Owl House, Nr White Horse Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire. Reported 4th June

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“L-ove” in ASCII computer code at Hackpen Hill on June 4, 2022!  

The new crop picture on June 4, 2022 shows four 8-bit characters in ASCII computer code for “L-ove”.

Flattened circles are “zeros”, while standing circles are “ones”.

Reading towards the Hackpen Hill White Horse, we can see: 

0100-1100  “L” (hyphen)

0110-1111  “o”

0111-0110  “v”

0110-0101  “e” 

This means that, once the crop artists arrive and land, humans on planet Earth will be guided by a new principle of “Love”, unlike how we live today.  Other computer codes similar in style to this were drawn in crops at Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011, or at Torino, Italy on June 23, 2015.  

Best wishes to everyone there! With love, Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) in Sydney



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He appeared at Owl House, near White Horse Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, England, exactly today, the 4th of June, the date which also translates the Tetragrammaton (4). a number filled with power, because it universally deals with the four-letter Name of God:
YHVH And the sentence we've been working on for some time here:

Y (I) H (A) W (O) H

The IAO sounding of the Name of God.  Owl House is the name of the place where this new object appeared, which looks like a letter M or W, depending on the direction you look at, with four lines of 32 circles, light and dark, thus composing four axes of ASCII binary code that can be easily transposed to letters, numbers and other characters. Even because many of these codes have already appeared before in the English fields. 

And in 2022, argument 22 of the year which also adds up to 4, this style appears again. Remembering that, on May 22, that crop circle appeared in the shape of a cross, and the date 22 also adds up to 4.  And this cross crop circle marked a 16-day sequence that ends tomorrow, June 5, and opens on 06.06.2022, another date with an interesting numeral arrangement:


And before the May 22 crop circle, another one appeared, on April 24, in England, also with the 4 or cross pattern. There is certainly a clear intent of REPETITION of the template here, whether the number four or the symbol of the Cross. Interestingly, we have been talking a lot about the Name YHWY in recent studies targeting our next spiritual stream, and it seems to me that these crop circles point in the same direction. Incidentally, if we take this new object (a lightning bolt, zigzag or letter) in the form of the character W, behold, the letter W participates in the sacred Name YHWH, its third letter, of value 6 (and the reference to 6.6.2022 next ). They are chains of symbols in a unified message, by the way, as they always do. I have also observed relationships with the Templar Cross symbol in the form of the signature of the infiltrators, those end-time missionaries who arrive for the great harvest.
Noting that the four bars form an arrangement 13 (1-3), that is, three continuous bars and one bar with separation, which again reinforces the argument of the Cross of Christ (13, Arcanum of death, of transformation).


We have four lines of binary codes, with groups of 8 light and dark circles that can be associated with the ASCII code used in the binary language of computers.


Apparently, in this arrangement (below) from left to right, the only code that makes sense according to the characters used in the ASCII code is the letter Y, precisely the first of the Tetragrammaton or Sacred Name YHVH. 

We can reverse the direction of the code:


But none of these codes are used in ASCII code for numbers and letters or other known characters. We can try to analyze the value of binary numbers converted to decimals.

01011001 (89)
10010001 (145)
00001001 (9)
11001101 (205)

This adds up to 89+145+9+205 = 448


10011010 (154)
10001001 (137)
10010000 (144)
10110011 (179)

This adds up to 154+137+144+179 = 614

These numbers house three important references in Kabbalah and codes related to YHWH, among them

144 - the key number of Revelation in chapters multiples of seven (7, 14, 21), speaking of the 144,000 chosen ones and the measurements of the Holy City, Jerusalem. The number 137 is from the Hebrew word Kabbalah itself (QBLH) while 614 refers us to the famous code Genesis, chapter 6, verse 14, when God gives Noah the work of the Ark!

