Sussex Cerealogical Bonanza #2 is launched!

ISSUE 62: MARCH 1997

Grass rings discovered in Cornwall - The Sussex crop formations of 1996: Full surveys, photos & diagrams - Cornography

ISSUE 63: APRIL 1997

Yet more on the Oliver’s Castle video - New formations of 1997 across the globe - Crop circles and Egyptian temples - The crop circle-decorated pipe organ!

ISSUE 64: MAY 1997

1997 formations roundup #2 (inc. Barbury flower & associated controversies) - Hidden scripts in the Red Pyramid - Kent Goodman’s Crop Circles of Wessex book reviewed - The source of ‘earth energy’ - Healing the Oliver’s Castle rifts - Cornography

ISSUE 65: JUNE 1997

1997 formations roundup #3 - The significance of the Qabalah formation - The Sussex Cerealogical Bonanza #2: full report - Dark Skies TV series reviewed: sci-fi with crop circles!

ISSUE 66: JULY 1997

1997 formations roundup #4 (inc. Stonehenge ‘snowflake’) - More on the Sussex Cerealogical Bonanza #2 - The first Denver, USA circle conference: full report - Cornography


1997 formations roundup #5 (inc. Alton Priors ‘torus’, Bishops Cannings ‘star’ & Silbury ‘Koch Snowflake’) - Was alien technology used to build the pyramids as well as make crop circles? - The Fibonnaci Sequence explained


1997 formations roundup #6 (inc. Etchilhampton ‘calendar grid’ & Milk Hill ‘Koch Snowflake’) - Peter Sorensen defends his sceptical views - Hoax-rumour negativity continues to infect the Wiltshire scene - Cornography


1997 formations roundup #7 (inc. Hackpen Hill fractal) - Michael Glickman condemns the Oliver’s Castle sceptics - Sorensen v SC #2 - Sacred geometry and the end of time


Non-US overseas formations of 1997 listed in full - The Alton Barnes Fun Weekend, the CCCS London conference and the Glastonbury Symposium 1997: full reports - Cornography


USA formations of 1997 listed in full - Three different 1998 crop circle calendars reviewed - ‘Hoaxer’ publicity on TV and the Internet: Lucy Pringle’s experiences - Crop circles as geometrically calculable portents of catastrophic Earth changes


Crop circles appear in The Beano comic! - Eccentric usurps hi-fi shop UFO PR scam - The evolution of consciousness and the crop circles – Andy Thomas & Paul Bura’s Quest For Contact book reviewed - Cornography


The Sussex crop formations of 1997: surveys, photos & diagrams - The German sacred maze/labyrinth formations - Michael Glickman’s The Crop Circles: History & Geometry video reviewed - Sorensen v SC #3

ISSUE 74: MARCH 1998

Gerald Hawkins on diatonic ratios in crop circles - A day in the life, Earth changes style - The Koch Snowflake: its geometry dissected and the formation’s construction explored / how to make a three dimensional Koch Snowflake - Cornography

ISSUE 75: APRIL 1998 (16 pages)

Seventy-fifth issue anniversary special: The SC team look back at the journal’s development and cast a searching eye on how crop circle research has changed since 1991 and what we have all learned about the phenomenon and its significance - Plus, more cryptic margin messages explained...

ISSUE 76/77: MAY/JUNE 1998 (20 pages)

1998 formations roundup #1 (inc. West Kennett ‘Beltane Wheel’) - US TV debunks crop circles (again) - The threat of genetically modified crops - Cornography

ISSUE 78: JULY 1998 (16 pages)

1998 formations roundup #2 (inc. Beckhampton ‘star’) - Grant Wakefield’s Croppies video reviewed - The geometrical construction of the ‘Beltane Wheel’ - Lost crop circle stories - Cornography

ISSUE 79: AUGUST 1998 (16 pages)

1998 formations roundup #3 (inc. Dadford ‘star’, Alton Barnes 7-fold mandala, Tawsmead Copse 7-fold) - Grant Wakefield responds to Croppies review - Cornography

ISSUE 80: SEP/OCT 1998 (20 pages)

