Roundway, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 13th September.

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Updated Thursday 24th   September 2020


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At Roundway on September 13, 2020, we learned that our crop-artist friend (like Alexander) has seemingly “cut” his “Gordian knot”, drawn in crops three years earlier at Battlebury Hill on July 5, 2017.

As a second possible meaning, this crop picture also shows some resemblance to an S-shaped, astronomical “gravity wave”. 

A new and beautiful crop picture appeared near Roundway on September 13, 2020. It seems stylistically related to another crop picture which appeared at Battlebury Hill on July 5, 2017 (see /battleburyhill 2017 or battleburyhill comments). Except now in 2020, a large, round, central section from the 2017 crop picture has been removed or “cut away”: 


We have added two images of “scissors” in the slide above, to help the reader visualize how this stylistic transformation was accomplished. A clever artistic metaphor!  

Cutting a Gordian knot? 

In a more general sense, these two crop pictures from 2017 or 2020 resemble a “Celtic shield knot”, or even perhaps a “Gordian knot” (see battleburyhill  articles). Do you know the historical significance of a Gordian knot? Do you recall how such a knot was cut with a sword by Alexander the Great, just before he set out to conquer most of Europe and Asia in 330 BC?

“An oracle had declared that any man who could unravel this elaborate knot was destined to become the ruler of all of Asia. Alexander was seized with an ardent desire to untie the knot, but after having struggled to do so without success, he reasoned or asserted that it would make no difference how the knot was loosed. So he drew his sword, and sliced the knot in half with a single stroke.” 

Our crop-artist friend seems to have “cut” his own “Gordian knot” recently. If he is the first “rider on a white horse”, then he does come to conquer (Revelation 6:1-2). 

Waves or ripples from space? 

All of this takes place as “waves” or “ripples” from space will (supposedly) reach Earth around the end of 2020. Please see a ”rippled” crop picture drawn on September 7 at Chirton Bottom chirton comments , the farmer’s wave-like partial harvest of wheat at Roundway on September 13 roundway 2020l , or many “ripples” woven into the lay of fallen wheat from this new crop picture roundway groundshots).  

The use of “waves” or “ripples” in two successive crop pictures, on September 7 at Chirton Bottom, then on September 13, 2020 at Roundway, essentially guarantees that this kind of symbolism is significant and should be studied further. 

Seven “ripples” of partly-cut wheat may be seen in the field near this new crop picture (see time 1:35 of They match seven “ripples” of fallen wheat, drawn on a smaller scale, which were woven within each of its four curved arms.  

This new crop picture was drawn 3 sets of tramlines away, from such wave-like “ripples” of partly-harvested wheat at Roundway on September 13. Might this suggest “3 months” from September 13 until December 13, 2020, in accord with a previously-suggested “winter solstice” event of some kind? (see chirton comments). 

An astronomical shock wave? 

Will the “heavenly bodies“ (i.e. planets, nearby stars) be “shaken” soon, by some kind of exceedingly rare, astronomical shock wave? Our astronomers are trying to detect such waves, but cannot provide much forewarning, because any such waves will approach Earth at the speed of light, and hence will lie outside of our normal “event horizon” (see ligo-virgo-gravitational-wave-0902).  

Are the E.T. crop artists limited in their powers of observation by an “event horizon”? It seems doubtful! Any new set of gravity waves may perhaps come from close to the constellation Scorpius in Earth’s night sky (as suggested by another source).  

Possible double-meaning of this new crop picture as a strong and unexpected “gravity wave”  

A significant and unexpected gravity-wave was just reported just two weeks ago on September 2. 2020. “We have never seen something like this before”, leading astronomers said (see or black-hole-collision-astronomers). It would be amiss if we were to not comment on a resemblance between the new crop picture of September 13, 2020 at Roundway, and the S-shaped appearance of “two black holes” colliding to produce a “gravity wave”: 

By this interpretation, we might be seeing (drawn in crops plus the nearby landscape) the schematic image of “two black holes” colliding. so as to produce a series of 7 “ripples” in each of four, S-shaped curved arms. Those 7 “ripples” may then propagate through space (through the field) away from their source (crop picture), so as to produce a broad wave-front of 7 “waves through space” which travel away from the two black holes (crop picture), and towards Earth, at light speed c. Think “earthquake” and “tsunami” as a related physical metaphor.  

