Woolstone Wells, Nr Uffington Castle, Oxfordshire. Reported 9th August.

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Updated Monday 23rd November 2020


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A highly-woven region at the centre of Woolstone Wells on August, 9, 2020 showed the image of a “young man with long wavy hair”, which may be a self-portrait of the crop artist himself 

We can be fairly sure this is the correct interpretation, because it matches the large landscape image of a “worm’s face”, which is shown on this same page just two slides below, in both style and field orientation. Thus a “young man with long wavy hair” may “come out of a wormhole” soon to see us!  

Some of the woven crop seems to have been damaged by visitors, before the photo was taken. Many thanks to Steve and Karen Alexander for kindly allowing this aerial photo to be used for research purposes (see uffington-castle-oxon-9th-august-2020).

 A new crop picture near Uffington White Horse on August 9, 2020 shows the reversibly-turning “wheel” of a “worm gear” 

Might such a “worm gear” be helpful to get in and out of a “wormhole”, whether the kind dug by small nematodes on Earth, or the kind traversed by large ships in space, which help them to travel rapidly between the stars?  

It would certainly seem so, because the crop artists drew their new picture of a “worm gear” with “24 teeth”, just next to the figurative image of a “large worm” in the landscape, who has come partly out of his “hole”:  

The cartoon-like, humorous intent of this crop picture seems obvious. “Kidz Club” on the mothership?

This new crop picture actually shows a “worm gear” which is turning reversibly in one way then the other. Its large outer wheel turns clockwise, while its medium-sized central wheel turns anticlockwise, then its small inner wheel turns clockwise. These three consecutive motions are illustrated by a series of three animated gif movies below: 

Best wishes and good travelling to all!  Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew on Earth)



The Absolute Sacred Sun

I could look at this beautiful crop circle, totally solar at first sight, and say that, with the previous ones, it can represent solar activities ahead, other than the ones we already had at the beginning of August.

However, the numerology of this crop circle made me take another preferential route. The spiritual path. That's because we have a sun with three levels of geometric construction in angular division 24 (360 ° / 24 = 15 °) Sun on three levels? Or a triple Sol, which is Sirius, a triple system in codes 888 (***)?

And look at mathematical curiosity. If I take the angular unit of this mandala, 15 (fifteen degrees) and extract its trigonometric tangent, I will have: Tg (15 °) = 0.2679 ...

First identity is in 267 or 26.07, that day of Sirius' helical birth, which we celebrate so much here and we also receive responses in three crop circles studied and deciphered.

And another identity is in 267, the number of the Hebrew word MERKABAH (MRKBH), which is the Car of God. The Car that was represented in antiquity as the Zodiac itself, the Car of the Sun in the cycles of the Universe around!

Reducing the number 24 of each of the three curves by 2 + 4 = 6, we have the pattern 666, which is not only related to the Number of the Beast (Revelation 13) but also to the key of the Sun's power, according to the Magic Square order 6x6 (36 sectors), which totals (adding 1 to 36) the value 666, which represents the spiritual intelligences of the sun in theurgical Magic.

The arcane number 72 is completely cabalistic. The list is long. We have that 72 were the descendants of Noah, with their 3 children, leaving the Ark, according to the list in Genesis 10. We have that Jesus Christ had 72 minor disciples, in addition to the twelve main disciples. We have that 72 are the categories of Geniuses or Angels, Spirits of the intelligent Universe, according to Kabbalah. We have that half of 144 is 72, the master number of the Apocalypse, from the measures of Jerusalem reflected in the man-Angel (Revelation 21) to the number of the sealed ones of Christ, 144 thousand  (Revelation 7 and 14).

And the number 144 appears if I also consider the dark triangles, so that each of the three curves completes 48 triangles, 24 light and 24 dark, which implies a duality inherent in the Universe of the (72) angels, considering the fallen ( darkness, demons). So, totaling the three rings, we have 3 x 48 = 144!

The numbers 72 and 144 have a direct geometric relationship with the Pentagram, internal angles, and if the pentagram represents Venus, in a first aspect (relationship with the synodic cycles with the Earth), it represented the star Sirius in ancient Egypt.

And notice today, August 9, or 09.08. Multiply 9x8 = 72. Incredible, because the scale of the hierarchies of the 72 geniuses is distributed in each of the nine skies in cells of eight geniuses!

Sacred Absolute Sun, Sun of Spirits, your name is Metatron! And the fact that crop circles reproduce all these cabalistic and theurgical symmetries and symbologies, this means that Aliens and Angels are governed by the same light of spiritual knowledge. Those who claim that Ufology and Spirit are not related are mistaken. And today we had a test, among so many others ...


Sirius coordinates


The Glory of Mathematics

The Glory of Mathematics is in being able to serve the Lord of Spirits, Sacred Absolute Sun called Metatron, the great Father of the ascended heavenly Hierarchies.

ADNI (Adonai), the Lord, is numerically worth 65. And Metatron, MThThRUN, 314, which is equal to the value of Shadai, ShDI, Powerful, 314. El Shadai, Almighty God, is worth 31 + 314 = 345, which is the value of MShH, Moses, the Pentateuch Writer.

The number 314 has already been announced as related to the secret of the PI (3.14) and the circle / diameter ratio, generating the first matrix of sacred geometry, the Hexagram, from which the powerful Metatron Cube was built, which is implicit in the construction of this Resplendent 72-ray sun, the Sacred Absolute Sun, the First Intelligence, Ninth heaven, Lord of Kadosh, holy beings or Seraphim, etc.

The rays of the three suns integrated in this new crop circle have equal distances (1/3 of the total diameter), symmetry of the trigonometric cycle at 30 ° + 30 ° + 30 ° = 90 °. The triangles total 48 + 48 + 48 = 144. Do you want another connection from glorious mathematics to the service of the Spirit? Take the cosine of this angle, 144 ° COS (144 °) = -08090 ... the day... today. Check why this crop circle appeared today?

An interesting thing is that each curve placed these rays rotating in reverse directions ... clockwise, counterclockwise and clockwise, which seems to compose a series of alternating vortices creating flows of motion that, applied to the direction of each vortex, suggest entry and exit from the system, as we suppose is the flow of communicating intelligences between the Sun of Sirius and our Sun, and vice versa.

An interesting English crop circle appeared on the 1st of August 2008, seven days before the glorious day of 08.08.2008, which formed 888 and totaled 26 (the day of Sirius' helical birth).

It showed three suns intertwined by a kind of belt forming a double eight (or triple, depending on the perspective) and this crop circle was placed exactly in a field in front of a three-arm windmill!

An extension of the message that is totally understandable to us, the energies of the three suns system integrated in the same spiritual dynamics of connection with our Sun and Earth, since the dawn of humanity.

The straps can also suggest the strands of our DNA, a Sirius heritage shared with Venusians.

Each Sun had 18 rays, and making 18 x 3 = 54, this is also one of the pentagram's internal angles. And doing 18-18-18 = 999, and 9 + 9 + 9 = 27, inverts to 72. We always arrive at the same mathematical result recurring in all these operations with numbers, the servants of divine intelligences.

You can see how similar, and sometimes identical, symbols go back in space and time repeating the same thing ... identifying and interpreting these patterns is the central point of my reading. Under the light of the sacred sun that illuminates me!


Symmetries of crops circles August 8 and 9


See this unification of the last two crop circles, between the lost molecule and the three suns of Sirius radiating together. The structural levels of the lost molecule, constellation or even teleportation models fit perfectly into the three orbital levels of this flaming Sun of the Spirits 72. Which suggests related meanings, integrated, in fact, as I always try to do in my readings.

The lost molecule, the DNA of the stars, the Sirius code, the missing chromosome (23 + 1), as our friend Alexandre reminded us well, because I already wrote a topic about the missing 24th (double) chromosome, recreating the genetic code in our cell 48 chromosomes.

Yesterday's crop circle had 9 external circles in relation to the central circle, in symmetrical molecule structure, and many are similar to this pattern, total or partial.

Thus, today's crop circle, Sun with 24 rays and 48 triangles, also speaks of the original genetic identity of the stellar human race, out of Spirit 72.

The numbers of these formations and how they combine give us all these certainties!

Who hasn't seen: o-misterio-dos-48-cromossomos-da-primeira-humanidade  

And again, on today's scheduled date, Lord T responds to our call with that magnificent Sun composed of various messages ....
Thank you, Mr T! Contact!!!

The cosmology of numbers


Everything is number, said Pythagoras, and numbers have always been sacred archetypes of the Spirit, and that is the foundation of the metaphysical science of Kabbalah.

And when all this is connected with Geometry, then we are facing the Language of God Himself in Creation. And without it, crop circle interpretations are empty and lacking in value. Because the priority of the messengers is the spirit. The material part, the world, catastrophes, and other things, are always secondary in so far as they understand the Master's perfect statement: "Seek first the Kingdom of God and his Justice, and everything else will be added to you!" If the world is in a wave of increasing chaos, it is because it does not prioritize this search, and continues to pay the price for its materialism.

Therefore, we will analyze the central heart of all Sacred Geometry, its main matrix: the Hexagram, from where the Metatron Cube was formed, that oven of all crop circles.

It is no accident that the nation of Israel used this star as its national symbol, after all, they are the first to recognize the real value and power of the knowledge of Kabbalah, unfortunately used for materialistic purposes today by many Orders and sects that deal with it.

Analyzing a pair of numeric codes that always appear in crop circles, like 888 and 666, each representing an idea. Code 888 speaks of the stars, and the outer, macro universe, while 666 is related to solar power, its nuclei and atomic energy commands, in the microcosmic field, opposite to the macrocosm.

And both are linked in the final resulting bond: 6-9, which reproduces the ancient Yang-Yin, a sign of all duality and flow in the ancient East, assimilated as Sun and Moon by the same values in Kabbalah and Alchemy in the other part of the world.

Six is the number of the Sun in the Tree of Life, EON called Tiphereth, Harmony of Beauty, while Nine is the number of the Moon in the same Tree, called Jesod, the foundation of all things. And 666 = 18, 9, is not the microcosm the foundation of all things? And 888 = 24, 6, the macrocosm of the Sun and stars, the glory of the macrocosm?

See how much codified science exists in ancient knowledge, which just needs to be deciphered properly. 

Repeating a numerical pattern


The Great Sun of the spirits of this Sunday, in the crop circle, brought a pattern of numbers and shapes already seen other times, and we don't need to regress a lot in space and time, because we found an example last year, still in August, a year ago , day 4: the Star of Life, or symbol of medical emergencies, a pattern around the world, was reproduced in a three-level model, composing 666.

In fact, that year, I interpreted it as one of the possibilities of this crop circle to be announcing an emergency medical event all over the planet, which was confirmed, then, in the following year, with the current Coronavirus Pandemic.

Another proof of the premonitory power of the crop circles. Anyway, there is code 666 repeated in the crop circle format. Something that the current crop circle reproduced with three levels of the Sun with 24 rays each. The number 24 also appears in the Apocalypse, chapters 4 and 5, speaking of the 24 thrones of the 24 elders around the Throne of Lord Adonai, Sun of the Spirits.

Number three, alone, has many resonances with theogonies, the three forces of Creation, the three Persons of the Holy Trinity in polytheistic religions, etc. See the numbers of this crop circle: 3, 24, 48, 72, 144 and reductions 3, 6, 12 (3), 9, 9.

Remember someone who, before me, announced that in these numbers, 3-6-9, was the key to the Universe?

Finally, I must remember that today that planetary arrangement is formed in the sky whose distribution, with the movement of the Moon close to the planet Mars (and Uranus), the letter T that I spoke so many times, under another numerical code, the code 9- 9.

And I, of course, will be at my observation point when the Sun of the spirits rests on the horizon and the first stars, its vassals, appear on the night of greatest revelations ...


I appreciate your response, Lord T, and now I look forward to new contacts and instructions, in the Name of Christ, who brought us together! 👽👽👽🙏 

Jonas Passos (09.08.2020)

High synchronicity, as I had this experience this morning, before contacting this news about the Sun:

UFO experience this morning, 10.08.2020

Knowing that it is entirely possible that, in the Astral plane of the Fifth dimension, we can visit a ship physically speaking and interact with its occupants, within that kind of lucid dream or even conscious astral journey that you remember upon waking up, follows:

I found myself inside a ship like this, and it traveled all over the world. The part that caught my attention inside that UFO is that I saw big technological panels, and on them, like computer screens or TV, the Aliens projected several crop circle models there BEFORE molding them in the fields, over which they flew, In the whole world.

I saw large and complex pictograms, most of which were related to events of destruction on Earth, which future crop circles needed to inform us about. The feeling was very realistic. The sensation of destruction events associated with those images on his onboard screens, screens like coloured holograms.

The aliens on the ship were not bad, they just had no good news ...



And that made me think of yesterday's crop circle, the Sun of Spirits, as well as announcing more drastic events ahead, involving the Sun and all the energy impacts it receives from the second Sun and ongoing alignments, as if it were the Sun exploding, radiating a lot of energy charge. And it made me think of future crop circles today, or in the next few days, like the pictogram I saw, loaded with these alerts.

Because scientists are already predicting strong solar storms ahead! Ps: I have already done several other readings of crops circles on these and other events that have been confirmed, and they can be consulted on this page. Once again, crop circles (well interpreted) proving to be prophetic!

Look here- mancha-solar-enorme-voltada-para-terra-pode-causar-grande-explosao-solar-crops-circles-previram-isso 

Jonas Passos (10.08.2020)

The numbers of the spirit - a call to the construction of conscience


gathered some crop circles with the same theme repeated in numbers that are highly familiar to us in the matter of measures of spirit.
Highlight for the last crop circle, scheduled for August 9, and all the numerical connections printed there (24, 48, 72, 144) etc.

There was, before this triple sun, a double sun, with 18 + 18 = 36 rays, half the count of that triple Sun (72), and its total rays then add up 36 + 72 = 108, a powerful number in the Eastern mystique, the number of beads of the Buddhist third, Japamala, used for counting mantras and terms of repetition in prayer.

In addition, the numbers 9, 18, 36, 72, 144 ... form the numerical series 9. (2 ^ n), which, in the pure musical scale (corrected for the values of Lá-432 Hz) is equivalent to the note D, Mercury ray and that fiery or saffron orange color, typical color of the Buddhist and Tibetan monks' clothes precisely because it is the Mercurian color, the tone of the mind - because the disciplines of the mind are at the center of their activities.

In fact, the crop circle of the two-layered Sol, on June 25, brought an external ornament typical of Eastern art, in mandalas and other compositions, which demonstrates this relationship between these numbers and the repetition patterns of mentalist practices. These patterns have a direct relationship with neuro-linguistic programming and the power of repetition of mantras or even claims of healing, victory, confidence, etc.
So, choose your number and your musical tone, and invest in building awareness.

Because nothing falls from the sky, especially spirituality. If you do not open your windows stuck in your flesh and blood abode, the Light of the Heights will not enter it, illuminating it fully.

If you want to speak in terms of quantum physics, that's fine. Our misaligned thoughts, mixed with impure emotions and unrestrained instincts, left our soul quantum fingerprints completely disfigured. And all these ancient practices suggested by the crop circles, worked in due time and in the right way, have this intention.

Want more?
Two crop circles by Angels appeared with the same spiritual numerical theme. On July 25, 2001, England as usual, a stylized Angel, Sun and Moon in the body (Androgyny, which starts from the mind with the two brain hemispheres connected) and 72 rays shine from it (you can count!) And this year, on the 25th of May, an Angel with a huge heart and a ray of connection departing from his enlightened mind. On the wings, 9 feathers in each, adding up to 18. The same numbers, anyway. And therefore, the same message!
All of these numbers converge to 144.

"And he measured his wall, a hundred and forty-four cubits, according to the measure of a man, which is that of an angel."

Revelation 21:17

One of the seven angels had a golden cane to measure the city and its departments. And 144 was announced as the measure of man realigned with heaven, the same measure of the Angel. Because, in this numerical symbology, 666 was the number of the Beast, and of the man marked by the System of the Beast. Everything is a matter of number and frequency. And the Apocalypse teaches us that the musical note of the Angel vibrates in 144 units. A pure D, saffron tone. Mind control tone of Tibet's Monks. This is because only with the control of your mind will you be able to realign it according to the Light of Divine Truth, and only when your mind achieves such realignment through the exercise of control, will it be able to join other minds vibrating on the same note, if attracting from the astral world in that Egregore that the Apocalypse calls the Future Kingdom.

So don't look at Revelation as a book of destruction anymore. It is, first of all, a survival manual and guide to the roads of the soul in the end times ... 

Sun 2 Sirius 3

Two crop circles with the same solar style combined, the first on 25 June, and the second, 9 August, 45 days apart, showing the same structure, but with a difference: the first revealed two layers, and the second , three layers. The first, on June 25, showed the sun in two layers, each with 18 rays. And the second, August 9, showed the Sun in three layers, each of which had 24 rays. (counting only the clear projections in each crop circle).

Since 1990, pictograms began to appear in the United Kingdom, the first being two circles connected by an axis, and side by side, 11, forming the pattern 11-11 that we all know. He appeared on May 23 of that year. Then, other pictograms of the same style appeared, until, on July 11, the largest of the astronomical markers (because that is what such pictograms were and continue to be) appeared there, and twice, that is, repeated, with light modifications.

In the diagram, you will notice the use of two runes to represent that one of these objects was represented by 3, and the other by 2 (forks with two and three projections). In the same way as these two Suns of 2020, 30 years later. The double sun and the triple sun. In the diagram on the slide below, I highlighted in red this meeting of the two star systems, a double and a triple. We know that Sirius is triple, it remains for official astronomy to unveil that our Sun has a sister star.

And to reinforce the 11-11 pattern, the pictogram appeared on the 11th (July) and duplicated (thus creating the 11-11 effect).

They insist that all synchronous triggers would begin to appear on Earth (currently) as the binary solar system (ours) enters the approach path with its second Sun, and at the same time, according to the beings in the triple solar system ( Sirius) to resume the lost contact with humanity, via open contact, and that contact started precisely with the crop circle phenomenon and all this astronomical and other information being sent to the world, until our days. Even the numbers used in these two solar crop circles 2 and 3 of 2020 add harmonic coordinates and frequencies of a spiritual nature in our origins connected to Sirius.

Sol 18-18 and Sirius 24-24-24, Sun 36 and Sirius 72. Now 72 is twice as much as 36, and 24/18 = 1.3333, the ratio of F, the green tone of nature.

These numbers can contain the harmonic relations of field frequencies in an interaction between the two connected systems, Sun and Sirius, not only by distance (the distance is too great for any gravitational connection), but especially by resonance frequencies (which transcend the astronomical distances in their eternal attunements).

They are harmonic keys of resonant harps since the beginning of the solar system, and before, the Sirius system.

When you are going to emit your mantras in the specified notes, and the octaves of the pure D (9, 18, 36, 72, 144) ... don't forget that, even without knowing it, you may be coming into mental resonance with the intelligences of those distant stars ... which justifies the reason why they are giving these harmonic keys to the world.

It is a system of contact with our mother star. Sirius ... and it is no accident that the robes of the Virgin Mother of the Son of the Blue Star of Bethlehem ... Mary ... are also blue!

(By the way, the term Mother in Hebrew is spelled AM and reads EM ... almost OM ... the invocation of the cosmic Mother).

Listen (Pure D 144 Hz):- www.youtube.com 

Jonas Passos (11.08.2020)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

A large amount of solid material is displaced when a comet strikes the Earth, normally creating a crater of some size, whether on land or water.  The centre of the circle represents a comet impact. Then the  crop circle divides the displaced matter into three categories - the inner, smallest amount for Comets A and F,  the middle sized for  Comets C and D, and the outer, largest amount for Comets B and E. There is the question of why 24 figures are used for each category. Perhaps this refers to the number of hours in a day, since comets can strike at any time, day or night, and their major and minor fragments, plus small particles may take at least a day to finally settle to the surface. Gas from the comet may remain in the atmosphere indefinitely.

Similar size categories exist for explosions in the air, as in GBR (04/07/25), page 175, GBR (05/08/20), page 176, and GBR (17/08/04), page 311 of my free e-book at http://theheckhypothesis.com/downloads.html

Kenneth Heck

The day of the Red Electric Skywalker

Crop circle from 9 August 2020 at Woolstone Wells, nr Uffington Castle, Oxfordshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 9 August 2020 is a day
with the Solar Seal Red Electric Skywalker with Tone 3,
in the Blue Monkey wavespell,
in the Blue Castle with major energy Yellow Star.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Tone 3 – the Electric Tone of Service: Activation, Movement, Change, Bond, Integration
Red Skywalker – Explore, Space, Wakefulness
Blue Monkey – Play, Magic, Illusion
Yellow Star – Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony
Yellow Sun – Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire, Life
Yellow Seed – Awareness, Targeting, Flowering
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Tone 7 – the Resonant Tone of Attunement with the Source

The big outer circle represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH. Red Earth is also the Guiding energy of the Red Electric Skywalker.

The small bright circle in the center of the formation represents the Source.

On the formation we see a lot of triangles - they resemble bridges, which connect the Earth with the Source. This symbolizes the energy Red Skywalker (BEN) – which represents a connection (ladder) between Heaven and Earth.

BEN helps us to realize the Heaven on Earth.

BEN builds bridges, he invites us to begin a travel in the world of unknown, to explore our inner and outer spaces, to constantly extend the frontiers of the knowledge.

The whole formation resembles also a toy for children, a pinwheel, symbolizing in this way the energy BLUE MONKEY – the energy of Play. The Blue Monkey symbolizes the Inner Child.

Round the Source we see 3 rings of 24 triangles each.

In the first ring we see a depiction of a sun. It symbolizes the energy YELLOW SUN.

The three rings round the Source depict the first three Tones of the Blue Monkey wavespell.

Tone 1 (the first ring) gives the Targets.

The Planetary Target of the Blue Monkey wavespell is Yellow Planetary Sun with Tone 10 – the Planetary Tone of Manifestation.

In the Blue Monkey wavespell occurs the transformation of the Yellow Star into Yellow Sun.
The Yellow Star is the major energy in the current Blue Castle and the Yellow Sun is the major energy of the next Yellow Castle.

The Spiritual Target in the Blue Monkey wavespell is the Blue Cosmic Night with Tone 13 – the Cosmic Tone of Presence.

In the first ring is depicted a sun with rays in the form of triangles. In this way are depicted: Yellow Sun – the Planetary target and
Blue Night – the Spiritual target.

Each triangle on the formation has 3 sides and symbolizes also the energy BLUE NIGHT – Solar Seal No. 3.

The three rings of triangles give us the feeling of rotation, of movement and show in this way that the energy Blue Night (the energy of Dreams) is a powerful driving and transforming energy.

In the position of Spiritual target, the Blue Night reminds us, that now the Blue Monkey wavespell is the best time for us to dream actively, because through our Dreams we transform our reality in the desired direction.

Also the second ring depicts a sun, but its rays (triangles) point in the opposite direction. In this way is depicted Tone 2 – Duality, Polarity, Stabilization of the opposites.

The rays of the sun in the third ring point in the same direction as in the first ring. The 3rd ring represents Tone 3, which integrates the two opposites. With Tone 3 begins the Activation of the creative impulse. The Spirit begins its Movement. The creative energy of the Source begins to express its intention.

The depictions of the three rings resemble also rotating tooth wheels, in this way is shown the Movement, which begins with Tone 3.

The formation is located near the famous Uffington White Horse. The authors of the crop circle probably draw an analogy between the Movement, which initiates Tone 3, with a running horse.

The Red Electric Skywalker is a powerful drive of the Blue Monkey wavespell.

Round the Source we see 3 rings of 24 triangles each, or in the 3 rings there are 72 triangles in total. The number 24 symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED. Kin 24 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal Yellow Seed.

The Yellow Seeds are ideas, thoughts, codes, programs – from the Source and also such ones, which are created by the people.

The number 72 symbolizes the energy YELLOW HUMAN. Kin 72 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal Yellow Human.

We can say that the 72 triangles symbolize the humanity on the Earth.

The day of the Red Electric Skywalker is from the Central Mystic column – this is the 7th column in Tzolkin. The days of this column carry the energy of Tone 7 – the Resonant Tone of Attunement with the Source and with All That Is. On the formation all triangles are connected with each other and with the Source – in this way is depicted Tone 7.

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this fantastic formation, to the photographers and to the whole team of Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova



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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike