Roundway Down, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 11th June

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Updated Monday 19th June 2023


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A new crop picture at Roundway Down on June 11, 2023 shows a “radar compass rose”: will the crop artists be coming down to Earth and land soon? 

The meaning of their latest pictorial message seems very clear.

Why would anyone draw a “radar compass rose”, unless they were up in space, and intending to land?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


The centre of the Roundway Down formation is reminiscent of this formation at Sompting in 1992. Newer croppies may not be aware of the formation. Photo is by Mike Hubbard

Barry Reynolds



Will clarify the thoughts about proportions in a part of the crop circles and spacecrafts from: Potterne Hill articles 

The wonderful UK crop geometry today continues with the  proportions of different circles 2 and 3. Also clues to 8 directions in 2 different ways.  

Let´s have a look how one can draw a spiral field with the  value 1,118 (Green line / red line). Start with a box and  draw an arc. Then make another box 1,118 times bigger,  draw an arc and continue with new boxes x 1,118. 

If we put 4 arms together the pattern will look like a crop  circle from 130920. When one copy 4 arms, mirror them and put all together we see another geometry. Where the  relations between the first two cross sections are 2/3 or 3/2.  

Depending if we move outwards, lower value first (0,67), or inwards (1,5). Please compare this with the values in the Egyptian niche in the link above. 4 spiral arms move  inwards and 4 move outwards. We will also get the cross  sections in 8 directions, 4 primary (the innermost) and 4 secondary. 


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From Quantum Leap to Stargate: Mysteries Connected in the Recent Crop Circle 

A beautiful octagonal board appeared on the (predicted) day of 11.06.2023, in the field of Rounday Down, Wiltshire, in England. Because I asked for a heart, or fifteen hearts, for this Sunday in England. And I managed to fit a heart perfectly aligned to the geometry of the inner part of the new crop circle. 


And since the following interpretation speaks of the core of systems, behold, the heart is implied. Firstly, a model that always reminds us of the stellar diagrams of antiquity, always represented by octagons and eight-rayed stars, all because, in the cosmology of the ancients, the eighth heaven or cosmic plane belonged to the starry circle, above the planetary circle, comprised in the seven lower orbits. 


Tracing the diagonals of this model, we easily find an eight-rayed starry pattern. Eight are also the outer circles, grouped in pairs, two in each direction of the mandala. 


Furthermore, by tracing complete circles on the segmented layers of the inner part of the mandala, we obtain seven layers plus the outer layer, which would be the eighth, or eighth heaven, where the reference to the starry plane is applied. Remembering the resemblance of a stargate. We then have three images of the number eight in the total geometry of this crop circle:

8 circles (four groups of 2) in the crop circle directions
8 rays traced in the octagon
8 inner layers

Password 888 is very special in the cosmic world, it is the signature of the triple system of Sirius, where the first instructors of humanity came from in the beginning of the habitable Earth.


And still talking about stellar patterns, behold, on the day of the crop circle, June 11, two pairs of stars were seen aligned in the sky (analogy with the paired circles in the four directions of the crop circle). Mars and Venus in the constellation of Cancer, Moon and Neptune in the constellation of Pisces. The maximum conjunction between Mars and Venus happens on the 30th. 


However, this octagonal tablet, with these discontinued inner layers, also seems to speak about the atomic world (which connects to the stellar plane) because it reminds me of the quantum leaps of electrons, from one orbit to another. Quantum leaps in an interesting analogy with the dimensional leaps that happen at the entrance of portals.

I believe that we are facing great demonstrations of scientific theories unknown by humanity, but widely used by Aliens in their interdimensional technology. Some standards of atomic theory are contemplated in this octagonal table, in addition to the allusion to the quantum leap.

For example, the maximum amount of two electrons in each atomic orbital (we have four pairs of circles glued to each of the four sides of the mandala), totaling eight electrons, which creates the complete valence shell of an atom when it stabilizes and does not form chemical bonds with other elements (which happens with the so-called noble gases). Noble gases (Family 8A) are elements in the periodic table that have eight valence electrons. The only exception is the element Helium which has 2 electrons. When the atom has eight electrons in the valence shell, it reaches its stability.


According to the Octet Rule, the valence shell needs eight electrons to stabilize. Thus, atoms acquire stability when they have 8 electrons in the valence shell. Thus, this first analysis appears to show the structure of a stable atom, and also to suggest quantum leaps (the discontinuous inner layers, which look like electrons moving from one orbit to another).

In another plausible cosmological vision, we can also be facing a map of the Earth (the four cardinal directions), surface and core, plus the layers of energy that propagate from the core to the surface, in the internal dynamics of the planet. In the same cosmological theory of the ancients, the lower and subterranean world has nine layers, or the nucleus, the ninth sphere, surrounded by eight layers, which is what we see in this crop circle.


A message, for example, of earthquakes or seismic waves vibrating inside the planet in the coming days? It is a possibility, in view of the recent solar activities with high rates of energy being thrown at the Earth, which always nourishes the core with the greatest dissipation potential. 

And finally, the stargate theory opening up in this octagonal model, in front of those cosmological relations with the stellar plane. A detail that seems to me to speak of a portal is on the edge of the crop circle, which intersects a square and a circle. 

Now, in the same ancient view of geometry and cosmology combined, the square represents the Earth, and by extension, the material world, while the circle represents the sky. Square and circle are crossed, intersected. Which means that Heaven and Earth touch each other, which is possible (theoretically) in a portal.