Ark, harvest, ransom, Holy Name, Cross, Christ, YHWH, 144... it all seems very connected to me here. And adding the two extra numbers together, 154+179 = 333, a strange combination that leads us to the 3:33 mystery of the hour portals... So, this second model of numbers, counted from right to left (exactly the same writing sense of the Hebrew language, the basis of Kabbalah, is what seems to make the most sense, after all 

The Code of LOVE in the crop circle

The solution came soon after, and it is quite simple. Other researchers have surely arrived at this result. However, if we reverse the pattern, making the white circles the ZERO and the dark circles the ONE, then the code reveals itself (read from right to left, like Hebrew, being):

01001100 (L)
01101111 (o)
01110110 (v)
01100101 (e)


An important message, which fits with the previous codes of the inverted binaries (white circle = 1, dark circle = 0) and Bible numbers (137, 144, 641) God is love. YHVH is Love. The Lord of the Cross is Love.

And LOVE has four letters, like YHVH.

the crop circle code did not show up casually on June 4th. The tetragrammaton, the cross, the Name of the God of Love.

This date was purposeful, and if we add the 32 days ahead (one day for each circle of the code), we arrive at the 6th of July, which is when the Sun aligns with Sirius. And we should expect news until then.

The Star of the Light of Christianity and of the greatest Love. This LOVE that arrives like a ray of divine light from the Heights of the Universe GOD. Like a seal on the foreheads of your Children in this dark world. The letter M stands for Mother, Mary, Love incarnate beside her Son, and her energy descends to the world like a lightning bolt (zigzag symbol) that descends from Sirius' mental field to the world. And that ray of light and love has a name and will mark the foreheads of his Children. Those 144,000 who made love their Law in life. 

JP on 06.05.2022

The Light that descends from the Mother Star

The ray of LOVE descending from the central Sun on the appointed day On July 6th. This follows the recent crop circle code that, in inverted standard ASCII binary code, generated the word Love, in the form of a lightning bolt, a zigzag, an energy in motion. 

The date chosen, June 4, for the crop circle, was calculated in such a way that, in addition to producing the relationship with the Tetragrammaton and the most sacred divine Name in the Bible, YHWH, in analogy with the Cross and its symbolisms, it projects forward by 32 days (the number of circles in the crop circle code) to the 6th of July, when, on this day, Sun and Sirius align, at the 14th degree of the sign Cancer.

Every year, between the 6th and 8th of July, this alignment takes place. But this year, it will be on July 6th. And the crop circle code accurately measured. The ray of the Mother star (Sirius, and the letter M for Mother in the code) is descending from the depths of the sky, from that Star of all Christendom, Star of Bethlehem, to reach us on Earth according to the ENERGY OF LOVE. Until then, I believe that on that day, and in the days before, new messages will confirm all this. 

JP 04.06.2022

Love is coming!

Looking at the Owl House crop circle from other angles, it presents other symmetries, in addition to the letter M, or W, or even the shape of a lightning bolt, like a rune. It looks a lot like a ladder, and the code LOVE (love) inserted into it in four binary numbers (used in computer ASCII language) is placed descending from the rungs of the ladder. 

Is what it seems.

And I can think of no other image to express this sentence than the Descent of the Greater Love incarnate, Jesus Christ, under the times of prophecies, encountering chaos and darkness involving the vast majority of souls on this planet. After all, light shines brightest in darkness when it is most needed.

So I would increase the expression "Love" to

The Love that comes from the stars, from the Mother star, Sirius (considered a female deity among various peoples of the past, such as Egypt and the Dogons of Africa), from the Christ light of the Star of Bethlehem, etc.

The parallel with the heavenly staircase in Jacob's dream is important. First, because this ladder-shaped crop circle has a 1-3 division in its levels.

And in Hebrew, the word LADDER (SLM) is worth exactly 130.

And Mount Sinai (SINI), where Moses ascended and "God" descended, meeting Him in an intermediate dimension between Heaven and Earth that the common people could not reach (the vibration), but only Moses, is also worth 130! Double this and we will have 130+130 = 260, the number of days of the most important calendar of the Mayans, the Tzolkin, calendar of a sacred nature, composed of months of 20 days and 13 shades, also used with this argument of raising human consciousness in direct connection with the cosmic forces circulating in the models of those very advanced calendars and given to the Mayans by Venusians!

These are important connections that give us the understanding of the ladder as an access of consciousness to the higher levels of the soul, related to the key to heaven, the Cross, the Name, the secret of the Tetragrammaton that opens dimensional doors and builds stairs, bridges, temples, pyramids. . Which also has four faces and a square base, all converging towards the sky!

Why did the messengers divide the letters in this way? L - ove (1-3)? To make a connection with arcanum 13, the arcanum of the cross (1+3), of the passion of the Savior of the world? 

After all, up to the present moment, crop circles with numbers 4 and cross shape have predominated. And for the third time, the tetragrammaton is evoked here.

Not to mention the mystery of the many ready-made stairs appearing in the middle of uninhabited forests, since 2021, as in a sequel to the phenomenon of monoliths. Stairs and monoliths have the same context of connection between heaven and Earth, a bridge connecting dimensions, and this bridge is used after all, by the divine since the beginning of time, both to reach this world and to depart from here.

And I believe that the Love that arrives has the same invitation for us. Up the stairs where He descends, now. But to climb those stairs, or the hills, when those days came, you have to raise your personal vibration. When LOVE becomes the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN! Hence the exhortation so current and eternal from WATCH AND PRAY for times as evil and tenebrous as this. This crop circle seems an echo of the same phenomena and prophecies, after all. And others will come, perhaps some quite significant around the time of the Sun-Sirius alignment, between the 6th and 7th of July of every year. Perhaps another "sign" of LOVE WALKING DOWN THE HEAVENLY STAIRS to fulfill what it promised 2000 years ago... and LOVE never fails!

Love is coming!
And He has a name: Jesus Christ! 


"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world as a witness to all nations, and then the end will come. When therefore ye shall see the abomination of desolation, of which Daniel the prophet spoke, standing in the holy place; whoever reads, understand; So let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains." Matthew 24:14-16

Astronomical connection - Cassiopeia in the crop circle

Cassiopeia (abbreviation: Cas) is a constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere. The genitive, used to form names for stars, is Cassiopeiae. The neighboring constellations, according to the current standardization, are Giraffe, Cepheus, Lizard, Andromeda and Perseus. Cassiopeia is a W-shaped constellation located in the northern celestial hemisphere. This constellation has about thirty stars that are visible to the naked eye, in addition to others, and the five main ones, which form the design of the letter W.

Alpha Cassiopeiae (also known as Shedir) is part of the W, is the brightest star in the entire constellation and has a reddish colour.  Gamma Cassiopeiae is in the center of the W design, that is, in the middle of the main stars, and is the third with the most light. The W, or M, is also formed by Beta Cassiopeiae, Delta Cassiopeiae and Epsilon Cassiopeiae.

Mythological association

The figure formed by the stars near the constellation Cepheus resembles that of a human figure seated on a throne – only upside down. For the Greeks, this represented punishment for a severe crime, and they soon associated this constellation with the myth of Cassiopeia: the vain Ethiopian queen who compared her beauty to that of the Nereids, among whom was Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon. As punishment, the god of the seas demanded that her daughter, Andromeda, be sacrificed to the monster Ceto (a beast of the waters, today interpreted as a whale) so that her country would not be flooded by the raging storms of Poseidon.  The parallel with the new four-line crop circle in binary code starts with the letter W and the amount of about 30 stars in its total constellation body. 

First message:

First, an astronomical connection with the day of the crop circle, June 4th, in the early hours of the morning, when Mars and Jupiter gathered in the constellation of Pisces, aligned with Cassiopeia, in the celestial (northern) boreal hemisphere. This conjunction was very significant, and it happened exactly between the 29th and 30th of May, 4 days before the crop circle (which can also mean 4 days after that conjunction). Venus and Saturn are in close proximity to the sky, all rising before sunrise at this time of year. 

