Nancy Talbot of BLT - simple design forms with aerial phenomenon.


Nancy Talbot phoned to inform me she had witnessed the formation of a Crop Circle in the early morning hours of August 21, 2001. Nancy had gone to Holland to visit an amazing young man called Robert. Nancy was reading in
bed at 3:00 AM, when she heard cattle outside her room making noises. A few minutes later, they started again but stopped about 3:15 AM. Nancy noticed her room was brightening like a welders arc light. An intense column of
light was above the field located behind her bedroom. There were two tubes of light about a foot in diameter shinning down on the field. The lights went out for a second and other came down. Nancy jumped out of bed and
called for the young man she was visiting named Robert. He was also awake in the kitchen and also saw the lights shinning down about 85 feet away. They rushed outside and there was nothing in the sky or field. Everything
was quiet with no sound, and no smells. They walked toward the field and just beyond the fence ! was a Crop Circle in the string beans. It was a 35 foot ellipse (stretched circle) with a twenty foot long off to one side with a crossbar at the end, forming a 'T' coming off the ellipse. Nancy thought she saw some steam rising from the Crop Circle. The next morning Nancy saw the field from her bedroom window. We wondered if the Crop Circle had been made so Nancy could see it. This observation seems more than a coincidence and infers intelligence at work. Thanks to Nancy Talbot and George Reynolds Maryland MUFON.


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