Norridge Wood, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd May.

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Comparison of two stylistically-related crop pictures which appeared at Norridge Wood near Cley Hill on May 22, 2019 or August 14, 2018, in almost the same field location and only one crop tramline apart  

A beautiful new crop picture appeared on May 22, 2019 at Norridge Wood near Cley Hill. Two different aerial-drone videos show what seem to be laser-sharp edges of soft green barley in boundaries between standing and flattened crop (see or Thus there is no indication at present of any heavy mechanical or other man-made actions in its formation. An aerial view of this new (green) crop picture shown in the upper-left-hand part of a slide below: 

It seems to resemble the shape of a simple, disc-type electrical generator. Thus its small central “ring” might represent some kind of “rotary axle” or “source magnet”, while a large, annular disc which surrounds that central ring might represent some kind of conductive disc made of copper or aluminium, in which electrical currents can flow. Finally, two large, flattened circles on either side might represent two “field magnets”, which are spinning past the outer edge of that conductive disc (whether from above or below) to induce currents within it.  

Two thin, curved tramlines may been seen in standing crop, just to the lower right of that green crop picture. Such thin shapes suggest that the two outer “field magnets” may be turning anti-clockwise around the large “annular disc”. This is why the crop artist may have decided to draw his 2019 crop picture in that precise field location: so that two thin, curved tramlines, naturally present in standing crop, would give the visual impression of “anti-clockwise motion” for two large, flattened circles around its outer perimeter.  

One year before, a stylistically-related crop picture appeared at Norridge Wood on August 14, 2018, An aerial overhead view of that (brown) 2018 crop picture is shown in the upper-right-hand part of a slide above. It resembled the shape of a “pendulum clock” with two “weighted swinging arms” (see Norridge Wood article 2018   or or  

Finally in the lower part of a slide above, we can see how those two different crop pictures, which appeared at Norridge Wood in 2019 or 2018, fit on top of one another by means of a semi-transparent overlap. There seems to be a very good fit, despite their two different symbolic interpretations! This would suggest that both crop pictures may have been made by the same unseen artist (or group of artists).  

In the next two slides, we will show where one crop picture at Norridge Wood in May of 2019 (green) was drawn in the field, relative to another crop picture at Norridge Wood in August of 2018 (brown):  


The crop picture at Norridge Wood in 2018 was drawn approximately halfway across the width of that particular field, while the crop picture at Norridge Wood in 2019 was drawn two-thirds of the way across the same field, closer to a nearby road the A36 (not shown in photos below, but present on the right): 

As further interesting detail, the crop picture at Norridge Wood in 2018 showed many small, radial grooves around the outer perimeter of its large central disc (see time 1:20 of These might represent either “minute marks” around the “dial of a clock”, or alternatively “narrow current paths” around the conducting disc of a high-frequency AC generator. More will be said concerning such subtle points soon.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Many thanks to Nick Bull and the Hampshire Flyer for excellent aerial drone photography.



Two examples of “disc electrical generators” as drawn in crop pictures from 2019 or 2012  

A crop picture which appeared at Norridge Wood on May 22, 2019 was drawn next to two long, thin, curved tramlines in the standing crop. Those tramlines give the visual impression of “anti-clockwise motion” for a crop-drawn “disc electrical generator”. Several white arrows have been added in slides below, near crop tramlines, to emphasize such an intended visual effect.  

The resemblance of this new crop picture to a “blueprint” for the high-frequency AC electrical generator, invented by Nicola Tesla in 1891 (US patent 447,921), seems obvious: 

Its small, central ring (as drawn in crops) might represent either a “rotary axle”, or else a central and powerful “electromagnet” (shaded in red at lower right). Its next large annular ring might represent a “conductive copper disc”, which has been cut into narrow, well-defined grooves so as to produce AC power (again shaded in red at lower right). Two flattened circles of medium size, on both left and right, overlap that large annular disc by half of their diameters. If those circles are meant perhaps to represent “cylinder magnets”, then their anti-clockwise motion around the “disc” should produce either direct or alternating currents of electricity.  

A similar diagram was drawn in crops near Windmill Hill on October 14, 2012. There we can see two small, round circles on each side, which may represent the “North and South poles” of a “cylinder magnet”. Each of those two “cylinder magnets” seem to be rotating anti-clockwise around the outer edge of a large central “disc”, and again overlap the outer edge of that “disc” by half of their diameters:   

When we overlap that crop picture from Windmill Hill 2012 with another “annular disc”, which was drawn in crops near Devil’s Den on July 9, 2015, we can see a combined image which resembles even more closely the crop picture that appeared at Norridge Wood on May 22, 2019:  

As a clever landscape symbolism, not far from that 2015 crop picture of “annular disc”, we can see at Devil’s Den an elevated, horizontal standing-stone, which seems to resemble a large “horizontal disc”. It lies just above, and in close contact with, two other vertically-erect standing-stones (“cylinder magnets”?) which lie below and on either side, left or right.  

