Blaesheim near Strasbourg, Alsace, France. Reported 18th June

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Lots of planking errors can be seen in a two-busload-of-students crop picture at Blaesheim: finally revealed by a good aerial photograph!  

Nothing else needs to be said. Just download, zoom in, and study carefully please:  

“Why look further?” asks the French reporter. Because this human-made crop picture was not tidily made. Even though two busloads of students marked it out beforehand using stakes, and worked in broad daylight there for a long period of time.  

Many lines are ragged, crooked or planked incorrectly. No one would have taken this crop circle seriously for a minute, if good aerial photographs had been released right away. Once again, the true nature of the crop-circle phenomenon has been factually misrepresented by the mainstream press:- crop-circle-blaesheim-extraterrestres-etaient-collegiens-sixieme

Best wishes in any case to those interested students who helped to create it! May you advance intellectually beyond what you are currently being taught in French schools. The word “education” comes from Latin “exducere”, and should mean to “lead out” of ignorance. Please try to start thinking for yourselves, and challenge anything taught to you simply on the basis of “received authority”. No great French scientist ever did that.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81)

I inform the visitors of your website that the crop circle reported at Blaesheim near Strasbourg in France in June 2019 has been made by some students of the school Jean Sturm at Strasbourg 17th June, 2019, according this article of DNA Dernières nouvelles d'Alsace:- crop-circle-de-blaesheim-c-etait-un-exercice-de-geometrie-grandeur-nature

There are important information about true ET crop circles in my blog OLCPIE and on your website, Crop circles season 2018.

Jean-Charles Bourquin




Crop circle triplicities

Looking at the set of images, the triplicities in crop circles predominate, in all the range of meanings it assumes.

And the most significant are those that incorporate the force of alignments from our triple world system, composed of Sun-Moon-Earth, the elemental triangle of all energy phenomena sustaining our Biosphere as a whole.
And if today, day 21, Solstice, this triplicity assumes an important value in terms of energy recycling, another value will be assumed from July on the triplicity of annual alignments known as Eclipses.

For if here on Earth we have seen the effect of everything, we know that the cause of everything is previous, and it proceeds from the geometry of the stars.

France crop circle - Patterns and fakes

I learned that the latest crop circle made in France is human work, see the link below:

An exercise in geometry only.
And even though this image fit perfectly into the forecast for today's Solstice, note the importance of looking for the PATTERN CROP CIRCLE.

Compare this last crop circle with the previous ones in France, and see how they all have a pattern of arcs, crescents and progressions that the crop circle, then, of Blaesheim, June 18, does not have, being really different in its style.

And it's so true that I've only been able to do image symmetry studies with France's four genuine crop circles in perfect fittings, as I'll show you below, while this 18th-century model did not fit into any of them, symmetrically speaking!

Therefore, from the beginning, as a student of the phenomenon, I have always relied on the analysis of the patterns of objects, which are always repeated, in varied models, forming a joint message.

Let this human crop circle help to illustrate and reinforce the theory.

Hoping then that the Extraterrestrials would produce some more crop circles with the printed signature of the standard marked, which worked for the detection of the unusual earthquake in France, on the solstice (day of alignment).

Although I sometimes think that even the humans who do crop circles have inspiration and telepathic commands from extraterrestrials in the inspiration of their works, without knowing it.

And is not this how the aliens play with humanity? Mentally and quietly?

But in doing so, the humans who make the crop circles end up helping us to establish the criteria and the differences between the true and the false.


The standard is established in France

With the new images and diagram of the latest crop circle in France in Giéville on June 18, we note the established pattern, and the nucleus of repetition of this same pattern, which is the largest circle and the smallest circle, and the largest circle with a crescent moon.
This pattern portrays the triplicity previously discussed, namely, Sun-Moon-Earth, which is our seed-system, so to speak. So much so that the hermetic alchemical writings of the past called the Sun the father of the Earth, and the Moon, as the mother. And from the Sun-Moon union, life was happening here.

This union will receive a strong exaltation in the eclipses of July.
And if the Sun is the Father, and the Moon is the Mother, the principal prerogative is the Son, who is the Earth and, by extension, the new humanity desired by the Father and the Mother of all life.
Revelation 12: New Life was brought into the world by that Mother who clothed herself with the Sun and who clothed her feet with the purity of the Moon ... the Gestation was completed on Earth!

France crop circle patterns and symmetries 1

To reinforce the theory of patterns in the crop circle language, see these mirroring symmetries that I found between the first crop circle in France, June 1, in Notre Dame de France, and Giéville's crop circle, June 14.
They are perfect fittings!

All the crop circles of France, with the exception of that of human work, have this symmetrical fit in the mirroring between them!

Jonas Passos

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This man-made crop circle illustrates the tendency for most man-made creations to reflect actual episodes of comets in their trajectories, even though they are not deliberately deceptive. Perhaps it is evidence of aliens influencing human minds. On the right a comet with two coma rings possesses four fragments, three on one side and one on the opposite side. A small bow shock is also shown. After this comet goes around the Sun, it will appear as a mirror reverse at a similar point in its trajectory.

Kenneth Heck









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