Herepath, Nr Avebury Stone circle, Wiltshire. Reported 2nd July

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A spectacular new crop picture near Avebury on July 2, 2021 seems to show the “hexagonal storm on Saturn”. Why did they draw this particular field image of a “STORM” for us to see now?  

Each of 6 spiral arms from its large hexagonal shape has been subdivided into 17 lateral “slices”. 

There are approximately 13 zigzag motifs within the fallen lay of green wheat, outside of each of 6 sides of its “hexagon” (a precise number is difficult to count from aerial photographs alone): 

Two other crop pictures in September of 2020 warned us about an upcoming “storm” (see Roundway Articles or   Chirton Articles).

Another crop picture with “6 hexagons” was drawn in a similar location near Avebury on July 24, 2005 (see  

In summary, will we experience a STORM of some kind (political, geological or astronomical) on Earth soon, or are the crop artists just being “artistic”? Let us watch the skies and crops to learn more!  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Herepath and the Vortex that opens the portal!

Herepath, Nr Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire on July 2, 2021

A rotating vortex based on hexagons of different sizes, rotating according to an arithmetic progression of rays, creating this incredible effect in a highly complex geometry filled with meaning.

Difficult to punctuate or fix a Hexagon within a restricted symbology as, in Sacred Geometry, it represents many things...from the concept of the six-pointed Macrocosmic Star to representing the Six Days (or six cosmic periods) of Creation.

The Hexagram is the elementary figure of Sacred Geometry, and in the ratio between PI and the radius of the circumference, the geometer draws the hexagon on the circle from the measure of the radius.

This property of relationship between circle and hexagram is the basis of all sacred geometry, as its fundamental cell, from which other important geometries and geometric matrices were derived, such as the Merkabah, Metatron's Cube and the Flower of Life, among others. .

Here, we have a vortex model that awakens based on multiple hexagrams in progression of rays, rotating clockwise.

Remembering that the SUN, in Kabbalah, is numbered in the Sixth Order of the Sephirotic Tree, the heart and golden centre of the System, and that these crop circles, with such a retraction, have appeared before, in previous seasons, to indicate solar storms, explosions, and events in the Sun, with absolute precision.

What can be repeated with this new figure.

There are many connections to be explored within the Universe of Sacred Geometry, however, we have to start from an initial reference point to objectively locate the message content of this new crop circle. 

So let's go to the structural data of this beautiful crop circle, which breathes geometry.

Internal number of total rays of the Multiple Hexagram

Each vortex wave has 16 rays projecting an expansive shape of this clockwise rotating figure.

These 16 rays created by a progressive series of hexagons linked in an clockwise rotation still received the tracing of internal waves, like a spiral, reinforcing the sensation of an open vortex of energy, as in a PORTAL.

External number of teeth on edge

Because of the inaccuracy of the images, it seemed to me to count 13 or 14 teeth on each side of the outer hexagon, which produces a total outer ring with 78 (6x13) or 84 (6x14) teeth, and I think this is a counting message. time related to the high energy event that awakens (related to the geometry of the crop circle).

The message clearly speaks of a vortex of energy that awakens and kicks into action.
We can relate this vortex to the symbolic figures mentioned above, portals, energetic whirlwinds on the Sun, or even hurricanes, volcanoes and events on Earth.

And the outer number of teeth on the edge, like a gear, time gear (which, by the way, is also a spiral) can be locating the event (or events) in days, 78 days from now (or 84 days), depending on the exact number of those teeth (the images do not allow an accurate count).

If it's 78 days, counting from today, July 2nd, that falls on September 17th.

If it's 84 days, that falls on the 23rd of September (and that day is most likely because it's the day of the September Equinox, in fact, an important day for the Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen Itzá, Mexico, solar calendar aligned to this day, when the Sun then projects seven triangles of light and seven of shadow running along the sides of the staircase, simulating the descent or ascent of the Plumed Serpent (Quetzalcoatl-Kukulkan) through the pyramid's staircase, and all these represent the dimensional portals between the cosmic spheres.

