Etchilhampton Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 20th August.

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Revelation 12

As I said before, I believe this to be England's last crop circle, closing the season at harvest time, which adds another argument to the interpretation: humanity's spiritual harvest through the fulfilment of Revelation 12, an analysis that I livelihood since the first crop circles this year.

Remember the first formation in Horton, UK, on March 2, an Egg hatching new life inside it!

Now this probable final crop circle, showing the basic cosmic elements involved in the great July alignment (Sun, Moon, Nemesis, Eclipses, etc.) and surrounded by a ring with twelve repeated symbols, like twelve stars on the crown of the woman who is conceiving. Child, symbol of New Life and New Messianic consciousness hanging over the world.

Yes, just compare with the crop circle that, in 2018, also closed, on the same August 19th, the season of that year, and inside the Star of David (messianic symbol), we see the face of a Lamb (messianic symbol!) And now, in 2019, the same August 19th, that symbol seems to say it all, and to associate the Christic birth of Revelation 12 with the cosmic energies of our restless, turbulent, dark planetary period ... before the rest of the prophecies contained in that chapter. 12

Another detail.
Remember the analysis of the last crop circle before this one, on August 11, with 3/4 of an outer ring that had already "opened" on 1/4? And did this account, in terms of days, forming 21 days, take us to the first of September?

The same thing happens in this new crop circle, just add 12 days (the 12 symbols) to his date, August 19: will arrive at the same time, August 30, New Moon, and can also be framed in the symbolism of this new crop circle. And New Moon is united Sun and Moon, alchemical sign of generation, conception: remembering that Sun and Moon are the main stars that made up the rare astronomical event of September 23, 2017, according to Revelation 12.

This crop circle, therefore, harmoniously closes the entire crop circle 2019 message set, including the fabulous France alignment models!


The Edge of Time that opens?

Since 2004, some very significant crop circles have begun to receive a new adornment, in a style repeated over the next few years, an outer ring with compartments, often spirals, representing time in motion.

Incidentally, it was in 2004 that we had the first crop circle with this pattern, in the pre-Columbian style of edge ring ornamentation, which brings us a direct relationship to that calendar and the issue of alignments, end of cycle and derived planetary prophecy. , something that seems to be present in the theme of this new model of Etchilhampton Hill.

I noticed a significant detail: all the other rings were CLOSED at the edges, but this one is OPEN differently.

What can this mean? Time broken, cycle breaking, message being completed?

What do you think, my friends? What would this OPEN CIRCLE mean at the edges of the crop circle? The edges of time, the edges of the earth were, will they be opened?

Messages have been given ... is it now fulfilled? Revelation 12, clock, hour 12, 12 hours, cycle finished ... the spirals of the edge of time have been opened ... the breaking clocks. The times that end ...


The Wormhole Curves

I also noticed a similarity between the structure of the New August 19 crop circle with the curves of a 2006 wormhole model, by the way, 2006 was the season of the wormhole style crop circles. Curves formed by circles that move their geometric centers, giving this sense of movement.

So, not to get out of line, as we talk a lot about Merkabah's ride in these times, and as Revelation 12 also says that Merkabah or Throne of God will snatch the child born into the cosmic and prophetic patterns pointed out, this new model also suggests all this, that is, movements within Hyperspace, which may be another solution to the mystery of the edges of time that open, giving way to the Car of Gods!
Jonas Passos (20.08.2019)


The twelve planets of the Solar System according to the Sumerians

"Sumerians are generally considered to be the inventors of astronomy, the study of star observation. There are specific texts about the solar system and the movement of the planets around the sun, in their correct order. The Sumerians considered the solar system a set of 12 planets, counting the sun and the moon. Their tenth planet was called by them Nibiru, a planet beyond Pluto with a very large orbit. " (Wikipedia)

In addition to alignments, New Moon, and other arguments, this crop circle, bringing together the first two to the last "planet" of Sumerian cosmology, namely, Sun, Moon, and "Nibiru" (updated as Nemesis, the Sun's twin star, probably a red-brown dwarf) and surrounded by a ring of twelve symbols showing the "open" wheel of time, suggested to me an allusion to the complete number of objects that, according to Sumerian astronomy, orbited the Earth (in the apparent mode, geocentric observation system). and reference).

