Woolstone Wells, Nr Uffington Castle, Oxfordshire. Reported 9th August.

Map Ref: SU2950187258

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Updated Sunday 6th September 2020


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Another interpretation for Woolstone Wells of August 9, 2020 In terms of “retrograde” motion for the inner planets Mercury or Venus 

Many different interpretations of this crop picture seem possible. Yet one of the most interesting would be its possible depiction of reverse or “retrograde” motion, for the inner planets Mercury and/or Venus through Earth’s night skies. First a planet may appear to move clockwise, next for a brief time it seems to move anti-clockwise, then it moves clockwise again. That pattern of motion matches exactly three relative motions in the crop picture as just drawn:

We can see in a small movie shown below, exactly how this works for planet Venus as seen from Earth. As shown in the left-hand panel below, first Venus appears to move to the right, next it goes up a bit and seems to move to the left, then it goes up a bit more, and moves again to the right. Such “right-left-right” or “forward-back-forward” motion matches exactly the new crop picture as drawn: 


If this interpretation is true, to which planet might they be referring? Mercury was last in retrograde from June 18 to July 12, and will be in retrograde again from October 14 to November 3, 2020. Venus was in retrograde from May 13 to June 25, 2020, and will not be in retrograde again until its next inferior conjunction with our Sun on January 9, 2022. Mars will be in retrograde from September 9 to November 14, 2020 (see venus-retrograde-astrology-calendar-2020).  

Several crop pictures from July of 2020 referred symbolically to Mercury retrograde. We will just have to wait and see what they draw next!  

The backwards or “retrograde” part of Mercury’s orbit, in an overall forward-backward-forward motion (as drawn at Woolstone Wells in crops), lasts for 22 to 24 days 

Please see the red circle turning below as an epicycle of Mercury, and a thin blue line on the right, which shows its forward-backward-forward motion through Earth’s sky: 


Those “24 days” match the number of “slanted wedges” (24) in each of three radial layers of the Woolstone Wells crop picture. Its date of appearance as August 9 or “8-9” likewise matches the total number of slanted wedges as (8 x 9) = 72, 

Such geometrical and numerical relations suggest that the crop artists may be using retrograde or orbital cycles of Mercury to date/predict the emergence of a nearby “landscape worm” from his “hole”. Please see the Comments page for a view of the broad landscape where this crop picture was drawn. This is an often-used, somewhat comical metaphor for E.T. visitors coming to Earth through a “spacetime wormhole”. 

We saw similar astronomical symbolisms in many other crop pictures from the summers of 2019 or 2020. At Woolstone Wells, we can see from aerial drone videos that the crop picture was drawn aligned with 3 to 5 large trees along the side of the field (time 1:43 of www.youtube.com). This might suggest 3 to 5 more epicycles of Mercury, of 116 days each, before the crop artists arrive? Otherwise the exact number remains unclear.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 



“Planetary gears are turning”: a related and mysterious video was posted on Twitter, one week after the Woolstone Wells crop picture appeared 

“Mr. Pool” on Twitter posted an interesting and provocative movie on August 16, 2020, one week after a crop picture appeared at Woolstone Wells on August 9, 2020. It showed exactly the same metaphor of “planetary gears turning”, until friendly E.T. visitors come through a spacetime wormhole, go into Earth orbit, and land in a wheat field somewhere:  

Mr Pool @looP_rM311_7211 :- looP_rM311_7211   

A screenshot from his movie shows exactly the same metaphor of “two planetary gears turning in opposite directions”, so as to suggest Mercury retrograde: 

This was the same unknown person from whom we received a “Mothership Glass” type of coded message on August 24, 2020, both on Twitter and by some kind of mysterious, advanced high-tech in real life. I decoded it with great effort over six hours to read: “Soon, everything will make sense.” Only one other person, an NSA-capable crypto-analyst, was able to decode it similarly.  

His Twitter account is thus not a fake or hoax, but we can only guess what might be going on? The name of his account refers to a backwards "Loop in time" used for time travel. His photo ID suggests that he may work for the US DOD sometime in the future. In our quest for a greater understanding of the crop-circle mystery, should we perhaps not ignore this interesting clue?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace Drew)

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