Herepath, Nr Avebury Stone circle, Wiltshire. Reported 2nd July

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Updated Saturday 21st August  2021


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Might 17 lateral lines, in each of 6 spiral arms from this new crop picture, be meant to suggest “17 days of the Moon”, by analogy to the ancient function of Avebury nearby as a “lunar calendar”? 

A recent crop picture near Tidcombe suggested “11 days of the Moon” from June 27-28, 2021 until July 8-9, 2021 (see Tidcombe comments or Tidcombe articles). This new crop picture near Avebury may likewise suggest “17 days of the Moon” from July 2, 2021 until July 17 or 19, 2021.  

If we compare its style with other lunar-phase crop pictures from the past, near Stonehenge or Avebury Trusloe in 1996, we can see that all of them show logarithmic spirals, to describe how our Moon moves along the local horizon during 15 days of visibility each month from “new” to “full”:

This would explain why the new crop picture was drawn pointing toward Avebury Ring! The stone rings there were used to keep track of daily, monthly or yearly cycles of the Moon long ago. A visual resemblance between the outer ring of finely-woven wheat in this new crop picture, and an outer ring of stones as used to study the Moon at Avebury, seems astonishing (please see the second photo down on ). 

Many zig-zag motifs around the outside of this new crop picture (approximately 70 or 80) might thus be meant to resemble the large, outer ring of standing stones at Avebury nearby. They might also be meant to represent 360o of lunar Right Ascension, at precisely 5o each, if their total number equals 6 x 12 = 72 (not certain yet).  

In any case, the clock-like date suggested by this new crop picture could be July 17, when our Moon will show the same 50% phase as on July 2 (waning then waxing). Or July 19, which will be 17 days of the Moon past when the crop picture appeared?  

We do know that this new crop picture near Avebury resembles a “storm on Saturn”, with its large hexagonal shape and broad, internal swirling motions (see ). Yet we do not know why the crop artists chose to show it to us at this particular time. Best wishes to you all!  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Other slides of interest for a new crop picture near Avebury Ring on July 2, 2021:

images of a field-drawn “clock” which seems to be telling us about a “STORM”



S 247) Evolution, spiritual classes and worlds: 

In England, Herepath, Nr Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire, em 2/07/21:-  herepath 2021

See that, in this agroglyph with 6 spirals, each containing 17 pieces, we have the representation that the worlds classified as school, which I say are 6th category, receive for learning spirits that still have to reincarnate belonging to the 17th class spiritual. There is also a natural connection between this design and the ancestral design of "Flor da Vida" or Flower of Life in English.

Note that 17 x 6 = 102, and that, if we add the 12 sides of the 2 hexagons (the central and the outer), we have 102 + 12 = 114, an amount equal to the sum of 6 petals x 19 circles, which are  the figures most apparent from the Flor da Vida agroglyph. As you know, I study agroglyphs from the evolutionary theory of the philosophy of Christian Rationalism that encompasses worlds and  spirits. Also regarding the 12 sides (sum of the 6 sides of each hexagon) we see a reference to the 12 still physical life worlds in 3 series or families of 7 types of worlds (3 x 7 = 21), where we also have  the 9 life worlds already only spiritual represented by its 3 types, and those of material life are of 4 types. Finally, I say yes, we will find a primitive world here in the same orbit as Earth, I believe this will happen until 2024. 

We were the primitive world of the Anunnaki and we will continue the cycle of bringing intelligent life to this primitive world or 7th world.

We also see that there are 4 dominant elements in the design: the 2 hexagons, the segmented spirals and also the large circle of bent ceral. This amount of "4" is closely associated with the 4th attribute of the spirit which is intelligence and which is taken to its maximum degree in the still material life worlds that orbit the stars, whereas in the worlds of life only spiritual Wisdom reigns.

In a final observation, we see that the design is inserted between 4 double tractor tracks or 4 x 2 = 8, and 3 more tracks of planted cereal, which gives us the result of 11, and in the philosophy of Christian Rationalism the spirits belonging to 1st to 17th spiritual class must reincarnate compulsorily to develop their 11 fundamental attributes, this is an evolutionary spiritual law.

If we consider only the amount of 8 we can link this to the 8th attribute of the spirit also inherent to Universal Intelligence, which is logic, that is, this design fits into the spiritualist philosophy, and therefore it can be analyzed and very well understood through it. I am completing the study of 250 agroglyphs all converging in the same direction.  

Carlos A. Yates – Brazil.

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