Second message:

She is associated with the myths around Cassiopeia, who may represent the current humanity, vain, arrogant, defying the gods and, as punishment, will be sacrificed to the telluric forces (represented by the undersea monster). Something like the memory of the "first deluge" for arrogant humanity, which will sink into its waters, with all its foolish vanities. And if the word LOVE appears in the sign, it is because the Love of God also manifests itself in its punishment, when it is intended to heal the world of its own evils... rather for the ingratitude of the world. This is a small demonstration of the great flexibility of interpretations of the same symbol, overlapping layers within a much larger and comprehensive context. After all, we are dealing with archetypes, which allow this diversity of concepts within the same symbol purposely inserted at a given moment and under a given sky:-  conexao-astronomica-cassiopeia-no-crop-circle

JP 06.06.2022

The Tetragrammaton hidden code in the crop circle

This crop circle key appeared on the 4th of June, and with ASCII computer code, simple and direct, with the bars read from right to left (as in Semitic languages, among which, Hebrew, foundation of Kabbalah) we have the word Love, in the English language (Love). And all those interpretations obtained before.


But now, I expose a hidden code, based on the method of the Bible code itself, which takes the original text of the Old Testament, especially the first five books (the Pentateuch of Moses) and, by skipping regular intervals in the body of the letters, obtains derived words. hidden in the text itself. I used the rule exposed in the crop circle, which separated a line from the other three lines by a dash.

So, I took the number series in a single stream of 32 numbers, and I jumped three by three numbers, that is, I mark one number and jump three to get the next one, and so on, until I complete the 32 points. And the starting point was the circle marked in the figure, the one that divides the four bars in two, the exact middle of the sequence, with 16 circles before and 16 circles after. And I started counting from it, jumping in the reverse direction of the first encoding, that is, from left to right, and I got four derived sequences:

01110110 (v)
00111000 8
00000000 (null)
01011111 (space)

I tried other combinations and series of jumps, two on two, four on four, five on five, but only this combination, three on three, and in the given direction, produced this strange result, summarizing the code in just: "8v"

A number and a letter. Incidentally, the letter "v" was the only one repeated from the original code, "Love", the third letter, and Venus was considered the third orbit of the astrological sky in antiquity. The other two codes obtained, surprisingly, produced null values. The first aligned everything to zero (00000000) and the second, produced an ASCII code that stands for whitespace. What could "8v" mean to us in association with the word Love?

Interestingly, in Mayan calendar symbols, seal 8 is called Lamat, which relates to Venus (v, the star of Love). And, by extension, 8 becomes the asterisk, a star symbol since the Sumerian alphabet. Today is 08.06.2022 which, in a way, relates to the geometric progression of the crop circle since the 4th (4/6 + 4 = 8/6)  And in transposing letters to numbers and vice versa, one of the central arguments of Kabbalah, the day 6/8 can become "8v", because v is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet (Vav). And if crop circles are Venusian, the 8v code can tell us a lot in its extreme simplicity. Like today.

JP on 06.08.2022

 M for Messiah!

We have lived in Messianic times, no doubt. And there in Israel, speculations about a new messiah that is already circulating on the scene, to be presented in the Third Temple, which would already be ready, in the year 2023, explode. All very close to the approach of the object P 7X, Nibiru, Nemesis, Absyntho or something similar, value of the Red Dragon of the Apocalypse, all of this appearing AT THE SAME TIME and in a scenario of chaos on Earth, which would characterize the return of the Messiah and the impending rapture. Well, on June 4th, this crop circle code appeared in England, and from it we extracted many connections from the main reading: the four-letter binary code, according to the ASCII code of computers.


I also made relationships with the sacred Tetragrammaton, and now M de Maria has given me another name: M for Messiah, or Moshiach in Hebrew. MShICh whose value is 358. Same value as NChSH, Serpent (358) illustrating the eternal duality Christ x Antichrist in Kabbalah arguments. Well, if we make the sum 358 + 33 (number associated with Christ), we have the value 391, which is the name of Yeshua, and its relationship with the name of Joshua, Ióshua, in the Old Testament, changing only the Masoretic vocalization of the same name structurally speaking:

IHUShHw (Jousé, Jesus) = 391

Therefore, MShICh + 33 = 358 + 33 = IHUShHw (391) Or Messiah + 33 = Jesus! And the number of small circles in the crop circle code is 32, almost 33!

Very significant, don't you think? Furthermore, according to the aforementioned crop circle, the code was written in four bars with eight points each, adding up to 32 points (circles) alternating on/off patterns. Now, counting from the 4th of June (the day of the crop circle), the date we reach will be the 6th of July, when the Sun and Sirius align in the sky. And Sirius is the Star of Bethlehem, the capital of Light, symbolic spiritual Israel, or heavenly Jerusalem, associated with Christianity for ages long before Jesus took on this new Christ Avatar in Israel 2000 years ago.