And that allows us to associate this hexagonal vortex crop circle with a cosmic solar portal. And indeed, along some mystical lines, we are about to enter the phase of the solar portal that opens during this time of year, as well as the Sirius portal, due to the alignments between these two stars, our local star and the parent star ( Sirius) of our civilization.

Crop circles aligning with the day of the September Equinox are relatively common, as are the marker crops circles of the June Solstice, 21.
This time, the vortex-hexagram model aligned itself with the DAY OF THE PYRAMID OF THE FEATHERED SERPENT and with the meaning of VORTEX-PORTAL.

The Portal, the Eye of God and the Monolith Connection

It is possible to reach the secret of the Portal contained in this crop circle through some elements gathered together. Along with the geometric model of the hexagonal vortex coming into activity and expanding spiral-shaped energies, the number of inner rays of the progressive hexagons is sixteen.

This number is always used in these arcana of geometry to talk about Portals because of the meaning of the tarot card of the same value:
The Tower of God.

Tower with the same symbolic value as Sacred Mountain, Pyramid, temple, obelisk, monolith, the connecting axes between Earth and Heaven.
Dimensional portal opening technologies.

However, the same Hebrew letter 16 is called Hwain, meaning EYE.
Portals are like the Eye of God, accesses to the divine worlds, like the proposal of the Tower of Babel, which was prevented by God from proceeding in the plans of humans.

Incredible images from the Philadelphia project, which are said to have opened contact portals with the fourth dimension from an experimental ship, registered a resemblance to large eyes.

The Eye at the Top of the Pyramid is an Illuminati representation for this type of technology to access divine worlds, tried from the earliest peoples (as recorded in Genesis 11, in the Tower of Babel) and sought in our time through advanced technologies such as the CERN-LHC.

Even the format of the Avebury Stone Circle site resembles the circular model of the LHC, which could be a suggestion when choosing the location here.

Two monoliths have already shown images with the Eye of Horus, and attached messages.
The monolith is similar to the Obelisk, they speak of the same thing: access portals to the higher planes or hidden dimensions of nature.

If crops circles and monoliths come from the same intelligence, and these intelligences are not from this world, they are talking about energy portals (in addition to energy events in the Sun and Earth represented by energy vortices).

As such, dates appear to be being set.
Probably September 23, when the feathered Serpent descends from the sky through the Pyramid portal.

Whether this is symbolism or literal action, we will know.

Herepath is the name of the place in England where the object appeared.

A herepath or herewag is a military road (literally, an army road) in England, typically dating back to the 9th century CE.

An indirect suggestion for wars?

If we separate the words into HERE-PATH, it translates:

Here, the path.
The way to the portals? 

JP 02.07.2021

Herepath and the Tunnel-Portal

Look at the picture.
By placing a cubic structure aligned with the vortex, it looks like we are seeing behind the 3D window the behavior of dimensional changes when we change the vibratory patterns of consciousness and awareness (like the rungs of a ladder).

A vortex defines an energy difference. It governs, for example, the generation of hurricanes, created by climatic masses of different temperatures that collide with each other.

This same concept exists in the matter of dimensional passages, or portals.
Two different dimensions have, by definition, different vibrational levels of energy.

Every portal is characterized by these lines, that is, every portal assumes an energy vortex that demonstrates a difference in vibration (or dimensional temperature).

It means a POINT OF TRANSITION in cosmic Space-Time.
People who travel in the astral body or who go through the near-death experience (NDE) report tunnels in their extraphysical visions, and these tunnels are real, representing the dimensional shift to mental perception from the third to the fifth dimension.

Our Herepath crop circle says: This is the path, the Leap to higher dimensions. By changing the frequency or standard vibration of each dimension (according to the clear representation of the hexagonal matrix used in this new crop circle).

The eye of the hurricane, in the centre of the crop circle, represents THE OTHER SIDE transposed by the dimensional traveller descending the steps of the cosmic staircase. 

Herepath and Tarot Coordinates

In this pure vortex-portal geometry in the most recent hexagonal crop circle, we see a purposeful numbering in the same vortex structure.

There are 16 rays dividing 17 internal sectors in each wave of the vortex.

