Etchilhampton Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 20th August.

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Some brief notes regarding the new crop picture at Etchilhampton Hill on August 20, 2019: planet Mercury will transit our Sun in the constellation Libra (“two downward-hanging scales”) on November 11, 2019, which will be approximately one planetary orbit after this crop picture appeared  

What might this new crop picture near Etchilhampton mean? Another crop picture of similar style appeared at Clear Wood (near Cley Hill) only 3 weeks earlier on July 28, 2019 (see clearwood 2019   or clearwood articlesl  ). That previous crop picture referred unambiguously to an upcoming transit of Mercury across the face of our Sun on November 11, 2019. Around its outer perimeter, we could see 88 zig-zag weaves of fallen wheat. Those weaves were meant to match the 88-day heliocentric orbit of Mercury around our Sun.  

Astronomical symbolism 

After careful study, we learned that the artistic style of this new crop picture at Etchilhampton on August 20, 2019 matches exactly the far-right-hand end of a 200-meter-long crop picture that appeared near Saint-Hippolyte in France on June 13, 2019 (see Hippolyte 2019  ). The French crop picture showed abstract symbols meant to represent a partial lunar eclipse on July 16, 2019 (see Hippolyte articlesl  ). This new crop picture in England on August 20 matches part of the earlier French crop picture on June 13, except for the addition of a “small dot” at the centre of the matching motif, to help signify a “solar transit of Mercury” rather than a “partial lunar eclipse”.  

Around the outside of this new crop picture on August 20, we can see 12 “downward-bracket-and-line” symbols. Since this crop picture seems to refer to astronomy in our solar system, we might infer that those 12 symbols around the outside could represent (in general) the 12 “constellations of our zodiac”. In which constellation will the transit of Mercury take place on November 11, 2019? It will be seen in the constellation Libra, whose symbol is often drawn as a “downward-hanging set of two scales”, with a “horizontal bar” between them (see zodiac-sign-libra-and-circle-constellation-123894-vector-clipart).  

Landscape symbolism  

In a neighbouring field, we can see (in several drone videos) two very-large trees aligned with one another, and also with the long axis of this new crop picture. Such a particular choice of field location and alignment might be meant to imply that “two astronomical objects” (the Sun and Mercury) will be “coming together soon”. 

When we study the broad landscape nearby using Google Earth, with “West up” near latitude 51.343o N and longitude 1.963o W, we can see the schematic image of a “coiled serpent” with a “human face“, who is “looking to the left” (see for example quetzalcoatl). Those two large trees (symbolizing our “Sun” and “Mercury”) lie along the uppermost turn of that landscape serpent’s coiled shape. When we go forward in time by 88 days (or one planetary orbit of Mercury), from when this crop picture appeared in mid-August of 2019 to a matching field location on the next “serpent coil” down, then we will reach the momentous date of November 11, 2019, when our Sun and Mercury will overlap (as seen from Earth) and come into transit. Indeed, that is exactly what this new crop picture seems to show!  

Mercury will transit across the face of our Sun (in the constellation Libra) approximately one planetary orbit (or 88 days) after this new crop picture appeared in mid-August of 2019 

In summary, this new crop picture on August 20, 2019 seems to refer to an upcoming transit of Mercury across the face of our Sun on November 11, 2019, in the constellation Libra. The next transit of Mercury across our Sun will not take place until November 13, 2032. It may also be a subtle metaphor for the crop artists themselves (“winged messengers”), who may come soon to Earth. A suitable explanatory slide will be added here in the near future. No (zero) serious observers, who have commented on the aerial drone videos of this crop picture, seem to doubt that it was paranormally-made. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to Nick Bull for excellent aerial drone photography.





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