Parcay-Meslay, Nr Tours, Touraine, France. Reported 26th June.


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A clever artwork of inspiring spiritual and religious significance appeared near Parcay-Meslay, France on June 27, 2019. Will the French people open their minds, and look carefully to see what was drawn there?

“Je cherche à comprendre.” ---Jacques Monod, one of France’s greatest scientists

Many modern crop-pictures seem to be based artistically on some interesting or amusing “image in the landscape”, as seen from high in the air, or even from space. Some unseen “artists” may decide to draw a relevant “picture” in agricultural crops there, within one small part of any chosen landscape image. They do this to call the image to our attention, or even to provide it with extra meaning.  

We have studied hundreds of such crop-drawn images over the years, and know how to interpret many of them reliably. That is how it is usually done. There is generally no evidence for “rope and boards” anywhere. That hypothesis is just a (rather dumb) canard, and has no predictive value in a scientific sense whatsoever.  

Do you wish to remain misled and uninformed by listening to the French mainstream media? Or like one of France’s greatest scientists, Jacques Monod (see Institut_Jacques_Monod), do you seek to understand?  

Six mysterious and unexplained crop pictures have appeared now in France, from one side of the country to the other, in June of 2019 alone. The authorities there have no “explanations” or plausible “cover stories”. The sixth and latest of these crop pictures was found by an aerial photographer, Maxime Castilian, on June 27 slightly northeast of Tours.  

When we used Google Earth to examine where this new crop picture was drawn, at latitude 47.4496o N, longitude 0.7721o E, right away we saw a very remarkable “image in the landscape”, with the Google Earth compass set close to due North. We have copied, enlarged and brightened that image as shown in two slides below.  

There we can see the large landscape image of someone who looks like the “Pope” in a “mitre hat” (on the left), along with the image of another tall man to who is “leaning over to the right”, where a small person seems to be “kneeling on the ground”. Just to the right of where the tall man is leaning over, we can see a small clump of trees that resembles a “breath of wind”, which has just emerged from his “mouth”.  

Thus the “tall man” seems to blowing out a breath of wind from his mouth, toward another small person who is kneeling below (on the right). And that is exactly where the new French crop picture was drawn! Given the other image of a “Pope” on the left in his “mitre hat”, we are led to a fairly-straightforward interpretation of this new crop picture as shown below: 

He breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit!” (John 20:22).  

The centre of this crop picture also resembles a “Roerich banner of peace”. Yet the Holy Spirit is said to offer a “peace beyond understanding”. Let us look now at the same crop-drawn image in closer detail:  

In Christianity, the Holy Spirit is often compared to a movement of air, or to an invisible wind which blows:  

“The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from, or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit" (John 3:8). 

We reconstructed a more complete version of this new crop picture, by superimposing its two arms (which fit into each other’s empty spaces) graphically. We can now see the three-dimensional image of a “breath” or movement of air, which is emerging from a central round source (perhaps from someone’s mouth):  

To learn more about the Holy Spirit, please see:-Holy_Spirit_in_Christianity  

What is going on here? Perhaps some of the six (6) authentic crop pictures which have appeared in France since the start of June 2019, all mysterious and unexplained, were made by the unseen but benevolent spiritual beings whom we sometimes call “angels”? They seem to be encouraging us to “receive the Holy Spirit”. That is evidently why this new crop picture was so cleverly drawn.   

Will most French people pay attention to such beautiful works of art in their fields, and the spiritual messages encoded therein? Can they really appreciate any great art, outside of their museums? And will they decide to receive the Holy Spirit in their own lives, as our angelic friends have seemingly asked?

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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