So the Sumerians, who inherited the Anunnaki sciences, were already designing boards with twelve stars, and this knowledge seems to me to be evoked in this last crop circle. Because, besides Pluto and Sedna, we have this star, whose orbit is actually very large, eccentric and cyclically intercepts the orbit of the planets of the solar system as it periodically approaches the solar perihelion.

And when the second sun comes up, realigning the planetary orbits, astronomy will have to rewrite all its bases. Which is amazing, because both ancient civilizations and classical astrology already considered this duodenary solar system. And the barbarians ... and the medieval ones ... and the primitives ... were them!

Jonas Passos (21.08.2019)
The December 2019 singularity in the crop circles

Several elements are highlighting the month of December 2019, and the first of them, a third annual total solar eclipse, as it is common for each year to have two solar eclipses (and their complementary lunar eclipses).

The distance between Earth and the Sun in the perihelion is approximately 147.1 million kilometers. This occurs once a year, around fourteen days after the December solstice, around the 4th of January.

The crop circle (high) of August 19 highlighted the perihelion in the simple solar system model (Sun, Moon, Earth).

And notice that the image is not centered, but rather shifted to one side, representing precisely the unequal axis of the earth in relation to the Sun, aphelion (furthest point) and perihelion (furthest point).

The December Solstice takes place on December 21st, when summer begins in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere (and it is anticipated that new records of extreme temperatures will come in both hemispheres).

The total solar eclipse will be on December 26, five days later.
And the Periellium, Earth's closest point to the Sun, on January 4, 15 days after December 21.

Notice the twelve windows in the crop circle's ring, all of which have an inner stroke, and that Mayan-numbered stroke is worth 5. 
Five days after the December Solstice will be the solar eclipse, and fifteen days later (5 + 5 +5), the perihelion.

It looks like coordinates of time and events located this December, by the way, month twelve, and twelve windows have the crop circle ring, as if marking the months of the year, and focusing on the last month, December.

It has also been noticed that a 12:12:12 style numerical alignment happens on 12.12.2019, summing the digits, and the last of them happened on 12.12.1920, 99 years ago.

Anyway, considering not only the eclipse but also the important planetary cluster in December in the constellations of Sagittarius and Capricorn, where the P 7X object is currently located, we have to pay attention to all the aftereffects, which I think will change. significantly the planetary status in the year 2020.

We'll be eyewitnesses of all these accelerated tail changes on the planet-comet!

Nemesis, the P 7X object and the analogies of the Book of Revelation

And for this very reason the last book incorporated into the doctrinal body of the Bible is called Revelation which, in Greek, means REVELATION, and means: the revelations of the final things unknown to mankind when the time came for the end of the Great Cycle of civilization, signalled by many astronomical markers, which, found today, were announced at that time, 2000 years ago, by the prophet and seer John, the beloved apostle to whom Christ confided the last unknown truths.

The 12th chapter of Revelation is the most expressive in the context of the truths signaled in the sky, because it presents two great heavenly signs, and the first of these, the twelve-star crowned Sun-clad Virgin, happened with great precision. on the afternoon of September 23, 2017, after the resounding total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, with various impacts on Earth.

But a precise chronological order is established there, because, after this sign, John announces another, also terrible, that would appear in the heavens of the world, supporting light of the end-of-cycle message.

The Great Red Dragon, which we have been considering, can be astronomically represented by Object P 7X, perhaps a red or brown dwarf, approaching the Sun, containing its planetoids, including (the Dragon has seven heads, and is red : the red dwarf star with possible seven orbiting planetoids).

And as this Red Dragon paces the sky, it throws a powerful tail behind it, and with it drops many stars from the sky on Earth. This is another precise description of the object that, moving towards the Sun, will behave like a bright comet (hence the Planet-Comet) and with the gravitational force will cause many asteroids to be torn out of the belt by an effect called “effect”. billiards ”.

In the chronology of events, the Sign of the Virgin was the first, and it was after some time that the Red Dragon arose before her, threatening to devour her son, whom she had just begotten.

Not considering here the spiritual metaphor (already much considered in other links), let us focus only on the astronomical metaphor of John's vision.

Even NASA telescopes even detected a strange Red Dragon FACE with two bright eyes in the Virgo constellation at this time (in 2017), perhaps a nebula with two remaining stars, visible only in infrared radiation. NASA programs even put a Black Stripe at the time to cover the image in Internet searches. Why?

We see the mysterious close face of the Spica star, the alpha of Virgo (the Spike that the Virgin reaps from Earth…)

Even if some explanation has been given, the resemblance of this astronomical object to Dragon Face right in the constellation of Virgo, where the sign of Revelation 12 took place, as actual astronomical positioning on September 23, 2017, is disconcerting!
Now the most intriguing detail. We know that in Revelation there is a period of time announced several times in three ways: Three and a half years (one time, two times and half a time), 1260 days and 42 months. Three ways to say the same sentence. Time of the two witnesses, time of the exiled Virgin who fled into the desert because of the Dragon that fell to Earth…

The interesting part is this. Take the date of the planetary alignment in Virgo according to Revelation 12 on September 23, 2017.
Now move forward three and a half years. This locates us the month of March 2021, right?

And what is predicted by astronomers studying the P 7X object? That he will find his solar perihelion (closest position to the sun) between February and March 2021, according to estimates.

And as follows the vision of Revelation 12? That this red Dragon, after standing before the Virgin, would fight the Angel Michael. This Angel that has always been associated with the Sun in Kabbalistic Astrology.

By this time, Nemesis will be on the side of the sun like a very bright comet with a huge tail, almost covering the whole sky during the day… a sign that matches the descriptions of Matthew 24, which announces the SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN IN HEAVEN. , visible to all people on earth, and that it would look like a bright lightning bolt extending from east to west…

This sign would be the scheduled date, say, of the gathering of God's elect to be taken from the earth. Because, according to tribulationist theories, the worst was yet to come after Nemesis left his trail behind.

Serial earthquakes, shaken magnetic field, unbearable heat, hatred and violence growing toward world war, disease and plagues spreading, etc. So far, astronomical coordinates are confirming the entire Apocalypse. Because after EVERYONE HAS SEEN IT, it will be too late to try to believe from that day.

Jonas Passos (26.11.2019)

Nemesis and the 4 stars in crop circle

One of the most beautiful crop circles of 2019 appeared in England on July 1 in Hampshire, showing, in a graph based on a dodecagon (12-sided regular polygon), a kind of stylized big star * or UFO surrounded by four stars

 (pentagrams) in the highlighted sectors.

In addition to other interpretations conducted at the time, I add a new view today.

A relationship with the P 7X object in the solar eclipse and planetary cluster of December 2019.

Also because the chosen geometry (dodecagon) has twelve sides, and rhymes with that other crop circle (of 19 August, on Etchilhampton Hill), which shows the solar eclipse (and a third object) surrounded by a ring with twelve windows 
(month twelve).

As if the solar eclipse somehow denounced the mysterious "object."

There was another crop circle, from July 8, 2019, also in England, which seems to extend the meaning of that first crop circle, showing a vibrant system of four sectors: the four stars gathered in the quadrant of the sky generating amplified gravitational vibrations this month. ?

Now, let's look at two upcoming dates, which bring together these astronomical arguments:
Day 12.12.2019 (Full Moon) and day 26.12.2019 (New Moon, Solar Eclipse).

It seems that the indicated "four stars" (objects) will actually be grouped in the same region of the sky, between the end of the constellation Scorpio and the beginning of the constellation Capricorn, the region where the P 7X object currently transits:

On 12.12.2019
1. Venus, 2. Saturn, 3. Jupiter, 4. Sun (5. Mercury, farthest)

On 12.26, 2019
1. Venus, 2. Saturn, 3-4. Sun Moon (5. Mercury, farthest)

Although Jupiter on the second date is still in the vicinity of Capricorn, causing influence.

Perhaps this is yet another crop circle message describing the astronomical pattern of "four stars" reunited with the P 7X object in December, on two dates that mean two alignments, the Full Moon and the solar eclipse.

Ps: the day 12.12.2019 forms the numeric code 12:12:12, and I always remember the apparitions in France, the connections with the Virgin Mary, Revelation 12 and the great events predicted there for humanity .... including the arrival of the "Red Dragon" in the skies of the world !!
Jonas Passos (06.12.2019)

Jupiter's Ring

A singular eclipse is expected on December 26 for some reasons, and in addition to all the expected energy impacts of the period, there will be a particular signal in the skies.

It will be a rare annular eclipse of the Sun, and the ring of fire will glow next to the planet Jupiter, which will be at a conjunction of about 1 ° (degree) of arc from the Eclipse Ring of Fire, something very close.

They will be right under the stars of the Northern Hemisphere Summer Triangle, Deneb (Swan), Altair (Aquila) and Vega (Lira).

Some crop circles, especially the last two, even seem to highlight not only the third solar eclipse of the year, but also the fact that it is an annular eclipse (which happens when the moon passes near its apogee, or closest orbital point of Earth), and the most recent annular eclipse took place on February 26, 2017.

And besides, the crop circles show an object accompanying this eclipse, which on one side can represent the object P 7X (supposed Nemesis, according to the Sun) and also represent the planet Jupiter, which will appear as a bright star on the side of the ring of fire.

Some crop circles have highlighted the Ring around images symbolizing that eclipse.

I believe we will have many surprises during this period.

Jonas Passos (08.12.2019)



The outer ring suggests a man-made device, most likely a telescope. Astronomers will be able to see two comets before they strike the Earth. They will be travelling in opposite directions, as shown by their indicated impact craters. If they had actually impacted, the comets would be depicted quite close the thicker sides of the craters. For example, the crop circle of July 2007, in the UK shown below:

Interestingly, the crop circle is saying that the impact crater of the smaller comet will be located within the crater of the larger comet. This could be true for the larger fragments, but not really true for the comets themselves. The comets moving in opposite directions are A and F, C and D, and B and E. The 12 figures around the outer ring may be a hint that Comet B is involved. For further information, download my free e-book at

Kenneth Heck

Are they pointing out unknown ancient settlements? Food for thought!


The decimal system is the mathematics of Hebrew, therefore Gimatria translates dimensions/numbers to words.

in August a square appeared in CC, perhaps my latest video in English will provoke thoughts about the geometry of 4, a decimal square, number 8 & octagon- the dome of the rock in Jerusalem:-

Kabbalah, the Shabbat square & the heaven luminaries created on the 4th day,

Please note

The geometric triangle in the CC on the left, could mean “to make the Shabbat a covenant of world”

the CC on the right seems to depict earth moon and sun, since the size of the smallest circle in relation to the larger bright circle in the middle is the same ratio of size of the moon to earth appx. 3.500 km to 12.700 km … there’s dark matter separating the heavenly bodies and filling the space in between.

the heaven luminaries sun and moon, are connected to number 4, and they were created on the 4th day

on a second though, the triangular element in the CC on the left, if taken from the decimal geometry – the root of Hebrew Alpha Bet … can also be read as “My name is Aleph Beit”… this is based on dimension 100

350 = my name = shemi

111 = Aleph

412 = Bet

And in Hebrew שמי (350) אלף (111) בית (412) 

The radius 111, makes a 222 diameter circle, 222= Barech, Bless (Aleph + Aleph)

Aleph + Beth + Aleph = ABA

ABA = father

My name is (shemi) Aleph, Beth.

Varda Sarnat

We heal the Earth with the Energy of Love <3

Crop circle at Etchilhampton Hill, near Devizes, Wiltshire, UK, reported on 20 August 2019

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 20 August 2019 is a day with the Solar Seal Blue Storm with Tone 13,
the last day of the Blue Hand wavespell,
in the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed.

On 26 July 2019 began the White Magnetic Wizard Year with Tone 1 and the new 13-year cycle of the White Wizard.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Blue Hand – Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
White Dog – Love, Heart, Loyalty
Red Moon – Universal Water, Flow, Purification
Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Blue Eagle – Creativity, Vision, Mind

The big outer circle represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.

In the center of the formation there is a small bright circle and in it we see a depiction of an Eye. This central circle represents the Source – the “All Seeing Eye”.

From the Source emanate cosmic energies, called “Universal Water”. They are depicted through lunar crescents, which symbolize the energy RED MOON – the energy of the Universal Water.

The smallest crescent 1 together with the bright central circle resemble the depiction on the glyph of the Solar Seal Blue Hand and symbolize the energy BLUE HAND – the major energy of the wavespell.


Depictions of the glyph (sign) of the Blue Hand

The four lunar crescents together with the central circle depict the face of a dog and symbolize the energy WHITE DOG – the Energy of Love. The crescents 1 and 2 depict the muzzle of the dog, the bright central circle depicts the tip of the muzzle. The crescents 3 and 4 depict the rest of the dog’s face.

The energy White Dog is on position 4 (Tone 4 – the Tone of the Form) in the Blue Hand wavespell and shows the form, in which the Healing occurs – through the energy of Love. On the crop circle this is shown very impressive through the face of the dog. The Energy of Love, which comes from the Source, is spread everywhere through the energy Red Moon (Universal water, Flow, Purify), which is the Supporting energy of the White Dog.

On the periphery ring we see 12 figures.
The number 12 symbolizes the energy YELLOW HUMAN – Solar Seal No. 12, the Supporting energy of the Blue Hand.
The 12 figures symbolize the humanity.

Let us see the figure “B” in the bottom part of the photo.
It resembles a Bridge over a river. The bridge depicts the energy White Worldbridger. And the river (the horizontal bar beneath the bridge) depicts the energy Red Moon – the energy of the Universal water, the energy of the Flow.

The White Worldbridger is on the last position 13 (Tone 13) in the White Wizard wavespell and thus it is the Spiritual target for the humanity in the new 13-year cycle of the White Wizard. In the next 13 years we the people must strive to build bridges to each other and to unite ourselves. We also must build vertical bridges – connections with the Spiritual world (with the Source, with our Higher Self, with our Spiritual guides) and with the Earth. Only in this way we can cope with the big challenges which faces our civilization.

Now let us see the figure „С” in the upper part of the photo.
It depicts a Chalice – in this way is featured a main point of the energy Yellow Human:  the human is like a chalice, which is filled with Universal water, i.e. with cosmic energies, which carry information, codes, impulses.

The energy Blue Hand helps us to derive Knowledge from these cosmic energies, the energy Yellow Human helps us to derive from them Wisdom and the energy Yellow Seed helps to derive from them codes of Awareness and Flowering.

The chalice on the figure „С” consists of 3 dashes.
The number 3 symbolizes the energy BLUE NIGHT – Solar Seal No. 3, the energy of Intuition. In this way is depicted the process, in which we through our In-tuition accept the cosmic energies and derive from them essential codes. Thanks to them we conceive Dreams, which we radiate to the Universe and it helps us for their realization.

The energy Blue Night takes position 10 (Tone 10 – the Planetary Tone of Manifestation) in the White Wizard wavespell and thus it is the Planetary target for the humanity in the new 13-year cycle of the White Wizard. So one of our main tasks in the next 13 years shall be to learn to consciously create the desired new reality through our Dreams.

The Eye, depicted in the central circle, symbolizes also the energy BLUE EAGLE – the energy of Vision and Visualization.
Through this crop circle the authors propose us a wonderful image for visualization – to visualize that the healing energy of Love from the Source embraces the whole Earth, fills all cantons of the Earth.

We can us this crop circle as a Healing Mandala!

Looking at this crop circle or visualizing it, we can do following energy session for Healing of the Earth through the Energy of Love:

Focus in your heart.
Feel the Presence of the Source in your heart.
Ask the Source to fill your heart with the Energy of Love.
Radiate this energy to the Earth.
Ask the Source to heal the Earth and the humanity through the energy of Love.
Thank the Source for the Healing.

The energy Blue Hand is the Occult Teacher of the White Wizard and thus it shall play a very important role in the new 13-year cycle.
The energy of the Blue Hand is most active between 6 and 12 pm, so this is the most appropriate time for healing sessions.

Such healing sessions are very useful for us to grow as White Wizards. Because the White Wizard heals just in this way – using the energy of Love from the Source, which emanates from the heart. With the help of this energy we can do wonders!!

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this inspiring formation, to the photographer Nick Bull and to the whole team of Crop Circle Connector!!

Maya Todorova


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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike