Verdun,  Meuse, France. Reported 4th July

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Updated  Friday 16th July 2021


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Almost the same “lunar calendar” symbols were drawn in crops near Tidcombe, England on June 28, 2021, then near Verdun, France on July 4, 2021.

Both sets of symbols seem to suggest the “new Moon” period of July 9-10, 2021, since they code for 11 or 6 days respectively. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



France's crop circle and new astronomical coordinates of the P 7X object

An unexpected crop circle appeared on July 4th in France, the first one reported in that country this year. City of Verdun.

Verdun or, in its Portuguese form, Verdum is a French city of 19 624 inhabitants, in the Department of Meuse. 

It is a symbol city of the Great War, as on the Franco-German front the Battle of Verdun took place, during which, over ten months, approximately 714,321,000 soldiers perished - current estimates, however, indicate that the number of casualties is high. of 976,000.

The Verdun Ossuary, a national necropolis officially opened in the 1930s, houses the remains of 130,000 German and French soldiers. For 300 days in 1916, they experienced horror in its purest form. On the first floor of the 137-metre cloister, a museum records the destruction of Verdun, while the war memorial, shaped like a shell or sword, lays down its remains.


Various references to wars, including monoliths, have been accumulating in many "alien" messages. This could mean that there is something brewing ahead in this regard.

A city of death! Deadly wars, deadly catastrophes... what could this modest crop circle appearing in this French mortuary city mean... beyond? 

France's first crop circle shows a progression of six circles around a central ring.
A sort of way of approaching the object in relation to the Sun, increasing in size, that is, in power and power of influence. 

The first thing that caught the attention of this French crop circle, the first one, was its geometric similarity with the English crop circle of June 28, 6 days apart.
And note the count of the increasing circles of the French model - 6 circles.
It seems to stipulate an inverse time relationship, six days apart between him and his English predecessor.

Among other interpretations, I have associated the English model with the object P 7X approaching the Sun, famous for the presence of a large tail and a kind of pair of wings (the winged disk of ancient Sumerian representations associated with Nemesis/twin solar system or Nibiru, supposed giant planet of this parallel system. 


This is the most recent image of the P 7X object taken by American astronomers from IDAHO.

The French crop circle appeared on July 4th, the same day as another beautiful object in unsurpassed England. 


Longwood Warren, UK, the double Venus system (the two faces of Venus, morning star and evening star) or the double sirius system (which is actually triple) as we have seen in other interpretations.

And if we take the French crop circle in direct timing, six circles progressing forward in six days, that brings us to the 9th of July.

Which is the day of the next New Moon, marked precisely by the similar crop circle! 

The count is simple, add up the twelve total circles of the formation with its date, June 28th, and you will arrive on July 9th, New Moon, which this crop circle also seems to represent.

The French crop circle does the same calculation and arrives on the same date:
4/7 + 6 days (circles) = 9th of July!

In other words, we already have one more date set for events according to the crops circles, July 9th, and maybe, new crop circle messages.

The P 7X object 

A June 8 crop circle in England associated the June 10 solar eclipse with a strange object entering the solar system in the shape of a cross with a circle.
For the ancient peoples of the Middle East, this was a representation of a UFO... or of Nemesis, Nibiru, the comet planet, the 12th planet, the companion star of the Sun.

And the most amazing thing, in the same France, last year, practically on the same day as this new crop circle, on July 5, 2020, the same SYMBOL OF THE CROSS WITH A CIRCLE appeared!
In Vimy, Pas-de-Calais.

The same symbol, and now, a year later, this new similar model of the English crop circle that could be representing the winged planet, or invading star!

Of course, the Malta Cross symbol has other mystical connections, Maltese cross, Templar order, etc. but in this post, the purpose is to track the alert messages referring to the object.
P 7X, the planet of the Cross!

And today, the 5th, back in England, a strange crop circle in the form of a target practice, which, among other interpretations, I have associated as being EARTH THE TARGET OF ALL these combined cosmic influences circulating in the Solar System in front of a powerful alignment between the twin systems.

All these images seem to be linked together in a single body of messages that map our solar system in intense activity, with a focus on the Earth and the great transformations in view of all these announced impacts.

Let's follow the next few days, the month of July marks the peak of messages in terms of quantity. And we have a new date set, in addition to next July 7th.
New Moon Day, 9th of July. 

JP 05.07.2021

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This crop circle indicates the relative sizes of the six comets heading toward collision with earth. The ring is thick enough to represent the sun from prior crop circles. All six comets go around the sun before heading to earth intercept. The identifications beginning with the smallest are Comet F, then A, then D, then C, then E, and finally B. For further information download my free e-book at /

Kenneth Heck

Tone 7 – the Resonant Tone of Attunement to the Source

Crop circle reported on 4 July 2021 at Verdun, Meuse, France

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 4 July 2021 is a day
with the Solar Seal White Wind with Tone 7,
in the Yellow Warrior wavespell,
in the Yellow castle with major energy Yellow Sun.

In my opinion, on the formation is depicted Tone 7 – the Tone of the day.

Tone 7, the Resonant Tone of Attunement, has following qualities:
Inspiration, Channeling, Attunement

Tone 7 is the Seventh Tone of Creation.

Tone 7 is radiated on the 7th day of each 13-day wavespell.

Tone 7 gives us a direct and very strong connection to the Source and to All That Is.

On the formation we see 6 bright circles.

These 6 circles depict:

the Tones from 1 to 6;

the first 6 days of the current wavespell.

- energy spheres, energy structures
Each energy sphere can symbolize (for example) a human or another living creature on the Earth, the planet Earth, or any other planet in our Solar system, or any planet system or star in our galaxy etc.

Tone 7 is depicted as a bright ring, which has contact with each of the 6 bright circles.

Besides, the 6 bright circles are tightly close to each other.

In this way is depicted that Tone 7 ensures for all energy structures a direct and very strong connection to the Source and to All That Is.

The energy of Tone 7 enables us to a Resonant Attunement with the Source.

Tone 7 is radiated from the bright ring and each energy sphere receives this Tone and attunes itself to it.

For example, Tone 7 attunes our 7 chakras.

The result of this Resonant Attunement is following:

When a thought emerges in our mind and it resonates with the Divine plan, we feel resonance and inspiration.
The same occurs when we undertake an action: when it is in unison with the Divine will and with the Divine plan, we feel resonance and inspiration. Especially when we focus in our heart.

With the help of Tone 7 we become a channel for information and energy from the Source, in a channel for the Divine Spirit.

Tone 7 enables us more easily to receive the subtle cosmic energies and information direct from the Source, to process them and to transmit them to the other people in plain language. This is the process of channeling.

Tone 7 will be active in the New Yellow Electric Seed Year with Tone 3, which begins on 26 July 2021.

Tone 7 is part of the Electric Pulsar of Emotions, which includes Tones 3, 7 and 11.

The features established through Tone 3, receive a brighter and finer manifestation with the help of Tone 7.

Tone 3 has following qualities: Activation, Bonding, Service.
This is primary action after overcoming the Challenge of Tone 2.

It appears and strengthens the desire to act despite everything.

The desire to Serve, which is inherent in Tone 3, acquires lightness and Inspiration in Tone 7.

Indeed, if you do work aimed at the common good, life necessarily reacts to this desire, and there is a sense of resonance with All That Is.

Thus, in the New year of the Yellow Electric Seed, the Resonant Tone 7 will help us to feel when we are acting selfishly, and when our actions are in resonance with the will and plan of the Source.

I express my gratitude to the authors of this meaningful formation and to the photographer Eric GILLARDIN-THOMAS!

Maya Todorova




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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike