Potterne Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 7th June

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Updated  Wednesday 14th June 2023


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A beautiful Hindu style solar mandala!

On Potterne Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire, UK.

A flower charged with pure mystique, with 18 double petals, totaling 36 petals, the number of solar power 6 squared 6x6 = 36), confirming this number for the Sun by such a geometric mechanism (because the Sun, in the Kabbalah tree, tree of life, occupies the dimension or AEON 6 (Tipheret, the Beauty), 

In 2020, we had a similar model, in Smeathe's Plantation Wiltshire, UK, on 25.06.2020. A double Sun with 18 petals in a double layer and, on the edge, 9 petals in a Hindu or Tibetan ornament in the form of flower petals, commonly the Lotus, a sacred flower equivalent to the rose in Eastern culture. A parallel meaning is assumed here. But I also see a powerful component of solar energy from another arc, because the petals also look like blazing flames. Ongoing solar activity. 

An enormous solar activity scheduled for the next few days or weeks, following the first crop circle on May 28, also solar, with hexagonal geometry (6), in the form of a moving wheel or a fan with six arms rotating quickly. And the geometric code of the double layer of petals brings, again, a pattern that I've noticed since 2019 in several crop circles, the 9-9 pattern. Because it's two layers of 18 petals, 18-18 mode that turns into 9-9.

An interesting coordinate for reproducing the number of superior and inferior dimensions, according to Kabbalah cosmology and also, pre-Columbian, with its corresponding nine heavens and nine circles of hell. This reinforces the connection with the Sun in terms of operational cosmologies, exacerbated energy movements and disturbances reaching the Earth.

Remembering that the image can also visually represent the merging of two suns, which incorporates the direction of approach of that object (p 7X) as the second Sun of our system, increasing the energetic process of the titular Sun and of the Earth. However, without diminishing the value of the spiritual message involved, I have always believed that these surges of energy in the nearby Cosmos, such as the Sun, also activate, by resonance, our internal frequencies.

This double Tibetan mandala, which has the decorative style of the Lotus, a powerful solar lotus, also speaks of the union of souls in a loving and spiritual marriage capable of setting hearts on fire.  We have no 18 or 36 petalled chakra, so we can then absorb such a model presented at Potterne Hill, the 7th, as an adapted solar (heart) chakra model. Which can represent enormous circulating solar energy being captured by hearts in tune.

This small flower has important significance in Eastern culture, where it is commonly associated with the Buddha. The plant signifies purity of body and mind, and rebirth. This is because, although it grows in mud, it becomes a beautiful flower: the path to purification amid worldly impurities.


JP on 06.07.2023


Extreme solar events and correctly interpreted crop circle message

In the first crop circle interpretation, I pointed to the arrival of extraordinary solar events. Then, in other crop circle models, I saw the same indication in my interpretation. It's a pattern I've come to recognize from every season. One more hit on the first crop circle interpretations of the 2023 season BEFORE this recent news. Just check out my articles prior to this recent news. Crop circle isn't speculation, it's science. We just need to know how to interpret, understanding the origin of the message, certainly not human.


JP on 06.14.2023

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Minor geometrical irregularities put this crop circle in the man-made category, although it is a commendable effort. The central ring is probably the Sun since this is how the Sun is always depicted. The circle portrays an unprecedented release of sunlight or flash as if there has been a giant coronal mass ejection released larger than any experienced in human history. A number of prophecies claim when this occurs there will be a simultaneous “Illumination of Conscience” showing us our defects and shortcomings in behavior. The experience will last for 10 to 15 minutes and envelope the entire planet, giving it a supernatural aspect.  

The Warning Comet, currently expected around 2029, will be warning about this coming event, and Comet B later. The Sun Comet will follow shortly after and strike the Sun, perhaps getting the blame for the flash by astronomers, but the simple scientific explanation will not hold up. The brightness will cause the sky to temporarily turn white and there will be deaths and injuries for those who don’t hide their eyes from the excessive sunlight. All military hostilities will be temporarily halted since satellites and other electrical equipment will be severely damaged, The 1859 Carrington Event was little more than an introduction to this real danger some 170 years later.    

Kenneth Heck







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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike