Pilgrim's Trail, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 12th July.

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Pilgrim's Trail, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reportado em 12th July 2022. ANÁLISE E REVELAÇÃO DAS MENSAGENS NOS CROP-CIRCLES AUTOR: E.S.GEREMIAS OS DETALHES ESTÃO NO SITE DO PROJETO ALDEIAS: www.aldeias.org



A set of “Tibetan prayer beads” were drawn in crops near Pilgrim’s Trail on July 12, 2022: the E.T. crop artists are meditating and praying for us 

Sixteen individual “beads”, from this Tibetan “Mala” bracelet, code in 8-bit ASCII for the two letters “O” and “m”.

These letters represent the famous “Om” of many Buddhist mantras. You can listen to such a mind-calming chant here (see www.youtube.com): 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)




A sacred name in the new crop circle code

Pilgrim's Trail crop circle Hampshire UK, 12.07.2022

Once again, a crop circle in binary code that can be compared to the ASCII character standard of computers (machine language) as it happened on June 4th, in Owl House and the code of the word (L.o.v.e.) Love

Here, we have a U-shaped arc (or horseshoe) with two sequences of eight points that, changing the series (light/dark) bring an express code. And the name of the place where the object appeared is already quite suggestive "Pilgrim's Trail"  The pilgrim on the roads of Self-knowledge through the keys of OM! The two rows or arcs with codes are in sequence.

Left to Right (light circle = 0, dark circle = 1)

0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 (O) capital letter O and number 79 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 (m) lowercase letter m and number 109

The sacred mantra, the seed mantra of Hinduism, the Sound of Creation, Om (written AUM).

And this mantra has appeared other times in crop circles! The way this code was arranged, in a horseshoe arch (we associate it with the horse, travel, the pilgrim's trail, name of the place) or the letter U (which is a variant of the letter O). The June 4th crop circle brought the word L.o.v.e. and now, on July 12, 38 days later, he adds "Om". Perform the mantra Om to attract Cosmic Love?
In fact, Om can mean, in a generic way, the need to practice a lot in the present moment to get closer to the cosmic energy coming down on the planet.

Om is a seed mantra of universes in motion, a kind of attunement between our vibratory fraction and the rest of the Ocean of Shabda, the Universal Sacred Sound. And considering that the letter U is analogous to the letter O, and that the crop circle of the L.o.v.e. appeared in a 4 bar code according to the letter M, joining the two formats, we return to OM. And in the center of the U-shaped (or horseshoe) arc, a circle with an odd pattern in the lying wheat, as if it were a full moon, with bundles of grain braided together.

They look like buds or teeth engaging in some sort of lock, chain, something like that.

Other crop circles with the mantra Om (AUM) have appeared before. One of them appeared on 07.07.2007 (number pattern 777) in a huge pattern combined with the phases of the Moon at the time. The other appeared on 07.15.2015, in the Netherlands, also linked to the Moon. Because the mantra appeared on the side of a circle made up of smaller circles like lunar and planetary cycles depicted. Thirty unequally sized circles, illustrating a lunation, which lasts nearly thirty (30) days.

And the first of them (we only have the diagram) appeared on June 14, 1995, there at the origins of the phenomenon, next to a complete Sun-Earth-Moon system, which means that this mantra Om, according to the crop circles, has profound resonance with the cosmic cycles, and we are under three of them in importance:

1. the cycle of hours (Earth, rotation, 24 hours/day)
2. the cycle of months (Moon, lunations)
3. the cycle of years (Earth around the Sun).

A surprising message is delivered here, confirmed for the fourth time. The Om practice helps to realign our mind, body and soul with the cosmic cycles! In the line of the seven chakras, two of them have the inscription Om (AUM) in their resonance structure, precisely the two chakras of the head, Ajna (solar - projection) and Sahasrara (lunar - receptivity). Now, if the upper chakra, the crown chakra, is of a lunar nature, this explains the connection between the Moon (and planetary systems) established by the crop circles presented so far. 

And after all, what is the moon today? We are about to enter the Full Moon, the most powerful of the Moons for any kind of magical practice and action, and it happens tomorrow, the 13th. So this Om crop circle the day before seems to me to sound like a warning for advanced spiritual work.

Interestingly, in our "Clube dos 11", on July 9th, 3 days ago, we launched our first video and audio of practices, with the mantra Om, prioritizing the need for practices (the pilgrim's trail of self-knowledge) And this crop circle is a gift for all of us!

Mantra OM Tibetan bell (30 minutes):- www.youtube.com 

Link:- um-nome-sagrado-no-codigo-do-novo-crop-circle 

JP on 12.07.2022

A second sacred name hidden in the new crop circle code

As we saw yesterday, 07/12, the primary decoding line of the new crop circle in Pilgrim's Trail, England, led us to the name of the seed mantra of Hindu cosmology, which is Om (AUM, three-letter spelling with pronunciation Om) , based on the ASCII code of computers. However, based on the same code but using a "mirror" technique, inverting one of the binary series, we get another two-letter sacred name of Kabbalistic cosmology.

In one of the arcs (to the left of the crop circle at the letter U position) the code takes the white circles as ZERO (0) and the dark circles as ONE (1). And in the other arc (on the right), we reversed this pattern, taking the white circles as ONE (1) and the dark circles as ZERO (0). As in a mirror situation, two parallel planes, one universe reflected in the other in an inverted situation.
And we get this:

0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 = letter I (uppercase) - decimal value 73
0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 = letter O (uppercase) - decimal value 79

IO, both capital letters

IO, a sacred name in Kabbalah, it represents the contraction of the four letters of YHWH, the Lord, and appears in the prefix of many Hebrew names, such as IOHanam (John), IOshua (Joshua, of which Jeshua, Jesus is a variant), IOal (Joel), etc

IO are the first and third letters of the tetragrammaton, meaning 10+6 = 16. Incidentally, the sum of the crop circle date (12.07.2022) gives the same value, 16.

The prefix IO also appears in Jupiter's name, read as IO-Patar, or Pai IO. And Jupiter was considered the father of the gods, naming the largest of the planets in the Solar System. IO is also the name of one of Jupiter's Moons (in mythology, Io was one of the passions of Jupiter/Zeus, daughter of Argos). And speaking of Moons, speaking of Astronomy, behold, this double arc in the shape of a letter U or horseshoe seems to suggest a meeting of two moving objects.

This image line was suggested in other crop circles, for example, recently, in France, on the 10th of May. And the previous crop circle, in Cake Woods, showing the meeting of the two inverted triangles signifying the alchemy of fire and water gathered in the system. This could be talking about the situation of our solar system in binary condition (double Sun) revealing itself in our "prophetic" time.

However, in Hermetic Kabbalah, IO is the sign of duality, symbolic value 10, one and zero, yang-yin, active and passive. It is the name of the Father-Mother, particle of the Holy Spirit in us. The value 10 has been pointed out in some crop circles this season, something that seems to point to the 10th month, October, or even a reference to the arcane 10, the Wheel, which announces the end of cycles (in this case, the great cycle of humanity in the face of recent and prophetic events on an accelerating scale).

In fact, planet X, object P 7X, Nemesis system, could function as a cosmological agent for the completion of major cycles on Earth, periodically. IO would be the expression of the Holy Spirit in a name, related to the contraction of the Tetragrammaton IHVH or YHWH itself. And in this case, IO seems to represent, in this new crop circle, a meeting of two forces, as the suggestion of alchemy in the previous crop circle, two energies approaching a "collision of love" (the message of the 04.06.2022 crop circle )

By the way, on 07.24.2020, we had an interesting crop circle that seemed to illustrate the same thing, a double snake on the same arc in the shape of a letter U.

