Saulx-Marchais, Nr Beynes, Yvelines, France. Reported 29th June

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Images Laurent A Copyright 2019

The crop circle immortalized by the drone pilot Laurent A. at Saulx-Marchais in the Yvelines on June 29, 2019. (© Laurent A. for


Yvelines. Discovery of mysterious circular drawings in a field in Saulx-Marchais

Not far from Beynes, circular drawings appeared in a field. This is indeed a Crop circle. A first in the Yvelines. All images in exclusivity.

Is it a mirage due to the effect of the heat wave? This is the question posed by residents of a field between Beynes and Saulx-Marchais (Yvelines) , when they noticed geometric shapes on an agricultural area Saturday, June 29, 2019.

"Yes, there are many circular shapes in this field! "Said Julien who had the reflex to contact the editorial office of All News-78actu Rambouillet. 

The teacher is in the habit of cycling between the villages of the sector of Beynes and in front of this field of wheat.

No, it is not plots that burned with the heat that broke records on the plain.

"I did not see any smoke or anything abnormal," confirms Aurélie, an auto entrepreneur who works from home right next to the field in question. "You hear the sound of vehicles at night, but it's normal near the departmental where people drive very fast. "

A few days before the launch of the harvest, while the ears of wheat are the highest and golden brown, it is clear, approaching the plot, that hundreds of ears are bent on the ground, over several meters and different places "as crushed under the effect of a very strong pressure," believes Julien on the spot. 

The farmer who exploits this parcel of wheat made the observation of this surprising appearance of circles on Saturday morning. "Everything is lying there ..." he says, often faced with intrusions into his fields. He wishes, for now, to remain anonymous, and not to give the precise location of his plot "to avoid further visits ..."

Crop circles are multiplying in France

Because, it is indeed Crop circles (crop circles). These strange forms come from no one knows where, which cause the excitement on social networks. In general, only an aerial view can attest to the formation of Crop circles and sometimes decrypt a precise and perfectly geometric pattern. (See below).

In the world of ufology , it is a myth; a testimony according to some of a passage of extraterrestrials , the landing of a flying saucer! The first Crop circles appeared in England in the 1960s and fueled the rumor of the passage of UFOs.

Scientists have shown that they are people who have been laying grain in fields. But, some continue to see behind paranormal phenomena.

In the case of the field of Beynes-Saulx-Marchais, the track of several jokers seem privileged. Especially since two weeks, Crops circles are multiplying in June (while the harvest will begin) in France, the Bas-Rhin, the Channel or in the Val d'Oise. For the Yvelines, cereal land, it's a first!

Julien at the edge of the field of Beynes-Saulx-Marché points out one thing, however: "We are still under the high tension lines and the floors are cracked. They have never been so hot. Saulx-Marchais occupies a central position in the Yvelines "adds the young man with a smile and an enigmatic strand.

Aerial view

To immortalise this rather unusual and unprecedented event, Laurent, a neighbor, drone pilot, moved with his equipment. With the agreement of the farmer, owner, he made some shots. It offers, exclusively, for readers the first aerial images of the first Crop circle of Yvelines!

A circular shape appeared in a field Saturday near Beynes. (© All News Philippe Cohen)

Circles in a field near high voltage lines. (© All News Agency Rambouillet.)

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"To be objective all I actually see in these images associated with an alleged students' math project is people JUST STANDING AROUND or possibly adding some flattening to an existing CF. We don't actually know right now what happened but I would like to believe they did actually do this otherwise the leaders would be teaching the kids to deceive and that would be unacceptable. In truth there is no reason to know 100% that this was a genuine 'man/student-made event. Did I hear 60 people were involved? Just think about the collateral damage that would occur in and around such a task. Would it be reasonable to suggest the teachers have videoed the whole event as part of the project? If so, where is the video? The story tells us something was done in daylight and took many hours. In any case this is a very different proposition to the majority that occur at night  and very quickly. In any case the public will very likely latch onto something media publicised and synchronised with the actual event. Just saying Thanks for reading."












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