That is, a completely intentional transition from 16 to 17 in this reading in relation to the Tarot. Because, if arcane 16 tells us about the Tower of access to heaven, arcane 17 tells us about the star that is reached through that tower... pyramid, mountain, sacred temple, bridge, ladder, monolith, portal!

Magic or technology, it doesn't matter, what matters is noting that these readings coincide with other readings from previous crop circles in an incredible repetition of patterns, suggesting a knowledge repeated by base and a renewed message with each new crop circle season.

These definitions are in line with the geometric representation of dimensional change through the displacement of the cubic system to the tetrahedral system of material structuring, according to older studies.

Because the Visual Cube in these hexagonal structural models can be defined in space as the junction and fit between two equal and opposite tetrahedrons.

The interesting thing about this 16-17 sequel is that the tower that goes up into the sky reaches the star.

Yes, there are other relationships involved with the Apocalypse, such as the Star of Bitterness and the Tower as a symbol of punishment. It encompasses all of this. The star of bitterness energies waking up.
The star that approaches the Earth. P7X.

The Tower represents the fall of human arrogance, powerless before the powers of heaven! 

Herepath and the Golden Spiral

This uniquely beautiful crop circle, built from the hexagonal matrix (the great matrix of cosmic geometry) expels from its centre six waves in the shape of a golden spiral, the one we can build using the Fibonacci numerical series.

The same spiral found in galaxies in the Universe and patterns in Nature.
That is, a geometry that means that the mathematical balance of the Universe tends towards the golden number PHI, from the Fibonacci sequence, and towards the geometry of the golden spiral, born from the geometry of the mother hexagon, which is the skeleton of the Universe in balance. 

Herepath and the dimensional staircase

The image of a spiral staircase is clear, and in the same way that a staircase gives access to the different floors of the same building, the idea here is that the Herepath vortex-portal (here, the path) gives access to the different levels dimensions of the same COSMOS BUILDING.

There are sixteen rays marking seventeen internal sectors in each wave or golden spiral arm, like the great galaxies.

This setup has already been proposed in previous crops circles and associated with eclipses (alignments, as in the beautiful crop circle from 2008).

Why in a hexagonal matrix?

Simple, the hexagonal matrix is the starting point of all Sacred Geometry supporting the replicating fractal Universe, and for this reason, Six Days (or cosmic periods) portrays Creation, based on the symbology of the Macrocosmic Star.

This refined geometry is clearly revealing to us the mysteries of the Universe's dimensional passages through vibrational changes and material structure changes in the cubic coordinates from 3D spacetime to 4D spacetime.

Herepath and hexagonal patterns 2020

A reunion of the hexagonal crop circle patterns of 2020 compared to the new model 2021.
It especially aligns with Stanton St Bernard's crop circle, lower left, on the issue of dimensional coordinate changes and teleportation (as we reviewed last year).

Generally, models of this type (hexagonal matrix geometries) mean the same thing, every year they appear, in different forms, but always using the same matrix per construction base.

This is an important context of crop circle reading within a universal geometric and symbolic idiom that I clearly recognize because of this repetition every year. 

Pentagrams crop circle 2021
 (image 9)

"JP exchange, Venus-Syrian
Requesting crops circles pentagrams.
Earth Exchange!"

Invoking Pentagram Crops Circles in Season 2021

So far, we have not had any standard pentagram crop circles (five-pointed star) and these crop circles are typical. They should have appeared by now, but as this year, we have a very weak season, they could be late.

In 2020, we had three beautiful crop circles with pentagram pattern.
One in the shape of a flower, one in a 15 petal geometry (standard) and the other in a circle of 10 stars, with a double crossed pentagram in the centre (another pattern).

This crop circle pentagram pattern makes, as a signature every year, a double symbolic reference: Venus-Sirius and our human origins connected to Aliens who then sign the work of the renewed messages of the stars at this end of cycle.

I am now invoking the new crop circle pentagram.
The Sun aligns with the Sirius Star every year around the 7th or 8th of July.
Day 7 is customary to record beautiful crop circle messages.

It may come on the 5th of July (because this date, in addition to bearing the pentagram-5, it adds up to 5+7+2+2+1 = 17, which is the Star (Tarot).