And there is an undeniable similarity between the two, starting from the same shape of the letter U and the circles around the arc, plus the central circle of convergence of the integrated energy (two-headed serpent). The July 12th crop circle, two years later, may be an extension of that in many ways. JP on 07.13.2022

The crop circle chakra

On July 12, 2022, on Pilgrim's Trail (the pilgrim's trail, and the name of the place could not be more suggestive) appears this model of the crown chakra or, by the Hindu term, Sahasrara, which means: Thousand petals lotus

Accompanied by the two-letter code, Om, which is the mantra related to this same chakra, in sixteen lateral circles in a double arc that had in the centre a circle with a strange braided shape. Well, the crown chakra is the seventh and last of the scale of the vortexes of psychic energy of the human being, vibrating in pure white and brilliant violet, the seventh colour/frequency. This chakra actually has 976 rays and is divided into two parts: the flower core, with 12 petals, and the outer crown, with 960 petals.

The crown chakra is lunar, receptive and, for that reason, it was placed in this crescent moon shape (as other crop circles with the same Om theme have associated in the past) and we know that the gland directly related to the power of this highly spiritual chakra is the gland pineal, whose reactivation leads to the development of all your internal powers. The inner circle within the double arc appears to correspond to the intracranial position of the epiphysis (pineal gland) at the centre of the brain, the secret engine of the seventh chakra or seventh orbit of consciousness.

So I ask you: Why are aliens interested in teaching us the ancient keys to awakening consciousness?

Reply: So that we can get in touch with them, since our superior sensory apparatus is all damaged and, like it, our consciousness is at the foot of the Truth, and in that state, in addition to not being able to get in touch with them (through the powers of the mind, such as telepathy, clairvoyant vision, and astral travel), we tend to doubt and make fun of them. And I see that they, with great love and great patience, are still trying to teach a cynical, materialistic and perverse humanity to come out of the state of mental darkness that it has caused itself.

Blessed are the hearts that still try to teach fallen souls the way to true enlightenment in a world where the cult of money and appearances (materialistic culture) reigns supreme. If they were all evil beings, invaders and everything else (as many claim), why would they be teaching us to open our eyes?  Therefore, I guarantee that, at least, the authors of the crop circles are very good, light and truthful. Venusians, as per their signature on decades of the phenomenon.

JP on 13.07.2022


Are Aliens drawing Mercury's Caduceus in crop circles? first argument

The Nervous Center of Enlightenment

The recent July 12 crop circle shows an interesting symmetry between the double arc of the ASCII binary code "Om" with the structure of the human skull and the position of the pineal gland (epiphysis) buried in the center of the brain. Some mirrorings between the images of the skull and the brain radiographed inside it, locating the pineal gland in the center of the brain, and the crop circle image of Pligrim'a Trail, prove to be surprising in their symmetry.

It is as if the crop circle showed the image of the skull from above, and makes the relationship between the pineal gland and the mantra Om, which reverberates powerfully inside the skull and, with its vibration waves, activates the pineal gland in a natural and conscious way. , without the need for any chemical substance, doing it in an unnatural and forced way, opening perceptions in a mind still without awareness and preparation for it (the shortcuts, easier and effortless paths, are enemies of Enlightenment, which is obtained by a daily, patient and solid construction towards real awareness, from the inside out).

Om is the seed mantra of mind enlightenment!

The image also shows the opening of the seventh chakra, connection with the mental Universe, and the nervous center of Enlightenment revealed, the epiphysis or pineal gland, in the brain center, being activated by OM, according to the ancient keys of yogis and meditation masters. If the extraterrestrial messengers have handed over this key, the key of the mantra OM in the view of the skull open and the crown chakra activated, it can only mean a certain urgency in awakening consciousness in the face of events that come to the world, because they certainly know much more. than us about these events. They are not sending this by accident. And I believe there will be even more messages in that direction.

* And they started to arrive, in the two coiled snakes of the recent Lay Wood, Uk crop circle, two days later (14.07.2022)

Are Aliens drawing Mercury's Caduceus in crop circles?
second argument

Om (AUM), the Caduceus key of Mercury in the crop circle

On July 12th, a magnificent crop circle with the ASCII code that spilled two letters: "Om", which is the vocalization of the three Sanskrit letters AUM, the seed mantra of the Universe and which echoes and reverberates in all departments of Creation.

Two days later, on July 14, something like entwined serpents that, placed vertically, accurately illustrate the structure of the Caduceus of Mercury on three levels. As if these two combined crop circles identified the parts of Mercury's Caduceus, now only missing the pair of wings to complete its full meaning. Note the dates, the 12th and 14th, which together produce 26, the Name of the Lord in Kabbalah (YHWH) being 26, adding up to Eight (the structure of the entwined serpents of the Caduceus).

What if we add the total dates?

1 (1+2+7+2+2+2 = 16)
2 (1+4+7+2+2+2 = 18)
1618 (the golden number of the Fibonacci series)
It is still a subtle and surprising numerical development!

e Caduceus of Mercury is an instrument for transmuting internal energies to obtain healing for the body and mind, and if it gives health to the body, it gives enlightenment to the mind. Om (written AUM) is the master key of mantras in conducting practices aimed at awakening the mental faculties. And AUM is similar in structure to the term AUR at the top of the caduceus, which means LIGHT. With AUM (Om) we will produce Light in the mind (AUR).

The two serpents coiled on three levels or floors signify the refining of the three energy planes of human nature, from the bottom up, so that this enlightenment is achieved on the upper, mental floor:

1. Instincts
2. Emotions
3. mind

Placed on top, the Om code crop circle becomes similar to the brain and open mental field receiving all that energy, under the guidance of the power word "Om", and the base power provided by transmutation via root energy polarization. (kundalini) in the two ascending serpents. All that is needed now is a pair of wings to complete the triad of this wonderful message.

Surprising! They are giving the basic keys of Enlightenment and awakening of consciousness to humanity. It is only in the dark and in ignorance whoever wants to. Or who can't... 

Link:- os-aliens-estao-desenhando-o-caduceu-de-mercurio-nos-crop-circles 

JP on 15.07.2022 

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

The latest drawings that appeared show that the crop circle makers want us humans to learn how to improve our consciousness like little kindergarteners.

Two drawings made with Basic Sacred Geometry that will improve our knowledge of the Universe. To do so, each of us must learn to redo the drawings. No matter how long it takes. Additional information about this formation is at my youtube video Crop Circle July 12th. We must learn 

These are my comments in spanish 

Los últimos dibujos aparecidos muestran que los hacedores de crop circle desean que los humanos aprendamos a mejorar nuestra conciencia como niños pequeños de kinder .

Dos dibujos hechos con Geometría Sagrada Básica que mejorará nuestro conocimiento del Universo. Para hacerlo, cada uno de nosotros debemos aprender a rehacer los dibujos. No importa eltiempo que nos tome. La información adicional sobre este dibujo se encuentra en mi video de youtube en youtube.com

Pablo Olivares

This an UPDATE to my comments of formation of July 12th


This is an update to my crop circle comments from July 12th. At the time when I made them, I did not mention that the binary number of the letters OM corresponded, as was mentioned by other people. I did not want to do it directly since in my comments on the drawing of July 9 I told that this drawing transmitted Relaxation, Calm and Patience. Only ten days had passed and in the formation on July 12 I spoke about the wishes of the crop circle makers: "that we humans learn to improve our consciousness... and it will improve our knowledge of the Universe." All this can only be achieved with meditation.

But the Crop Circle makers had already told us how to use the Om voice. Exactly seven years ago, on July 15, 2015, in the town of Hoeven in the Netherlands, we were presented with a drawing with very specific instructions on how to perform the Om invocation. The drawing was made up of 30 circles, and the graphic representation of the Om resembles a number 30. The drawing was made up of a series of 30 circles of four different sizes and did not present a specific pattern. After a couple of years of studies on the crop circle, I came to the conclusion that this combination of four different sizes of circles wanted to teach us different times of invoking the voice Om. Starting with a 20-second summon, it was lowering the time to 15, 10 and 5 seconds. This led me to think that they were communicating a kind of Morse code with Om invocation sounds. Perhaps a way to communicate with beings from another dimension? I invite you to review my video in Spanish of that drawing, which I made on that date. It is located in my youtube video at this address Circulo de grano Julio 15 2015 - Contacto AUM OM 

These are my comments in spanish

Esta es una actualización a mis comentarios del crop circle del 12 de Julio. En ese momento cuando lo hice, no mencioné que correspondía el número binario de las letras OM, como fué mencionado por otras personas.  No quise hacerlo directamente ya que en mis comentarios del dibujo del 9 de Julio les comenté que ese dibujo transmitía Relajación, Calma y Paciencia. Solamente habían pasado diez días y en la formación del 12 de Julio les hablaba de los deseos de los hacedores de crop circle era "que los humanos aprendamos a mejorar nuestra conciencia ... y mejorará nuestro conocimiento del Universo".  Todo esto solamente se logra con meditación. 

