Update Wednesday 24th  August 2005




Iron Glaze


Tan Hill 2005

Sand Circle 2004

Sand Circle

Barbury Castle


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Calstone Down


The 'ghost' of last summer's formation at


Kissing Ring Barrows at the Beckhampton gallops.

Strange field markings


RodSequence.jpg (30073 bytes)

Another "Rod" sequence?

 SunrisepanTWK.jpg (28858 bytes)

Sunrise over Knap Hill

Adam'sGravePostcard.jpg (24853 bytes)

Adams Grave


KnapHillUmbilicus.jpg (45702 bytes)

Alton Goddess' umbilical cord 

GhostoftheSurrealisticPillowthumb.jpg (20320 bytes)

 Farmer'sCombineArt.jpg (23373 bytes)


AdamsLynchetsPostcard.jpg (32822 bytes)

Strip Lynchets below 
Adam's Grave


Sarcenwith3CupmarksPCB.jpg (28071 bytes)

Sarsen Stone

MonsignorVauducchi.jpg (58747 bytes)

Monsignor Vauducchi

 MyBallofLightSequence.jpg (61771 bytes)

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