Parcay-Meslay, Nr Tours, Touraine, France. Reported 26th June.


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Wow to the crop circle in France in Tours / 26th June  

Just a short comment on it. The inner of the crop circle is a mixture of the Roerich international peace flag and an Antares Symbol von Werner Neuner. ‘ Roerich is the spiritual inspiration for José Argüelles that dedicated the Dreamspell (the adaption of the mayan calendar) to Peace and the work of Roerich. ‘ Roerich managed  to bring nations together for the first international peace declaration of protection of the Arts (Roerich Pact) – which then led  to the international  cultural heritage protection efforts and law regulations . Therefore also “Time is Art”.

International Banner of Peace (Roerich Movement flag)

Bildergebnis für antares symbole#

Werner Johannes Neuner works with an adaption of the Dreamspell, he uses the same rhythm, but names the energy of the day  differently than Arguelles.  

This special symbol is called: Uun and symbolizes the power of group effort, and group energy. It engages in group efforts and in group activity. It “calls in” the right groups, so it calls people together to work in groups. maybe similar as James Reddfield described it in the 10th Prophecy  of Celestine .

Octavia Gentemann-Schmidt



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The incredible message of France's sixth crop circle  

It all started with the ant crop circle on June 21, which I predicted would appear (for being the sacred day of the Northern Hemisphere).

And then, evaluating the seven geometric levels of the ant, he said that on June 26 or 27, events or new crop circles would come.

And they came.
On June 26 in France, the sixth.
And on June 27 in Netherlands

I start by evaluating the Dutch crop circle, which I deciphered earlier.

It shows a six-pointed star and 18 circles in orbit (3 × 6).

But this one already provides interesting interpretations. Because the great eclipse is on the sixth day from today (27/06 to 02/07: and we have a six-spoke geometry here.
The Solar Eclipse

Through a preliminary diagram, we see that the formation of Netherlands is double, and the main one, shows a large central circle (the Earth) surrounded by six directions of three circles (of the same size) as that aligned in different directions around the Earth .

Carrying this to the astral map of the solar eclipse day of July 2, we see something similar there.

We have a planetary distribution really defined in six directions (six planetary groups):

1. The Eclipse Group: Sun-Moon-Venus
2. Uranus
3. Neptune
4. Saturn-Pluto
5. Jupiter
6. Mars and Mercury

Note that the tug of war of this game, where the greatest force will be concentrated, lies on the axis of the eclipse (1) opposite Saturn-Pluto (4) and Jupiter (5) large planetary mass nearby.

The central blue circle is Earth receiving all this energy charge.

This is another planetary arrangement in our heaven, not from the heliocentric point of view of astronomy, but from the geocentric point of view of astrology, and therefore, some alignments do not appear in this model.
But they are there, surely.

Netherlands two crops circles

In fact, we could see that this other crop circle is actually the first pictogram that appeared there, in the same field, exactly one month ago, on May 27, which suggests the indication of a lunar cycle, and indirectly , to the eclipse the front.

Another detail is that this new crop circle was drawn in the same orientation line of the field of cultivation, aligned with the first, then, as if desiring to complete the sense of it.

As I wrote in the first, I saw there a simple astronomical model of planetary opposition, and by looking at the astral map of the day of the eclipse (July 2), we actually see marked planetary oppositions, and the opposing groups that I highlight are groups 1 and 6 against
4 and 5.

Oppositions are alignments between planetary groups in opposite directions of the sky in Earth observation, and in this case, on one side, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury will meet on one side of the sky, and Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto on the other side of the sky. The Earth is in the middle of the tug-of-war, the opposition.

This first Dutch pictogram shows this simple model.

And another detail: pattern 3 in circles was repeated. In the first, each axis has three circles, and in the second, each of the six axes, repeating the arrangement of the planets in the sky on July 2, has three circles each, as representing sums of energies of clustered planets.

And more: making each axis take the number 333, we have six axes:
6 x 333 = 1998
1998 + 1 (central big circle) = 1999.

It is not the first time I see a crop circle reference to 1999 and the great prophetic eclipse of Nostradamus (August 11, 1999) on the X-72 block.

And one detail: day 2/7, reverses in 7/2 (72).

So, the day before (but record made on official website only today, 28.06), a beautiful crop circle appeared.

France crop circle 26.06.2019

Parcay-Meslay, Nr Tours, Touraine

On the special day, 26.06.2019, as I said before, which numbered 26, and between 26 and 27, I talked about the possibility of new crop circles, and if one appeared in Netherlands with six axes, it appeared on the 26th in France, with the same six axes, six days of the solar eclipse of 2.7.2019, and again, repeating the pattern of the Alignments, as everyone can see.

Six alternating axes 3-5 inline circles, and in the centre, three circles in triangular array.

The Sixth crop circle in France since 01.06.2019, and all these patterns of the number 6 were marked on it.

An obvious analogy with Dutch crop circle the day after (27.06) and the planetary distribution pattern on the day of the solar eclipse, July 2.
So it's another remarkable repetition of the theme, in the style of STANDARDS!


This is the sixth crop circle confirmed in France, from the first of them, on 1 June, in Notre Dame de France, 20 km south of Paris.

While the first four crop circles have repeated alignment patterns, as we have seen so far (and note, Menetou-Salon's crop circle 2 has the same five circles on the alignment axis as this new crop circle) this new crop circle repeated the pattern of the Flower of Life (hexagonal) that appeared in the last crop circle before it, in Saint Jean de Bassel, on 17 June.

That is, this sixth crop circle is a sum of the pattern of the alignments plus the Flower of Life pattern, bringing together all the symbologies of the French formations in a single model, to six days (counting from 26.06) of the eclipse of 2 of July.

And if we align the series of circles of the major axis with the centre, counting from 06/06, we will reach the geometric center of the crop circle exactly on 02/07.

Sincerely, I think the pattern of planetary energy will change from this day and month of July.

Impact energies that will cause, on the one hand, cataclysms, and on the other, renewals and rebirths.

All energy is neutral, and if it enters a system in a transformative way, it is always with the goal of recycling and renewing the system itself.

Once again, I feel we are facing a countdown, and when the hills fall, and when the earth shakes and cracks, and when the sun vomits its heat, and when the wind blows, and when the waves rise ... we will know that, Somewhere in the Universe, everywhere, that holy Child was born.

And that we are part of this Birth.

God's Numbers

This crop circle collects the Numbers of God in an unusual and rare way. Beginning with the date of its emergence, 26.06.2019, which sums 26, and which sums 8 (2 + 6 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 9 = 26, 2 + 6 = 8)

That special day we mentioned earlier.

Because YHWH, the Holy Name of God in the key of the Tetragrammaton, is worth 26 - Yod-He-Vav-He (10 + 5 + 6 + 5)

Then we look at the amount of the SIX number marking this model. Hexagonal form, sixth crop circle of France in June, which is the sixth month.

The Six-pointed Star, the Flower of Life, the Metatron Cube in the Kabbalistic solutions of this image, because if there is a birth, there is the explosion of spirit energy in matter, and these planetary alignments, eclipses, and everything else can be used by the Spirit as a support of energies to promote this mystical birth announced in the Cathedrals and in the prophecies of Revelation.

The image has three axes, in two duplicate arrangements, that is, 

axes 5-3, end to end. Then add 5 + 3 = 8.

And if they are three axes, 5-3, 5-3, 5-3, that adds up, in all, 888!
This is another Number of God, beyond the 26.
Because it is the Number of the Infinite tripled.
The Holy Trinity.

And in the centre of the Hexagram, we have the explosion of the Holy Three, when the spirit explodes in the energy that comes from the alignments, to promote births and renewals in the material world (form).

But the most interesting Biblical and Kabbalistic key is a proportion found in both the Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant.

Noah's Ark: (300 c) x (50 c) x (30 c)
Ark of the Covenant: (2.5 c) x (1.5 c) x (1.5 c)

There is a repetition in both dimensions, in the proportion

50/30 = 2.5 / 1.5 = 5/3 = 1.666.666.666 ...

And now look at the Metatron Cube. It has five circles in diameter, and three circles in the radius (half the diameter).

It brings the same ratio 5/3 of the Arks, and the new crop circle of France, which is also a hexagram. Key of portals associated with secret frequencies ...

What to conclude?

We are faced with an Egg of concentrated spiritual energy about to explode and manifest new life and new consciousness in all incarnate souls who can line up with this rare moment of the universe in bloom that must die to bear its fruit.

And the fruit of the flower of God can only spring forth when the alignments of cosmic energy are standardized according to the numbers and proportions of the spirit, so that life happens in matter!

This is the golden key to true conscious spirituality in life that is reborn and awakened!


Ps: In addition to alignments, we can include the view of asteroids falling on Earth in a more pessimistic, though realistic, view.

Map of France and the new crop circle of 26.06.2019

Parçay-Meslay, France (6)

This is the sixth crop circle of France in the month of June (month six).

Another "star" on our map of France has been added, and I have the distinct feeling that "they" are drawing a stellar constellation known here.

New crop circles can come to increase this design, and improve our image. But all are appearing in the north of France, where the magnificent templar Gothic cathedrals are found, in cities that draw the constellation of Virgo in the aerial view, as we have spoken.

The analogy is clear.
They plan to write something like this here!
(I think of the constellation Canis Major, of Sirius Star, being drawn).

Now, see the coat of arms of the village of Parçay-Melay.

Do we have a tree with six flowers (or fruits?)

But it does not look like a vine or a bunch of grapes, these flowers or yellow fruits, symbolic of that village.

However, the face of the worker among the grape clusters associate with the vines of the region.

And in fact, that tree and its six golden fruits are of "Néflier" or medlar.

The medlar (Mespilus germanica L.) sometimes also called Mélier in some regions) is a species of small fruit trees of the Rosaceae family, cultivated for its mature consumed fruits: the medlar. This very sturdy tree should not be confused with the loquat of warm countries with yellow and fleshy fruits.

The tree with golden berries of "nephi" symbolizes cautious advice on the coat of arms of the Village of Parçay-Meslay.

Its scientific name comes from the Latin mespilum, a word borrowed from Greek "mespilon": this word would be formed by the Greek words mesos and pilos, form of ball, with reference to the hemispherical form of the fruit.

Another connection with the Six and the hexagram of this crop circle: because, in the coat of arms, the tree has 6 fruits!
And the circles of the crop circle look like fruits opening up, eggs hatching!

This is what reveals another important cabalistic image, the Fruit of Life.

Fruit of life, flower of life, Tree of Life, Egg of spiritual energies in matter, second birth, the Divine Child arriving in the alignments and cosmic energies towards the Earth in the Egg of the Solar Eclipse of July? Is not this crop circle the image of the Tree of Life and the Fruit of Life?

At least, that's what repeat patterns state.

After 2000 years, a new Fruit of the Tree of Life will fall from the sky!

(Gathering the vast majority of crop circles so far in an overall analysis)

Within the core of the cosmic energies generated in July, there will be a new divine creation on Earth, and an Egg will hatch, and a fruit will break, and a Child will be born, and a new life and divine consciousness will rise on Earth.

This is the central prophecy written in all the Gothic Templar cathedrals Notre Dame of northern France, where all these crop circles are appearing.

Revelation 12 memorial written in stone!

Jonas Passos (28.06.2019)


An Energy Egg at the core of the System

Now, the astronomical analysis, which repeats, as I said, the models of France, the Netherlands and the construction of Ant crop circle.

Everything starts in this nucleus that has three circles in triangular arrangement (repeat the Long Wood model, (3 June), implying a process of synthesis of energies in the system core, an Egg that is been formed for some time, and that seems to me to be ready to hatch next month, July and all those alignments.

This crop circle, in addition to repeating in its argument from previous crops circles of France, combining the Flower of Life of Saint Jean de Bassel with the pictograms (astronomical markers) of the others
combines two visions of the sky: the vision for the geocentric system (celestial map, or astral map, the planetary configuration in the sky seen from Earth) and vision of the heliocentric system (system design solar).

In the vision of the solar system, we can see this three forces being added, in a process of synthesis, representing possible occurrences of energy in the Sun, in the solar core. Ejections, solar explosions, phenomena which always begin in the Sun and then reverberate

We have two rings, the orbits of the inner planets, Mercury and Venus. Externally to the second ring, it would be the position of the Earth in this model. And, extensively, the mentioned alignments, and if they were repeated in six is to make an image relation with the symbol of the Hexagram and the fruit of life.

After all, if the Flower of Life appeared in Saint Jean de Bassel on June 17, after the Blossom, comes the fruit, and the Fruit of Life appeared on June 26 in the same France, 9 days later (and 9 means gestation, birth).

Everything very adjusted so far!

The Fruit of Life descends from heaven in the cosmic energy of July, not only on the 2nd, but from the 2nd, with higher intensity.

This crop circle represented, in a masterful way, those two visions of the sky, the geocentric and heliocentric, because if in the vision of the solar system (heliocentric) we have the row of planets in two axes, as we have seen before, in the vision here of Earth (geocentric, as Astrology uses) we have, on the axis center of alignment, five stars on one side of the sky, and three stars on the other side of the sky!

Exactly how these axes arranged: five circles on one side, and three circles on the other side! All this set of aligned forces will be concentrated in the nucleus of the system, be it the Sun, or the Earth, in a process of synthesis (the three circles as if merging in the centre).

And in an astronomical line, they can represent the Sun, the Moon and the Earth, which are the stars whose energies are closer and more direct in our Biosphere.

Map 1 (heliocentric) shows the alignments, with five stars in the inner part of the Solar System, around the Earth (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) and, on the outside, three stars (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto).

On map 2 (geocentric), we see the same thing, but from the point of view of the Earth: from one side of the sky, five stars, and on the other side, three stars.

In both maps, we see that only Uranus and Neptune are displaced from these sets of alignments.

And the way the crop circle portrayed this planetary arrangement on the day of the solar eclipse is formidable.

I have no doubt that powerful cosmic energies will be synthesized next month.

So much so that, in addition to the planned events, we can have one (or more) beautiful and significant crop circle right on the day of the solar eclipse, sending more details about all this.

Note that up to this point from my crop circle analyzes since the first of the season (Horton the Egg of March 2), I kept using 3 tools:

1. Knowledge of symbologies
2. Detection of patterns
3. Assembly analysis

That's the basis of my technique.
Then in the Crop Circle Interpretation Manual:- o-meu-manual-de-interpretacao-crop-circle

June 2019 ... only 4 crop circles in England?

I've never seen this before!
It was enough to have more than 10 objects there, to
height, almost at the end of the month?

What is going on?

First, a season so weak in England, with only 4 objects so far, almost late June, and on the other hand, unprecedented, 6 objects in France, with the standard of English objects.

Second, and throughout this small group of crops circles from the Netherlands, France and England, which I have put together in an overall analysis, so far, insisting on the same astronomical event, to happen in July, from the solar eclipse of the 2nd. Why do they insist so much on this?

The crop circle phenomenon is closing a large cycle of Saturn (1990-2019, 29-30 years), and I believe they insist on this because the pattern of planetary energies will change from July.

For what other reason such an insistence, as I never saw any group of crop circles gathered accomplish? We will only need an important crop circle on July 2, the day of the solar eclipse, to increase our considerations.

The Lamb and the Star of Bethlehem

I found the crop circle last year, 2018, just the last, which sealed the 2018 season in England, and has a direct connection to all the linked messages of the (few) crop circles of the current season 2019, according to the analysis that I have been supporting until here.

It appeared in two phases:

First, an uneven crop circle, on July 1, 2018 (practically a year before the solar eclipse of now, July 2), showing the simple solar system, Sun and two orbits (Rings), Mercury and Venus (exactly as in the recent crop circle of France, center and two rings bearing the hexagram).

Then, on August 19, 2018, on this same model, the authors of crop circles designed a new form, a Six-pointed Star (symbol of Israel, or macrocosmic star, the Universe created in 6 days), and in the center, a little blur that, when enlarged, showed itself like the face of a Sheep or Lamb!

Since the crop circles have the same hexagonal structure, it was easy to apply the overlap here, and what do we see?

The head of the sheep or lamb coupled in the center of the three spheres of energy that add up, in a process of cosmo-spiritual synthesis.

And for those who do not believe that this can exist, we must not forget that Jesus Christ himself was announced and also came to the world under the radiance of a Star (the Star of Bethlehem, Sirius, in the Christian allegory).

So it is important to know that a new life and divine consciousness should reach the planet briefly, at least, is what the crop circles say.


The last total solar eclipse our planet experienced was the Great American Eclipse, which darkened the sky from the United States from the west to the east coast on August 21, 2017. The next total eclipse will be on July 2, visible in the South Pacific and South America.

It may be that both eclipses of the Sun connect into energy impacts, because the Aug. 21 eclipse had violent impacts on Earth, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes.

Now it is likely that the majority of humanity will only witness the negative part of the energy of the alignments, the catastrophes because the positive part, concerning the birth of the Child of God, few will testify. And because of this, most who sleep will continue to say: nothing happened and nothing will happen.

But if the catastrophes come, and when they come, they will be the proof. Because if the negative happened (and it is already happening) it is because, in the positive, it happened too (and it is already happening).
Jonas Passos (29.06.2019)

This crop circle ostensibly depicts the six comets which prior circles indicate will be striking the earth (from six different directions). Two types of comets are shown, three large and three smaller. However, the actual detailed appearance of both sizes is highly suspicious, leading me to suspect a man-made effort. It isn't possible for comets to have an identical detailed appearance to each other. This is why the authentic circlemakers either depict them as simply as possible, or with their full array of major fragments.  The  three circles within the inner ring are redundant (not needed), but perhaps the real idea was to include six circles rather than three.  Also, the crop circle's construction seems to be substandard - the circles themselves and the spaces between them are noticeably irregular.

Kenneth Heck







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