In summary, we have presented two equally-plausible meanings for this new crop picture. The reader can decide (which or both) might be correct. 

A related “ripple” or “wave” crop picture from 1996 

A crop picture drawn in West Overton on July 13, 1996 also showed “ripples” or “waves”, this time emerging from a Mayan symbol for our galactic centre (which is located slightly north of M6-M7 in Scorpius). On that eventful date, a new, thin-crescent Moon will apparently be located in Earth’s night sky close to the galactic centre (see I used a sky-map (see to determine factually what might be going on, and found that a new Moon will indeed pass close to our galactic centre (near M21, NGC6530 and the star Nasi) on December 14, 2020 at 22:00 GMT. What a coincidence! Exactly what was drawn in crops 24 years ago.  

Broad landscape imagery  

Finally, when viewed on a broad scale using Google Earth, this crop picture seems to have been drawn in the landscape as a “lump in the throat” of a metaphorical “serpent”, who is “raising his head” amid “tall crashing waves”. A slide to illustrate this amusing metaphor will follow.  

Also in the broad landscape nearby, we can see four large trees, arranged in the shape of a “cross”. These might suggest the four star-like points of a “cross” in the sky (Matthew 24: 29-30).  

There is a lot to think about here. Best wishes and safekeeping to all!  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Unexpected September crop circle shows movement of core forces

In an unexpected appearance (September), a beautiful crop circle appears in Roundway, Wiltshire on September 13, 2020, Sunday, the favorite day of the week for crop circles. A view of quaternary geometry, combining four energy centers into a single double-stranded center (two EIGHT).

A very widespread image in ancient symbology, the cross, the Name of God with a tetra-grammar character (four letters, in different cultures), the four elements coming from the common root of the fifth element, the ether, or the movement of hyperspace (4D ), the four spirits, from the four directions, and also, the four wheels of the Car (UFO) of Ezequiel, etc.

So, in view of all this diversity of symbolic connections, and in view of the current situation of planetary instability, I preferred to bet that this model is diagnosing the intense movement of forces or basic energies of the Earth's core - even by an analogy with the base chakra, Muhadara, which has four red petals, the vital-nervous core of the physical body.

The Earth, as a living entity, has the same energetic dynamics in its root nucleus, and the commotion of the four elements on the surface (air in the form of cyclones and hurricanes, earth in the form of earthquakes, fire in the form of heat waves and fires, water in the form of intense floods) is nothing more than the effect or reflex of the increasingly intense pulse of energies rising from the Earth's core, stimulated by external factors, Sun (solar storms) and gravitational (the object P 7X approaching, supposed Nemesis or planet of the Nemesis system).

We can even see a large letter "S" drawn on the crop circle, which takes us to Sirius (another signature of the Sirians) and the Sun (Sun, English), which may already speak of a strong solar storm (in four days? Number of compound circles of the formation).
And the letter S of Earthquake? Earthquake (8.0?) In four days? Just speculation ... after all, these ripples in the Earth's core have a lot to do with the generation of seismic energy. 

Symbolic equivalences

In 2016, on August 27, the beautiful solar Swastika appeared in England, which has all these related meanings. 

Compared models 2017-2020

And on July 5, 2017, another beautiful quaternary model appeared in England involving a symbolism very close to the current crop circle of September 13, 2020. Like four EIGHT-shaped pictograms with ends intersecting at the core of the formation. This means that these messages already spoke in previous years about the growing activity of the Earth's core stimulated by causes of a cosmic order (end of cycle, Maya, alignments, etc.).

And if you compare the two crop circles, 2017 and 2020 (current), you will see that it is as if the four energy circles, separated in that first model, came closer to the center in this second model, which really means an intensification of energies and planetary transformations since 2017, in recent years, and increasingly converging to an apex.

Bearing in mind that today's date, 13, adds up to 4, and 13 is the great arcanum of the death or transformation of systems when they reach the end of their life cycles. What's more, the sum total of today's date is 1 + 3 + 9 + 2 + 2 = 17. Which brings us to September 17th, four days from now. Like the four units of the basic geometry of this crop circle.

Detail: the name of the course, Roundway, means The round track, circular, rounded path crop circle!
Everything to do with the crop circle model, that is, date and location adjusted to the general message of the image.

We will await new developments.

Message continuation

On September 5, the mysterious crop circle of Earth, with its axis and its tropics, and the representation of the seasons (solstices) and all the instabilities announced in progress, also appeared in an unexpected way, like this new crop circle, 8 days later ... and the eight appears in the image of this new crop circle.

Note that if we draw a circle (yellow) comprising the four central circles, and connect the side circles by lines, and draw a diagonal on the axis of one of the numbers EIGHT, we will have the same structure as the previous crop circle. And the repetition of two objects with similar content in September makes me feel a certain urgency in the alert that is being given to the world, among so many other alerts in this year of 2020, quite atypical.

By the way, 2020 adds 4, the basic structure of these latest models! 

See more: 

Jonas Passos (13.09.2020)

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This crop circle is probably man-made due to the concentric rings appearing on the four partial circles - a typical indication of the board and rope technique. This doesn't mean this formation is necessarily inauthentic, or any other man-made circle for that matter - each must stand on its own merits.  The 2020 season seems to have been a bumper time for man-made circles, perhaps due to the shortage of true alien formations. Here we have the trajectories of four incoming comets which will strike the planet. First, at top left, Comet A, is coming in from the northwest over North America to impact in the Atlantic Ocean. Next, Comet B on the bottom right is coming in from the southeast to impact near the Arctic Circle in the Barents Sea. Much later, Comet E travels from the southwest to impact in the Black Sea. Finally, Comet F comes in from the northeast to strike somewhere in Saudi Arabia near Mecca. The double ring for each comet indicates that more than one gas will be found in the coma, and perhaps at least two gases will apply to all four  comets. What is not indicated here is the big size difference between and A and B, and E and F. A and F are the smallest comets, and B and E are the largest.

The photos above should be rotated 90 degrees to the right for a correct perspective. 

Kenneth Heck

The crop circle reported 13th September, 2020, at Roundway Hill, near Devizes, Wiltshire, UK, has been made by an ET alliance according me. This swastika-like formation inspires enlightenment. All ET intruders should apply it to themselves first! 

The nature dreams of an awakened human being, that is, one who has expanded his consciousness.  When the human wants to wickedly dominate the nature, it is his own collapse that he is preparing. The sage looks at the cliff with humility. An evil man often sees it as a challenge that the nature throws at him. When the humans become virtuous again and false happiness disappears, the Universe calms down. 

More information on my blog OLCPIE (Opposition et Lutte Contre les Présences Intrusives Extraterrestres) and in my video 

Crop circle Hackpen Hill 2020 and Pentagon, Washington, USA, NO ALIEN WAR ON EARTH 

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Whistleblower  Lille, France, 17th September, 2020 




To understand this latest late crop formation, placed very close to the Michael Line, some aspects of the last comment posted here in ‘Addendum to Chirton Bottom crop circle of the 5th September’ need to be considered 

In that comment it was pointed out that the two Warminster(4) / Cley Hill(20) formations this year had been very accurately placed to highlight about  45 and 225 degree bearings over 45 kilometres to and from  the crop formation created near Barbury Castle(9) on the 14th June this year. This was demonstrated not by one bearing from the Barbury CC to a circle at Warminster but by two in the Warminster area so that the Circle Makers could show they were flagging the bisect or middle bearing, 225 degrees. They could also show that the distance from the Barbury crop formation to the two Warminster circles was not quite the same but the average distance was 45km, the bearing of the lines, about 045 degrees from True north 

The comments posted about the Patnay Bridge formation(34), 8th August, a highly geometric design, also use the bearing, again about 045 degrees, from the Heytesbury formation (33), 7th August -created the day before, and distance –half of 45km, to clearly demonstrate that many crop formations are not randomly placed on the landscape but that each of these are a part of a design or planned layout. The use of the same angle 45 degrees and related to distance, 45 and half of 45km shows this is no coincidence but a design feature, whoever the Circle Makers might be. 

A look on a map shows that these bearings from the Barbury crop circle to the Warminster / Cley Hill formations go through Devizes, pretty well the town centre, and on its Latitude and Longitude coordinates this Roundway crop circle was placed a very short distance to the west of these bearing lines. 

It seems pretty obvious that the Circle Makers created this late in the year formation (37) where they did to flag these bearings from the Barbury to the Cley Hill /Warminster crop formations which they had carefully created,  and located, earlier in the year with great precision.  

But is this an ancient alignment being flagged by the Circle Makers this year ? 

This looks very likely... 

Looking at these alignments from Warminster /Cley Hill to Barbury Castle they pass through central Devizes but seem to pass very close to the Avebury stone circle complex and ‘close encounters’ by bearing lines with important ancient sacred sites occur often in the crop circle landscape geometry as has been demonstrated. 

 Avebury is a massive ancient site, the largest stone circle site in Europe, why was it constructed exactly in the geographical location chosen thousands of years ago ? 

Firstly, maybe because it is on the Michael Line, if that is a very ancient general alignment. This is a line that does not pass through the middle of the Avebury complex but passes through the site. Glastonbury Tor and Burrowbridge Mump have both been highlighted this year by crop formation longitude and latitude lines and the bearing created by the church ruins on their summits, 62.42 degrees, goes through the Avebury circle south of the centre but within the earthwork ring. 

However, if the M Line was important, why build this amazing layout of stones and earthworks at this particular position on the Michael Line? Was it because it linked to another important alignment?  Was that other alignment the Warminster / Cley Hill bearings to and from Barbury Castle, being flagged by the positions of crop formations this year? 

Looking at the latitude and longitudes of these crop circle sites the bearings to and throw between Barbury Castle and the Cley Hill / Warminster crop formation locations pass very close, and right through the famous Avebury circle. A ‘coincidence’ ? or is this because Avebury is also on this second ancient alignment being demonstrated to us this year by the Circle Makers ? If so, how long is this Warminster / Avebury / Barbury Castle line, does it stop at Warminster to the south and Barbury Castle to the north or go beyond these points ? 

That will take some further research to try to establish beyond all reasonable doubt, but some facts do already stand out and are worthy of consideration- 

This Roundway crop circle (37) is very close to this Warminster / Avebury / Barbury Castle bearings though the Devizes area and was only created after these bearings were being researched. Did the Circle Makers know that and add another late crop circle to reinforce the message about this second alignment? 

The bearings pass very close to Bratton Camp, between Devizes and Warminster, passing just to the south of the Camp and White Horse Car Park, and a formation was created near there last year (and in a previous year).This 2019 Bratton formation was one of the five in the 500km general alignment of crop formations from France in 2019, a general alignment flagging the inter-cardinal bearing of 315 degrees, this time North West. 

Based on the positions of the St Michael church ruins on the top of Burrow Mump and Glastonbury Tor, both flagged this year by crop formation positions, (2) and(10), Avebury is on line on what has been called the Michael Line. That is a clear and provable FACT. 

Based on the positions of the Barbury Castle crop formation (9), Warminster crop circle (4) and Cley Hill formation (20) the bearings between these formations pass very close and right through the Avebury site. That is also a clear and provable FACT (given the formation positions which seem to be about correct from photographic evidence) 

 So we have two geometrically provable bearing lines that direct us to the famous Avebury site with very ancient origins. Are there any other geometric clues to Avebury in the positions of any other crop formations recorded this year ? Yes, maybe many, but here is one to consider – 

There was a formation on 7th July this year at Stanton St Bernard, (No18), Nr Alton Barnes and just west of Alton Priors,  and at 51.3642N and 1.8628W it had almost exactly the same latitude as this last formation (37) at Roundway – Latitude 51.3632N. If not a ‘coincidence’ were the Circle Makers  also flagging an important latitude line ? This might be the case as East Field at Alton Priors is a well known haunt for strange appearances in the crops it seems. East Field is at the same latitude, just to the east of where No18 was created. 

But what of the longitude of this Stanton St Bernard crop formation this year (No18), the north / south line...1.8628W, is that in any way significant ? This might be the case..

The Stanton St Bernard (18) longitude going north passes many ancient sites in this area, as so well endowed with these, but passes close to a very significant one...  

Silbury Hill, the biggest man made mound in Europe. Is that a ‘coincidence’ ?

Why was Silbury Hill built in that particular geographical location thousands of years ago ?

A location that might be being flagged by a crop circle this year ?

The longitude of crop circle (18) at Stanton St Bernard passes just to the west of the huge mound, going through the car park for visitors to the site, off the old A4 road, so pretty close. But what is interesting is that the crop circle draws our attention to this close connection based on the longitude of the two sites as it is clear from previous evidence that ‘close encounters’ of bearings with ancient sites can be important 

Does the longitude of Silbury Hill (about 1.8574W at the centre) seem to be in anyway significant ? Yes it does... 

Going North along the Silbury Hill Longitude line it passes right next to the Avebury earthwork ring on the west side and through the site of the Avebury church positioned at that spot. Anyone interested can quickly verify that by looking at Google Maps or an Ordinance Survey of the area. 

So, the Silbury Hill Longitude line and Avebury circle form a huge Shen Ring as depicted in Ancient Egyptian art as a sacred symbol of protection. Both these sites are the largest ancient examples of their type in Europe. A coincidence ? 

 Given that we have two other provable alignments also going to Avebury the chances of a third being just a ‘coincidence’ is pretty remote. As noted in previous comments and by other researchers ‘Egyptian’ elements in circle designs are quite common particularly the 5 pointed Egyptian star. 

But what about the design of this Roundway Formation No 37, could that offer some clues as to what the Circle Makers have been doing ?

Other comments suggest the number 8, but if so there seem to be two 8s and they are crossed 

Why the number 8 

The Circle Makers are clearly using latitudes and longitudes, N S E and W, in their landscape geometric layout of many crop formations but also the intermediate directions for bearings, as has been well demonstrated i.e. NE - 045, SE - 135,SW - 225 and NW - 315 degrees with the cardinal directions that divides the 360 degree compass rose into 8 x 45 degree segments, so they placed their 8 message design next to the 45/225 degree bearing lines from Warminster to Barbury Castle. 

This circle divided into 8 is also reflected in the Celtic calendar with its Quarter Days and Cross-Quarter day division of the year into 8 

We know from ancient sites in Ireland and elsewhere that some ancient sites were aligned to sunrise/sunsets not only at the Solstices and Equinoxes but also half way between, just like the alignment of the pyramid causeways at Giza in Ancient Egypt and there are plenty of Egyptian 5 pointed stars in this years’ crop of formations. 

The Silbury Hill Longitude line forming a Shen symbol  with the Avebury earthwork ring might be consider just a coincidence by some people, but they might like to consider other sites close to that line – Marden Henge( the biggest in Britain ), Wilford Henge ( even closer), The Hanging Stone at Woodborough (just next to the line), Beckhampton Penning Circle and barrows (also just next to the line) and last but not least 

THE BARGE INN at Honeystreet as the site is directly on that Silbury Hill longitude line forming the Shen with the Avebury Ring. If you walked from the inn to lean on the gate into the camp site you are almost within spitting distance of that Longitude, certainly less than a stone’s throw away ! 

So it looks as if the Barge Inn may have been a strangely fortuitous place to talk about crop circles over many years...! 

Mike Stewart   21st September 2020 


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