So this is a perfect match.
The date (5), the sum of the date (17, the star) and the Sun approaching alignment with the parent star Sirius on the 7th.

JP 03.07.2021

Herepath cc and Solar activity and other events predicted by crop circle 2021? 

The crop circle appeared in Herepath, England, July 2nd. And the first impression for everyone was that of a vortex of energy that was waking up, coming into activity.

Volcanoes, hurricanes, unexpected solar activity were my first impressions. But the geometry of a portal, with mathematical representation, was also suggested, and evaluated in a separate interpretation.

About the relationship between this crop circle and the Sun, I wrote, on the 2nd, when it appeared: 

"Recalling that the SUN, in Kabbalah, is numbered in the Sixth Order of the Sephirotic Tree, the heart and golden center of the System, and that these crops circles, with such a retraction, have appeared before, in previous seasons, to indicate solar storms, explosions and events on the Sun, with absolute precision."

"The message clearly speaks of a vortex of energy that awakens and kicks into action."

"We can relate this vortex to the symbolic figures mentioned above, portals, energetic whirlwinds on the Sun, or even hurricanes, volcanoes and events on Earth."
(Texts of 07/02/2021)

In other words, the association between the geometry of the Hexagram and the Sun seemed to me to be direct, in fact, as it has already been used by several crops circles, in a standard language.

Here, we are going to take care of the cosmic events that the crop circle predicted. 

And in one of my first slides interpreting this beautiful crop circle, I suggested the possibility of strong solar activity for the period.
And she really came.

There were also strange explosions at sea in the days following the crop circle, one in the Gulf of Mexico, associated with an oil platform explosion, and another in the Caspian Sea, forming a huge column of fire in the middle of the sea. These are events that may also have been announced by the geometry of the energetic vortex in the crop circle. 

In other words, the crop circle warned about the event ONE DAY BEFORE it happened.

And the explosion THE DAY AFTER the crop circle was so intense that it changed the Earth's Magnetic Field! And there hasn't been one like this in almost 4 years!
And are there still people thinking that they are humans who manufacture these crop circles?
NO! It's the cosmic scientists giving us several warnings.




JP 05.07.2021

The explosion of a climate bomb in the world

Record heat waves, catastrophic rains, floods, massive fires... it looks like a climate bomb was detonated in the Northern Hemisphere in the middle of July this year. And the July 2 crop circle, as soon as I saw it, I interpreted it as a huge vortex of energy that awakened. The next day, we had the biggest solar flare since 2017, with strong radiation emitted. And days later, the climate bomb exploding in the Northern Hemisphere. Sun, Earth... energies in communication.

And the crop circle notices already knew about all this.

JP (21.07.2021)

The scale of planetary disturbances in the crop circle message

1. The first crop circle appeared on July 2, and a powerful solar vortex (6, symbol for the Sun) showed a type of cosmic energy awakening and coming into activity.

The next day, July 3, there was a solar explosion with a strong emission of energy, which had not been seen since 2017, as we entered a new solar cycle.

2. The second crop circle, on July 5th, stated:


And it really was, because days later, all that solar energy somehow fell into the Earth's core and became a veritable climate bomb in the Northern Hemisphere, converting itself into heat waves, floods and all sorts of weather disturbances. The Earth was actually the target of all that solar emission predicted in the previous crop circle.

3. On July 18th, the group's third crop circle appears. The Zodiac (City of the Twelve Doors) and serpent-shaped energies (waves) represented on the edge. In the centre, the vision of a core that shatters (three parts, 230° + 110° + 20° = 360°)

And Revelation 16 speaks of a mighty earthquake that would come, and would divide the GREAT CITY into three parts. The 9-9 pattern found within the tripartite core, in the form of a double-sun chained, like two wheels of a cosmic mechanism (binary solar system)

4. On July 20, two days later, a new crop circle that seems to confirm this idea. Seismic waves detected on a seismograph.
And these seismic waves are drawn in a 9-9 pattern, as if showing the Earth (square plane, matter plane) cracking.
And the next day, strong earthquakes started happening in the world.

Is the crop circle warning that the Earth will enter a seismic phase, after a period of rest for the Earth in this seismic aspect?

It is a linked set of symbols in a single message. Therefore, we should never interpret crop circles in isolation, as they function like pieces of a puzzle, letters of a word, and words of a text.

JP (22.07.2021)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

The hexagons in this circle refer to the six impacting comets of the whole cometary era. The curved lines describe the whirlwind created by each comet as it heats up the air during descent through the atmosphere. The straight lines are rays of light seen coming from the glowing comet through the whirlwind. Related crop circles can be found in my free e-book - T295, p. 171, T796, p.173, BEL (04/07/14), p.175 and GER (08/07/11), p. 177.

Kenneth Heck


“To All to Whom These Presents Shall Come, Greeting” . . . . sayeth the circlemakers?

Once again, the Circlemakers have presented we viewers with an attention-getting, if enigmatic, display; this time, along the Herepath into Avebury.  As Red Collie (and many others, no doubt) has already noted, this specimen seems to evoke the great hexagonal storm at the antipodes of Saturn.  Is a great storm coming? (NB: In sacred geometry, a hexagon, like any Platonic solid, is also revealed via Metatron’s Cube) . . . or has this display something to do with pagan myths and religion: Saturn, god of the harvest, known to the Greeks as Cronus, the Titan? . . . or are both true?  (Note: The ancient Greek Kronia was celebrated in late July or early August, a tribute to “Kronos, as the precursor of Zeus, . . . ruler of the Golden Age, an idyllic time in Greek myth. . . .”  Furthermore, during the Kronia, “we are allowed a temporary return to the Golden Age, to equality, luxury, ease and unconstrained freedom,” according to Walter Burkert, Greek Religion, Harvard University Press, 1985.)

Quantum physicists, such as the late Erwin Schrödinger, would be alternately delighted and tormented by such an enigmatic puzzle, no doubt.  But whereas it’s too late for Schrödinger to view the contents of this particular box when its contents are revealed, perhaps as soon as 8-10 July, it seems the rest of us haven’t long to wait . . . for all are invited to stroll a public way, such as the Avebury Herepath.  And speaking for myself, whatever it is, “it’s a miracle, due, gonna come true” . . . and I can hardly wait!

Something’s Coming, West Side Story  WATCH 

R/John Del Campo

The Path of Life

Crop circle from 2 July 2021 at Herepath, near Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 2 July 2021 was a day
with the Solar Seal Yellow Sun with Tone 5,
in the Yellow Warrior wavespell,
in the Yellow Castle with major energy Yellow Sun,
in the Blue Lunar Storm year with Tone 2.

On 26 July 2021 begins the New Yellow Electric Seed Year with Tone 3.
This is the 3rd year of the current 13-year cycle with major energy White Wizard. In the White Wizard wavespell on position 3 (with Tone 3) is the Yellow Electric Warrior. Thus the New Yellow Electric Seed Year will carry also the energy of the Yellow Warrior.

The Yellow Electric Seed, Kin 224 in Tzolkin, is in the Central Green Castle of Enchantment with major energy Yellow Human, so the Yellow Human will also play a big role in the New Year.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Sun – Universal fire, Enlightenment, Ascension, Life
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Blue Storm – Catalyze, Energy, Self-Generation
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization

Yellow Warrior – Questioning, Intelligence, Fearlessness
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Death, Opportunity


 The whole formation resembles an image of a solar typhoon, a "Solar Storm"!

In the center is the
Sun, which releases solar plasma in the form of spiral vortices.

 The Sun symbolizes the energy of the Yellow Sun - the Solar Seal of the day 2 July 2021 and the main energy of the current Yellow Castle.

Solar Storm symbolizes the energy BLUE STORM - the main energy of the current Blue Lunar Storm year and Supporting energy of the Yellow Sun.

The formation also resembles a spiral galaxy with a galactic center, from which spiral "arms" come out.

Thus, an analogy is made between the
Yellow Sun, the center of the galaxy and the Central Source.

Yellow Sun is the last, 20th Solar
This is the highest energy of the Source, the energy with the highest vibrations, the energy of the Universal Fire.