The general interpretation of these three crop pictures (as well as others), in terms of “disc electrical generators”, therefore seems both plausible and logically consistent with all known facts.  

The detailed lay of a May 22, 2019 crop picture at Norridge Wood shows the symbolism of a “rotating magnetic field” as used in many electric generators  

The new crop picture at Norridge Wood also showed a clever and puzzling lay of fallen barley plants in its outermost, thin flattened ring. Two linearly-offset, in-to-out staggered patterns of fallen plants may be seen on both left and right sides of this crop picture, as shown in an enlarged photograph below: 

At the centre of that enlarged photograph, we have added a small explanatory diagram as a graphical overlay. In that diagram, four thin, partly-circular rings of the puzzling lay are represented by four red lines.  

In order to understand what those curved lines mean, we have to go back in time to May 25, 2017 near Winchester Science Centre. There we saw a schematic drawing in crops of the two-phase “rotating magnetic field” used in Nicola Tesla’s first AC induction motor (see Space Science Centre 2017 Article  or Space Science Centre 2017 Comments   or Space Science Centre 2017 Videos  ).  

We have inset at lower left (in the slide above) a small, black-and-white drawing of that May 25, 2017 crop picture near Winchester Science Centre, so that it may compared easily with the new one from Norridge Wood on May 22, 2019. Both crop pictures from 2019 or 2017, on almost the same day in May, show two or more sets of staggered, out-to-in, partly-circular line segments, in order to represent 90o steps in the “rotation of a N/S magnetic field”.  

Such staggered, out-to-in lines have been used in certain crop pictures to represent a “rotating N/S magnetic field” for over 20 years, for example in a two-phase “rotating electric motor” crop picture which appeared near Brockwood Park, Hampshire on July 7, 1995 (see  

We can also see, in the 2017 crop picture near Winchester Science Centre (inset at lower right in the slide above), four “small circles” around its outer perimeter. Two of these match two flattened circles of medium size, which were drawn around the new crop picture at Norridge Wood in 2019.  

This particular interpretation of a “rotating magnetic field”, for several puzzling patterns of fallen lay in the 2019 Norridge Wood crop picture, as well as in many other important crop pictures over the years, therefore seems to be both plausible and logically consistent. If some of the E.T. crop artists are electrical engineers who can travel between the stars through space, of course they would know a lot about electricity and magnetism!  

Why worry ineffectively about “climate change”, when you can do something about it?  

In this era of endless worries about “climate change”, which seems to have been caused by the widespread and senseless burning of fossil fuels for energy production, the E.T. crop artists keep showing us new and clever ways to generate “clean energy”, by certain aspects of electromagnetism which we have not yet considered before.  

How many scientists or engineers, living on Earth today, will accept and recognize the many kinds of helpful technical information which they are giving us, and try to put those new technologies into practice? “Rope and boards, two men with rope and boards”.  

Do you believe in a “flat Earth” as well? Which other factually-unsupported theories have you grown fond of? Many thanks and best wishes to all of our enlightened colleagues and friends!  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)

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Two interesting features of the landscape near an “electrical generator” crop picture, which appeared at Norridge Wood on May 22, 2019, show symbols related to “alternating current electricity” 

When we study the 2019 Norridge Wood crop picture using Google Earth, we can see that it was drawn adjacent (and parallel) to a long, curved road (the A36) which resembles, when seen from above, a standard sine-wave symbol for “alternating current electricity”:  

Please search on Google Earth for “Cley Hill, Warminster”. Then look east to see that long, curved road, or northeast to see where the crop picture was drawn. A graph of AC-voltage-versus-time (coloured blue) has been inset for comparison at upper left.  

When we zoom in using Google Earth, to study details of the landscape there more closely, we can see that the crop picture was drawn approximately halfway-up one side of a curved line which represents “AC voltage”. Two thin tramlines next to the crop picture, shown in other slides above, suggest that “two round magnets” (placed around a “central disc”) are “rotating anti-clockwise”. This would be the correct direction of spin, if the motor-generator were trying to climb a metaphorical “hill of AC power”, shown in its landscape setting below:  

 Near the top of that “hill”, we can see a large, brown “disc” in the landscape, shown enlarged by an inset at lower left. It resembles a crop-drawn “disc” at the centre of the Norridge Hill crop picture. We can also see two light-coloured trees next to that brown “disc” in the landscape. They resemble two flattened circles of medium size, which were drawn just outside of the “disc” drawn in crops.  

Perhaps these two landscape features: (1) a long road curved in the shape of an “AC sine wave”, and (2) a brown “disc” next to two large trees, were an artistic inspiration for the design of a new crop picture at Norridge Wood?  

Finally, let us look more closely within a white rectangular box, inset at lower left in the slide above. Can you see there the image of a green “rabbit”, which has a brown “disc motor” at its centre? Do rabbits sometimes run up hills? The E.T. crop artists can certainly express a subtle sense of humour!

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)









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