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Two crop pictures near Tidcombe, England on June 28, 2021, then Verdun, France on July 4, 2021, showed images of the same “lunar calendar”, which was being used by the crop artists to “count time” by 11 or 6 days respectively, until a new Moon on July 9-10, 2021 

Why would those crop artists have wished to “count time” until a new Moon on July 9-10, if we can see a “new Moon” once every lunar month?  

Well, close to that particular new Moon of July 9-10, 2021, a much longer, two-year astronomical cycle came to an end. It involves the Earth, Sun and Mercury. Please study carefully the slide shown below, if you wish to learn more?                                                                                                       


The crop artists first described such a “Mercury calendar” in the summer of 2019, and suggested that it might end in the summer of 2021 (for reasons of which only they seem aware)  

Just to remind everyone, their two-year “Mercury calendar” began in July or August of 2019, with three excellent crop pictures near Clear Wood, Etchilhampton and Stanton Saint Bernard. Both crop pictures near Clear Wood on July 28, and Etchilhampton on August 20, showed images of an upcoming transit of Mercury across the face of our Sun, as seen from Earth (see clearwood articles or Etchilhampton articles).  

A third crop picture near Stanton Saint Bernard on August 24, 2019 showed an “astronomical clock”, which was meant to “count time” in units of 3 cycles of the Moon, equal to one cycle of Mercury. It was subtly suggested that this “clock” might last for 24 cycles of the Moon, equal to 8 cycles of Mercury, or about two solar years (see stanton articles). 

Next during the summer of 2020, another series of cryptic crop pictures appeared, to suggest that out of eight (8) cycles of Mercury from 2019 to 2021, only four (4) cycles remained from 2020 to 2021. One of these pictures for example was drawn at Easton Clump on July 10 (see eastonclump articles), while another was drawn near Norton Plantation on August 7 (see norton articles).  

A third related crop picture was drawn near Ammersee, Germany on July 26, 2020 (see Ammersee comments or Ammersee articles). That crop picture at Ammersee appeared exactly on a date when Mercury was rising up and away from the morning Sun, as seen from Earth (shown in the lower, left-hand part of a slide above).  

Now during this current summer of 2021, several new crop pictures have suggested that their two-year “Mercury countdown”, from 2019 to the year 2021, may be complete. Please see for example Stanton articles or barton comments. Indeed, it seems to have ended on the new Moon of July 9-10, 2021! This may be why they drew two crop pictures near Tidcombe on June 28, or Verdun on July 4, in order to mark its “final days”.  

Images of a “Venus countdown” have also been drawn in crops, as related astronomical imagery (see ridgeway comments or longwood articles).  

Whatever might be about to happen, it seems to have been planned for a long time. For example, field images of a “26-year countdown” from 1995 to 2021 were drawn in crops at Ovington Down or Gander Down in July of 1995 (see 199506). Other cryptic “countdowns to 2021” have appeared in crops sporadically, during many summer seasons since.  

What might have been their purpose, in drawing so many cryptic field messages for so many years? Perhaps we will see a CONTACT EVENT sometime soon? Or the ARRIVAL of a MOTHERSHIP (see Ansty 2016) in our solar system?  

Who knows? Watch the crops, watch the skies! We live in interesting times. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



A mysterious and striking field location near Chauvency-Le-Chateau in France on July 4, 2021 

This was a difficult slide to make, and is not particularly attractive.  

Yet why did some mystery crop artists draw a small “wormhole” style of crop picture near Chauvency-Le-Chateau in France on July 4, 2021 (outlined in orange), with two big numbers “17” on the left-hand side of that crop picture in the landscape, and the huge image of a “French woman in shock”, looking on from the right-hand side?

“Is that a worm?” she seems to be saying!  

17” is a well-known symbol for the letter “Q”, and the crop artist “Quetzalcoatl”. Will he “come out of a wormhole” soon? Is this another one of his practical jokes?  

By all means, if any French people (with more artistic talent than me) would like to make a better-looking version of this interesting slide, I would encourage them to do so.

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