It is radiated from the Source, transmitted to the center of our galaxy and from there to our Sun.


Each spiral arm resembles a "
horn of abundance", which symbolizes the energy YELLOW HUMAN. Such a horn of abundance is depicted on the glyph (sign) of the Yellow Human.

The Yellow Human is the main energy of the next castle - the Central Green Castle of Enchantment, which is the fifth and last in Tzolkin.

The main energy of the current Yellow castle is the Yellow Sun, but in the Blue Night wavespell (the third wavespell in the Yellow castle), the energy Yellow Sun is converted into the energy Yellow Human. This happens on the 10th day of the Blue Night wavespell: the Yellow Planetary Human appears with Tone 10 - the Planetary Tone of Manifestation.

In the Yellow Warrior wavespell, the Yellow Human acquires the qualities of the Yellow Warrior: Questioning, Intelligence, Fearlessness.

The Source in the center emits a stream of information (ideas, codes, Divine sparks), which passes through the "horn of abundance" (the energy Yellow Human), where it is processed and then materialized at planetary level through the actions of the Human.


16 transverse lines are applied to each horn of abundance.

They represent bridges and symbolize the energy White Worldbridger - the Challenging power of the Yellow Warrior.

The number 16 symbolizes the energy Yellow Warrior -  Solar Seal No. 16.

The source in the center has the shape of a hexagon
, a figure with 6 sides.

On the formation we see 6 horns of abundance. Along the periphery, they form an external hexagon.

The number 6 symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger – Solar Seal No. 6.

The White Worldbridger helps us to build bridges with each other, to unite ourselves so that we can together fulfill our dreams.

The White Worldbridger also helps us to build bridges to the Spiritual world - to connect with the Source, with our Higher Self, with our Spiritual Guides.

The big outer circle of the formation represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy Red Earth - the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed.

The six horns of abundance symbolize the humanity on Earth.


The spiral arms that we see on the formation, along with the transverse lines on them, resemble a staircase - this is another image that symbolizes the energy Yellow Human.

In the Mayan tradition, one of the meanings of the energy Yellow Human is Road.

The Road symbolizes the life spiral that Mayans call the ladder leading to Heaven, to the crown of creation.

Climbing the ladder is a spiritual journey that everyone must go through. This journey became known as the Road of Life.

This  Road is the
sacred path that propels us forward on the course of self-realization and life fulfillment.  

The essence of the Yellow Human is not so much about traveling on a path as becoming the path yourself.  

Herepath - the location of the crop circle, is apparently chosen intentionally. Here-path includes the word “Path”, which
perfectly correlates with the idea of the energy Yellow Human as ROAD.

Utilize the energy of the Yellow Human to open your heart and allow intuition to guide your choices while climbing the Spiral Ladder of Life.


The spiral arms also resemble streams of water that pour from the Source to the Earth. This is a typical depiction of the energy RED MOON - the energy of the Universal water and of the Flow.

Red Moon is the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Human.

The two energies – Yellow Human and Red Moon - play a main role in the Central Green Castle of Enchantment, the last castle of Tzolkin.

On the one hand,
the Human accepts with his Intuition this Flow of Universal water - these are cosmic energies from the Source containing an abundance of information and codes.

The Human influences this energy with his thoughts, words, feelings, dreams, visions, actions, etc.

So from the Universal water thought-forms are firstly created, which then gradually become more and more dense and visible. This is the process of materialization.

With the help of the energies Yellow
Human and Red Moon, this process of materialization occurs much faster, so the Central Green Castle is also called the Castle of Enchantment.

The Yellow Electric Seed, the main energy of the New Year which begins on 26 July 2021, is from the Central Green Castle, so in the New Year we will be able to use the energies Yellow Human and Red Moon to perform Magic, i.e. to materialize our thoughts much faster!

This is how we "weave" our reality.

On the periphery of the formation, we see a ring of weave elements, reminding us that we are the weavers of our own reality.

Each of us also weaves his own Path of Life.

I express my deep Gratitude to the authors of this brilliant formation and to all the photographers!

Maya Todorova

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike