Saulx-Marchais, Nr Beynes, Yvelines, France. Reported 29th June

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Three days prior to a solar eclipse on July 2, 2019, the crop artists drew images of an “eclipse” and “AC electricity” near a small town Saulx-Marchais in central France.  

The images which were drawn there suggest that many more “AC-powered messages” (crop circles) will be sent out from a complex “electrical network” (the crop artist’s brain) very soon, on certain dates before or after the upcoming eclipse. 

The intended meaning of a beautiful new crop picture which appeared near Saulx-Marchais on June 29, 2019 seemed at first unclear. We wondered how to interpret a curved “sine-wave” motif, which was drawn there in crops?  

By one view, it might represent a symbol for “alternating-current electricity”. By another view, it might represent the curved path of our Sun through Earth’s sky, as it travels along the ecliptic for the length of a full solar year: 

Sometimes our Sun is joined (or opposed) in Earth’s sky by our Moon, so as to create solar (or lunar) eclipses 

Symbols which suggest a “solar path” or “eclipse”  

Certain details of that Saulx-Marchais crop picture seem to favour the “solar path” interpretation. Thus a series of 8 half-shaded circles, drawn there in a continuous linear fashion, might plausibly represent “light” versus “dark” hemispheres of our Earth or Moon, during a solar and/or lunar eclipse. Please see an explanatory diagram shown at lower left (above). Such half-shaded circles might alternatively represent the usual “night-day” cycles of our Earth, as seen from space, for 8 or 9 days in a row.  

The second and third of those half-shaded circles, when counted from left to right, are “doubly-ringed”. That subtle feature would seem to suggest that there will be a “double-ring eclipse” on days 2 and 3, out of the 8 or 9 days (circles) in total which were drawn there. The exact time of eclipse-totality will be 19:22 GMT on the evening of July 2 in England, a few hours later in France or eastern Europe, and much later on the morning of July 3 in Asia or Australia.  

If each half-shaded circle as drawn in crops equals “one night-and-day” period of time, then the 8 or 9 half-shaded circles which were drawn there might suggest an overall period of time from June 1 on the far left (at the start of an upward “sine wave”), past two doubly-ringed circles for the worldwide dates of a solar eclipse on July 2 or 3, then onward to July 4 and 5 (large then small circles), where that “sine wave” crosses the horizontal, and further onward to 3 or 4 other circles which might match the dates of July 6, 7, 8 (small) or 9 (very large), on the far right where that “sine wave” ends.  

Symbols which suggest “alternating-current electricity”  

When we looked to see where exactly in the local landscape this crop picture appeared, we found that it was drawn in close alignment with two, tall electricity-supply towers, which are located in the next field (near the dense woods of Beynes National Forest):  

This observation would seem to support an interpretation in terms of “AC electricity”. In other words, a conventional sine-wave symbol for “AC electricity” matches both the curved “sine-wave” motif which was drawn there in crops, and also its close linear alignment with two electrical towers nearby (circled below in white):  

Just below this crop picture in the same field, we can see eight round, green trees (planted in a row), which match approximately the 8 half-shaded circles that were drawn just above, within a similar (although slanted) line in crops.  

A complex “network” of some kind can be seen in the landscape just to the right of where this crop picture appeared 

When we study a much broader region of the landscape there, which includes the two towns of Saulx-Machais and Beynes (using Google Earth or Bing Maps), we can see a large “network” of small, cross-connected paths within Beynes National Forest (or “Forêt domaniale de Beynes”), which lies between them. 

That wooded region of the landscape resembles a complex “electrical network” of some kind, whether physical as for the electrical grid of a large city, or biological as for the complex wiring of neurons in someone’s brain:  

Are the crop artists planning to send out more “AC-powered messages” soon in the form of “crop circles?  

Might this new crop picture (drawn at upper left, and outlined there in blue) be trying to tell us that the crop artists plan to send out more “AC-powered messages” from their “minds” soon, over 8 or 9 successive days? Could they be referring to “crop circles”? We can see, drawn there in crops, a large “sine wave” motif with 8 or 9 half-shaded circles along its horizontal axis for “time”.  

When we study this particular region of the landscape even more closely, as shown in the slide above, we can see (with a little imagination) the “face of a man” in sideways profile, at centre and lower left. His “large round eye” and “beak-like nose” seem clear anyway.  

Just above his “large round eye”, we can see a protruding brown “horn” shape, from which “AC power” seems to be flowing out, towards the upper left where their crop picture was drawn (outlined with a blue rectangle).  

Let us suppose that such a complex “network” in the landscape might be meant to symbolize the crop artist’s “mind” or “brain”, with all of its complex neural connections. This might imply that the crop artist(s) are planning to send out a new series of “AC-powered messages” soon, on certain dates just before or after the solar eclipse of July 2, 2019.  

Why have most of the new 2019 crop circles appeared in France rather than England? Who might be behind this mysterious phenomenon?  

Who might be behind this mysterious and unexpected expansion of the “crop circle” phenomenon into France? We can see a large block-letter “Q” in the landscape at the base of Beynes National Forest, using Google Earth with compass-direction West pointing “up”.  

We also saw (last year) a large, cursive-letter “Q” drawn in crops near Sarraltroff, France on June 11, 2018. Coincidence? Who is “Q”? Please see or for more information.  

Ten beautiful and unexplained crop pictures have appeared in France during the month of June 2019 alone 

As of June 29, 2019, eight beautiful and mysterious crop pictures had appeared in France during the month of June alone. There were no plausible “cover stories” which might cause anyone to dismiss them.   

Then on June 30, another “sine wave” motif, similar to the one studied here, appeared in crops at the base of Twin Terrils peaks in France, between Houdain and Hallicourt (see emile zola 2019  ). Might two large peaks near this ninth crop picture be symbolic of a two-body, Sun-Moon conjunction on July 2? Or of the sky constellation Cancer, where that solar eclipse will take place?  

Likewise on June 30, a tenth new crop picture was found in France near Nielles-lès-Ardres (see Nielles 2019  ).  

We may expect to see even more pictorial messages of this kind soon, so long as the agricultural crops there remain suitable for “artwork”.  

Appendix 1. The start of a new “crop circle cover-up” by the French press in 2019

Two “news articles”, concerning the June 29, 2019 crop picture near Saulx-Marchais, which was found in an obscure location near a small road, by a local man who was bicycling nearby, seem quite unbelievable (see yvelines-professeurs-sciences-derriere-loperation-crop-circle-saulx-marchais or saulx-marchais-des-collegiens-derriere-les-mysterieux-cercles-des-champs).

No one saw anyone there on the evening of June 28. A team of 20 people with transport would have been noticed. Some of the flattened lines were very narrow, no more than 10 cm wide. Such narrow lines could not have been made by inexpert children using pegs, ropes, a large square of wood, or a one-metre-long board. Made perfectly with no mistakes in less than three hours, despite it being 65 meters long and very complex?

Not telling any of the parents where their children would be from 7 to 10 PM on a Friday night? “Just get on the bus. Your parents have no right to ask where you are going. It is going to be a social experiment.” As I said, quite unbelievable! Those news reporters seemingly just asked a group of schoolchildren to enter an already-made crop picture, then took lots of photos in an attempt to fool their readers.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. We would like to thank everyone in France who have gone out of their way to document these new crop circles for us, and to study them in the long term, especially Umberto Molinaro, and Laurent A. who skilfully photographed the crop picture studied here.



If French or other Western governments were studying E.T. technologies in secret, for military and/or commercial gain, and a similar E.T. technical diagram appeared in crops, would they ask their mainstream media organizations to cover it up?  

If this large and beautiful crop picture, which appeared near Saulx-Marchais in France on June 28, 2019, was really made by a large team of unseen schoolchildren, as the mainstream French media claim, then why does it resemble an E.T. technical diagram, like some of those studied as part of a CARET program near Stanford in the 1980’s?  

That French media story was of course just a deception, or an attempt to fool the public long after the fact (see yvelines-professeurs-sciences-derriere-loperation-crop-circle-saulx-marchais). The 65-meter-long crop picture at Saulx-Marchais was discovered by a man riding his bicycle on June 29. No one saw anyone there on the night before from 7 to 10 PM, near a well-used road. No images of its formation were even shown. Finally, the technical skills needed to make it using “rope and boards” would have been far off-scale for untrained schoolchildren, and completely impossible in just a few hours close to dark.  

Another interesting CARET diagram appeared as part of a famous crop picture near Barbary Castle in 1991, and then again near Barbary Castle in 2008, as part of a “pi to ten digits” crop picture which was solved by Mike Reed (see time2007zl   or Easy-pi-Astrophysicist-solves-riddle-Britains-complex-crop-circlel). The evidential case for such “CARET-drone” images being authentic thus seems very strong.   

Concerning two crop pictures drawn near Barbary Castle in 1991 or 2008, each shows the geometry of a “rachet spiral”. That is a special way of cutting a copper or aluminium disc (using water jet or lasers) into well-defined radial sections, which will force any electrical currents that might flow through such discs to move along certain spiral paths. The E.T. visitors seem to use three different geometries for their rachet spirals as ¼, ½ or ¾. These fractions describe how far you go around any spiral path (by 90o, 180o or 270o respectively) before taking a “rachet step” out to the next level. 

In his essay “Notes on a Unipolar Dynamo” (1891), Nicola Tesla explained how one might cut a conducting disc into similar spiral paths, so that any electrical currents would be forced along those paths, and might thereby “self-excite” the disc to give “free energy” (see notes-unipolar-dynamo). Perhaps that is what these “rachet spirals” from CARET or crops are meant for? They may also have some relation to novel magnetic (or gravity-based) forms of UFO levitation.  

Tesla also showed in his U.S. Patent 447,921 of 1891 how to cut a copper disc into many narrow zig-zag sections, so as to produce high-frequency AC electricity (see patent US447921A). Everything we have shown or discussed here therefore seems to be technically-validated and real.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. With fond memories of Mike Reed, and best wishes to Linda Moulton Howe, who previously gave lectures about these CARET diagrams.

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