The Ridgeway, Nr The White Horse Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire. Reported 23rd July

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Updated Sunday 26th  July 2020


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This new crop picture on July 23, 2020 at the Ridgeway (Hackpen Hill) shows a “double pentagram” symbol for planet Venus 

It reminds us that we can see 5 “inferior” conjunctions of Venus in Earth’s night sky with our Sun (where Venus moves between Earth and Sun), and also 5 “superior” conjunctions of Venus with our Sun (where Venus moves to the far side of our Sun as seen from Earth), in any 8 solar years. 

The Mayans and Aztecs used this scheme to keep track of long periods of calendar time, in central America thousands of years ago. They built large observatories such as “El Caracol” for this purpose. Now we see the same scheme drawn in a field in England, as a neo-Mayan way of “counting calendar time” using “crop circles” in 2020 AD.  

How many more conjunctions of Venus with our Sun will there be, before the E.T. crop artists (some of them Mayan?) arrive once again on Earth? Each of 10 Venus-Sun conjunctions takes 0.8 years or 292 days. Think “MOTHERSHIP” at Ansty in 2016!  

How many large clumps of trees are there at Hackpen Hill, leading toward its “white horse”? Where was the new crop picture drawn? We should try to count as “three (3)”, “two (2)”, “one (1)”, “zero (0)”. Then we may see a metaphorical “white horse”, appearing magically in Earth’s skies, and shining brilliantly like planet Venus,  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Extraterrestrials showing the world their origin stars in crop circles


Certainly, the most beautiful crop circle of the season since its effective start, with the Angel crop circle on May 25, two months ago.
A dazzling model that brings together a decagonal structure (ten-sided polygon) in its mandala and ten starred pentagrams decorate its border, while two larger crossed pentagrams centre the composition.

Therefore, the ruling number of this formation is 10, and its geometry, the decagon (ten sides). Before, we must know that many models like this have already appeared in England, some very old. This object was the first pentagram to appear in an English crop circle, dated September 4, 1993, totally related to Venus cosmology, for at least three factors:

1. Central pentagram, representing the synodic cycles of Venus, every 8 years, aligned with the Earth, drawing a pentagram in the sky.
2. Central sun and two prominent orbits: the orbit of Venus 3. Mandala with ten external petals, this is the well-known Manipura chakra, the third one, related to the planet Venus and which even has ten petals.

Pentagrams are a vital signature of crop circle authors, and as we have indicated, it responds to two races: Venusians and Sirians, because of the very pentagram symbologies associated with these stars (Venus and Sirius) since the past (for many ancient peoples, planets were like stars, and considered Venus as such).

The first pentagram crop circle of the 2020 season appeared on June 29, 2020, angular division 15 (360/15 = 24 °) The second crop circle pentagram is more recent, from yesterday, July 22, in a flower shape (the Egyptian Star) and another connection with Sirius. The petals have an incredible fingerprint design!

The negative of the image highlights the geometric levels of the petals, showing such similarity. A call to the identity of those who write these encrypted geometric messages to the world begins to appear in the unusual season 2020!

If you have two pentagrams together, it is because two stars come together, and this has some important meanings: the conjunction of two stars in the sky, or the reference to both Venus and Sirius at the origin of the beings involved with the crop messages circle, and all three of these pentagrams (from 06/29 to 07/23) in a short period of time (24 days, less than a month) seems to be reinforcing an increasingly imminent revelation of these beings, and perhaps paving the way for a brilliant and a new message between the 25th and 26th of July, when Sirius will shine again on the horizon before the Sun rises (Sirius' helical birth).

In these last days, we have seen Venus shining in the wee hours of the morning within the constellation of Taurus, passing by Alfa Tauris, Aldebaran, the red eye of Taurus. This represents, in part, the union of two "stars" and also serves as a reference and highlight to Venus in all these crop circles in the form of signatures expressing his identity, from the beginning.

And this is the third crop circle with the same geometric theme.
If in popular wisdom the THREE confirms, something is being confirmed today, in relation to all these things!

And speaking of beginning, end and beginning, this whole symbology is already present in the ruling number of the crop circle, which is 10: Arcano 10 of Taro, the Wheel, the time, what goes, what comes back! 

So, those who started all this in the past, be it the past close to the first crop circle images and their modest messages, or the distant past of the referred beings that instruct the stars by all the peoples of antiquity, are the same ones that return, according to the message central to Arcano 10: they are even the same old ones who told us that these beings from our "yesterday" promised to return in our "tomorrow", tomorrow that is now, and that was located by the prophecies, be it the Apocalypse or the Mayan calendar, for the present time, what the signs of Earth and sky confirm every day!

Despite having ten stars on the edges, the total number of stars in the composition is twelve: the twelve stars in the Virgin's crown, celebrated in Revelation 12 and consummated in the star sign of September 23, 2017, page of a consummate prophecy that marks a transition the sequence of events in the Apocalypse towards the end and the beginning.

Because the Virgin's twelve-star crown also announces a cycle that ends and another that begins, moving away from materialism and death and into real spirituality and divine light.

And as this prophecy speaks of the meeting of the Church (Egregore 144 thousand) of the children of God on Earth, the relationship with the Virgin Mary, the Catholic Isis, does not surprise me, nor does the appearance of the sign of the Order of Christ in Templar France and its many Gothic cathedrals, on July 5, 2020, 18 days ago.

Conclusion:- Wonderful revelations are descending from the stars to the world, by the hands of the authors crop circles, finally wishing to show us their prints, their face, their identity and their home.

And if this is happening, it is because the cycle of current civilization is about to end, when they will all leave their anonymity to carry out the mission for which they have prepared so far, by the Will of God, the Father of us all, this time. world and others, in the day and time that only He knows.

Day and Hour getting closer and closer. 


Waiting for more messages in the days of Sirius' uprising! Today, 23rd of July, they were two central stars, because Sirius' helical birth is two days away. If tomorrow, July 24, another star appears, it is because one day is missing. And what a day!

See more:- extraterrestres-mostrando-ao-mundo-suas-estrelas-de-origem-em-crops-circles

The twelve stars of Canis Major, the home of Sirius


Canis Major (the Big Dog) is the constellation with the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. And do you know how many main stars have this constellation? Twelve stars, with Sirius being his Alpha star (the brightest).

How many stars do we have in Ridgeway's crop circle today, July 23rd? Ten external and two central, totaling twelve? Certainly, this crop circle connects us to the energy and intelligence of the Nommos, the Master Instructors of Sirius, known since ancient times.

Sirius - CONTACT!

May the heliacal birth of Sirius bring us more revelations in two days.

Jonas Passos (23.07.2020)

The Sirius System


In addition to the direct Venusian reference to the pentagram as a symbol of the synodic cycles of Venus, and its two faces on the horizon, rising and setting, standing star and inverted star, and its alignments with the Earth every 8 years of us (and 13 Venusian years, which gives the ratio of the golden number 13/8), these two stars united and opposed in the center of the mandala of ten external stars (pentagrams) also means the Sirian double system (and that, in fact, is threefold, according to the ancient Dogon people Africa has been announcing for centuries).

For the Dogons, the Sirians called NOMMOS, the first instructors of humanity in the early human existence on Earth (Nommos means Instructors, mentors) came from a planetary system that orbits Sirius B, Sirius A's companion, called Po Tolo, the star -seed, whose orbit around Sirius A (or the centre of gravity of the system) takes fifty years, and this is confirmed by modern astronomy, which has not yet located the system's third star, Sirius C.

The crop circle showed this detail (the two stars of Sirius in the center) in an incredible way, and added the detail of its orbit (the 50 years of Sirius B, where the Sirians came from, and where they return from) due to the fact that ten pentagrams count 50 vertices (10x5), which corresponds to Po Tolo's orbit in terrestrial years! Also, a Sirus B cycle completed (again, the concept of a cycle completed in the crop circle).

A third meaning of these two central stars speaks of the close alignment between Venus and Sirius, which will take place on August 22, 2020, a month from now, the time of the end of harvests and the end of crop circle messages, with the most conclusive messages ever happening in August of the years, concluding the works of the season.

Shine on the world again, Sirius! Reveal your face!

Kachina crop circle and the blue beings of the blue star


The Magnificent Kachina crop circle, the spiritual being of the stars in Hopi mythology that appeared in this crop circle of July 25, 2015, in England, completing five years of existence ... and notice, it appeared in the days of Sirius' helical birth. Was it not the Hopis who spoke of the Ninth Sign, the blue star, in our time, bringing the brothers of the stars back into the world? 

And Sirius is not a bluish star, and are not all these crop circles referring to Sirians, as we have followed here, daily, on the pages of a real contact by many witnessed? Today, July 24, 2020, waiting for new messages in the coming days, tomorrow and (or) July 26.
They will decide! Do you want to know more about this splendid crop circle? Look here: kachina-azul-e-o-retorno-do-pahana 

Jonas Passos (24.07.2020)

Sirius' helical birth and a new crop circle?


It is an annual astronomical phenomenon whose exact date depends a lot on the observation latitude. Below, the latitude ranges in the USA and the dates of the Helian birth. The further north the latitude, the more delayed the birth of Sirius will be, moving to the month of August. However, in the middle latitudes and close to the equator, this birth can already be seen at the end of July, marked between the 25th and 26th of July of the years. Sirius appears just after Orion, and on the map below, mid-latitudes, before 6 am, and we already see Sirius rising in the sky. The ancient Egyptians gave this phenomenon a major importance, calculating their annual calendar accordingly.

The Egyptians realized that the floods of the Nile river coincided with the heliacal birth of the star Sirius, which is in the constellation of the Greater Dog or Canis Major. In this way, the Egyptians changed the calendar by adjusting it with this event, being the first day of the year creating the solar calendar.

Then, from today to tomorrow, the year of Sirius begins, which the ancients attributed greater importance among the stars because of her logic being the brightest in the whole sky, associated with Isis, the Queen of Light, mother star of humanity. And a brilliant crop circle to show Sirius' light ruling the new year!

Jonas Passos (25.07.2020)

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This crop circle combines the double star motif (T663 and T675, pg. 124 of my free e-book)  with the constellation of smaller stars (GBR (18/07/12), pg. 316 and others) surrounding the centre .The general interpretation is that a comet or comets will damage or destroy two large satellites or space stations, along with many smaller satellites, probably of the communications variety. If the stars were natural in origin they would not each have a pentagon in the centre. The geometrical imprecision of the circle makes it doubtful it isn't man-made. However, it is otherwise quite impressive, even beautiful, and is comparable in complexity to those of Francesco Grassi's creations in Italy.

Kenneth Heck








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