1998 formations roundup #4 - The media and the crop circles in 1998 (BBC’s Country File debunk, The Guardian’s debunk, etc.) - ‘Gizagate’ alternative Egypt conference reviewed - Circle-making whirlwinds witnessed..? - Cornography

ISSUE 81: NOV/DEC 1998 (20 pages)

The ‘galaxy’ formations of 1994 decoded as precise astronomical charts! - The unlikely arithmetic of alleged hoaxes - crop sprayer formations - The croppie gatherings of 1998 reviewed - Was The Guardian lying? - 1999 circle calendars reviewed - Cornography

ISSUE 82: JAN/FEB 1999 (20 pages)

The dreaded and dreadful Country File programme reviewed - More astronomical formations decoded - Terry Wilson’s The Secret History of Crop Circles book reviewed - Circle alignments in the Sussex landscape - Danny Sotham’s A-Z of Cerealogy begins! (A-C) - Cornography

ISSUE 83: MAR/APR 1999 (20 pages)

2-mile long aboriginal figure found in Australian desert - Did NASA really reach the moon? Mary Bennett & David Percy’s Dark Moon book reviewed - Why circle luminosities are not ET probes - Strange squiggle formations - Human interaction with the geometry of crop formations - Country File producer responds to SC - SC Bonanza III conference launched - Danny Sotham’s A-Z of Cerealogy (D) - Cornography

ISSUE 84: MAY/JUNE 1999 (20 pages)

First formations of 1999 - The Longwood Warren solar system glyph decoded - The Crop Circle Enigma video (Michael Glickman & Stanley Messenger interview) reviewed - Strange markings in Arizona marshes - A sceptical scientist responds to criticism - Stone circles as eclipse predictors - Danny Sotham’s A-Z of Cerealogy (E) - Cornography

ISSUE 85: JULY/AUG 1999 (24 pages)

1999 formations roundup #2 (inc. Barbury ‘menorah’, Alton Barnes long pictogram, Avebury Trusloe ‘biology’ symbol, new burst of Sussex formations) - Laurance Rockefeller funds circle research - The SC Bonanza III: full report - Eye-witnesses to the Tawsmead Copse 1998 formation appearing? - More on the solar system glyph - Atlantis fraudster warning - Danny Sotham’s A-Z of Cerealogy (F) - Cornography

ISSUE 86: SEP/OCT 1999 (20 pages)

1999 formations roundup #3 (inc. Hackpen spiral, Cherhill mandala, Windmill Hill square, Avebury 33 pillar triangle/Daily Mail controversy & most events from the season) - Richard Andrews obituary - Colin Andrews responds to Rockefeller article - Are alternative Egypt theories a right-wing deception? Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince’s The Stargate Conspiracy book reviewed - Danny Sotham’s A-Z of Cerealogy (G) - Cornography

ISSUE 87: NOV/DEC 1999 (20 pages)

Report on the 1999 circle gatherings - New stone avenue found at Avebury - The Titchfield 1995 ‘asteroid belt’ glyph decoded – Ian Lawton & Chris Ogilvie-Herald’s Giza: The Truth book reviewed - Hugh Manistre’s Beginners Guide to Crop Circles book reviewed - 1999 Calendars reviewed - Danny Sotham’s A-Z of Cerealogy (H) – Cornography

ISSUE 88: JAN/FEB 2000 (20 pages)

1999 overseas formations roundup - Colin Andrews’s detective turns traitor - Steve Alexander & Karen Douglas’s 1999 Crop Circle Year Book reviewed – Lucy Pringle’s Crop Circles book reviewed – Crop Circle Update 1999 & Crop Circles: The Research videos reviewed – The 1999 ‘eclipse’ formation reinterpreted - Danny Sotham’s A-Z of Cerealogy (I) - Cornography

ISSUE 89: MAR/APR 2000 (20 pages)

The Millennium Bug strikes after all – Team Satan lecture demolished – The Bishops Sutton ‘asteroid’ formation revealed as a cometary predictor – Being careful with the art of video and photographic analysis – Knights Templars and Sussex crop formations – Are crop circles dot matrixes? – The 1999 ‘biology’ symbol Jesus connection - Danny Sotham’s A-Z of Cerealogy (J) – Cornography


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