Potterne Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 7th June

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Updated  Sunday 11th June 2023


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Proportions of smaller circles 2 and bigger circles 3. This seems to be the base of  a neutral fractal field. The math can be found for example in DNA and it affects sound. Last pic with a field that is connected to the drive unit inside a drum brake.  

So it looks like our good neighbours put down clues to an energy  system for different  means of transportation and electric distribution. A vision many years ago was about  use of their energy system for desalination and purification of ocean water and  transport in pipe lines.

Additional text: 

Would like to suggest a solution for a part of the crop circles. Many years ago I found that the two upper chambers of The Great Pyramid were based on The Golden Ratio 0,618/1,618 and (0,618 + 1,618) / 2 = 1,118 (√ 1 1/4) or close to it.

Jean-Claude Perez found that DNA is finetuned by 1,618 (Phi)  and the proportion (3-Phi) / 2 = 0,690983 or inverted  1 /  0,690983 = 1,447214 is common. Now we come to  the fun part. (√ 1 1/4) x 1,447214 = 1,618 and 0,618 x (√ 1 1/4)  = 0,69083. 


The hypothesis is that 1,118 connects to a neutral spiraling  field that regulates logarithmic spirals 0,618 (imploding) and 1,618 (expanding). If one draw 4 clockwise and 4 anticlockwise spiralarms with the value of 1,118 you will get the proportions of  the 2 first cross sections at 0,67 (close to 2/3). This is the  signature and probably how to drive the fields for example in a  spacecraft with octagonal geometry.  

The Queens Chamber in The Great Pyramid has walls based on 1,118 or close and the roof angle is around 119 degrees. 119 / 360 = 0.33 and above 241 / 360 = 0,67. The proportions in the chambers niche are (or close to and inverted): 1.  1,118 and 0,8944. 1,5 and 0,67. 1,5 and 0,67. 1,118 and 0,8944. Well if our good neighbours energy system uses antigravity. What  did the old Egyptians use the math for in a building with stoneblocks  up to 80 tons and around 50 metres above the ground level? 

One of the shafts in The King´s Chamber pointed at Orion the symbol  for Osiris. The other shaft pointed at Thuban which was the former North Star. In The Queen´s Chamber one of the shafts pointed at  Sirius the symbol for Isis. The other shaft pointed at Stella Polaris  which is the North Star today. Is this a hint to us so we could  rediscover what they used the knowledge for? Thanks to Mark and Stuart for spreading in-formation(s).   


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A new crop circle has been reported 7th june 2023 at Potterne Hill near Devizes in UK. A big sun lotus without mark at the center of the circle ! Who are the humans who can do this ? I am convinced this is an ET formation.

Other example : Avebury Manor, 22nd July, 2008

More informations in my blog OLCPIE (opposition et Lutte Contre les Présences Intrusives Extraterrestres) and on my Youtube channel Jean-Charles Bourquin. 

Mr Bourquin, Whistleblower

From Yellow Seed to Yellow Sun 

Crop circle reported on 7 June 2023 at  Potterne Hill, near Devizes, Wiltshire, UK 

In my opinion, this formation was created for June 6, 2023.
According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 6 June 2023 was

a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Seed with Tone 7, in the White Mirror wavespell, in the Blue Castle. 

The crop circle depicts the following energies: 

Yellow Seed - Targeting, Awareness, Flowering

White Mirror - Reflection, Endlessness, Order

Red Earth - Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization

Yellow Warrior - Question, Intelligence, Fearlessness

Yellow Sun - Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal fire, Life 

The formation resembles a flower with two rings of 18 petals on the outer periphery of a large circle. The flower symbolizes the energy of the Yellow Seed - the energy of Flowering. The large circle represents the Earth and symbolizes the Energy Red Earth – the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed. The large circle represents a mirror as well and symbolizes the energy White Mirror. The number 18 additionally symbolizes the energy White Mirror - Solar Seal No. 18.

The two rings of 18 petals have 36 petals in total.
 The number 36 symbolizes the energy Yellow Warrior – the Guiding force of the Yellow Seed with Tone 7. In the Tzolkin Module, Kin (day) 36 is with the Solar Seal Yellow Warrior.

The Tzolkin Module has 13 columns of 20 days.  The 4th day at the beginning of each column is the day of the Yellow Seed. On this day we “plant the Seed” – our “Seed” contains the plan, the program for our work in the following days until the end of the column.

The last 20th day of the column is the day of the Yellow Sun, which encompasses the whole work we have done in the 20 days.
So we have a development from a Yellow Seed to the Yellow Sun. The Yellow Sun symbolizes the Source in his fullness, as we can imagine it in our 3rd-4th dimension. Our intention is always to grow spiritually towards the Sun consciousness.

This process is depicted on the formation:
 the flower symbolizes the Yellow Seed – the energy of Flowering, and the flower looks like a Sunflower or like a Sun, i.e. the formation  shows the vision for spiritual growth from a Yellow Seed to the Yellow Sun.

On 6 June 2023 was the day of the Yellow Seed
and on 22 June 2023 is the day of the Yellow Sun with Tone 10!  Tone 10 is the Planetary Tone of Manifestation. This means, on this day the energy of the Yellow Sun will be manifested on the planet Earth in its fullness!

Besides, on 2 June 2023 was the day of the Yellow Sun with Tone 3: this was the first day of the Galactic season of the Yellow Sun, which continues 65 days, until 5 August 2023. In these 65 days we receive the energy of the Yellow Sun in the largest quantity.

22 June will be the last day of the Central Mystic column of Tzolkin, this is the 7th column. In the days of the Central Mystic column we have the most direct and the strongest connection to the Source! It is very advisable to use these days for more often communication with the Source, for meditations and prayers.

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this formation and to all photographers!

Maya Todorova






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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike