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Nancy Talbot of BLT - simple design forms with aerial phenomenon.

This is a statement from Nancy Talbott of the BLT research team, who actually witnessed strange lights in connection with a night time appearance of a crop circle being formed in Holland. These claims are remarkable, and may point towards important evidence of an aerial component involved in the creation of crop circles?


BLT Research, Inc. now has its own new web site (currently under
construction), which will highlight the laboratory analysis work of Dr. W. C.
Levengood, who has been doing extensive analysis of plant and soil
samples from crop circle formations in England and around the world for
the past several years, (including some of the fantastic Canadian formations
this year!).

Third Scientific Paper Published on Crop Circle Work by BLT Team

The BLT Research Team Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt U.S. corporation whose purpose is the scientific examination of plants, soils and associated materials sampled at crop formation sites around the world. The BLT team is headed by Michigan biophysicist, Wm. C. Levengood, who has been examining crop circle plants and soils since 1989 and includes American colleagues Nancy Talbott and John Burke, as well as hundreds of field personnel in many different countries. To-date three papers presenting the research findings have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as more than 100 lab reports on individual crop formations in the U.S., Canada, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Israel. These scientific papers and laboratory reports outline the physical abnormalities discovered so far in the plants and soils, clearly indicating a causative agency other than human-directed mechanical flattening of the plants, suggesting instead an energy system which emits microwaves and associated unusual electrical and magnetic fields.

For further information, or to volunteer to help in the field-collection of plants and/or soils at crop circle sites, please call, write or fax the BLT office:

Nancy Talbott
Field Research Coordinator
BLT Research Team Inc.
PO Box 400127
Cambridge, MA 02140 USA
Tel: 617/492-0415, Fax: 617/492-0414

Updated Wednesday 26th May 1999

Here's an update on what's going on with BLT at the moment.

(l)    We've recently obtained our non-profit, tax exempt status here in the U.S. and a grant which is designed to allow us to pursue   more in-depth analysis of soils (x-ray crystallography and we hope some microbiology) and "anomalous" deposited  substances recovered at crop circle sites, apparent UFO trace-cases, and unusual animal death sites; we are searching for appropriate laboratories to assist us in these pursuits, hopefully here in the Cambridge area;

(2)    Grass rings in Maryland-multiple green, lush grass rings have been observed and sampled in the rolling hillside in Maryland  (East Coast, mid-Atlantic region); these rings are growing out-of-phase with the rest of the pasture and range in size from 3-4' diameter to much larger.  The redox examination (which measures the rate of respiration in the plant cells) reveals alterations in respiration patterns, consistent with exposure to an unusual energy system, similar to what we often observe in crop circle plants and plants sampled at UFO trace-cases and unusual animal death sites.  Similar lush grass rings have been  found in a number of locations, some of them seemingly related to "anomalous" situations, some of them not; many witnesses to UFOs report them in their yards after such encounters; abductees also report them with   some frequency.  But we have also tested them from parks and other areas where we know of no relationship to unusual situations.  More on   this as we go on.

(3)    Unusual Cattle Deaths - 2 new cases, one in Oregon (Northwest Coast) on a ranch which has had now 11 of these unusual  deaths in the last year, and the other in New Mexico, again an area that has suffered many of these cases.  The New Mexico case may be an explainable death, but the Oregon case looks very similar to dozens of others where we have tested the  grasses and soils in the last several years.  What is of interest to crop circle enthusiasts includes two basic findings so far:  

(a) the finding of increased amounts of magnetic particle material in the soils at these events (over normal control soils taken  at various distances away from the animal), and

(b) the fact that the plants (grasses, in most cases) regularly show changes in  plant cell respiration rates, similar to changes observed in plants from crop circle sites.  These findings do not mean, to us,  that the causative agency is necessarily the same...but, instead, indicate that the energies, or SOME of the energies, involved are the same as those involved in the crop circle situation (and also at some of the UFO trace cases).   We know that when  the microwave component of these energy systems is great the plants will usually die; when the microwave component is less, and when the electrical component of the energy system is greater, then the result usually is that the plants respond by growing more robustly than normal, after a recovery period. In regards to the tiny (micron-sized) spherical magnetic particles   in the soils, we have in recent years (particularly in the US, where in-depth soil-sampling has been done in many cases, but  also in several other countries) regularly observed marked increases in the amounts of such particles in the immediate vicinities of crop circles, UFO sites and unusual animal death sites.....this again being something which is similar in these  events.  In most crop circle cases the magnetic material drops off pretty quickly outside the visible confines of the event; in  the animal cases it sometimes extends quite a distance away from the carcass.  And the amounts we are finding at some of  these sites is hundreds of times greater than what is "normal."  We believe that these particles are microscopic meteoritic   particles which are drawn into the area by the magnetic fields emitted by the energy system, then fused together by the   microwaves also emitted by the energy system (thus making them molten), with the spheres then forming as the particles descend to the earth's surface as the energy system impacts.  The EDS work (electron-dispersive spectroscopy) so  far indicates very pure iron and the only source we can think of would be of meteoric origin.  The maximum amount of  such   material one might expect to find in any given location (with the exception of a few places on the earth's surface) is 0.4  mg./gm. soil.  At the sites we investigate we have found as much as 280+ mg/gm soil.  We have also found these particles at   crop circle sites distributed in accordance with the rules of centrifugal force....the amount of   deposited material dropping off as a function of sampling distance away from either the epicentre of the circle itself, or from the edges out into the standing crop in the field.

The work we hope to be doing this summer on the soils...the x-ray crystallography and/or microbiological examinations, may shed more light on the presence of heat at these sites....will keep you posted.

No crop circles reported yet here in the States to my knowledge....we've got an expanding group of fieldworkers ready to get out there and sample, when the reports do start coming....and we'll keep you posted on what we find.  We've got a bunch of reports on 1997 and 1998 crop circles about ready to go out....

Nancy Talbot

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