This would explain the M for Messiah encoded in the word LOVE and in the ray that descends from his Star, after all, the so-called "Star of Jacob", according to the Old Testament prophecies: "A star will rise from Jacob; a scepter will rise from Israel. He will crush the foreheads of Moab and the skulls of all the descendants of Seth." Numbers 24:17“ The Zohar, the foundation of Jewish esoteric learning, describes the Star of Jacob in great detail.

” After forty days, when the pillar rises from the earth to heaven in the eyes of the whole world and the Messiah appears, a star will rise in the east, shining in all colors, and seven other stars will surround that star. And they will war about it. "

If the arrival of the Messiah is linked to the new "Star" (Nibiru, Nemesis) rising in the east with the Sun, this part of the Zohar also seems to me closer and closer to confirmation. The Messiah of Love is coming to the world. And the world will react with hatred, violence and destruction before Him, unfortunately. Because the Light shines in the darkness... but the darkness did not know it! 

JP on 11.06.2022


Signatures of the cross and tetragrammaton in crop circles 2022

Especially in the first crop circles of 2022, I have noticed a pattern related to the cross and the tetragrammaton, not only in the images but in the dates. Today is June 13th, and the 13th is associated with the cross.

Remembering that the year is 2022, final 22, which in Hebrew Kabbalah is associated with the SIGN OF THE CROSS, called Tau, letter T, which is a sign of the cross older than the Christian cross itself and its symbolism as a mark of salvation (as actually it was in the time of Moses, as the origin of the TAU was given during Passover, the night the Angel of Death freed the Hebrews from captivity in Egypt, because Moses had commanded his people to anoint their doors and windows with the blood of lambs. sacrificed.

The parallel with the Christian Easter has always been very evident, and everything indicates that the 2022 crop circles (22, Tau, cross) follow this pattern with a similar type of message, since humanity has been living the worst of slavery since there were civilization on the face of the Earth. The moment really calls for important signs!


The Universe's message of Love coming to an end?

It seems so.

We are close to the June Solstice and very few crop circles compared to previous years, because, at the height, in the old days, we would already have about 30 to 40 objects at that time of year...

But so far, four modest objects and the last of them, M for Mary, M for Messiah or simply, M for message... 32 years of sending intelligent messages to the world since the first coded pictogram, which appeared in England on May 23 1990, 32 years ago. And the recent crop circle forming the letter M (message) and the word Love is made up of 32 small circles, the same number of years since 1990 and the first codes. The Message of Love is closing its channel, no doubt.
What will come into the world after the messenger has delivered his last warning letter? I think we all know the answer..

 JP on 13.06.2022

The Two Poles of Love

And because of that, that crop circle in the shape of the letter M, which encoded the word L.o.v.e. (Love) only makes sense if doubled, which generates the similarity with the astrological symbol of the sign 11, Aquarius and the double ray, stylizing similarity with the Egyptian hieroglyph for the water element, related to the god Apis, linked to the blessed waters of the river Nile, the gift of Egypt, which is also related to the sign of Aquarius and the deity of the cosmic amphora of Wisdom that flows abundantly from your soul-channel of the Creator.

And Aquarius is the sign of friendship, the purest love there is, close to unconditional love (called Agape in the New Testament), which has no sexual interest, in the other person's body, appearance, money. Friendship is the very root of Christic love in essence, unconditional love itself, which is only interested in the good of the friend. For this reason, this duplicate crop circle becomes the astrological symbol of Aquarius, and it makes more sense when understanding Love flowing between two souls, two hearts... two friends!

Jesus announced himself FRIEND to the apostles, and he celebrated the greatest and purest of feelings in friendship. "You are my friends, if you do what I command you." John 15:14  "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

JP on 14.07.2022

 Saturn retrograde = 'evoL' (inverted 'Love') 



This creative crop circle spells out the word "LOVE:" in ASCII computer code. What it would spell if the ones and zeros were reversed isn't clear. However, the eight bits needed to indicate a letter obviously refer to the eight comets which will be interacting with the earth and sun in the future. 

