Stanton St Bernard, Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 10th May.

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Updated  Monday 5th July 2021


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The first crop picture of 2021 shows a “pinwheel clock” winding down to an end: perhaps an arrival of the E.T. crop artists into our solar system is finally near? 

This first crop picture of 2021 appeared near Stanton Saint Bernand, not far from where two other “arrival” clock crop pictures were drawn on August 24, 2019 or July 7, 2020. The first of those suggested 8 more cycles of Mercury, or 24 more lunar months, past August of 2019 (see  stanton articles). The second of those suggested 4 more cycles of Mercury past July of 2020 (see stanton comments or stanton articles).  

Such interpretations are speculative. Yet both of those crop pictures (as well as other pictures drawn in other field locations) have seemed to suggest a possible arrival of the E.T. crop artists into our solar system, during the summer or autumn of 2021.  

Now the first crop picture of 2021, drawn near Stanton Saint Bernand, shows a “pinwheel” style of “clock”, that seems to be “winding down” to an end. This new crop picture is shown in the slide below, along with the diagram of a similar “pinwheel” shape: 

A similar “spinning pinwheel” is shown in the small movie below: 

That crop-drawn “pinwheel” seems to be spinning clockwise. Also it seems to have 8 “blades” or angular subdivisions. Those might match “8 cycles of Mercury”, as suggested by a nearby crop picture of August 24, 2019 (cited above).  

With reference to a large “bar” going horizontally though the field, where this new crop picture was drawn (or to crop tramlines), we can see an angle of offset by 10o to 15o. This might further suggest that the time remaining could be only a few months? One full cycle of Mercury (45o) lasts for 90 days.  

Flattened plants of oilseed rape, within this new crop picture, do not show any obvious signs of mechanical crushing. Their yellow flowers remain intact. So there is no evidence, at present, to suggest that it might have been man-made. If by some chance it was man-made, then they have certainly done a nice, tidy job, in a field where the farmer would not be friendly!  

If we study this new crop picture on a large scale using Google Earth, we can see that it was drawn as the figurative “eye” of “horned serpent” in the landscape there. 

In summary, it is still early in the crop-circle season of 2021, but it is off to a good start.

Watch the fields. Watch the skies. “True voyage is return” (Ursula Le Guin) 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to the Hampshire Flyer for aerial drone photography.



A moving star

England's first crop circle of the 2021 season! A rotating eight-pointed star geometry on a Canola plantation.

We have a starry octagon in an internal division of area that suggests the star in a clockwise motion.

This generated 16 internal geometric sectors in the moving star. Something that resembles a pinwheel. 

The eight on the move. The moving star.

Which can mean an energy generation. The great Anunnaki symbol for "star", which became the asterisk (8 rays) of our modern symbology, derived from the term ASTER (star), as were the stars represented in antiquity, since Sumer. The sign was preserved in many later cultures. We know that UFOs, on many occasions, are similar to stars in motion, so they were also considered as stars, or “artificial stars”, with similar characteristics: brightness, light, movement, energy. To this day, many UFOs are mistaken for stars and planets in the sky.

The angular division of the eight geometric sectors of this starred crop circle octagon leads us to two analogies:
A sailing boat The pyramid
And also, A weathervane, a circular cutter blade (which is associated with crops, within the crop circle theme)

Tarot of the Cloisters  with a stained glass effect inspired by the rose windows of 13th century cathedrals. Medieval figures and scenery were created by artist Michelle Leavitt, based on traditional Rider-Waite images. In this case, the arcane letter X (the Wheel of Fortune) in the style of the artist Michelle Leavitt, closely resembles the style of this crop circle star (8) in motion, which is also the wheel of time, the wheel of law, of Justice. The timeless action of the divine Law in the temporal (cyclical) destinies of the old learning humanity. Time is the wheel that brings, by itself, the decisions of Karma in the events that we seem to judge random or casual in our sleeping state. 

In very approximate measurements, I found an angular cut of great relevance.

The sailboat is in the unequal division of triangles of the object, repeated in sequence (eight times). While the Kefren pyramid, angular aperture 53.13 degrees, appears in the triangles closest to the edge, repeated eight times in this angular division of the octagonal plane. Thus, associations allow us to create relationships between the ancestral symbol of the star, the symbol of the pyramid as Stargate, and the sailing boat as a representation of the moving stars, the UFOs, divine chariots. A beautiful and interesting crop circle in the shape of a cosmic boat or sailboat appeared in 2013, in the fields of England, so the proposal is not unprecedented.

In fact, the great pyramid (Cheops) has a subtle octagon in its aerial view, which solidifies this relationship: Pyramid, Star and the Boat that took the gods to the starry world… even because all the pyramids and temples pointed to certain stars of the heaven (Sirius, Òrion, Pleiades ...) and the pyramids were interpreted as cosmic stairs leading to the world of the gods, in the stars.

In fact, the sixteen geometric sectors of the octagonal plane of this crop circle take us, by association, to the TAROT arcanum 16, which is the Tower of access to House of God ... in the dimension of the stars. And speaking of 16, in exactly 16 days, we will have, as of today, May 10, the powerful lunar eclipse of Super Moon combined with Blood Moon, on May 26, and this crop circle may already be in signalling about the relevance of this new astronomical event (energy impacts to Earth) ...

UFOs and eclipses, energies in motion, signals in the sky and on Earth, stellar communication ... we started the 2021 season well in England. Traditionally, the blood moon is associated with major wars in Judaism's “astrological” traditions, with important wars in the past that took place in that country under moons of blood.

We are 16 days from a blood moon, the eighth of the period, and together with a Super Moon (lunar eclipse) and tensions have increased in the "sacred land". It will take place in the May 26 lunar eclipse.

Coincidence or… chapters of a lost science, Astrology, that modern science no longer knows how to search? 

The geometry of the Kefren pyramid printed on England's new crop circle

Using a combination of the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines, understanding that the structure of the triangles of this matrix octagon of the new crop circle can be defined as in the engraving Through these rules, we arrive at the final angle (d) which is equivalent to the opening angle of the Kefren pyramid (about 53.13 degrees) The Law of Sines determines that in any triangle, the relation of the sine of an angle is always proportional to the measure of the side opposite to that angle.  This theorem demonstrates that in the same triangle the ratio between the value of one side and the sine of its opposite angle will always be constant. The cosine law is a part of the generalization of the Pythagorean Theorem, which can be used in situations involving any triangle, that is, not necessarily restricted to right triangles. It is not uncommon for many crop circles to refer to pyramidal structures, often with accurate measurements. Here, the relationship with the Kéfren pyramid and its opening angle was associated with the geometric paths within an octagon.

Jonas Passos (10.05.2021)

Stanton crop circle, the origami of the red rose and the blood moon

Here, the completed geometry of the Stanton St Bernard cc star octagon, a double star with diagonals intercepted in the middle of the edge.

We saw that this crop circle, the first in England, Stanton St Bernard, on May 10, 2021, brought an octagon in rotation, with 16 triangles that resemble a pinwheel pattern. Researcher Horace Drew found another interesting solution: the analogy with an origami type called RED ROSE (Blütenkreisel) whose plane geometry is very much in line with the shape of the crop circle. Crossing this information with the fact that the crop circle was placed 16 days before the next blood moon (from its date, May 10), with the crop circle having 16 internal triangles, the association between the Red Rose and the Moon Red is immediate.
And the solution would be:

the eclipse of the next blood moon will blossom like a cosmic rose of energies ... or are we talking about another rose, like the rose of Hiroshima, in view of the growing tensions in the world, especially in the "land holy "who stopped being holy 2000 years ago? Or, in another analysis, is the red rose an offer of love from the brothers involved with crop circle messages?  Love while there is still room for love in this world? What's more, red UFOs are very common in certain appearances, a colour that is almost like a pattern (I've seen several of them myself).  And one of the analyzes of this crop circle was: the UFO star (eight rays), similar to the stars in the sky. A highlighted red UFO, with its opening and rotating mechanisms? The Venusian UFO? Like the red fish-shaped ufos mentioned by the prophet Parravicini on the occasion of the second exodus from humanity?

An Angel, a heart and a red rose offered! The donations of divine love! 

Last year, 2020, the first crop circle of the season in England surprised us all by taking the form of an Angel with a big heart. And the first crop circle was a message of love from an Angel. This year, 2021, the first crop circle in England brings a renewed message of love: a red rose. That Angel, with a pair of wings in 9-9 feathers (and the code 99 continued throughout the year 2020, with other crop circles) identified the name, the only name of Angel that, in Kabbalah, has a numerical value 99: 


Or Anael, westernized form of the name. The Angel of Love. A heart and a red rose are its symbols, in addition to the arrow (Eros Cupid) that can be seen in the crop circle 2020 model). The heart is also represented in red, like this rose, a gift of love. And this is repeated this year: a symbol of the giving of love, heart, red rose. The Angel of Love behind the messages.

Venus, the planet of love. Venusians. Anael-Haniel. The pattern is repeated! And the world, covered in hatred, never needed donations of divine love like now. The lack of love between beings is the open door to all the wars that are coming.

Jonas Passos (12.05.2021)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

The Circlemakers show their ingenuity in combining two separate themes in this crop circle. This impression of a pinwheel suggests the strong winds that will be generated when the future comets strike the Earth due to their high heat from the Sun and travelling through the atmosphere. 

Also, there are seven lines for the pinwheel on top, denoting the seven comets which will encounter the Earth. The lines indicate the angles of descent of six comets - but the seventh is too parallel  to the Earth below to actually impact. This is the Warning Comet which only leaves behind a major fragment for impact. This could be occurring with the return of Apophis in 2029. The actual  locations of the impacts are not shown here, only the angles of descent. 

Why is the top duplicated in reverse on the bottom? To make a symmetrical pinwheel and perhaps  underscore the accuracy of the angles. Why are there eight triangles distributed around the perimeter?  The Circlemakers are well known for their frugality in expending energy in creating these circles. They seem to have disturbed the farmer's crop as little as possible in this instance. 

Kenneth Heck


Image Fernando Ortolá  2021

I did this little picture, maybe it'll do if you want to share this with your readers. 

I have made several requests to my spirit guides to reduce the number of crop circles to a minimal in the coming years as some of those formations in the last month look too technical to be man made, hopefully they understand my reasoning and logic but i'm not their boss, so i cannot guarantee that they won't do any as they are a very creative lot. 

I see food shortages in the near future so my reasoning is that we need every ounce of grain we can grow as a nation, although the ET creators do not damage the actual grain and the formations themselves promote healthier growth into the future, the trampling of the bent crop by human visitors there after does all the damage, so less circles, less interesting equals less trampling and less irate farmers. See, we are listening. (She be speaking through me again - she controls telepathic comms from her solar ship in solar orbit night and day which can be really annoying at times).

I have been asking my discarnate lot about that crop circle and they say they haven't done any in the UK in 2021 as per our understanding and agreement to give UK farmers a much needed break from all the hype in such difficult times, hopefully they won't do any for the next 4 more years following this year. 

Looking at the circle i would suggest maybe a representation of a falling star the morning after the Chinese Rocket crashed to Earth or it could relate to the close passes of a series of asteroids in May, June and July 2021 which was common knowledge to people in May 2021 before the event/s 

However Crop circle 25 may 2020 is in a direct line with my village just the other side of the somerset levels and is similar to one of my jewellery designs that i created in 2014 and marketed in 2015, i used 14 feathers on each wing, they used 9 on each wing, the connected heart and soul on the crop circle is different to mine as the head is a heart, below the circle again is where the formation differs from my design as mine has a pair of legs suggestion where as the formation fits everything into the circle, it's location is a clue as they like to incorporate place names into the designs, if you continue the line from heart through head and all the way across the levels it arrives at a new housing estate between North Petherton and Bridgwater, i live in that estate which also has clues within its name. i originally named the piece the Aphrodite Eye Ankh but i later changed it to Hathor as it's very Egyptian themed.  They were trying to do me a favour as i couldn't afford the advertising costs, they done similar in the past with stuff they liked (Mothership) crop circle being one of them for example.

Our formations will resume after the spring Equinox of 2025 and run to the Autumn Equinox that year between bing maps OS longitude gride lines 27 and 36 between St. Michaels (Boars Isle) in Kent and Kingsdon in Somerset in line with the activating Bifrost (Jacobs Ladder) they will continue for a further 5 years equinox to equinox then stop for a 6 year period to allow for the Bifrost (ladder) to recharge its cosmic energies, this will continue beyond my own death for those that can genuinely sense our energy forcefields regardless of their religious points of view. 

That's the generalist low down at the moment.  I try to organise some really cool ufo sighting opportunities along the Bifrost during the active years. 

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Jeff 999

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