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Horus' pectoral refers to the chest. In the chest is the heart. It suggests chest health:- agroglifo-uk-26-5-2020-interpretacion

Fernando Ortolá

According to Origin Astrology, the deep science and research of the origin of astrology, also known as 13 signs sidereal charting, Sun is in the sign of Taurus, May 14th until June 21st. This circle shows the sign of Taurus the Bull , Earth element, sign of Enlil, (Gu.Gal.An.Na). The Summer solstice is also occurring at this time. Our heart should also focus on the Taurian spirit.

 Sir Joseph Voros

The Spirit of Love 

"Correction: the partial lunar eclipse will not be on the 5th of June, but on the 5th of July"

A winged spirit with a big heart, and a ray of mental energy connecting its head to the heart, appears these days between May 24th and 25th (or earlier, it was only registered on May 25th, a place still unknown)

The Angel has nine feathers on each wing, totalling 18 feathers. And an incredible resonance appears in Revelation 18, whose first verse says:

"And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, who had great power, and the earth was illuminated with his glory." Revelation 18: 1

But the message that follows is not so glorious, on the contrary, it brings condemnation to the world (Babylon) and advises all the children of God to flee from it, because the plagues of the Judgment would begin to fall on sinners. Wouldn't this be an alert of the Love of those who care for us?

Because, if we continue to take part in the actions of this corrupted world and sold to sin and lies, we will be considered accomplices in everything, and deserving of the Judgments of the Greater Law.

Another curiosity: The three letters of the sacred Name of God among the ancient Gnostics, IAO, appear in the shape of the Angel's body. The letter A at the base, the letter I connecting heart and head and the letter O, on the head. In terms of mantra, these are the three most powerful vowels for intonation.

And in harmonic terms, 9 + 9 = 18, the frequency of D (multiples 9n = 9, 18, 36, 72, 144 hz ...) Here we have harmonic coordinates: the word and the mental energy modulated in the head reach the heart, and the wings of awakening open wide!

Furthermore, the number 9 always refers to pregnancy and birth. The birth of Love in an increasingly intolerant and dark world ...
In addition, John 9 speaks of the blind man's miraculous healing, while Revelation 9 speaks of the star that will fall to Earth and bring wars and darkness.

And the Spirit of Love, according to Revelation 18, descends into the world in darkness to enlighten it. There is no greater act of love than giving light to the world ... 

Angel crop circle patterns

This new crop circle, perhaps the first official crop circle of the 2020 season, recorded on May 25, repeats old patterns. The first of them dates back to 2001, when the first Angel style crop circle appeared, whose main lines the current crop circle resumes. That 2001 Angel crop circle has exactly 72 wings on the wings (36 + 36), which translates into an incredible analogy with the new crop circle, since 72/18 = 4, and (36-36 adds 9-9 side by side ).

In 2016, a crop circle appeared with the same wing pattern, with 16 feathers on each side, adding 32 + 1, the feather united at the base (allegories of the process of motherhood and resurrection, according to the values of the Egyptian goddess Bastet, goddess d maternity and solar eclipses - registered in the same formation). Note that a lightning bolt descends from the white ball above and reaches the cat's head. The pyramid suggests the same thing in its architecture that, like our head (brain) is also a pickup of cosmic energy.

In 2017, the enigmatic crop circle of Vesica Piscis in whose belly was associated a human form, as if mummified, and likewise, with a beam of energy connecting the head to the heart, as we can see in the details of the image. Each side has 11 rays, adding 11-11 = 22.

In Revelation 11-11, we have an explicit resurrection code associated with the two witnesses, which echoes the same in John 11.

So far, this crop circle remains legitimately alien. And he repeats ancient patterns that speak of spiritual energies connecting the sky, the mind and the heart of the children of God in this world condemned and surrounded by all kinds of darkness.

Making the light shine within with the help of the Greater Light is our duty now, to be reborn as witnesses to the Eternal within this fleeting moment of pain and darkness over the world. 

Anael, the Angel of Love

First of all, the lines of this new crop circle seem too perfect to be more of a human work. And second, its lines and numbers establish a precise relationship with Kabbalah (which is important, I would say fundamental in interpreting this image, for the simple reason that it is an ANGEL), in addition to memorizing patterns as we mentioned in another post, such as the crop circle of Anjo (2001) and goddess Bastet (2016), among others.

Another relationship is discovered: Anael, the Angel of Love. First, by the letter A on your body. Second, by the attribute of LOVE (the heart). And third, by the numerical combination of the wings, 9-9 on each side, forming 99.

Cupid, Eros, but in Hebrew, Anael is actually HANIEL, a name that counts in the cabalistic sum 99!

(Ch + N + I + A + L = 8 + 50 + 10 + 1 + 30 = 99)

In addition, a bow and arrow was suggested in the image, which crosses the Angel's heart. Arrows and heart, the symbols of the Cupid Angel, the god of Love among the Romans, who deposited love in the hearts of men with his enchanted arrows.

After all, is that what human hearts need most at the moment? More love. Less hatred, violence and fear ... leaving the human being more and more unrecognizable before His Creator!

Very special the first message of 2020. Let her define the content of all the others ... 

Jonas Passos (27.05.2020)

The first crop circle pictogram, 30 years later

I have talked a lot about it, the 30-year cycle since the first pictogram with message appeared in the fields of England, on May 23, 1990. Saturn takes an average of 30 years to make a complete orbit around the Sun, and in Astrology, this period of 30 years always fulfils karmic harvests of time, which is in line with the very symbolism of the cultivation fields, whose harvest happens at the end of the month of August, and entry of September of each year. In addition to those interpretations of the ANGEL, we have the astronomical sense of this crop circle for the events of June, the two eclipses, lunar (on June 5th) and solar-annular (June 21st).

I notice that the same theme as the 1990 pictogram was taken up in this stylized Angel, with the smaller circle above representing the planet Venus (aligned with the Sun on June 5, day of the lunar eclipse), while the heart would represent the planet Earth, and between the two planets, a connection axis, an energy in motion in the course of the June alignments, which the 1990 pictogram symbolized by 11-11, a numerical code full of meanings. In the first analyzes, I called those pictograms astronomical markers, and the first meaning I saw in them was really the Venus-Earth connection, so celebrated in antiquity in several aspects, energetic, spiritual and ufological (the secret history of Venusians in the world since the dawn of civilization).

And now, Venus-Sun forms an axis with the full Moon in this eclipse, placing the Earth between the two ends. Almost on the same date, both crop circles seem to reveal the same meaning here. I personally believe that the crop circle phenomenon is about to end. A long cycle of messages and a harvest that is approaching a world ripe for all judgments. The energy of love, of Venus, of the Sun, of cosmic alignments, joins with the spiritual energy of the angels that move the spheres (each planet has an Angel regency, according to Astrology and the same Apocalypse and its active in Seven modes). the Earth in the form of a heart, spiritual birth, awakening, conscience, resurrection (Revelation 11-11 code).

All this 30 years later, when Saturn has risen over the time horizon to collect everything that has been planted. Including all these messages to the world ... 

Jonas Passos (28.05.2020)

Angel or Alien?

In late August 2019, a crop circle with an alien face was registered in England, but its exact location was not found. Now, at the end of May 2020, NINE MONTHS LATER, a crop circle with the appearance of an ANGEL (referring to astronomical events in June) appears, also with no place identified so far.

The nine-month distance between them draws my attention, and the fact that both crop circles were marked by geometric patterns that highlight the numbers 9, 99 and 18 (sum). The Alien crop circle was surrounded by an 18 sector ring (9 + 9) Nine months between them suggests a connection.

Moon, gestation, birth, Arcane 18, in Kabbalah it is Moon, it is a roof, it is a refuge (underground bases) The question is: Angel or Alien? Or both? 

"Correction: the partial lunar eclipse will not be on the 5th of June, but on the 5th of July"

Jonas Passos (28.05.2020)

The Energy of Love in the Moon's Eclipse

Of course, I left it for later to make the astronomical evaluations, which are always involved in these precise crop circles, and as I have mentioned since the beginning of the year, the next solar eclipse, on the 21st of June, promises to be impactful, not least because the ant's memorable crop circle, exactly one year ago (on 21.06.2019) seems to direct the message to the great solar eclipse of June 21, 2020, a year later, the summer solstice day (in the Northern Hemisphere), the most sacred year for ancient cultures.

Now, in the crop circle, we have a smaller circle against a larger circle, which could easily represent the transit of an internal planet (Mercury or Venus) in front of the Sun. The transit of Mercury happened last year, on November 11, and the the last Venus transit happened in 2012, and the next, only many years from now.

So, if it is not transit, it is conjunction or alignment. We have seen before the relations with the Angel of Love, Anael (Haniel), his known symbols (heart, arrows) and his cabalistic identity number (99) expressed in the crop circle images. And what is the planet governed by Anael (Uriel, in other conceptions)? VENUS.

So, Venus should be involved in these astrological sentences from the new crop circle.

Because, on June 5, 2020, two astronomical phenomena reported by the crop circle take place: Venus in exact conjunction with the Sun at the same time that we will have the eclipse of the Moon, 15 days before the solar (annular) eclipse of June 21, 2020.

On June 5, the Moon will eclipse at the astrological level 15 ° 34 of Sagittarius, while Venus and Sun line up at the opposite degree, between 14 and 15 of Gemini.

This explains why many saw a type of pendulum in the center of the Angel of the crop circle, because we really will have an astronomical balance on that day: on one side, Venus and Sun, and on the other the Moon in the eclipse.

The message is that on that day there will be an ENERGY OF LOVE going down to Earth (which was represented by the heart).
Notice that the crop circle was built in three circular layers around the large central circle (Sun), that is, the three planetary orbits: mercury, Venus and Earth (the heart).

The Angel's wings reveal the splendour of a mystical energy that will be produced around the 5th of June, when Venus-Sun and Moon align themselves on the Zodiacal Scale. It's 9 + 9 = 18 rays. Arguments of the Moon in Kabbalah, and the symbology of gestation and birth.

We don't know the exact date of the crop circle, but, adjusting for nine days before the lunar eclipse, which will be on June 5th, this takes us to June 26th, but it is possible that the crop circle was in the field before, only being discovered a few (or many) days later.

Anyway, I am sure that the number of feathers on the Angel's wings (9-9) did not lead us to Anael, the Angel of Love, who is the Angel of Venus, without a reason. The reason lies precisely in this astronomical sign ahead, which will generate radiation of love and splendor of light on Earth. The relationship between the Angel, the planet Venus, the energy of Love and the lunar eclipse is quite precise.

Let us look forward to events for the day of the lunar eclipse. Because perhaps the transit is not that of a planet, but the transit of a ship in front of the Sun or Moon, as a signal.

Jonas Passos (27.05.2020)

What comes before the heart?

We know that the organization of physical life began and is maintained as long as we live by the heart. On the slide, I evoked a 2016 crop circle, which shows a heart covered by the letter M (or the number 3) to form OM, the Sound of the heart (which is written with three letters, AUM). And he was placed pointing to a windmill in the countryside: the heart is the engine of life.

The first crop circle 2020, the Angel of Love, highlighted the heart, but notice that a ray of energy descends from the head to the heart. Because organic life begins in the heart, from the time we were in our mother's womb. The heart was the first organ that emerged and began to conduct cell mitosis that transformed the embryo into a perfectly formed physical body in nine months until the birth sounded.

But if the heart is the vibrating seat of the body, what vibrated before it and led our descent into matter, why are we spirit? The secret vibration of the head and we know what it is ... a vibration so subtle and powerful that, invisible and inaudible, it was surrounded by a meat capsule called Epiphysis or pineal gland. Namely, it is from this gland that the most intimate, most secret and most powerful vibration emanates, the primary guiding thread between our physical life and our conscious spiritual energy ... and it has a secret number, in Hz, and I already realized that it is hidden, inserted in these crop circles, by the relations with 8 and 11 ... Whoever captures this vibration and expands it to the point of insertion into the heart, will wake up.

Whoever stimulates his head with this seed of Sound, which I call The Key to the Universe, will open the door of the heart. See the crop circle: it is not from the heart, but from the head that the wings show radiance. Transform these wings into rays that shine and spread from the centre of gravity, which comes from the top of the head, from the Pineal gland. It came before the heart, it continues to pulse before we are born and after we die, because we always carry it with us. It is the frequency of direct communication between God and the human being.

What frequency is this? It is not on the natural scale, it is hidden between the notes. What is she? A clue ... if Anahata Chakra of the heart pulsates in the green tone of F major, do the calculations, or intuit. Because the green FA centred in the heart comes from the head, from a JUMP of the secret tone of the Pineal Gland, called SOUL DOOR  precisely for that reason. If life enters through the heart ... the soul enters (and leaves) through the head. Know these frequencies and control the movement of your soul in the body!

Jonas Passos (30.05.2020)

Codes crop circle


A pattern identified in several crop circles, since the last formation in 2019, and in four formations of this year 2020, allow us to elucidate two codes sent by the aliens in the messages. Things that humans would never do ... because they don't have the knowledge for it. Knowing what these codes mean ...

See more (link): o-codigo-da-vida-e-do-contato-estabelecido-na-temporada-crop-circle-2020? 

Jonas Passos (27.06.2020)

Here could be an angel who seems to be answering the question "What is the key to the locations of the predicted series of chastising comet impacts in the future?' The answer is given by the heart symbol directly connected to the representative comet impact above. Impacts will occur near  that portion of the population which deviates most strongly  from the divine plan for humanity.  This is an old story, exemplified for instance by the legends of Sodom and Gomorrah, or the Tower of Babel. For  further details about the comet impacts, download my free ebook at, now current up through  the 2019 season.

Kenneth Heck


The Frequency Key

It is always important to make an association between crops circles in series (in one season) to try to reach the central message of that year (each year, the crop circles develop a central message, directed at each object that, together with the other, show the trend of that year ).

And looking at the two initial crop circles, we see direct connections to the energy of sound, music and frequencies. See the crop circle Angel, from May 25th (or earlier). He has a body defined by a triangle, a large heart on his chest and a head connected to his heart by lightning.

This body of the Angel can form the letter A (from Anael, Angel of Love) whose name is worth 99 in Kabbalah (9-9 feathers on each side of the wings). This body can form a lock (centered on the heart) and an oscillating pendulum (in the amplitudes marked by the wing feathers) and even a metronome, which is also an oscillating instrument, marking music times. Ah yes, one of the arts governed by the Angel of Love, Anael, is precisely music, which becomes the charming arrow that makes hearts passionate.

And we can also easily find the word OM in the body of this Angel, because OM is the seed of cosmic sound, the seed mantra that puts us in direct connection and in tune with the vibration of the Universe.

The other crop circle, which at first glance relates to the virus of the current pandemic but, at second glance, shows a relationship between musical frequencies and cell duplication, also presents this code of life: because it is written that the Word was at the beginning and created all things, because the Word was God. We saw the numbers 432 Hz, 369 (Tesla) and 528 listed in the second crop circle.

But observe a pattern. In the crop circle of Anjo, we have 9-9 (99) feathers on the wings. In the crop circle of the cell, we have 8 new matrices and a complete daughter cell with 8 internal circles (88) The common denominator between 88 and 99 is 11.

This number is surprising, and has been used in the form 11-11 since the 1990 pictograms, and its reading in the science of Sound is: the Power of resonance.

Doesn't the saying say: soft water on hard stone, it beats until it punctures? This can be applied in sound science as follows: continuous vibration on the matter until it is modified. Arcano 11 of Taro speaks of this power, of this force, called The Persuasion. If you apply a harmonic vibration to any material body within a certain time, you can modify that matter. If you exercise the powers of harmonic frequencies over your body over time, you can heal and energize your body and mind.

The pendulum oscillates, the metronome oscillates, and its balance axis is the heart, where OM pulses, the particle of the Infinite resonating within us. If the heart is the door of God within us, and that heart has a lock, Love is the key. Also, certain musical frequencies work as keys to open that door and refer us to the connection with the High Spheres where God exercises His Creation through Sound, Word and Musical Harmony.

The message, therefore, of these two crop circles, announces the power of music and frequencies as an exercise in healing and spiritualization. It may be the final key that the older Brothers are giving to a world steeped in chaos, in the noise of emotions of fear and lack of love.
It can be the final key to a contact established between them and human beings who can understand this divine music and make it sound inside the heart. Wherever they are, they will hear this song. And they will come to us. 

Jonas Passos (30.05.2020)




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