Battlesbury Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 5th July.

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Can we learn more about the specific meaning of this “Celtic shield knot” by studying certain landscape features nearby? 

Several “thin lines” from this crop picture point in the landscape toward the schematic image of a “serpent emerging from a wormhole” on the right nearby. Please see a thin blue line in the slide below:  

This explains why the crop picture was oriented in the field at a significant angle to crop tramlines, so that two of its four “thin lines” would point toward that metaphorical “serpent”.  

The crop picture itself was drawn within a central “stripe” of what might be the “tricolour flag” of France, or of several other European countries:  

This would seem to suggest that our “serpent” friend intends to provide a “shield of protection” to France or other Celtic countries in Europe, after he emerges from his “wormhole”. Another landscape image for the “Swedish flag” may be seen in the landscape just above (not shown here). 

The current metaphor would seem consistent with two other crop pictures drawn in 2016 at Hackpen Hill, of “sharks circling a Celtic triquetra” or “sharks biting a Celtic triquetra”. It would also seem consistent with a binary-coded message drawn in 2015 near Torino Airport in Italy of “timeo ET ferentes!” or, as loosely translated into English, “beware of the E.T. Trojan Horse!” 

These are the kinds of cryptic message which would be sent by someone who can travel through both space and time, and who intends to “reset time”, so that certain core events in Earth history will happen differently.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Might a series of “dots” and “dashes” along the length of that “shield knot” provide a cyclic Morse code for the word “E-R-R-A”? And is the crop artist asking us to cut through a “Gordian knot”, by thinking differently about some problem?  

Near Battlesbury Hill on July 5, 2017, we saw drawn in crops the beautiful and yet puzzling image of a cloverleaf-like “endless knot”. This shape is also known as a “Celtic shield knot”, which is a universal symbol of protection everywhere. It was not so much the image of a “knot” which seems puzzling, but rather four “thin lines” and eight “small dots” which were drawn enigmatically along its length. 

Making a model from a long strip of paper, then cutting it with scissors  

My first impulse, when seeing those four “thin lines”, was to make a simple model of this crop picture using a long, flat strip of paper, to which I added four thin lines and eight small dots, using a black marker pen. Next I reconstructed the exact shape and topology of the crop picture, by twisting that long strip of paper by four full turns of 360o, and sealing the two ends together with sticky tape.  

Having made such a model, one might ask: what happens if we “cut” that twisted (or folded) paper strip in one or more places along its length, using a pair of scissors?  

Of course all four turns of twist would be released. These shapes are called “topological isomers” in mathematics or molecular biology, and often studied as “rings of DNA” from living cells. Yet what else might we see? 

A linear and repeated Morse code for “E-R-R-A”  

If we make two cuts along the “flat strip” of that Celtic “shield knot” (or paper model), just to the right of each third “thin line”, using imaginary scissors (coloured orange), then we will see a linear arrangement of “dots” and “dashes” as shown in the lower part of a slide below:  

Those dots and dashes in Morse code spell the four letters “E-R-R-A”, repeated cyclically over and over again as “ERRA-ERRA-ERRA…”  

Could this be a real code? Why else would the crop artist have drawn four “thin lines” within a cloverleaf-like crop picture, unless he wanted us to make small “cuts” to reveal some kind of hidden code?  

The planet “Erra” as a home world of the “Plejaren” in UFO contact reports from Switzerland 

The planet “Erra” is supposedly a home world for advanced humans from the Pleiades star cluster. They are said to have contacted Billy Meier in Switzerland during the 1970’s (see Planet_Erra). One of the them was called “Quetzal” (see Billy_Meier Quetzal).  

Whether or not such “UFO reports” are true, several crop pictures have shown detailed images of the Pleiades star cluster, whether drawn in crops (see Noordhoek 2016) or as landscape images nearby (see Sanctuary comments).  

Nearby we can see a “field of stars”  

In a field directly next to the Battlesbury crop picture, we can see a large collection of “fairy rings” (please see times 6:08 to 6:30 of These cause it to resemble a “field of stars”. There seems to be no doubt as to whether our crop artist friend is “coming to Earth from the stars”.   

Other possible ways to “cut open” this Celtic “shield knot” 

If we were to cut that “flat strip” along all four of its “thin lines”, then we would get four small, rectangular strips of two “dots” each, with one “dot” next to each “cut end”. There would then be eight “dots” in total. Such numbers might suggest “4-8” days from the night of July 4 until a solar eclipse at sunset on August 21? The interested reader would be invited to study this problem more, to search for other interpretations.  

A fortuitous example of “Morse code” in the landscape just above  

We can be fairly sure, in any case, that some kind of “Morse code” interpretation would be plausible, because just above and to the left of where the crop picture appeared, we can see in the landscape a “tall white stripe” which looks like the decimal number “1” (see the top centre of a slide above).  

Slightly to the right of that tall white stripe, we can also see a “dot” and four vertical “dashes”, along the “body” of a sphinx-like image. In Morse code, “dot-dash-dash-dash-dash” means the number “1”.  

It may have been this fortuitous example of “Morse code”, in the landscape just above, which encouraged the crop artist to include a “dot-dash” Morse code of similar appearance in his drawing of a Celtic “shield knot”.  

Flip it over?  

Finally, if any interested reader wishes to download the slide shown above, and flip it over by 180o, then he or she will see the “head and green beak of a large bird”. The crop picture now lies directly over that bird’s head as a “regal crown”. Four tall blue “stripes” and a landscape number “8” may be seen just to the left of his “head”. These match four “thin lines” and eight “dots” within the crop picture nearby.  

Cutting open a “Gordian knot”?  

In summary, there seem to be many different ways to study this crop picture, all of them interesting and suggestive. There is usually no single “correct interpretation” for a real crop picture. Rather we must study the totality of all its parts. Perhaps we are being asked by the crop artist to “cut open a Gordian knot” (see Gordian_Knot), or to do what at first seems impossible, by thinking about some problem in a different way?  

“An oracle had declared that any man who could unravel this elaborate knot was destined to become the ruler of all of Asia. Alexander was seized with an ardent desire to untie the knot, but after having struggled to do so without success, he reasoned or asserted that it would make no difference how the knot was loosed. So he drew his sword, and sliced the knot in half with a single stroke.”  

Quite similarly, our crop artist friend (from the stars) seems ready to “cut open” his own “Gordian knot”.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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