The small line immediately after the letter "L" represents the occasion when the aliens nudge a comet out of its normal orbit to begin its  journey to earth impact. The next change in direction at the end of the letter "O" indicates a close approach to a gas planet to gain a gravity boost. The third change in direction represents the comet traveling around the sun to head toward earth impact. 

The symmetrical form of this circle suggests the two periods of comet activity - four this century and four in the 23rd century. 

What do the aliens mean by love? It takes love of some significance for a sperm cell to impregnate an egg cell. The same concept applies to a comet striking the earth. So, the aliens apparently love humanity and the earth enough to bring forth new species through a series of comet strikes.   All this is explained in my free ebook at theheckhypothesis.com

From what we generally know of alien interactions over the years, love doesn't appear to be their top priority. The aliens creating crop circles must be a special breed. Those who regard comet strikes as only terroristic and intrinsically deadly, may say we on earth are being spanked for  our bad behaviour by the father aliens because they truly love us. These people (the vast majority of the population) will be unable to believe in 

the positive aspect of the entire alien operation, and will reject the aliens' love for them. See GBR(10/09/26), pg.138, GBR (00/07/15), pg 147, GBR (01/07/17), pg. 148, GBR (04/07/22), pg. 151 and others. 

Kenneth Heck

We are now planning concrete steps of our evolutionary path for the next 9 months

Formation from 4 June 2022 at Оwl House, nr White Horse Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 4 June 2022 is a day with the Solar Seal Red Earth with Tone 4, in the White Wizard wavespell, in the Red Castle with main energy Yellow Seed, in the Yellow Seed year with Tone 3.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed - Awareness, Target, Flowering
Electric Tone 3 - Activation, Bonding, Service
Red Earth - Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Self-Existing Tone 4 - Define, Form, Measure
White Wizard –Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Blue Hand - Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Red SerpentLife Force, Instinct, Survival
White Mirror - Reflection, Infinity, Order, Truth

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At the beginning of the new Tzolkin module we plant the Seeds from which by the end of Tzolkin a new Human will grow – with new qualities that we are now formulating. The formation consists of 32 small circles that represent seeds and symbolize the energy Yellow Seed. The number 32 represents the energy Yellow Human. Kin (day) 32 in the Tzolkin module has the Solar Seal Yellow Human.

4 June 2022 is the 17th day from the beginning of the New Harmonic Module Tzolkin of 260 days (about 9 months). This is a day of the first Red Castle of Tzolkin - the Court of Birth. Now, at the beginning of the new Tzolkin module we plant the Seeds, from which until the end of Tzolkin we will grow as a new Human. Our Seeds are our ideas, thoughts, words, dreams, intentions, actions, etc. Our seeds are holograms, programs for development on a personal and on social level.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Yellow Seed year with Tone 3

On the formation we see 4 chains of seeds: on the left a group of 3 chains and on the far right a fourth chain separated from the first three. The group of 3 seed chains symbolizes YELLOW SEED with Tone 3 – the main energy of the current Yellow Seed year with Tone 3. These 3 chains include 24 seeds. The number 24 symbolizes additionally the energy Yellow Seed: Kin 24 in Tzolkin has the Solar Seal Yellow Seed. The fourth chain of 8 seeds symbolizes the energy Yellow Star - Solar Seal No. 8, this is the Guiding energy of the current Yellow Seed year with Tone 3.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The White Wizard wavespell

The four chains contain a total of 32 seeds: 14 light and 18 dark.

The number 14 symbolizes the energy WHITE WIZARD (Solar Seal No. 14) – the main energy of the current White Wizard wavespell.

The number 18 symbolizes the energy WHITE MIRROR (Solar Seal No. 18).

The formation is located at the Owl House. In my opinion this place was chosen intentionally. As well known, the Owl is the traditional companion of The Wizard!

Red Collie explains that this crop picture shows four 8-bit characters in ASCII computer code for “L-ove”. Flattened circles are “zeros”, while standing circles are “ones”:

0100-1100  “L” (hyphen)
0110-1111  “o”
0111-0110  “v”
0110-0101  “e”

Source: hackpen commentsl

This is a wonderful message that is entirely in line with the "requirement" for a White Wizard: a person can become a White Wizard only if he opens his heart to Love! The energy of the White Wizard makes us more receptive to the subtle cosmic energies. We perceive more directly vibrations, impulses, information from the world's energy and information field. We also become more receptive to the Truth that we associate with the White Mirror energy. And the White Wizard belongs to the White clan of Truth.

The White Wizard is a shamanic energy. It helps us to direct the cosmic energies with the power of our thoughts. Energy follows thought. We choose a goal or a problem, we direct our thoughts there, in this way we direct the cosmic energies and they do the work: this is how we create Magic! The White Wizard wavespell is a very appropriate time to consider in detail what we want to achieve by the end of Tzolkin. The White Mirror, the energy of Reflection, helps us to realize our plans.

The whole formation resembles a snake and thus symbolizes the energy RED SERPENT - the Supporting energy of the White Wizard. The Red Serpent is the energy of the Life Force, it unites the 4 great forces of the Creator, which alternate in the following order:

Red energy – Yin - element Earth – Beginning
White energy – Yang - element Air – Refining
Blue energy – Yin - element Water – Transformation
Yellow energy – Yang - element Fire - Ripening

The Mayan name of the Red Snake is Chic-Chan, sounds like Yin-Yang; -). On the formation, the "body of the serpent" curves in a zig-zag. So goes our path of Evolution of Consciousness: once left, once right, trying to achieve Harmony. In the White Wizard wavespell the energy Red Serpent energizes our Seeds with the Life Force.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Day of the Red Earth with Tone 4

4 June 2022 is a day with the Solar Seal Red Earth with Tone 4. The whole formation consists of 4 chains of seeds. The number 4 symbolizes Tone 4 – the Tone of the day As already mentioned, the formation is located at Owl House. And the Owl is the totem animal of Tone 4! The choice of the location is clearly not accidental at all. The seed chains allow separations in different ways. I think the following option is very logical:

The first and the second chain, A and B, include a total of 17 seeds, and the third chain C includes 7 seeds. The number 17 symbolizes the Energy RED EARTH (Solar Seal No. 17) - the energy of the day. The Red Earth is also the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed. The number 7 symbolizes the energy BLUE HAND (Solar Seal No. 7) -the Challenging energy of the Red Earth.

Blue Hand is the energy of Knowledge and Accomplishment. And Red Earth is the energy of Evolution. We act according to the Knowledge we have.  We gather experiences, analyze them, and thus achieve Awareness. These grains of Awareness create the Evolution of Consciousness.

On 26 July 2022 begins the 4th year of the current 13-year cycle of the White Wizard.

Red Earth with Tone 4 is the fourth day of the White Wizard wavespell, so this energy will play a very important role in the New Year!

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Yellow Human - Road, ladder

The formation resembles also a path, a road and steps of a ladder. In this way is depicted the energy YELLOW HUMAN. The Mayan name for the Yellow Human is "Eb" and it literally means "ladder". Another traditional meaning of this Solar Seal is "Road". The Road symbolizes the life spiral that Mayans call the ladder leading to Heaven, to the crown of creation.  Climbing the ladder was a spiritual journey that everyone must go through. This journey became known as the Road of Life. This  Road is the sacred path that propels us forward on the course of self-realization and life fulfillment.   The essence of Eb is not so much about traveling on a road as becoming the Road yourself.   The formation shows a path of seeds. Now we are planting Seeds – and they represent the hologram of the Road we want to take to the end of the new Tzolkin. Thus, our seeds are the hologram for the Human we want to become.

Each circle, each "seed" of the formation, represents one step, one specific action on our Evolutionary Road. Over the next 9 months, we grow as a new Human who symbolically merges with the Source on the last day of Tzolkin, this is Kin 260 Yellow Cosmic Sun, which symbolizes the Source in its fullness. Cordial thanks to the authors of this amazing formation and to all the photographers!

Photo courtesy of Nick Bull

Maya Todorova

Varda Sarnat

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike