Here's a shot of Monsignor Vauducchi, who I met in Rome when Steven Greer interviewed him -- I think he was the most interesting person we talked with.

We interviewed 88 year-old Monsignor Vauducchi (SP?), a member of the Vatican board of directors (or something like that) and a personal friend and advisor of the Pope. (For a man of 88, he looked and acted more like 68.) He wasn't a witness of UFO activity, but he said the universe was so large and magnificent that there had to be life elsewhere. He was very emphatic, and I could hardly have stated the case better! Steven asked him if he thought UFO and ETs were of the Devil, Vauducchi laughed and vehemently insisted, "No, no! If they are advanced enough to travel among the stars, they must be closer to the angels. It is us humans who are the bottom of the barrel!" (That was his phrase!) Steven asked if he had the Vatican's permission to be saying these things, and the Monsignor said that he had discussed the subject with the council, and they did not forbid him from talking -- "this was, in fact, a form of permission."

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