So we have three theories coming together here: the atomic theory and quantum leaps, the theory of the Earth's core and internal energy levels, and the theory of stargates.
How to understand the three in a single context? This seems to me something of applied Theory of Relativity, combined in a final form still unknown to humanity (Einstein even theorized portals when speaking of Wormholes or Wormholes).

Finally, where is my heart?

I managed to perfectly fit a heart into those discontinued layers in the center of the octagonal mandala, as shown in the image above. At the heart of the stars is the beat of the human heart, because they have been singing the same note since Creation.

We are not just stardust. We are strings that resonate and reverberate their vibration, from the Sun, our creator star. All because stars and humans were created from the same matrix. And that may lead to the solution of that combined theory: atoms, worlds and stars.

Because the heart is the core of systems, and if everything is aligned in the Universe, stars, planets and beings, behold, your hearts are also aligned on the same fundamental note vibrating and reverberating from one system to another.

Immersing this flow in the energy between the hearts of the aligned systems would be an idea of how the dimensional shift would work, as in a quantum leap or leap of thought to a higher plane of consciousness which, after all, is light, like the light of electrons and light of the stars.

And here my theory finds its harmony.

You have to be at the HEART of things to understand the message of this crop circle!


A radar, a coordinate system, an indication of the approaching object, be it an invading star, be it a UFO, stargates, dimensional leaps, all in an aggregate view of recent crop circles. (according to the first crop circle of the season, an object in accelerated motion, on May 28, 2023) 


JP on 11.06.2023


Crop circle message 2023 accumulated - something approaching in the sky?

It all started in the first crop circle of the season, from Broad Hinton, Wiltshire on 28.05.2023, similar to a six-spoke wheel in accelerated motion, which, at the time, I first identified as the Sun being marked by strong activities, which actually happened, including the opening of huge spots on its surface, even similar to the shape of the forms of this inaugural crop circle.

Sunspots appeared two days later, on May 30, when another crop circle appeared. And this time, in Italy, in Cascina San Michele on the 30.05.2023. Interestingly, the region where this model appeared is named after the Angel Michael, the solar ruler. And the image clearly shows an object approaching another fixed one, at the bottom of the image: an object approaching the Sun. We take into account the object P 7X, searched for several years by astronomers around the world and captured several times by NASA's solar monitoring satellites.

So he is real, he is there and he is approaching. But would he be the only reference of these crop circles? Then, to the surprise of all of us, a pictogram came on June 4th, simulating a repetition of the same pictograms from 1990, when coded messages began to appear, numerous and in series, in England. Astronomical coordinates alluding to planetary alignments, such as the upcoming October annular solar eclipse, and other period alignments.

Anyway, the astronomical theme continued to be pointed out in the messages, in a sequence, and the SUN itself appears in the center of the pictogram, with its hexagonal striped division, coupled to the moon (two halves, light and dark), and the twin planets Venus and Earth at the ends, with Phoenician letters suggesting a relationship with the Name of God YHWH.

And on the 7th of June, a wonderful solar flower, resembling a sunflower but with petals stylized after oriental ornaments for the sacred lotus, appeared in the fields of cultivation. It has two layers of 18 petals, which creates a sum of 36 petals, a number that identifies the solar power in Kabbalah (6 x 6) and also the concept of two united suns, which is the assumption for the P 7X object that approaches, Nemesis, the hidden star. The petals of this solar lotus look like flames emerging from the star in hyperactivity.

Finally, on the field of Rounday Down, on June 11th, an octagonal mandala appears with several similarities within an unmistakable stellar symmetry. From the quantum leap to the stargate, I made several approaches related to the structural numbers of the image (link at the end of the article), but in a synthetic way, we have here the similarity of a radar that seems to capture a pulse, associated with the pattern of the rose of the winds, system of cardinal directions. So the conclusion that seems self-evident is that an important object is moving up in the heavens, approaching the Sun. It remains to be seen what this object is, if it is natural (a star), if it is artificial (a UFO, UFO) or if it is both. I believe that the next messages will insist on this, continuing the accumulated message, which no researcher has yet noticed.

JP on 06.13.2023


Update 06.17.2023 Crop circle and earthquake

One of my interpretations regarding the Roundway Down crop circle, on 06.11.2023, was the vision of an earthquake, imagining the model of the Earth and its subterranean layers, core and levels, with the propagation of seismic waves. And in fact, yesterday, the 16th, in the morning, in the interior region of SP, Brazil, epicenter of Miracatu, an unexpected and strong tremor of 4.7 or 4.9 degrees was verified (five days after the crop circle).

And combining all this with the strong solar activity of the period, we can find a cause-effect relationship here (solar energy activating the Earth's core), which means other, even more intense earthquakes in other parts of the world. Between today and tomorrow, June 16th and 17th, I believe we will have a crop circle of pentagram geometry, the signature of all the years of its Venusian-Syrian authors. Checking out


JP on 06.17.2023

In this crop circle we see a compass showing the four cardinal points. Between each of the points a comet with its fragments is depicted. These four are the large chastising comets B through E. They each seem to enter the Earth's atmosphere at or near a 45 degree angle. The impact area is in the center circle and the rings represent seismic waves generated by the impact. The interesting thing about the waves is they are divided into quadrants, where two of the quadrants are affected more severely than the other two. This four quadrant theme is an important aspect of comet impacts. My free ebook devotes over four pages of graphics to this subject in Section 9, pages 101-105. You can download the free ebook at 

Kenneth Heck




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