When my dear friends Nick & Bridget, and Mark & Beth went to Wales late in August, the circle phenomenon followed them -- in the sand at Rhossilli Beach, on the Gower Peninsula!

Mark took this photo of one of the formations from a high cliff overlooking the beach.  It is a huge Celtic Cross style circle, several hundred feet across (notice the size of the people). 

The farthest of the four satellites is similar to a Maltese Cross.  Going clockwise from there, the next is a six-petal flower.  The closest one is an iconic eye -- virtually identical to the logo for CBS-TV.  And the fourth is sort of a flaming sun with S-shaped flames.  The central rings are quite harmonically spaced.

The formations were erased by the incoming tides, to be replaced a day or two later by different designs.  People from the pub atop the cliff watched in wonderment -- nursing pints of beer --

as each of the formations came into being over a period of hours.



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