Pero ya los hacedores de Crop Circle nos habían indicado de que forma utilizar la voz Om. Hace exactamente siete años, el 15 de Julio del 2015, en la localidad de Hoeven en Holanda, nos presentaron un dibujo con instrucciones  muy especificas de cómo realizar la invocación Om. El dibujo estaba compuesto por 30 circulos, y la representación gráfica del Om asemeja un número 30. El dibujo estaba compuesto por la serie de 30 circulos de cuatro tamaños diferentes y no presentaban un patrón específico. Después de un par de años de reflexión sobre el crop circle, llegué a la conclusión que esa combinación de cuatro tamaños diferentes de circulos nos querían enseñar diferentes tiempos de invocación de la voz Om. comenzando por una invocación de 20 segundos, iba bajando su tiempo a 15 , 10 y 5 segundos. Esto me llevó a pensar que nos estaban comunicando una especie de código Morse con sonidos de invocación Om. Tal vez una forma de comunicarse con seres de  otra dimensión? Los invito a revisar mi video en español de ese dibujo, el cuál realicé en esa fecha. Se encuentra en mi video de youtube en esta dirección https://youtu.be/azBPbuPeMY4 

Pablo C Olivares

Analysing the July 7 occurrence above I observed ,again , a message refering to computer language code (ASCII-American Standard Code for Information Interchange)  

Analysing it we found: 

  1. From the left to the right, and adopting ‘clear little circle ‘ like  0 (zero):


0100 1111  è  0110 1101

      O                       m

  1. From the right to the left, and adopting ‘clear little crop’ = 1


0100 1001   <=   00001101

      I                         next line


And adopting ‘clear little circle’ = 0


1011 0110    <=    1111 0010

  Paragraph                 o (low)


Universe suggests us to practice 2 mantras : OM and Io

Mantra: a word or formula to be recited or sung


OM : a spiritual song for energetic cleaning , harmony, deep Peace, removing negativity and toxicity


Io : Italian ‘I’ , where we ask to Universe something for our own needs.

Is a 432 Hz mantra, exemples:

    Io mérito (I deserve)

    Io sono sano (I am healthy)

    Io sono la luce (I am the light)


CAETANO VASTO July/13/2022


This crop circle, as noted by the others above, refers to Tibetan Buddhism. This religion is practiced in Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia and much of Central Asia. Adherents can be found even in the West due to refugees fleeing the Chinese invasion of 1949. Marked persecution and suppression by the Chinese followed, and there might be a question whether this crop circle alludes to it 

Interpreting, the outer ring represents the day side of earth. The central circle represents one or more impact points for comet fragments. No comet will strike in this part of the world according to prior crop circles. This central circle is mysterious since it seems to contain a coded message, perhaps identifying where the comet fragments are actually  intended to strike. Two fragments are shown connected by a line. The line indicates that these fragments have been artificially moved by the aliens to strike as intended. See Section 3 of my free ebook - "Indications of Movement."  There is no reason to presume these fragments appear at the same time or originate from the same comet. Both the day side (the light circles) and the night side (the dark circles) are indicated for each fragment. Also, each fragment possesses a coma, which is composed of various gases surrounding the solid body. .For water vapor, the coma begins to form after the body has passed the Asteroid Belt and is nearing Mars. See Section  5 - "Coma Development" of my free ebook.  

The Buddhist symbol for yin and yang also appears in crop circles. For example, ITA (10/06/10), page 87, GBR (98/07/04), page 116, and GBR (20/05/30), page 312. 

Kenneth Heck

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Gumercindo Gonzalez

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike