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What we feel as a subtle manifestation is that the iconography and idiosyncrasy "attached" to beings called angelic, may need a new, more vitalistic expression of their essential reality. The models of clothing and lightning, the humanization of the figures to some certain childishness, may have been necessary at other times, in other centuries. Today, a new perspective is in order. The support in “the form” is still adequate, it is opportune to allow the mind to obtain subtle data through a configuration, a stitching, an expression that is understandable, through the mind, towards the psyche, which progresses in his vibrational self-knowledge and his advancement in the memory of his multidimensional being. 

We could speak better of "PRESENCES", of TEXTURES of energy, DIFFERENTIATED STATES OF MIND, which allow us to be certain that the EXPERIENCE OF CONTACT is taking place. That energetic INFLUENCE seems like a light breeze, like an indescribable caress on the skin. 

New CONCEPTS, as DESCRIPTIONS OF THEIR QUALITIES, can favor the detachment of an already worn iconography, which rather seems to lead to a philosophical and religious field, which allows ACCESS to a connection magnetized by a level of openness of the person with the flow vibrational (or platform, if you want to manifest like this) closer to the compacted bands of energy.

It is an energy designed on a quality, a way of working as a team, energetic, subtle, evolutionary objectives that will always be present in the actions and attitudes of people, as their attention and conscience demand what is. A right of being: recovering memory of oneself, updating the process of the vital moment, guiding ethics and the greater subtlety of the energy of loving the fruitful route that springs from within the person, as a supra natural demand.

Like the tree that grows, it seeks light, water and the sun for the best integration of its path and function. The natural phenomenon has a parallel with the energetic phenomenon. They are mirrors of each other. And in the natural transitions of the energy of life and the cosmos, the INTERMEDIARIES responsible for causing changes, promoting new impulses, sustaining anomalous situations until their resolution, among other things, are the LIGHTING BEINGS that vibrate configuring each specific strip.

Therefore, relegating their attitude, their love and their function to adjectives that are too crystallized in the material scheme of life on the planet, greatly limits their own manifestation.

It is as if the energy is "cut" into very small squares, lowering the voltage of their own identifying energy. At the same time, there are many human adhesions that divert the energy connection conduits with these Beings. Humanity always tries to “put under control” what it does not know or what it hardly experiences, like a glimpse of light that is better condensed, minimized and sometimes forced in its capacity, making it work only through that person who knows it. Compresses "I see them", "I do know what they are like".

This period has ended in the present, thanks to the immense surge of subtle energy that promotes humanity towards an attitude and an expression of that attitude, outside the limits of a world of crystallized beliefs, either for religious interests or for a certain innocence more related with control, so as not to let one's fears surface. Or, organize groups of people who, as followers, believe they are in a “compartmentalized truth”, a partial truth that is placed in a base, rather personal, eliminating any other possibility. 

It was a phase, perhaps necessary, but expired. Now, what is necessary is to break the mental chains, to understand that the chains that trap in mellifluous or outdated forms the true subtle forces that connect with us, that also evolve as human arrests fluctuate to separate "the true", of the "false"can be dissolved.

Discerning between the "silly" or with current language "flower-power", a kind of brotherhood or superficial twinning that only generates biological energy but that does not nourish nor can connect with the true subtle Entities that vibrate in their own structure of Light and already need our most professional vision of states of consciousness and the evolutionary strips with which human experience in the 21st century is involved.


In the figure of this crop, we can find how the information has been modified towards a new related synthesis, perfectly with these angelic forces. So that they can be understood, in something that is "recognizable", we see that the small pieces that surround the heart are nine, the same number as the traditional angelic hierarchy. Nine kingdoms.

 Many days before being able to observe the graphic design that arises from the drawing itself, the sensations related to the belonging of these invisible forces, were increasing.

The current variable is that "evolutionary colleagues", who are generally invisible to physical eyes still, need to be understood and valued for their functions and their essences.

In Anthroposophy, already at the beginning of the 20th century, they were called "etheric formative forces", influencing at that time, in its essence, rather than in its symbolic manifestation, in white clothing or children's expressions.

I think that the practical reflection that we can ask ourselves is to observe that "at this moment they are manifested through geometric designs that are already part of an energy level prior to matter." It is as if they were showing us their own energy network, as if they were presenting us with the identity card with which they wish to be recognized, more in keeping with their own vibrational expression. For this reason, the ability to assume the vibrations that come from geometry are exponential, because they provide proportions, harmony and the super-symmetry that is already mentioned in string theory.

The intermediation between dimensions is transforming: we are already very prepared to understand the multilevel connection that we can establish with all tranquility, with all the balance and focus of the mind to access these possibilities.

I think this is the profound reason why this crop circle appears right now, to tell us what they are like in their most intimate nature, how we can perceive them in an already transformed, less symbolic way (because we don't need it).

In the same way, they will evoke the connection with what it means to "vibrate in qualities", in those nine levels that are outlined in the graph.

The heart shape is, unquestionably, the close shape that allows us to understand that its vibrations start from the energy of loving, that has created everything and that we continue to recognize in this simple form, in two strokes, of the figure of the heart.

Planetary “journalist

 Macarena Miletich

Healer by Arquetypes. Instructor.

Sound Healer


(in Spanish, by now)

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