Update Wednesday 24th April 2002

During my flight to get aerial shots of the Soberton ringed
circle I happened upon some rather odd 'field markings'
somewhere not far north of Winchester. Field markings are
caused by things in and under the soil, such as buried tumuli,
old roads and field boundaries, and many other things. The crop
grows differently and shows a colour variance.

I've been very interested in field markings since I began
documenting the crop circles, and I think these markings are
particularly odd -- in particular the round-ish one. It is
especially wonky -- unlike the typical ring barrows and
enclosure sites that I have seen so many times. What the heck
is that?! Note the many dots inside, and the neat semi-circle
and dot arcing off at 10:00.

The other two pictures look pretty much like old field systems,
but they too are also a bit wobbly. The fact that they were all
within about three miles of each other inspired me to put them
together on a 'postcard.'


Peter is having difficulty keeping up with his email. He does read them all and, is very grateful for all comments and criticism.

Peter Sorensen

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